Antisemitic Divestment from Israel Initiatives
Scorecard on U.S. Campuses 2003-Present

Updated: 5/30/18

AMCHA Initiative cannot assure that this is a completed list. We make every effort to capture past historical data, but understand that even with these efforts, this list may remain partially completed for historical data prior to 2015. If you would like to contribute knowledge to help us complete this public resource, please contact AMCHA


                                 Divestment Resolutions Passed: 58

                                 Divestment Resolutions Failed: 65

                                 Total Divestment Resolutions: 123

                                 Individual Campuses that had Divestment Activity: 60

                                 University Systems that had Divestment Activity: 3

To see this data organized chronologically, please see our Divestment Scorecard Organized by Date.


University Campus or Entity Divestment Resolution Result
Arizona State University
  • 3/18/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – tabled indefinitely.
  • 6/5/2012 – Student Government: PASSED – ASU Student Government unanimously passed a bill demanding divestment from companies providing the IDF with weapons and militarized equipment.
Bowdoin College
  • 5/6/2015 – Student Government; Campus Wide Vote: FAILED – 71% vote no, 14% vote yes, 15% abstain.
California Community Colleges System
  • 5/3/2015 – General Assembly of the Student Senate: FAILED – 25 in favor, 44 opposed, and 6 abstentions.
Case Western Reserve University
  • 4/10/2018 – Student Government: FAILED – A BDS resolution was tabled indefinitely during a student government general assembly meeting when the authors brought the resolution up to put as an agenda item. A discussion was called on the matter, and the student government voted with more than the 2/3 needed to table the issue indefinitely for this semester.
City University of New York (CUNY) System
  • 4/15/18 – 5/6/18
    CUNY System – University Student Senate: FAILED – On April 15, 2018, a BDS resolution titled “CUNY Investment Policy” was tabled in the University Student Senate (USS) after strong criticism from the Jewish community about a lack of transparency. The vote was tabled until April 24, when an updated version of the statement that recommends transparency will be available. The Jewish community was not informed of the BDS resolution until Shabbat, the day before the vote, and only then because it was leaked to a Jewish individual. According to USS’s website, “The USS delegates are responsible for the representative governance of the 500,000 students of the twenty-five CUNY campuses.” Then on May 6, 2018, the same BDS resolution that was previously tabled due to Jewish concerns was revisited and discussed at the CUNY USS Plenary Meeting. The resolution was voted down. According to a source familiar with the meeting’s events, USS representatives reaffirmed that the “proposed” resolution from the Civics Affairs Committee meeting on April 27 did not come from the USS, but was brought in from a student and handed to the USS. Additionally, the Civics Affairs Committee agreed to make an effort to find an alternative time to hold their deliberation meetings so as not to hold them on a Friday night, Shabbat. There was a suggestion raised during the meeting that each CUNY campus take their constituents’ concerns as a campus to push BDS resolutions on a campus to campus basis. (AMCHA submittal).
  • 4/17/2016 – Doctoral Student Council: PASSED – A resolution supporting an academic boycott of Israel by a vote of 42-19 with 9 abstentions. The council represents nearly 5,000 graduate students.
  • 10/24/2014 – Doctoral Council: FAILED – Failed to reach required votes.
Claremont Colleges – Pitzer College
  • 6/16/2017 – Pitzer College Board of Trustees: FAILED (previous amendment nullified) – Pitzer Board of Trustees nullifies the Student Senate’s BDS budgetary bylaw changes made at the end of April.
  • 4/16/2017 – Student Government: PASSED – The Pitzer College Student Senate unexpectedly voted and passed a budgetary amendment on Easter Sunday and the sixth day of Passover that prohibits Student Activities Funds to be used for payment on goods or services from any corporation or organization associated with Israel as outlined on the website, which includes major brands such as Sabra Humus, Ahava Dead Sea products, SodaStream, Caterpillar and Hewlett Packard (HP). The vote was 22 yes, 0 no’s with 4 abstentions. Many student senators were not present and were therefore unable to vote, due to their observance of Easter and Passover, with 14 senators absent from the meeting. The amendment effectively forces the treasurer to scrupulously review student groups’ activities to ensure the senate does not cover purchases made from any of the blacklisted companies.
Columbia University
  • 4/18/18 – Student Government: PASSED – A BDS referendum voted on by the student body passed. Of the 1153 students that voted on the referendum, 64.3 percent voted in its favor (741 yes, 412 no). The referendum calls on the Student Government Association to write a letter to the administration asking them to divest from eight companies that “profit from or engage in the State of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.”
  • 4/2/2017 – Student Government: FAILED – A motion to include a referendum in the ballot for the upcoming general elections, which would read, “Do you support Columbia University Apartheid Divest’s campaign as part of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement?” failed with a vote of 26 against putting the question on the ballot, five for and one abstention.
Cornell University
  • 4/1/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Tabled indefinitely.
CSU Long Beach
  • 5/10/2017 – Student Government: PASSED – The student government discussed and voted on divestment resolution to divest from companies doing business with Israel. The resolution passed 15-7 with one abstention.
DePaul University
  • 5/23/2014 – Student Government: PASSED – Students voted in favor of a divestment resolution (54% to 46%).
  • 3/1/2014 – Student Senate: FAILED – Passed, then vetoed by student body president.
Earlham College
  • 4/22/2015 – Student Government Senate: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed using a consensus vote.
  • 9/5/2012 – Student Government: PASSED – Earlham College boycotts Sabra. Student activists say this is only the beginning.
Evergreen State College
  • 5/31/2016 – Student Body: PASSED – In a student-wide vote, students voted to endorse two anti-Israel resolutions, the first to condemn the presence of Caterpillar equipment on campus and the second to de-shelve Sabra hummus. 67.4% of participating students voted for the Caterpillar resolution while 73.9% voted for de-shelving Sabra. .
  • 6/2/2010 – Student Body: PASSED – Two resolutions: one calls on divestment, the other calls to ban the use of Caterpiller Inc. equipment from campus, passed with 79.5% and 71.8% respectively.
Florida Atlantic University
  • 8/3/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Resolution defeated (tabled indefinitely).
George Washington University
  • 4/23/2018 – Student Association Senate: PASSED – The Student Association Senate approved a BDS measure in an 18-6 vote, with 6 abstentions, in a secret paper ballot. During the voting process, two “whereas” clauses were introduced into the bill: one reaffirms Israel’s right to exist while the other affirms that both Palestinians and Israelis have the right to safety, security, and self-determination. Five senators opposed this addition to include Israel’s right to exist, and two abstained. The resolution quoted Baleka Mtebe as saying that Israel is “far worse than apartheid South Africa” and Mandla Mandela’s claiming that “Israel is the worst apartheid regime.” The resolution went on to claim, “Israel has used the F-16 to deliberately kill Palestinian civilians.” The resolution concluded by stating that “the Senate calls on the university to begin the process of divestment from The Boeing Company, Caterpillar Inc., CEMEX, Elbit Systems Ltd., General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Motorola Solutions, Inc., Northrop Grumman, and The Raytheon Company within the 2018-2019 academic year.” The resolution was endorsed by “Queer Radicals, GWU Students for Justice in Palestine, GWU Muslim Students’ Association, Jewish Voice for Peace GWU, Young Democratic Socialists of America GW, GWU Students for Indigenous and Native American Rights, Association of Queer Women and Allies, No Lost Generation GWU and GW Arab Student Association.”
  • 5/1/2017 – Student Government: FAILED – A divestment resolution was discussed and voted on. The resolution failed 15-14-1.
Hampshire College
  • 2/12/2009 – University Board: PASSED – Resolution is passed and Hampshire College becomes first campus to divest from the Israeli occupation.
Loyola University Chicago
  • 3/24/2015 – Student Government: PASSED – Resolution passed – 16 – 15 – 2. This was the third attempt – divestment passed twice before and was vetoed both times by Student President, who did not veto this vote.
  • 3/1/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Resolution passed and then vetoed.
Marquette University
  • 4/27/2015 – Student Government: PASSED – After removing all references to Israel (so the bill becomes a socially responsible investment bill not a divestment from Israel bill), the bill passed 25 – 3 – 0.
Montclair State University
  • 4/26/2017 – Student Government: FAILED – A resolution calling on the school to boycott Israel failed by a vote of 11-1, with six abstentions. An earlier survey aimed at gauging student support for the measure found that 64 percent of students at the New Jersey school were opposed.
  • 2013 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution defeated.
New York University
  • 6/21/2016 – Graduate Student Union: FAILED – The parent union of the Graduate Student Union at NYU repealed the BDS resolution that passed on 4/22/16, by approving an appeal. This resolution had passed with a 2/3 vote, calling on the United Auto Workers to divest from Israeli companies, and for the boycott to remain in place until Israel “respects the right of return of Palestinian refugees and exiles.” It further called on NYU to close its program at Tel Aviv University. The UAW decision to approve the appeal stated that no subordinate body of the parent union can endorse BDS, thus affecting not just NYU but also graduate student unions at over 15 universities, including other unions in the United States who have also passed similar pro-BDS resolutions.
Northeastern University
  • 2/12/18 – Student Government: FAILED – The Student Government Association (SGA) rejected a BDS measure that urged NU to boycott Hewlett-Packard companies over the “central role” their technologies play “in the Israeli occupation of Palestine,” with a vote of 47 against and seven in favor, with 12 abstaining.
  • 2/28/2016 – Student Government: FAILED – The Executive Board of the Student Government Association voted for the second year in a row against a BDS resolution, with 4 opposed, 0 in favor and 2 abstentions.
  • 3/16/2015 – Student Government: FAILED – Student Government Association votes down divestment measure, with 25 senators opposed, 9 in favor, and 14 abstaining.
Northwestern University
  • 2/18/2015 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution narrowly passed 24 – 22.
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Oberlin College
  • 5/5/2013 – Student Senate: PASSED – Student Senate passed a divestment resolution.
Ogelthorpe University
  • 5/1/2015 – Student Government: PASSED – Resolution passed with near complete unanimity.
Ohio State University
  • 1/25/2018 – Student Government: FAILED (watered down) – USG passed a highly revised divestment resolution in a secret vote after 5 hours of debate. The motion was watered down in the end to remove almost all BDS-linked references, leaving only a paragraph mentioning past BDS-linked votes that had passed at other schools in the final version that referred to them only as, “resolutions calling for the divestment from companies engaged in human rights violations.” The majority of speakers during public comments prior to the vote spoke against the resolution and many cited its antisemitic undertones. Before going into final voting for the resolution, a student proposed an amendment to the resolution that said, “USG condemns BDS and all that it stands for.” That resolution failed.

  • 3/8/2017 – Student Government: FAILED – A divestment initiative drafted by OSU Divest: Buckeyes for Human Rights (grouping anti-Israel divestment with Human Rights issues) that went to a campus wide vote failed with 4,084 votes against and 3,843 votes in favor.

  • 3/23/2016 – Student Government: FAILED – The university’s student government voted against a motion to support BDS on Wednesday, with nine in favor, 21 opposed and 15 abstaining.
  • 3/13/2015 – Student Government: FAILED – A divestment petition which garnered signatures in order for there to be a divestment referendum failed due to a technicality.
Portland State University
  • 10/24/2016 – Student Senate: PASSED – The student senate passed a divestment resolution (with a majority vote 20-2) that called for divestment from HP, Motorolla, Caterpillar, and G4S. The resolution referred to the right of return as one of the reasons for divesting, which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state.
  • 6/6/2016 – Associated Students: FAILED – Associated Students of Portland State University – tables a divestment resolution until the fall term with a vote of 21-0-2.
Princeton University
  • 5/15/2015 – Graduate Student Vote: PASSED – 56.3% yes, 39.3% no, 4.5% abstain.
  • 4/24/2015 – Student Government; Undergraduate Student Body Vote: FAILED – Did not pass, with 52.5 percent of students voting against divestment and 47.5 percent voting in favor.
Rutgers University Newark
  • 4/4/2016 – Student Governing Association: PASSED – Student Governing Association discussed and passed a BDS resolution, 10-0 with 5 abstentions.
San Diego State University
  • 4/10/2015 – Student Government; Student Body Vote (not Senator voting): FAILED – Needed 2/3 majority to pass. 52.97% vote for, 47.03% vote against.
  • 4/23/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution failed with a vote of 3 yes, 16 no and 3 abstain.
San Jose State University
  • 11/18/2015 – Associated Students of SJ State: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed 10 – 5.
Stanford University
  • 2/17/2015 – Student Government: PASSED – The previous divestment resolution, having failed with a vote of 9 – 5 – 1 on 2/10/15, was re-visited after two senators called for a re-vote and changed their votes. A modified divestment resolution was passed 10 – 1 – 4.
  • 3/1/2013 – Undergraduate Student Senate: FAILED – Rejects divestment bill.
Tufts University
  • 4/9/2017 Student Senate: PASSED – A divestment resolution was discussed and voted on the night before the Jewish holiday of Passover. The resolution passed 17-6-8. The resolution falsely accused Israel of being “an apartheid regime,” endorsed the full BDS movement call including the right of return which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state, as well as cited four specific corporations that do business with Israel for divestment including Elbit Systems, G4S, Northrop Grumman and Hewlett Packard Enterprises. Prior to the vote, about 50 people associated with the Jewish community on campus had asked their Senators to postpone the vote, expressing to their senators that “they want the opportunity to have a voice on this issue.” 
UC Berkeley
  • 4/18/2013 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed.
  • 3/1/2010 – President: FAILED – Resolution passed, but was vetoed by the President.
UC Davis
  • 5/29/2015 – UC Davis Senate: PASSED – Resolution passed with 10 in favor, 0 opposed, 2 abstentions.
  • 2/19/2015 – Student Government: FAILED – The divestment resolution passed on 1/29/16 by the ASUCD with a vote of 8 – 2 – 2, was overturned by the university’s Court of Associated Students with a vote of 5 – 0. The court found the divestment resolution “to be PRIMARILY a political document and did not deal with student welfare to the extent that allowed the ASUCD Senate jurisdiction to pass”.
  • 5/1/2014 – Student Government (ASUCD): FAILED – Divestment resolution defeated.
UC Irvine
  • 11/13/2012 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed 16 – 0.
UC Los Angeles
  • 11/1/2014 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed 8 – 2 – 2.
  • 2/1/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution defeated.
UC Merced
  • 4/26/2015 – Student Government: PASSED – Student Government passed divestment resolution.
  • 2/4/2015 – Student Government: FAILED – Student Government votes against divestment.
UC Riverside
  • 2/1/2017 – Associated Students of UCR: PASSED – The Associated Students of UCR (ASUCR) voted 13-0, with 1 abstention, on a resolution to ban Sabra Hummus from dining halls. The motion claimed that Strauss, Sabra’s parent company, donates money to the Israel Defense Forces.
  • 4/1/2014 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution defeated in February, brought back and passed by one vote in April.
  • 4/3/2013 – Student Government: FAILED – Student Government revokes the divestment resolution passed on 3/6/13.
UC San Diego
  • 3/13/2013 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed 20 in favor, 12 against and 1 abstention.
  • 3/1/2012 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution was voted down in a 13-20-0 vote.
  • 4/28/2010 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution fails (ASUC decided not to vote on the resolution in its current form because of its divisiveness. Instead, the ASUC proposed that a joint committee of students who support and oppose divestment seek a compromise resolution).
UC Santa Barbara
  • 5/16-23/2018 – Student Government: FAILED – A divestment resolution failed to pass after two meeting attempts. The divestment resolution was first discussed in a ten-hour student government meeting on May 16th. 12 senators wanted to move forward with the resolution but were blocked by 13 other senators. The resolution was stalled in the Associated Students Senate when the 12 senators and proxies who were in favor of moving the resolution forward did not return to the over 10-hour-long meeting after a brief recess in protest of the 13 senators who did not want the resolution to move forward. The resolution was then pushed to the next A.S. meeting. However, that meeting on May 23rd was shut down when 60 protesters, angry about the divestment resolution hold-up from the last meeting, stormed the room and shouted, “Shut it down!” The students stomped onto the stage and grabbed microphones away from the sitting senators. A student introduced the protest saying, “If you are upset with what is happening, you now share our frustration with last week.” This comment was followed by another student with a bandanna covering her face who confronted the Senators saying, “I am a Palestinian…The resolution introduced last week did not ask anyone to take a position. I am in front of you, and I will not stop this fight just because all of you and your bureaucratics don’t know how to sit down at a f**king table and look at a resolution for what it is.” Ironically, the senators did intend to continue to discuss the resolution at the meeting after swearing in senators, but due to the protest shutting down the meeting, the divestment vote was cancelled. This was the fifth time in six years that a BDS resolution was brought to the student government.
  • 5/10/2017 – Student Government: FAILED – The student government voted on a divestment resolution. The resolution failed with 0 yes, 15 no and 7 abstentions.
  • 4/16/2015 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution failed 13 – 12 – 1.
  • 4/1/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution defeated.
UC Santa Cruz
  • 11/17/2015 – UCSC Senate: PASSED – In a 28 – 5 vote with seven abstentions, the student senate reversed a veto on appeal, thus reinstating the original passed divestment resolution.
  • 5/18/2014 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed 22-14.
  • 5/1/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution passed, then investigated, and ultimately failed due to a technicality.
  • 6/1/2013 – Student Government: FAILED – Rejected resolution in a 17-19-3 vote.
University of California System
  • 12/16/2015 – Student Workers Union: FAILED – United Auto Workers (UAW) International Union granted an appeal filed by a member of the University of California student group Informed Grads, striking down a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) resolution adopted by UAW Local 2865 in December 2014. UAW 2865 represents graduate student workers at all of the University of California campuses. UAW International, the body that oversees all UAW locals in the United States, denied the local organization the right to adopt a BDS measure.
  • 2/8/2015 – Student Government (Representing all 9 UC campuses): PASSED – Divestment resolution passed 9 – 1 – 6.
  • 12/4/2014 – Student-Workers Union: PASSED – The UC Student-Workers Union Local 2865 voted 65% in favor to boycott Israel.
University of Chicago
  • 4/12/2016 – Student Government: PASSED – College Council voted to pass UofC Divest’s Resolution to Divest University Funds from Apartheid with a vote of 8 – 4 – 3.
University of Illinois at Chicago
  • 2/15/2016 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed 14 – 0, after being watered down to become a universal statement of principles, not a condemnation of Israel specifically.
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  • 3/12/18 – Student Government: FAILED – A UIUC Divest referendum question was voted on in a campus-wide vote. For a second year in a row, the UIUC Divest referendum question failed by a vote of 3133 (65%) to 1700 (35%).
  • 3/11/17 – Student Government: FAILED – A student advisory referendum calling on the University of Illinois to divest from companies linked to human-rights violations (including divestment from companies that do business in Israel) failed, 56.8 to 43.2 percent.
University of Indianapolis
  • 4/2/2016 – The Student Senate: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed on Saturday. The resolution passed with 49 votes for, 12 against, and 11 abstentions.
  • 2/27/2016 – Student Government: FAILED – The Student Senate rejected the BDS measure. The measure required 41 votes to pass. Of the 62 student senators in attendance, 39 voted in favor, 3 against and 20 abstained.
University of Maryland
  • 11/15/2017 – Student Government: FAILED – The student government discussed and voted on a divestment resolution. The resolution failed with a 1-21 vote with three abstentions. Legislators debated on whether to overturn the decision, and the body failed to overturn the report in a 23-13 vote with one abstention. Twenty-nine campus groups, including the Behavioral and Social Sciences College, ProtectUMD and the University Senate had signed a petition of SJP’s to support divestment alongside 200 individual signatures. More than 1,000 undergraduate students signed a petition against BDS organized by Terps for Israel, J-Street UMD and Mishelanu.
University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • 4/15/2016 – The Graduate Employee Organization (GEO-UAW): PASSED – United Automobile Workers discussed and passed a divestment resolution with a vote of 156 – 8. According to an article, they also voted down a resolution condemning antisemitism and antisemitic forms of anti-Zionism, as well as, “voted not to vote on a measure calling for the recognition of the Jewish right to self-determination insofar as any people have a right to self-determination and for Israel’s right to exist insofar as any state or nation has a right to exist.”.
  • 3/25/2009 – Student Government: FAILED – The divestment resolution is stripped of all references to Israel and Israeli business from the original draft of the resolution and the modified resolution passes.
University of Massachusetts Boston
  • 4/18/2012 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed unanimously.
University of Michigan
  • 11/15/2016 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution fails in the Central Student Government with a vote of 34 to 13 to reject the divestment resolution.
  • 3/31/2015 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution failed 29 – 15 – 1.
  • 3/18/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Following a decision on 3/1/14 to postpone a divestment vote indefinitely, the resolution is later voted down after a sit in protest with a vote of 9-25.
  • 10/3/2013 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution is voted down.
University of Michigan Dearborn
  • 3/13/17 – Student Government: PASSED – According to SJP “a resolution to Divest from ethically reprehensible corporations that violate Palestinian rights” passed unanimously in the Student Government (confirmed by Michigan Daily).
  • 4/11/2016 – Faculty Senate: FAILED – Two anti-Israel resolutions were voted down. One, an academic boycott resolution, was defeated 31-6-1. The second resolution was a divestment resolution and was voted down 32-5.
  • 3/1/2014 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed.
  • 2/26/2010 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passes.
  • 1/1/2009 – Student Government: PASSED – A resolution calling for the University of Michigan’s Board of Regents to create an advisory committee to examine university endowment’s investments in companies profiting from alleged human rights abuses against Palestinians passes.
  • 9/26/2006 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed.
  • 7/4/2005 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed.
  • 2/22/2005 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed.
  • 2004 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passes.
University of Michigan Flint
  • 3/28/2018 – Student Government: PASSED – The student government unanimously passed a divestment resolution. The resolution demanded that “the University of Michigan-Flint divest from all companies that participate in the unethical violation of Palestinian human rights.”
University of Minnesota
  • 3/11/2018 – Student Government: PASSED – A BDS campus-wide voting resolution passed by 217 votes, where 3,392 students voted “yes” and 3,175 students voted “no” on the referendum, a margin of 3.4 percent. The referendum read, “Should the students of the University of Minnesota demand the Board of Regents divest from companies that are 1) complicit in Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, 2) maintaining and establishing private prisons and immigrant detention centers, or 3) violating Indigenous sovereignty?” According to the Minnesota Daily, “After spring break ends on March 16, the ACEC holds a complaint review process that could see the vote totals on the referendum change.”
  • 4/12/2016 – Student Government: FAILED – After amending to make it a socially responsible bill, where the vote to amend was approved 37-30-7, the final resolution was modified to not target Israel and then passed 45-16-7.
  • 3/8/2016 – Student Government: FAILED – Student Government strikes down a BDS resolution with a vote of 34-31-11.
University of New Mexico
  • 4/24/2015 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution failed with a 14 – 4 – 2 vote.
  • 4/27/2014 – Graduate Student Senate: FAILED – Divestment resolution passed then rescinded.
  • 4/1/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Voted down the resolution.
University of South Florida
  • 2/4/2016 – Student Government Senate: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed (with a vote of 32-15) under a different categorization, which does not require the signatures of the executive branch leaders.
  • 1/26/2016 – Student Body: FAILED – Student Body President Andy Rodriguez and Student Body Vice President Michael Malanga vetoed the resolution passed on 1/20/16, in a memo by the SG Senate,with votes 32 – 12 – 4.
University of Texas Austin
  • 4/22/2015 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution failed with a 23 – 11 – 1 vote.
University of Toledo
  • 4/28/2015 – Campus-Wide Referendum: FAILED – threshold for approval not met (67% needed, 57.13% garnered).
  • 3/4/2015 – Student Government: PASSED – Student Government reverses the previous decision on 2/17/15 to reject the resolution because it was “one-sided” and unconstitutional, and passes divestment resolution with a vote of 21 – 4.
University of Washington
  • 2/12/2016 – Student Workers Union: PASSED – UAW Local 4121 unanimously passed a resolution to express solidarity with UC Student works, UAW Local 2856, who had voted to support BDS. The resolution urged the UAW International to reverse its initial ruling against UAW Local 2865’ BDS resolution.
  • 5/1/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Divestment resolution defeated.
University of Wisconsin Madison
  • 4/26/2017 – Student Government: PASSED – The University of Wisconsin Associated Students of Madison debated for 5 hours and then unanimously approved a watered-down divestment proposal with a 24-0-2 vote. The new proposal initially removed all references to Israel to become essentially a broad ethical investment responsibility bill. Prior to its passing however, and after public comments were closed, language critical of Israel was then added back in. This immediately sparked anger from Jewish members of the body, prompting two student council members to walk out from the meeting. One of the members, Rep. Ariela Rivkin said Jewish students were left out of the resolution because they were under the impression that the body would focus on corporations, rather than Israel. At a March 29 meeting to discuss divestment, hundreds of pro-Israel Jewish students reportedly attended and the measure didn’t pass, 12-13. This time, only a handful of pro-Israel students were present, since Israel was not on the meeting agenda. Rep Rivkin exclaimed, “This is now the second time the Jewish community has been excluded. This is because [ASM] members … knew full well that there would be amendments and [the student body] did not know that — and that is undemocratic.” During the vote, the chair of the Student Council shouted “(expletive) white supremacy” after a Jewish representative spoke in support of Israel and Jewish inclusion. The Jewish representative also saw her name on a sign and felt targeted. The representative further explained, ““We’re pretty horrified. This has been now a systematic excluding of our voices. This was premeditated and frankly its undemocratic” with an additional Student Council member exclaiming, “It feels really premeditated to me.”
  • 3/29/2017 – Student Government: FAILED – After six hours of heated debate, the University of Wisconsin Associated Students of Madison voted 13-12-1 to indefinitely postpone the divestment resolution.
  • 5/19/2016 – Graduate Student Union: PASSED – During a two-week vote distributed to all union members, the Teaching Assistants’ Association (TAA/AFT Local 3220) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the oldest graduate student labor union in the United States representing over 9,000 graduate workers and students, voted (with 81% of voting members) in favor of adopting a resolution to divest from Israel. The resolution also called on the TAA’s employer, the University of Wisconsin System, and parent international, the AFLCIO, to divest from the state of Israel.
Vassar College
  • 4/28/2016 – Student Body: FAILED – Vassar student body voted on two anti-Israel referenda sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace. The BDS resolution was rejected with 573 against, 503 for. The spending resolution was defeated with 601 against, 475 for.
  • 3/6/2016 – Student Association: PASSED – Vassar Student Association (VSA) passed the BDS resolution by a vote of 15 in favor and 7 opposed. The organization did not pass the concurrently submitted BDS amendment, which would have amended the student association bylaws to prohibit the use of student funds to purchase goods from Israeli companies or companies that support Israel. This amendment needed a 2/3 majority but failed by a vote of 12 in favor to 10 opposed.
Wayne State University
  • 4/17/2003 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed with a vote of 9-7.
Wesleyan University
  • 5/1/2014 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed, “calls for the University and the WSA to divest from companies that profit from occupation of Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem”.
Western Washington University
  • 6/1/2014 – Student Government: FAILED – Votes Unanimously to Reject All Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Based on National Origin.