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Rabbi Sacks on The Mutation of Antisemitism

(Published: April 19, 2017)


Two Wheelock College professors, Eric Silverman & Gail Dines, discuss their experiences with antisemitism on the campus

(Published: February 28, 2017)


Oberlin Chapter of Alums for Campus Fairness Symposium “Building a Hate Free Campus Through Civil Discourse” from Melissa Landa on Vimeo

(Published: November 2016)


Hate Speech and the New Anti-Semitism

(Published: August 7, 2016)


Tammi Rossman-Benjamin

Talk given at the International Scholars Conference: “Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, and the Dynamics of Delegitimization” (Published: May 11, 2016)


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat tries to speak at San Francisco State University

“The Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, tried to give a speech at San Francisco State University, April 6, 2016, but was shouted down and constantly interrupted by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). SJP is linked to Hamas, which to some, SJP is known as Hamas on Campus. ” (April 6, 2016)


Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat’s speech

“Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat’s speech at the University of San Francisco”
Credit: Jerusalem Municipality (April 6, 2016)


UC Davis protesters scream at Israeli diplomat “Long live the Intifada” and “Allahu Akbar”

Students and others disrupted an Aggies for Israel event with loud chants during a walk out. Chants included, “Long live the Intifada,” “Intifada, intifada,” and “When Palestine is occupied, resistance is justified” which condoned terrorism. Chants also included the demonizing statements, “Israel is anti-Black,” and “Palestine will be free, fight white supremacy,” as well as the delegitimizing statement, “Israel is an apartheid state.” (March 7, 2016)


Fighting the Hate: When does Anti-Israel Become Anti-Semitism?

(January 17, 2016)


“Zionists out of CUNY” and “Long Live the Intifada” chanted at CUNY student tuition protest.

“Zionists out of CUNY” and “Long Live the Intifada” chanted at CUNY student tuition protest. (November 12, 2015)


“Intifada, Intifada, We Support the Intifada” chants at UC Berkeley (October 14, 2015)

“Intifada, Intifada, We Support the Intifada” chants at UC Berkeley (October 14, 2015)


“From Davis to Gaza, Long Live the Intifada” chants ring out at UC Davis (October 14, 2015)

“From Davis to Gaza, Long Live the Intifada” chants ring out at UC Davis (October 14, 2015)


UC Regent Perez speaks out against Principles Against Intolerance document

UC Regent Perez speaks out against Principles Against Intolerance document
(September 2015)


Student Speak Up Against Campus Antisemitism & UC Regents Listen!

Student Speak Up Against Campus Antisemitism & UC Regents Listen!
(September 2015)


UC Regents Meeting: Tammi Rossman-Benjamin speaks at UC Regents meeting 2015

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin speaks at UC Regents meeting
(September 2015)


Regent Bonnie Reiss addresses Jewish concerns

Regent Bonnie Reiss addresses Jewish concerns
(September 2015)


UC Student Regent Avi Oved speaks out against campus antisemitism

UC Student Regent Avi Oved speaks out against campus antisemitism (September 2015)


Regent Pattiz opposes the proposed Statement of Principles Against Intolerance

Regent Pattiz opposes the proposed Statement of Principles Against Intolerance
(September 2015)


AJC Global Forum: Lauren Rogers’s Experience with BDS at UCLA

Project Interchange Alumna and UCLA class of 2015 graduate Lauren Rogers tells attendees at the AJC Global Forum about her experience with BDS on her college campus.
(June 12, 2015)


AJC Global Forum: BDS on the American Campus

Panel discussion featuring Eric Fingerhut, President and CEO, Hillel International, Alan Johnson, Senior Research Fellow, BICOM, and Akiva Tor, Head of the Bureau for World Jewish Affairs,
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moderated by Daniel Elbaum, AJC Assistant Executive, Director and Director of Regional Offices.
(June 12, 2015)


On Campus, Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism


Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus


Is Racism Still a Problem…in our Universities?


UCLA Student’s Jewish Background Questioned During Vote For Judicial Board


Crossing The Line – Exclusive Preview


Tammi Rossman-Benjamin on Steel on Steel Radio

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, lecturer at the UC Santa Cruz and director of the AMCHA Initiative, discusses the BDS movement (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) against Israel and how it has spawned antisemitism on U.S. campuses.


Tammi Rossman-Benjamin on Tippy Radio


The Jewish Voices on Campus

A message of hate poisons our college campuses today and it’s up to us, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims to stand up for peace; it up to us, the students in pursuit of the freedom of education to push back and stop these hate-driven organizations. Stop violence. Stop bigotry. Stop anti-Semitism.


Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, “Combating Anti-Israel Bias and Antisemitic Rhetoric in Federally-Funded Middle East Studies Programs”


Tammi Rossman Benjamin on Title VI of the Higher Education Act

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Politicizing Education: Title VI of the Higher Education Act Held in Washington D.C., on Wednesday March 19th, 2014:

The original legislative intent of Title VI of the Higher Education Act (HEA) was to establish foreign language and area studies programs at our college campuses in order to develop graduates with the expertise to meet the national security needs of our nation. Unfortunately Title VI
has been turned on its head; and instead the funds allocated for it are used to advance highly politicized educational programs at universities across the country.”] A significant number of Title VI National Resource Centers feature professors that are apologetic for radical Islam and
terrorism, and promote an anti-American and anti-Israel agenda. In 2003, the U.S. House of Representatives conducted a hearing to “examine questions of bias in international and foreign language programs.” The HEA was reauthorized as the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) in
2008, with several amendments to Title VI, including that activities funded by Title VI grants “will reflect diverse perspectives and a wide range of views,” but the new law neglected to include measures for oversight, grievance procedures, and accountability.

Title VI enables professors particularly belonging to Middle East Centers at universities across the country, including many Ivy League schools, to promote their personal agendas while excluding scholars with other perspectives and stifling academic debate. These centers are also required to conduct “public outreach,” directed to students on campuses and the general public, including training K-12 teachers on the Middle East. A variety of Saudi-funded foundations have directed millions of dollars to the centers as well as created the curricula used for K-12 education. Under Title VI, our U.S. tax payer dollars are providing our children, teenagers, and young adults with education that promotes Islam, frowns on Judaism and Christianity, and in many cases, is anti-American and anti-Semitic.

Campuses across the U.S. have recently witnessed “Israeli Apartheid Week,” a series of events that seek to delegitimize Israel and disseminate lies about the State, such as by making the absurd comparison between a vibrant democracy that has to protect its civilian population from being blown up by terrorists and a society based on racial discrimination and prejudice. Events of Israeli Apartheid Week also aim to support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement – supported by some professors at the federally funded Middle Eastern Studies Center — and often containing anti-Semitic messages.



Avi Levine’s Strong Speech to Legislators at the Campus Climate Meeting at SJSU on March 21, 2014

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“Good Afternoon.

Thank you for letting me speak here and share my personal story and perspectives.

My name is Abraham Levine and I’m a junior at UC Berkeley, majoring in political economy.

I’m a student who identifies as a Jewish Zionist.

As a result of my identity, and involvement in on-campus activism, I’ve been labeled as a quote ‘ZiZi’, shorthand for “Zionist Nazi,’ a quote “radical right winger,” a quote “white supremacist crying about my white privilege” among other things.”]

To say that this sort of name calling is grotesque would be an understatement.

Let me tell you why this hateful generalization is particularly inaccurate in my case.

Not only am I not a white supremacist, I am a first generation Mexican American student. I grew up in a Mexican community in San Diego, speaking Spanish with my family, Spanish with the vast majority of my friends, celebrating Mexican culture as a part – integral part – of my identity.

However, I’m placed, on campus, in the same box as ‘privileged white students’- as the rest of my Jewish friends. This includes my Persian Jewish friends, whose parents were expelled from Iran during the revolution – only because they were Jewish.

My Russian Jewish friends were not allowed to practice their Judaism in the soviet union.

My Iraqi Jewish friends whose grandparents and parents had to flee the country from persecution.

And my family, who fled antisemitism in Eastern Europe, ended up in Mexico City, and two generations later moved to America for better economic activity and a safer place to raise their children.

The Jewish community is an incredibly diverse community, and not deserving in the least of these sorts of generalizations. This is because our families have been tossed around the world, expelled from country to country over the last thousands of years.

We’ve been exposed to all sorts of antisemitism, bigotry and intolerance. The only place that has truly been safe for Jews has been Israel. This reality is the basis of Zionism. And this is the reason I argue for what I do. It is simply about wanting a place to practice our Judaism safely and having a place in our historic homeland where we identify.

In my three years at Cal, I’ve noticed that North American college campuses haven’t even become a close substitute as a safe place to practice our Judaism. This is reflected in our native campus climate.

In 2011 the President’s Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion put together by former UC President Mark Yudof travelled to 6 of the UC’s and put together a report for campus climate for Jewish students in which they stated quote, “Jewish students are confronting significant and difficult climate issues as a result of activities on campus which focus specifically on Israel.”

So the question is, “How do you define these climate problems?”

I would argue that campus climate is a reflection on whether or not students feel comfortable on campuses being themselves and expressing their true identity as Jews.

In order to maintain that positive campus climate, all students need to be able to practice their right to free speech, without being met with hostility every time they choose to do so.

Free Speech is one of the most important factors in full academic freedom – it is one of the pillars of our society in an academic democracy. As academic institutions, our university should absolutely be standing strongly to allow us students and faculty to explore any topic they might be interested.

But in doing so, they must also practice their free speech to condemn hate speech. They must also stand in strong leadership against bullying other students from studying subjects that they might be interested in.

It is true, many of these negative issues, antisemitic slurs and hostility are directed mainly at students who have gotten involved. The average Jewish student does not face these things on a daily basis.

However, this reality intimidates many Jewish students from getting involved and doing something other than just pursuing their studies. In 2011, this same report produced by President Yudof’s Advisory Council, states quote “students involved with Jewish organizations which support Israel, or which do not denounce Israel, reported their perception that various overtures to outside organizations had been rejected.”

As acknowledged by the Office of the President of the University of California system, the fact that we support the Jewish state bars us from memberships in many campus groups completely unrelated to Israel. To be clear, this is not an under-policy.

However, it’s a result of campus tension and disrespectful social interactions.

This is the trade-off many Jewish students have to consider when they decide what will I get involved in my four years at college? Will I get involved with my culture and my identity and subject myself to intimidation and harassment; or will I pursue some other passion, whether that be environmentalism, sports, other forms of civil rights, professional groups, whatever else it may be.

My particular story, as a Mexican American, my freshman year I tried to get involved with the Latino Business Association, and I never felt fully comfortable. I was met with stares, I was met with intimidation. One of my best friends was the president at the time, a friend from High School, and I never felt comfortable in this organization, and this is a result of the social culture that we have created, that we have allowed to be created.

And what we need is strong leadership from the student level, administration and state officials.

To condemn this sort of of interaction.
To condemn this sort of hate speech.

Just because someone is allowed to say something doesn’t mean that we need to tacitly endorse it. And that’s what we need from our leadership. We need to be able to, when there is a hateful divestment resolution that’s labeling me as a ‘Zionist Nazi’ when my grandfather has a number tattooed on his arm – to say that this is not OK.

That student has every right to say what they want, but it’s not acceptable and we don’t stand by it.

That’s what we need from our administration.

I commend all of you for taking steps in the right direction. I commend President Yudof for putting together his Advisory Council. But I feel like we’ve had many meetings like this in which we have these conversations and we’re heard, and it’s not turned into true action.

Some of the findings and recommendations from President Yudof’s Advisory Council were that the UC should review its policies and University sponsorship in neutrality. This has not yet happened, as you can see from an event that happened just yesterday, less than 24 hours ago on the UC Berkeley campus, sponsored by 3 Academic Departments – the Gender and Race Center, the English Department, and the Sociology Department – in which they hosted a speaker who said:

“Israel might be behind the JFK assassination.”

They said “Nazi-ism and Zionism are very similar in that both want Jews out of Europe.”

And they also said that “There are no liberal Zionists left. If you know one, document it for historical purposes.”

These are quotes from a speaker yesterday, sponsored by three Academic departments of the University of California record.

Just because a student group can bring this person, doesn’t mean our Universities can endorse it, doesn’t mean our Universities can sponsor it, it doesn’t mean our Universities need to stand by it.

The second recommendation was that the UC should adopt a hate-speech-free campus policy.

I’m still being called a ‘Zionist Nazi’. I haven’t seen anything happen.

The third major one was that the UC should develop cultural competency training around principles of community for all communities, not just Jewish students. I still have not seen any major developments.

So I would really hope that this conversation can help foster some action and we can help in any way we can, and take positive steps towards improving campus climate, and to improving and making the society and situation on campus where all students feel accepted and welcome to say what they feel – without being met with hate.

Thank you.”



AMCHA Initiative Video – The University of California: A Hostile Environment


AMCHA Initiative Video – Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Berkeley Calling for Intifada

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American Muslims for Palestine called for an”International Day of Action for Palestine” on Sept 23, 2014. In this video taken at UC Berkeley, Students for Justice in Palestine members and supporters are chanting “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free,” “We Support the Intifada!” “Long Live the Intifada!”



CollegeFix Video – SJP at Loyola University Protesting Hillel Event

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Students for Justice in Palestine members at Loyola University-Chicago block a table for Birthright Israel manned by the campus Hillel chapter on September 9th.



StandWithUs Video – Israeli Speakers Heckled at UC Davis, Feb 27, 2012

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On Monday, February 27th, two Israeli’s were scheduled to speak at UC Davis. Three Campus Groups; Students for Justice in Palestine, Muslim Student Association, and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan attempted to silence the speakers.”



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