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Antisemitic Activity


  1. Targeting Jewish Students and Staff:
    Incidents that directly target Jewish students on campus or other Jewish members of the campus community for harmful or hateful action based on their Jewishness or perceived support for Israel.

  2. Antisemitic Expression:
    Language, imagery or behavior deemed antisemitic by the U.S. State Department definition of antisemitism, or wholly consistent with that definition.

  3. BDS Activity:
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Kudos To…


  • KUDOS to University of Minnesota President Kaler for his strong statement and recognition that, “the inclusion on the ballot of a non-binding referendum that names Israel is exacerbating tension and fueling discrimination toward Jewish students. My statement of two years ago is as relevant today as it was then: ‘Our University strongly and unequivocally condemns prejudice and hostility toward Jews, as we condemn bias against any groups.’”

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Recent Antisemitic Activity


bullet img March 21, 2018 – UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON
An article in the student newspaper demonized and delegitimized Israel, stating, “For Palestinians, apartheid is, and has been since 1948, an everyday reality…Israel uses the facade of a democracy to overshadow the reality that anyone who is not a white Jew is treated as a second-class citizen with limited rights…security forces not only include the highly violent Israeli Defense Force (IDF) but also the Palestinian Authority (PA). Even the President of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas, acts as a political puppet for the Israeli state.”

bullet img March 20, 2018 – OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY
OSU Divest: Buckeyes for Human Rights held “a discussion on the history of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the BDS movement.”

Antisemitic fliers were found posted on a bulletin board in the University of Minnesota’s Northrup Auditorium and around campus on the first day of school following spring break. The fliers were headlined with large capitalized red letters saying, “WHY ARE JEWS AFTER OUR GUNS?” Followed by “EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY ATTACK OUR BELOVED 2ND AMENDMENT,” The flier then included names of Jewish senators with a yellow “Jude” star used to identify Jews during Nazi Germany next to each name. The flier ended with “brought to you by” and referenced viewers to The Daily Stormer, a Nazi website.

bullet img March 18, 2018 – UNIVERSITY OF IOWA
A second incident of Nazi graffiti occurred. The graffiti was reported to be found again on the campus mural inside the pedestrian tunnel near the Art Building.

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Watch Campus Antisemitism Videos

INTOLERANCE: Anti-Zionist Students Disrupt SSI Event at UC Irvine (May 10, 2017)

INTOLERANCE: Anti-Zionist Students Disrupt SSI Event at UC Irvine (May 10, 2017)

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