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Antisemitic Activity


  1. Targeting Jewish Students and Staff:
    Incidents that directly target Jewish students on campus or other Jewish members of the campus community for harmful or hateful action based on their Jewishness or perceived support for Israel.

  2. Antisemitic Expression:
    Language, imagery or behavior deemed antisemitic by the U.S. State Department definition of antisemitism, or wholly consistent with that definition.

  3. BDS Activity:
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  • KUDOS to University of Minnesota President Kaler for his strong statement and recognition that, “the inclusion on the ballot of a non-binding referendum that names Israel is exacerbating tension and fueling discrimination toward Jewish students. My statement of two years ago is as relevant today as it was then: ‘Our University strongly and unequivocally condemns prejudice and hostility toward Jews, as we condemn bias against any groups.’”

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Recent Antisemitic Activity

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bullet img June 8, 2018 – TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY
An article in the school paper called for BDS and delegitimized and demonized Israel. The article accused Israel of “apartheid,” referencing a discredited UN report, and claimed that Israel “unleashed fury upon Palestinian people…killing…and injuring…during mass protests” and engaged in “brutal human rights violations” as well as “continued massacres.” The article stated, “it is in their best interests that Jewish Bobcats join the efforts against the American-funded Israeli violence directed at Palestinians.”

bullet img June 5, 2018 – CUNY THE GRADUATE CENTER
A graduate student participant in a CUNY Graduate School listserve email promoting a “Fulbright Post-Doc Fellowships in Israel for US Citizens” engaged in antisemitic discourse over the course of 5 days on the widely-distributed listserve for graduate students. The graduate student responded to the promotion by stating it was “sick zionist propaganda” and asking if it was “a Trump initiative,” followed with “Free free Palestine!” After engagement with another on the listserve, the graduate student went on to accuse Israel of “genocidal occupation,” as well as “70 years of brutal Israeli armed-to-the-teeth occupation of Palestinian land, culture and people” and promoted BDS. The graduate student further stated, “I and many others think promoting zionism [sic] and conflating it with being Jewish is a problem, because dominant zionism is a big part of the real and deadly settler colonialism that is at the core of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.” The graduate student further stated, “a critique of zionism is not hate since Israel is a settler colonial state, but like with the BDS analysis, [I] refus[e] to go along with Israeli apartheid.” Source credit: AMCHA submittal of listserve email.

bullet img June 5, 2018 – WILLIAM PATTERSON UNIVERSITY
A student video recorded a professor of sociology espousing a series of antisemitic beliefs and conspiracy theories about Jews during classes which included ideas that Ashkenazi Jews are not genetically related to the ancient Israelites, that 175,000 German Jews found safe harbor in the German army during the Holocaust, and that, according to the Times of Israel’s coverage, Judaism has degenerated from a universal religion, with roots in ancient Egypt, to a racist religion. Date of incident is article publishing date in Times of Israel.

bullet img June 3, 2018 – UC SAN DIEGO
A sign announcing construction of a long-delayed center for Jewish students near the UC San Diego campus was defaced with the words, “F**k All You!”

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Protecting Freedom of Expression in the Face of Intolerant Behavior

Protecting Freedom of Expression in the Face of Intolerant Behavior

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