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Submit Incident, Photo or Video

The following form is to submit antisemitic and/or anti-Zionist incidents on U.S. College/University campuses to AMCHA Initiative. If you would like to report an antisemitic and/or anti-Zionist incident that occured at a U.S. High School, you may reach out to Club Z who can assist you at the High School level (Club Z link - click here).


Report a Concern (new)
Have you experienced or witnessed an antisemitic incident or event on an American college or university campus? If so, please use the form below to let us know about it:

In addition to a description, you may also upload any of the following that would be helpful for explaining the incident: posters and flyers, syllabi, photographs of events, etc. You may upload most text, graphics, videos, photographs, audio files, or other materials.

By clicking Submit, you agree that any information or materials submitted here may be disclosed or disseminated.
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