Campuses with Chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) or Similar Anti-Zionist Group – Both Active & Inactive Status

Updated: 12/28/17

SJP and other anti-Zionist student groups are a major source of antisemitic rhetoric and behavior at many schools. Reports analyzing antisemitic incidents in 2015 and 2016 indicate a significant increase in actions which directly harm or threaten Jewish students, including physical and verbal assaults, destruction of property, harassment discrimination and suppression of speech, at schools with an SJP or similar anti-Zionist chapter. Criticism of Israel can and should be part of healthy discussion and debate on any university campus. Unfortunately, criticism too often crosses the line into blatant anti-Semitism and targets all Jewish students, regardless of their feelings on Israel.
Below is a list of U.S. schools with either an active or inactive SJP or other anti-Zionist group. Regarding Students for Justice in Palestine, according to SJP National, there were 163 active SJP chapters as of November 28, 2016 and 189+ active SJP chapters as of March 29, 2017.

Additional student groups are noted where applicable. Red text indicates there is at least one active anti-Zionist group present.
Key note: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS); Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP); and Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP)
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  1. Adler University: SJP *inactive
  2. American University: SJP, JVP *inactive JVP
  3. Antioch University in Seattle: SJP *inactive
  4. Arizona State University: SJP *inactive
  5. Atlanta University Center: SJP
  6. Augustana College: SJP
  7. Bard College: SJP , Bard Divest *Page removed, Bard College Students Without Borders
  8. Bates College: SJP *inactive
  9. Baylor University: SJP *inactive
  10. Benedictine University: SJP
  11. Binghamton University: SJP
  12. Boston College: SJP *inactive
  13. Boston University: SJP
  14. Bowdoin College: SJP *inactive
  15. Brandeis University: SJP, JVP *inactive JVP
  16. Brown University: SJP
  17. Bryn Mawr College: Bi-Co Students for Justice in Palestine *(Merger of Bryn Mawr for Palestine and Haverford SJP)
  18. California Polytechnic State University, SLO: Students for Justice and Peace in the Middle East *inactive, SJP *inactive
  19. California State University, Chico: Palestine Solidarity Committee *inactive
  20. California State University, Fullerton: SJP
  21. California State University, Long Beach: SJP, CSULB Divest
  22. California State University, Northridge : SJP *inactive
  23. California State University, Sacramento: SJP
  24. California State University, San Marcos: SJP *inactive
  25. Carlton College: SJP
  26. Case Western University: SJP *inactive
  27. Central Connecticut State University: SJP
  28. Chapman University: SJP
  29. City College of New York: SJP
  30. Claremont Colleges: Claremont SJP, JVP
  31. Clark University: SJP
  32. Cleveland State University: SJP
  33. College of William and Mary: SJP
  34. Columbia College Chicago: SJP
  35. Columbia University/Barnard College (SJP and Columbia/Barnard JVP operate on Barnard College): SJP, Columbia/Barnard JVP, Columbia University Apartheid Divest
  36. Connecticut College: SJP *inactive, Conn Students in Solidarity with Palestine (CSSP) *inactive
  37. Community College of Philadelphia: SJP *inactive in 2017, SJP Philly *inactive in 2017, Philly BDS
  38. Cornell University: SJP
  39. CUNY, Brooklyn College: SJP
  40. CUNY, College of Staten Island: SJP
  41. CUNY, Hunter College: SJP, Palestine Solidarity Alliance at Hunter
  42. CUNY John Jay College: SJP
  43. CUNY School of Law: Law SJP
  44. Dartmouth College: SJP *inactive
  45. DePaul University: SJP, DePaul Divest
  46. Drake University: SJP, Middle East Peace and Prosperity Alliance
  47. Drew University: SJP
  48. Drexel University: Dragons for Palestine *inactive
  49. Duke University: SJP *inactive
  50. Earlham College: SPJP, BDS Earlham
  51. Eastern Michigan University: SJP
  52. Emory University: SJP
  53. Florida Atlantic University: SJP
  54. Florida International University: SJP
  55. Florida State University: SJP, Students United for Justice in Palestine
  56. Fordham University: SJP (not a recognized student group)
  57. George Mason University: SAIA, GMU Muslim-Jewish Alliance *(endorsed three tenets of BDS movement call), JVP, Dawah
  58. Georgetown University: SJP, Law SJP *inactive, Georgetown Forming a Radically Ethical Endowment (Georgetown F.R.E.E), JVP
  59. George Washington University: SJP
  60. Georgia State University: SJP
  61. Goucher College: SJP *inactive, TALQ BIG *no anti-Zionist activity in 2017
  62. Green Mountain College: SJP
  63. Guilford College: SJP *inactive in 2017
  64. Hampshire College: SJP
  65. Harvard University: Palestine Solidarity Committee, Harvard Law School Justice for Palestine, The Palestine Caucus at HKS
  66. Haverford College: SJP *Inactive in 2017, Merged with Bi-Co SJP (see above)
  67. Hofstra University: SJP
  68. Illinois Institute of Technology: SJP
  69. Indiana University, Bloomington: SJP *Possibly inactive 2017
  70. Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne: SJP *inactive
  71. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis: SJP, Interfaith Coalition for Palestine IUPUI *inactive, (Indiana Palestine Solidarity *off-campus but posts campus events), IUPUI Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine
  72. Ithaca College: SJP
  73. Johns Hopkins University: SJP
  74. Kent State University: SJP
  75. Kenyon College: SJP; Kenyon Solidarity Boycott
  76. Lawrence University: SJP *inactive
  77. Lewis University: SJP (see link) *appears inactive 2017
  78. Los Angeles Valley College: SJP *inactive
  79. Loyola Marymount University: SJP *inactive
  80. Loyola University: SJP, Loyola Divest *Loyola Divest appears inactive 2017
  81. Macalester College: Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights
  82. Marquette University: Marquette Divest *inactive, SJP
  83. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Palestine @ MIT
  84. Metropolitan Community College Longview: SJP *inactive
  85. Michigan State University: SJP
  86. Middlebury College: Justice for Palestine *inactive
  87. Montclair State University: SJP
  88. Mt. Holyoke College: SJP *appears inactive
  89. New York University: SJP (SJP Blog), Law SJP, *NYC SJP, NYU JVP
  90. North Carolina State University: SJP
  91. Northeastern Illinois University: SJP *inactive
  92. Northeastern University: SJP, SJP group, Law SJP
  93. Northern Arizona University: SJP *inactive
  94. Northwestern University: SJP, NU Divest
  95. Oakland University: SJP
  96. Oberlin College: Oberlin Divest *inactive, Students for a Free Palestine, JVP
  97. Occidental College: SJP
  98. Oglethorpe University : SJP *inactive in 2017
  99. Ohio State University: SJP, Ohio State Divest, JVP
  100. Ohio University: SJP *inactive
  101. Pace University: SJP *inactive in 2017
  102. Pace University – Pleasantville: SJP *inactive in 2017
  103. Pennsylvania State University: SJP
  104. Portland State University: Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER)
  105. Princeton University: Princeton Committee on Palestine, Princeton Divests, Princeton for Palestine
  106. Purdue University: SJP
  107. Rhode Island College: SJP *inactive
  108. Rice University: *RICE LEFT (Active in 2015, does not appear active in 2016 in regards to anti-Zionism)
  109. Rutgers University Newark: SJP
  110. Rutgers University New Brunswick: SJP
  111. Saint Joseph’s College (NY): SJP
  112. Saint Olaf College: Oles for Justice in Palestine
  113. Saint Xavier University: SJP
  114. San Diego State University: SJP, SDSU Divest
  115. San Francisco State University: GUPS
  116. San Jose State University: SJP
  117. Santa Clara University: SJP
  118. Sarah Lawrence College: SJP *appears inactive
  119. School of the Art Institute of Chicago: SJP
  120. Seton Hall University (in New Jersey): SJP
  121. Simmons College: SJP
  122. Smith College: SJP
  123. Southern Illinois University: SJP *inactive
  124. Stanford University: SJP, JVP
  125. Stony Brook University: SJP
  126. Suffolk University: SJP
  127. SUNY Binghamton: SJP
  128. SUNY Buffalo: SJP
  129. SUNY New Paltz: SJP *appears inactive
  130. Swarthmore College: SPJP
  131. Temple University: SJP, SJP Ona Move
  132. Texas A & M University: Aggies for Palestine*appears inactive in 2017
  133. Texas Christian University: SJP *inactive
  134. The Evergreen State College: SJP, TESC divest
  135. The New School: SJP
  136. Trinity College: SJP (or SJP)
  137. Tufts University: SJP, JVP
  138. Tulane University: SJP, *inactive, SJP *appears inactive 2017
  139. University of Alabama at Birmingham: SJP
  140. University at Albany: UAlbany for BDS
  141. University of Arizona: SJP, JVP
  142. University of California, Berkeley: SJP, Law SJP, Bears for Palestine, JVP *JVP appears inactive in 2017
  143. University of California, Davis: SJP, Davis Divest *inactive, JVP *inactive JVP
  144. University of California, Irvine: SJP, Irvine Divest *inactive
  145. University of California, Los Angeles: SJP, JVP *inactive 2017, UCLA Divest *inactive, Law SJP
  146. University of California, Riverside: SJP, SJP
  147. University of California, San Diego: SJP
  148. University of California, San Francisco: SJP *inactive
  149. University of California, Santa Barbara: SJP, UCSB Divest, JVP
  150. University of California, Santa Cruz: SJP, UC Santa Cruz Divest
  151. University of Central Florida: SJP
  152. University of Chicago: SJP, JVP *inactive 2017, UofC Divest
  153. University of Cincinnati: SJP, Palestine Solidarity Coalition *appears inactive 2017
  154. University of Colorado, Denver: SJP Auroria (holds events at UC Denver)
  155. University of Connecticut: SJP *inactive
  156. University of Dayton: SJP
  157. University of Delaware: SJP *appears inactive 2017
  158. University of Denver: SJP
  159. University of Detroit Mercy: SJP
  160. University of Florida: SJP
  161. University of Georgia: SJP at UGA, Christians United for Palestine at UGA
  162. University of Houston: SJP
  163. University of Illinois at Chicago: SJP, UIC Divest *UIC Divest inactive
  164. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne: SJP
  165. University of Indianapolis: SJP, UIndyDivest *appears inactive 2017
  166. University of Kansas: KU Students for Justice in the Middle East (SJME) *inactive
  167. University of Kentucky: SJP *inactive
  168. University of Louisville: SJP
  169. University of Maryland, Baltimore County: SJP *inactive
  170. University of Maryland, College Park: SJP
  171. University of Massachusetts, Amherst: SJP, JVP Western Mass (community chapter that holds some events on campus)
  172. University of Massachusetts, Boston: SJP
  173. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: SAFE, JVP *JVP appears inactive 2017
  174. University of Michigan, Dearborn: SJP, SJP 
  175. University of Minnesota Twin Cities: SJP, UMN Divest *inactive 2017, JVP Twin Cities
  176. University of Nebraska at Omaha: SJP
  177. University of New Mexico: SJP, UNM SJP Taglit Birthright Campaign (Birthright Campaign inactive since 2015)
  178. University of New Orleans: SJP
  179. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: SJP
  180. University of North Carolina, Charlotte: SJP *inactive
  181. University of North Florida: SJP
  182. University of North Texas: SJP
  183. University of Oklahoma: SJP
  184. University of Pennsylvania: SJP (Twitter), Penn Divest from Displacement *inactive
  185. University of Pittsburgh: SJP
  186. University of Rochester: Students for a Democratic Society, SADACA at the University of Rochester
  187. University of San Diego: SJP *appears inactive 2017
  188. University of South Carolina: SJP, SJP
  189. University of Southern California: SJP (SJP WordPress Blog)
  190. University of South Florida: SJP
  191. University of Tennessee, Knoxville: SJP *appears inactive 2017
  192. University of Texas, Arlington: SJP, Students for a Democratic Society
  193. University of Texas Austin: Palestine Solidarity Committee (also link)
  194. University of Texas, Dallas: SJP
  195. University of Texas, San Antonio: SJP
  196. University of Toledo: SJP, UT Divest (*UT Divest is inactive)
  197. University of Utah: SJP
  198. University of Vermont: SJP *inactive, UVM Socialists *no anti-Zionist activity in 2017
  199. University of Virginia: Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine
  200. University of Washington: SUPER
  201. University of Wisconsin-Madison: SJP
  202. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: SJP
  203. Vanderbilt University: Students in Solidarity with Palestine
  204. Vassar College: SJP *appears inactive 2017, Vassar BDS Coalition *appears inactive 2017, JVP
  205. Vermont Law School: Law SJP *inactive
  206. Virginia Polytechnic Institute: Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine
  207. Washington University St. Louis: SJP
  208. Wayne State University: SJP
  209. Wellesley College: SJP, JVP
  210. Western Michigan University: West Michigan Justice for Palestine *inactive
  211. West Virginia University: SJP *inactive 2017
  212. Wesleyan University: SJP, Wes, Divest!, Wesleyan JVP
  213. Whittier College: SJP *inactive (SJP Twitter)
  214. Willamette University: SJP *inactive
  215. William Paterson University: SJP
  216. Williams College: SJP *no known social media presence, although funding was renewed and an event held in 2017 on campus
  217. Yale University: SJP, Black Student Alliance