Sampling of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) & Others Attempts to Disrupt Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Association of Jewish and Pro-Israel Students


  1. May 23, 2018 – University of California Santa Barbara: 60 protesters shut down a student government meeting in protest of a divestment resolution hold-up based on a procedural course of action for the resolution by storming the room and shouting “Shut it down!” The students stomped onto the stage and grabbed microphones away from the sitting senators. A student introduced the protest, saying, “If you are upset with what is happening, you now share our frustration with last week.” This comment was followed by another student with a bandanna covering her face, who confronted the Senators saying, “I am a Palestinian…The resolution introduced last week did not ask anyone to take a position. I am in front of you, and I will not stop this fight just because all of you and your bureaucratics don’t know how to sit down at a f**king table and look at a resolution for what it is.” Ironically, the senators did intend to continue to discuss the resolution at the meeting after swearing in senators, but due to the protest shutting down the meeting, the divestment vote was cancelled.
  2. May 23, 2018 – University of Oregon: The ASUO Senate discussed and passed a BDS resolution entitled “ASUO Senate Resolution on Boycotting Israeli Settler Colonialism” in a 12-to-six vote. The resolution explicitely endorsed the BDS movement, including the “right of return” that would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state, and declared that ASUO will “prohibit the purchase of products from Sabra, Tribe, Hewlett-Packard Company, Sodastream, Motorola, Caterpillar, G4S, and Elbit Systems.” More than 30 groups signed on in support of the resolution including UO International Student Association (ISA). The OU Multicultural Center also endorsed the resolution.
  3. May 22, 2018 – University of Houston: SJP members and other students disrupted a talk with Nikki Haley. Video footage shows that one student stood up and shouted, “Nikki Haley, the blood is on your hands. You continue to sign off on the genocide.” Loud chanting then ensued of, “Nikki, Nikki can’t you see? You are on a killing spree,” “Haley, Haley you can’t hide, you sign off on genocide,” “Nikki Haley you will see, Palestine will be free,” “Free, free Palestine,” “When people are occupied, resistance is justified,” and “Killing children is a crime, free, free Palestine.” Protesters were escorted out by law enforcement officials to continue their demonstration on the lawn in front of the building. When Haley began to speak again after several minutes of disruption, another protester shouted, “Free, free Palestine,” before being escorted out.
  4. May 17, 2018 – University of California Los Angeles: SJP disrupted an Students Supporting Israel (SSI) event on campus entitled “Indigenous Peoples Unite,” with three speakers from the Armenian, Jewish, and Kurdish communities, by storming the room, ripping down Armenian and Jewish flags, chanting loudly, dancing, and denigrating the panelists. During panelist Dario Ouliguian’s talk about being a survivor of the Armenian genocide, one student walked up to Ouliguian, ripped down the “mother f—king” Armenian flag, and threw Ouliguian’s notes away and yelled in his face, then placed the flag around his shoulders and refused to return it. Additional anti-Israel activists then surrounded the entire room playing loud music and dancing and clapping in front of the panelists, using blow horns and whistles and chanting “free, free Palestine, Palestine will be free,” “We don’t want 2 states, we want ’48,” “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” “No peace on stolen land, justice is our demand” “Protesting is not a crime, free free free Palestine,” as well as “Israel is a terrorist state!” The activists then ripped down the Israeli flag. When Ouliguian tried to return to the microphone, the group started screaming, “F—k white supremacy!” Campus police were called to remove the protesters, who shut down the event and occupied the room for roughly 15 minutes. Upon removal, one student yelled, “UCLA is on the side of racism! And the terrorist state of Israel!” Police had reportedly asked SSI to hurry the event for the participants’ safety. Chanting, shouting, cheering, whistling, beating on a glass window of the venue and screaming with the megaphone continued in the hall outside the event, clearly continuing to intentionally disrupt the event and making it nearly impossible to hear the presenters.
  5. May 4, 2018 – University of California Irvine: An Israel-related event with Reservists on Duty that was hosted by the College Republicans was disrupted by several anti-Israel protesters, including one with a bullhorn, who screamed anti-Zionist chants so loudly that the event had to be stopped for the duration of the chanting. According to a recording of the event, although the Dean of Students and at least three police officers were present during the disruption, the screaming was allowed to continue for over three minutes, until protesters were finally escorted from the room. Chanting during the event consisted of, “IDF, What do you say? How many kids have you killed today?” “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free,” “All the Walls Have got to go, From Palestine to Mexico,” and “Free, free Palestine.” Protesters also held signs saying, “IDF not welcome.” After protesters were asked to leave by police, the chanting continued loudly outside the event, including chants of “Long live the intifada.” The five speakers from Reservists on Duty and the organizers were given a police escort for their protection at the end of the event. This is the third year in a row that anti-Zionist protesters have attempted to disrupt and shut down a student-hosted Israel-related event on campus.
  6. May 2, 2018 – SUNY Stony Brook: SJP released a statement to the community that denigrated Zionists on campus, denied Jews self-determination as well as demonized and delegitimized Israel. The statement said, “Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is and will always be against Zionism…Zionism is the creation of a Jewish state on top of the pre-existing Palestinian state, and maintaining such a state. Zionism started in Europe and was a political ideology created by European Jews to ‘come back’ to land which they have no physical claim to for over 2,000 years. This ideology is no different from White Man’s Burden or Manifest Destiny, which are all the justifications of colonialism and imperialism…We will always stand against any Zionist group, and to eradicate this practice, just like any other form of racism, we will fight against it. If MSA held programs in favor of ISIS, we would be the first ones to protest them…Israel is no different from apartheid South Africa, and the world came together to condemn apartheid and denominations of racism, ethnic cleansing, colonialism, and imperialism. Thus, why should Stony Brook University allow Israeli programs to be under the guise of interfaith?…In response to the quote mentioned from the community pledge to accept and respect the identity of students, we ask the university: if there were Nazis, white nationalists, and KKK members on campus, would their identity have to be accepted and respected? Absolutely not. Then why would we respect the views of Zionists? Regarding our statement about wanting a proper Jewish organization, any proper organization regardless of religion, should not prescribe to any denomination of racism, colonialism, or imperialism, including Zionism… we want to send a message to Chaplain Sanaa Nadim. You have reached a heinous level of betrayal to the Palestinian people by working with and aiding Zionists on their endeavors. For 3 years we have been on this campus, you have…helped Hillel normalize their Zionist agenda…We will work tirelessly to ensure that Stony Brook University’s MSA has a chaplain that properly represents the Palestinian liberation movement….Now, to the student body, we implore you to rise up and take part in demonstrations with us, express your qualms for states that are killing our people, and always fight for the right of the indigenous against these oppressive regimes. Together, we can create a domino effect to ensure Zionism is an extinct ideology.”
  7. April 24, 2018 – Syracuse University: A planned disruption (advertised as, “We protest against the University’s policies of defending Zionist Neocolonialism”) of a speaking event with Ambassador Dani Dayan, Consul General of Israel in New York, ended in one of the protesters being physically removed after disruptive chanting went on for several minutes just outside the event that made it hard to hear the speaker, and two activists interrupted inside the event. Protesters held signs that demonized and delegitimized Israel, stating, “Zionism = Racism, Where’s my Birthright?,” BDS until…Refugees Right to Return,” “NO to Islamophobia and White Supremacy,” and “End Israeli Apartheid, End the Occupation.” A Syracuse associate professor of political studies at the Maxwell School claimed, “Jewish students told me they are shaken by what happened [and] fear expressing even mild support for Israel on campus.”
  8. April 11, 2018 – University of Michigan: During the Q & A portion of a lecture event with Nadav Tamir of the Peres Center for Peace, audience members were asked to write down questions. A SAFE member stood up to interrupt the proceedings, saying to Tamir, “you want me to write down my thoughts on a notecard about that? You are a terrorist. You’ve been calling people terrorists all day and you yourself work for a terrorist organization.” She walked out as Tamir tried to answer her. Prior to the outburst, SAFE members held signs and protested the event. Three members held a die-in inside the lecture while it was happening. The event was sponsored by The Frankel Center for Judaic Studies, Peres Center for Peace, WolvPAC and Michigan Hillel.
  9. March 28, 2018 – University of Texas Austin: Palestine Solidarity Committee held their annual protest of the Israel Block Party. The advertisement for the protest demonized and delegitimized Israel and denigrated Zionists on campus, stating, “The Israel Block Party normalizes ethnic cleansing, military occupation, apartheid, and settler colonialism and whitewashes Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people. The Block party features an “IDF Booth” and serves traditional Palestinian foods (hummus, falafel, etc.) rebranded as Israeli cuisine…As students on this campus, we must consider why Israel is the only country that seeks to vilify itself by orchestrating a party that attempts to hide the apartheid policies of the Zionist state…Every year, the Palestine Solidarity Committee leads a protest across from the East Mall in order to hold the campus Zionists accountable for their erasure of the Palestinian experience. Please join the protest and show the Israel Block Party supporters that it is NOT okay to normalize oppression! Bring any posters, banners, or signs, and be ready to chant!” According to an article covering the event, “About 30 students gathered outside of the Block Party handing out flyers about Palestine, holding anti-Israel signs and chanting ‘Free Palestine.'” A statement provided by Palestine Solidarity Committee and quoted in the school’s paper said, “By whitewashing Israel’s crimes and disseminating false propaganda about Israel, Zionist organizations that host the party seek to normalize the genocide and forced removal of Palestinians from their lands. … An apartheid state should not be celebrated on this campus.”
  10. March 1, 2018 – University of Texas San Antonio: SJP protested a Hillel cultural event entitled “Israel Block Party.” One sign read, “Anti-Semitism is a Crime, Anti-Zionism is a Duty.” Chanting continued for over two and a half hours and included, “Netanyahu, what do you say? How many kids did you kill today?”, “Gaza, Gaza don’t you cry; Palestine will never die,” “Free, free Palestine” and “1-2-3-4, occupation no more,” as well as “5678 Israel is a Terrorist State,” and “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.”
  11. February 22, 2018 – University of Virginia: A “Building Bridges” event that was sponsored by the Brody Jewish Center (Hillel) and Hoos for Israel was disrupted by protesters shouting anti-Israel slogans, including “Fight the power, turn the tide, end Israeli apartheid” through a megaphone, preventing the speakers from being heard. Representatives invited the protesters to engage in a dialogue, but the lead protester responded, “No dialogue with racists.” The continued disruption resulted in the event being unable to proceed as planned, and police were called. Protesters then moved outside, but continued to use their megaphone to disrupt the speakers.
  12. November 15, 2017 – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign: At an SSI event with Hen Mazzig, SJP members verbally assaulted the presenter with the demonizing accusation of ‘pinkwashing,’ even though he was telling his own personal story of coming out, and disrupted the talk with sustained chants of, “Free Palestine.” SJP members also openly laughed when Mazzig was telling the story of his grandmother finding the body of his grandfather who was killed “in Iraq in 1951 after being accused of being a Zionist spy, just because he was Jewish.”
  13. November 2, 2017 – Northeastern University: SJP organized a protest of a Hillel event with Israeli soldiers. The advertisement for the protest was titled “No War Criminals at NEU: Protest ‘Israeli Soldiers Tour’.” The advertisement further stated, “Israeli soldiers are coming to Northeastern on Nov. 2 as part of a speaking tour meant to distract from and whitewash Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinians…Inviting the forces of an occupying army onto our campus community is unacceptable.” According to Hunt News, “Protesters picketed in front of Hillel, banging plastic buckets, chanting and holding signs reading ‘IDF=War Criminals,’ ‘Justice for Palestine’ and ‘No more Israeli Apartheid.’…Inside the Jewish center, Keren and Tom spoke about how they came to serve in the IDF…the yelling from the protesters echoed into the room.” A large banner read, “No Israeli Soldiers at NEU.” An event organizer told AMCHA that the planned protest reduced attendance at the event.
  14. October 24, 2017 – University of Minnesota Twin Cities: At a Students Supporting Israel event, a protester was arrested when she refused to stop verbally accosting the invited Israeli Arab speakers. According to organizers of the event, the protester walked up and down the aisle of the room for 10 minutes calling out slurs at the speakers of “rats” and “cowards.” The protester claimed to have been a former student who came to hear, “the genocide apologists.”

  16. May 11, 2017 – City College of New York: SJP members disrupted the Q & A portion of an SSI event with Israeli Ambassador Dani Dayan. Protesting audience members hurled accusations of “apartheid” and “genocide” as well as repeatedly disturbed Ambassador Dayan when he would try to answer a question, then finally ended the disruption with loud chants of “No Justice, No Peace” and “Free, Free Palestine” before leaving.
  17. May 10, 2017 – UC Irvine: An SSI event with Israeli reservists was disrupted by about 30 protesters who, according to video footage, after a verbal confrontation between protesters and presenters following a question regarding military, denigrated a student participant of the event who started crying by screaming multiple times, “You don’t deserve to cry!” before breaking out into loud, sustained chants that included, “Israel, Israel you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide,” “Israel, Israel what do you say? How many people have you killed today?” “Hey hey, ho ho, these colonizers have got to go” and “When people are occupied, resistance is justified.” The leader of the chants then said, “You people who are colonizers and occupiers, you should not be allowed on this f*cking campus….F*ck you!” Chanting and protesting then continued outside in the hall, blocking the main exit with chants of “No justice, no peace,” “They think it’s a game, they think it’s a joke” “F*ck the police,” “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.” and “Intifada, Intifada, long live the Intifada,” among other chants. The Israeli reservists and the audience that came to hear them were escorted out by campus police. The event did not continue after the serious disruptions of the protesters.
  18. May 2, 2017 – University of California Santa Cruz: During a Hillel event on Quarry Plaza to celebrate Israeli Independence Day, a protest led by the African/Black Student Alliance filled the Quarry and purposefully blocked Hillel’s tables from being accessed for over an hour. Jewish students were, on three separate occasions, subjected to protesters yelling, “Free Palestine” and “F*** Jewish Slugs.” One of Hillel’s Israeli flags was also torn down. The ABSA called for protesters to stand in solidarity with their Palestinian brothers and sisters.
  19. May 2, 2017 – Williams College: An Israeli Independence Day kosher barbecue sponsored by Ephs for Israel was disrupted by anti-Zionist students who dropped a series of banners around the event, one of which said “End Israeli Apartheid” and passed out information sheets.
  20. May 1, 2017 – Cornell University: About 20 SJP members disrupted a Hillel-sponsored event for Israeli Independence Day with a “die-in” and a large banner that read, “Celebrating 69 Years of Genocide” as well as handing out fliers claiming, “…the modern day Jewish state was founded on the expulsion of the indigenous population.” Protesters gained access to the event only after promising police and organizers that they would not disrupt the event.
  21. April 5, 2017 – University of Florida, Gainesville: Pride Student Union of UF pulled support for an event with an Israeli gay speaker that was co-sponsored with the student group This is Israel UF, claiming that it was “out of respect for and support for the Palestinian community” and justifying it because “supporting a political agenda plagued with violence and racism is antisemitic. Choosing not to support such an agenda represents solidarity.”
  22. March 22, 2017 – University of Texas Austin: Palestine Solidarity Committee planned and executed a protest of the student organization, Texans for Israel’s event, “Israel Block Party.” The advertisement for the protest stated that, “The Israel Block Party normalizes ethnic cleansing, military occupation, apartheid, and settler colonialism and whitewashes Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people…Every year, the Palestine Solidarity Committee leads a protest across from the East Mall in order to hold the campus Zionists accountable for their erasure of the Palestinian experience.” According to an article and image in the student newspaper, The Daily Texan, protesters held demonizing and delegitimizing signs of “Zionism is Racism,” and “Why Are You Celebrating Apartheid?” as well as “A Proud Zionist? Yikes,” “Israeli Death Forces,” and “Gaza is a Concentration Camp.” One student and self-identified Zionist, Daniel, who attended the protest was “told by several PSC members that he was unwelcome.” One student protester was quoted in the student newspaper saying, “If you’re supporting Zionism, you’re supporting racism and engaging in a racist ideology…Certain ideas, like racism…are not up for discussion.”
  23. March 9, 2017 – University of Texas Austin: According to Texas Hillel, Jewish students attempted to table to raise funds for an Israeli non-profit called “Save a Child’s Heart” but were unable to do so effectively when two other student groups moved their tables to flank them. They began to yell, chant and wave a flag over the Jewish student’s heads, drowning out their calls for donations. The Jewish students relocated to another part of West Mall, but their pursuers followed them and continued to prevent them from tabling. The pursuit continued for a period of two days. Date of this incident is when it was publicized.
  24. February 28, 2017 – San Francisco State University: Event organizers of an information fair on human rights called “Know Your Rights,” at which GUPS was one of the organizers, secretly changed the registration cut-off date in order to exclude Hillel from participating. After being approved for the event, Hillel then received an email saying, “Dear community organizer, thank you for your interest. We are at capacity.” While at the event however, Hillel was told there were “plenty of tables.” According to an expose in Jweekly, “days earlier, the event’s organizing committee, with S.F. State personnel looking on, had quietly moved the goal posts, arbitrarily cutting off registration for the express purpose of excluding Hillel.”
  25. February 27, 2017 – Wellesley College: Students from Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP), Justice for Palestine (JFP) and the Wellesley Arab Women Association (WAWA) held a silent demonstration of an event hosted by the Political Science Majors Council with speaker Miri Eisin, a former spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). One sign demonized the speaker stating, “How many Palestinian Women had to die for you to be heard?” and “Chemical Weapon =War Crime. Womanhood does not excuse you.”
  26. February 21, 2017 – University of Georgia: SJP staged a walkout of a Dawgs for Israel at UG event called, “Beyond the Headlines: Israeli Soldiers Tour” and placed images of dead children on the tables and around the room while walking out. SJP justified the disruption stating, “We will not allow justification of ethnic cleansing, occupation, and murder on UGA’s campus.”
  27. February 17, 2017 – University of Washington: SUPER-UW unsuccessfully tried to have a pro-Israel education display promoting peace that was set up by the Coalition of Husky Allies for Israel (CHAI-UW) removed from campus. SUPER-UW members complained repeatedly that the pro-Israel display was “too close to SUPER-UW’s display” despite being set up prior to SUPER-UW’s display, as well as that the pro-Israel display was offensive and “triggers” them. A representative of the UW Student Activities Office arrived and told the Jewish students to pack up and move stating that they had been inundated with dozens of complaints by SUPER-UW and allies. The Jewish students refused citing free speech and spreading a message of co-existence. The Office of Student Activities then backed down. The display was vandalized later that same week when an individual with a hoodie on ran up to the display, yelled at the Jewish students, “F*** you guys,” ripped the poster and then ran off.
  28. February 16, 2017 – Florida State University: SJP disrupted a Hillel-sponsored event. During the event, a protester unfurled a large Palestinian flag, stood up, and stated,”There are not many opportunities for me to look my colonizers in the eyes with their hands bare of weaponry to tell them [that] what they are doing to Palestine and Palestinians is wrong…and so Palestine will never be taken away, it will never disappear and Palestinians all across the world are ready to return. They will return one day…Free Free Palestine (chant).”
  29. February 13, 2017 – Columbia University: Columbia University Apartheid Divest promoted a protest of an SSI event with Danny Danon called, “Racists Not Welcome: Protest the Israeli Ambassador at Columbia.” The description for the protest demonized Israel with false accusations of “savage ethnic cleansing of the original inhabitants” that “besieged and bombed the Palestinian people since its inception…We do not welcome virulent racists on our campus.” protest itself, delegitimizing chants of “Stop your murder, stop your hate, Israel is an apartheid state!” and “No peace on stolen land! Justice is our demand!” were heard as about some protesters tried to, and eventually succeeded, in breaking into the lecture hall. They were later removed. Additional chants included, “Racists not welcome,” “Danny Danon you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide” and “One, two, three, four, occupation’s gotta go. Five, six, seven, eight, Israel’s an apartheid state.” One sign at the protest called for the right of return, which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state. According to the Columbia Spectator, Danon was interrupted seven times by protesters in the audience. Protesters stood and chanted phrases such as, “From Palestine to Mexico, border walls have got to go,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” while holding signs reading similar statements. One group of protesters left the room with a large banner that read, “Boycott Israel.”
  30. December 6, 2016 – Columbia University: Protesters at Columbia University staged a walkout of a Students Supporting Israel (SSI) event on indigenous people, right as a Jew addressed the room to describe his connection to the land of Israel. The protesters held demonizing signs stating, “Israel is built on land theft, displacement and ethnic cleansing” and “Zionism is racism.”
  31. November 17, 2016 – Washington University in St. Louis: A group of around 10 protesters affiliated with Students for Justice in Palestine disrupted a talk by an Israeli LGBTQIA activist by performing a planned walkout. Prior to the Q& A period, the protesters stood up wearing tape over their mouths and signs reading “No Pride in Apartheid” before leaving the room.
  32. September 8, 2016 – Georgetown University: A group of students interrupted an event hosted by the Center for Jewish Civilization on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s career. The students held a banner that read “Netanyahu is a War Criminal” and chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” The demonstration occurred at the beginning of the question and answer time for the event, after a student referred Netanyahu’s policies toward Palestinians as imperial genocide. A prepared statement by the protesters stated, “We’re concerned that a conversation about the Israeli state took place without talking about it as an occupation and apartheid.” Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) officers immediately removed the protesters from Gaston Hall, as event organizers informed them that they were in violation of the university’s Speech and Expression Policy.
  33. May 18, 2016 – UC Irvine: A Students Supporting Israel event co-sponsored by Hillel was successfully disrupted by SJP and others. According to SSI, “The police had to escort attendees out of the event for their own safety.” Hillel released a statement elaborating that SJP and others, “made aggressive and threatening remarks to participants and physically intimidated and threatened one student attempting to enter the event.” A video of the event showed protesters shouting, “Intifada, Intifada/long live the Intifada,” and “when people are occupied/resistance is justified.”
  34. May 12, 2016 – Stanford University: SJP members disrupted and held a “die-in” in the middle of a Stanford Israel Association & the Jewish Student Association sponsored “Israel Block Party.”
  35. April 19, 2016 – University of Maryland: About two dozen protesters arrived at a Hillel and Jewish Student Union event called, “Israel Fest” and loudly disrupted the event for about an hour. The protesters chanted, “Fight the power; turn the tide; end Israeli apartheid” and held signs saying “Zionism kills.” The protesters blocked a pathway and were instructed to move by police. One Jewish student exclaimed, “This is a cultural event, and they have every right to protest but not to disrupt an event that we’ve put on.”
  36. April 17, 2016 – Boston University: Approximately 30 members of Boston Students for Justice in Palestine protested a Boston University Hillel and BU Students for Israel event, “Israel Indie Freedom Fest.” One protester had a sign saying “Zionism = Racism.” Protesters condoned terrorism chanting, “Resistance is justified when people are occupied.” Protesters additionally accused Hillel of Islamophobia in printed pamphlets entitled, “Is Boston University Hillel Islamophobic?” which claimed that BU Hillel backs Islamophobic beliefs. The pamphlet stated, “One of several prime examples of BU Hillel’s Islamophobic connection is vis a vis … [Committee for Accuracy on Middle East Reporting], a known Islamophobic organization … that plans events through [BU’s] campus” where the pamphlet then cited a report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
  37. April 14, 2016 – University of New Mexico: Pro-Palestinian protesters successfully disrupted the “Israeli Soldiers Tour” that was hosted by Lobos for Israel by moving to the front of the room with a large sign saying, “Israel Out of Palestine”. Protesters chanted, “IDF, what do you say?” while students in the back of the room responded, “How many kids have you killed today!”
  38. April 6, 2016 – San Francisco State University: GUPS members and other protesters disrupted a Hillel event involving a speech by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat where a few minutes into the speech, about two dozen protesters, with the intent of shutting down the event, entered and loudly shouted, ““Get the hell off our campus!”…Long live the Intifada…Intifada, Intifada…From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free.” They succeeded in stopping the event due to the loud disruptions that occurred for about an hour in a very clear willful, material and substantial disruption.
  39. April 2, 2016 – Manhattanville College: At a Hillel event, an invited speaker was shouted down while talking about Israel and the BDS movement, and the heckler responsible screamed at the audience, “He is brainwashing you, don’t believe anything he tells you, it’s all lies.”
  40. March 16, 2016 – Brown University: Bestselling author Janet Mock cancelled a speech at Hillel in response to a petition stating it was inappropriate for her to appear at Hillel because the group has defended, “racial apartheid” and was “complicit in pinkwashing.” The petition stated they were not against Mock speaking on campus, so long as she did not do so at Hillel. The organizers, Moral Voices, criticized her cancellation stating, “given that Hillel is the center for Jewish life on this campus — with a mandate to support the interests and meet the needs of a very diverse constituency of Jewish students on College Hill (ranging widely in their political, religious, and cultural inclinations) — does simply engaging in a Jewish space render one unfit to do justice work?”
  41. March 7, 2016 – UC Davis: Students and others disrupted an Aggies for Israel event with loud chants during a walk out. Chants included, “Long live the Intifada,” “Intifada, intifada,” and “When Palestine is occupied, resistance is justified” which condoned terrorism. Chants also included the demonizing statements, “Israel is anti-Black,” and “Palestine will be free, fight white supremacy,” as well as the delegitimizing statement, “Israel is an apartheid state.”
  42. February 26, 2016 – Florida International University: SJP staged a walkout from Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon’s lecture which, according to a SJPFacebook post, resulted in the event “being cut short by 30 minutes and on his way out [Ambassador Danon] had to take a different route out of the building.”
  43. February 24, 2016 – University of South Florida: During a StandWithUs event on Feb 24, with two former Israeli soldiers, about 25 supporters of the boycotts, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel entered the lecture hall waving Palestinian flags and banners, interrupted the lecturers numerous times, and shouted at the lecturers.
  44. February 22, 2016 – University of Georgia: At an event where two Israeli soldiers came to speak about their experiences in the IDF, during the middle of one of the soldiers speaking, an SJP member stood up and interrupted the soldier saying, “as students of the University of Georgia, we do not support this!” After which, a group of about 25 people got up and walked out of the program.
  45. February 22, 2016 – University of Tennessee: At a Judaic Studies program event, with Michael Brenner, Ph.D., chair of Israel Studies at American University, who gave a talk entitled “The Idea of A Jewish State from Herzl to Netanyahu flyer,” 15 student protesters stood up at various places in the audience and held signs that read, “Israel is an apartheid state.” They also gave out flyers that “pointed out the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism and highlighted the undertones of ethnic cleansing inherent in the history of the state of Israel.”
  46. February 21, 2016 – University of Chicago: At a StandWithUs event with Palestinian Human Rights Activist Bassem Tamid, protesters shouted down the speaker, to the point where the event ended early. One protestor even threatened the speaker physically. The young man is heard in a video of the event yelling in Arabic, “I’m going to destroy this place!” Later, he was heard saying, “I’m going to kill this motherf*****!” and “Wait until you go to your car!” He also said, “we” are going to be at Eid’s lecture at DePaul University in Chicago on Saturday evening, so he should be “ready for” us.
  47. February 21, 2016 – Northwestern University: Palestinian activist Bassem Eid cancelled a speech at Hillel Sunday due to the presence of a man who heckled him at previous engagements and following a few men at the event verbally accosting Eid prior to the start of the speech.
  48. January 28, 2016 – Brown University: SJP at Brown University announced a protest event, “Protesting the Sharansky and Douglas Talk: End Zionist Whitewashing of Apartheid” and stated, “Join us at 7pm outside of Brown University’s Salomon Hall to protest this egregious display of Settler Colonial apologism.” During the protest of the event itself, about 30 protesters shouted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” which is effectively a call for the elimination of the Jewish state, and handed out fliers that accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” while falsely representing the flier as a “program addition.”
  49. November 13, 2015 – University of Texas, Austin: Twelve members of the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) disrupted a public event hosted by Professor Ami Pedahzur of UT’s Institute for Israeli Studies titled “The Origin of a Species: The Birth of the Israeli Defense Forces’ Military Culture.” The students not only disrupted the speech, when Prof. Pedahzur and another professor tried to get them to stop, they increased the volume of their chants calling for the destruction of Israel and “Long Live the Intifada.”
  50. November 10, 2015 – Johns Hopkins University: About fifteen minutes into a talk by Alan Dershowitz at Johns Hopkins, a group of students from Hopkins Feminists stood up and held signs that read, “You Are Rape Culture.” The students were dressed in black and stuck duct tape over their mouths to show solidarity with victims of rape. Then, as a sign of protest, these students walked out of the event. Separately, SJP members held up signs which read “Stop Defending Occupation” and “Stop Supporting Apartheid,” and then walked out of the event.
  51. November 6, 2015 – UC Santa Cruz: SJP members interrupted a Slugs for Israel tabling event showing solidarity with Israeli victims of terror by holding a die-in, in which several students dressed in black lay motionless on the ground, representing Palestinians killed by Israelis. In addition, the “dead” students put signs on themselves saying, “Resistance is Not Terrorism,” an expression which justifies violence against Jews.
  52. November 5, 2015 – Goucher College: Approximately 15 members of TALQ BIG, an anti-Israel LGBTQ student organization at Goucher, engaged in a pre-meditated and coordinated series of disruptive actions, which included brandishing anti-Israel posters, chanting anti-Israel slogans, and verbally disrupting and arguing with the speaker. One of the students who organized the event posted about the disruption on Facebook stating, “We were attacked and we were bullied.”
  53. November 3, 2015 – University of Minnesota: UMN SJP and Anti-War Committee planned and successfully carried out a disruption of a talk by Israeli Professor Moshe Halbertal. In addition, outside of the lecture hall protesters held signs accusing Halbertal of being a war criminal and calling Israel an “apartheid state,” as well as featured a display of a woman holding a bloodied doll with a sign that read “Nothing to see here. Just another Dead Palestinian baby.” A protest organizer said that one of the purposes of the protest was to urge the university to honor the academic boycott of Israel. SJP posted a message on its Facebook page making clear that it viewed the disruption as part of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.
  54. October 28, 2015 – Tufts University: Members of Tufts SJP disrupted “Taste of Israel,” an annual event hosted by Friends of Israel to introduce students to Israel culture and food. SJP members distributed flyers and held signs that had language delegitimizing Israel, including: “Taste of Israeli Occupation, “Don’t dip into Israel apartheid.”
  55. October 20, 2015 – University of South Dakota: Chalkings of the Students Supporting Israel, including a Jewish star and the words “Support Israel,” were variously erased and adorned with spiteful comments, inluding one that accused Israel of being a “fascist state”.
  56. October 15, 2015 – Harvard University: A group of about 15 students staged a “die-in” in front of Harvard Hillel to protest an event. The protest was organized by Palestine Solidarity Committee. Hillel executive director Steinberg claimed, “I’m sad because this is the first time in my five years at Harvard that I have seen an effort to interfere with the event of another organization.”
  57. October 12, 2015 – UC Irvine: According to sources from an attendee in the room & the Rose Project, retired Chief Justice Aharon Barak was speaking at an event at UC Irvine when police had to interrupt the event to escort him and attendees out. There was a large contingent of 20-30 protesters at the event. One student expressed, “SJP members disrupted Barak’s speech and would not allow the Q&A to proceed, leaving him no choice but to cut the event short and leave abruptly.”
  58. April 26, 2015 – UC Santa Cruz: During IDF res. Kokit and Tslil’s talk on the StandWithUs Israeli Soldiers’ Stories tour, student protesters shouted down the speakers and disrupted the event.
  59. April 23, 2015 – Cornell University: Cornell SJP conducted a “die-in” and protest of Hillel’s Israel day, that included many SJP student lying in the grass next to Hillel’s tables and dramatizing the alleged murder of Palestinians by Israelis. Some SJP students sported signs falsely accusing Israel of genocide.
  60. April 23, 2015 – UC Irvine: According to Gary Fouse and The College Fix, “Anteaters for Israel, or AFI, held its annual “I-Fest.” Everything was running smoothly during the morning hours, but around twelve o’clock noon… pro-Palestinian protesters came marching out of the Cross Cultural Center (more about that later) located directly behind the I-Fest tables. They proceeded to march to a spot a few yards away from the AFI tables where they spread out across Ring Road, forcing other students to have to walk around their lines. They then began changing…They continued for over two hours drowning out the AFI music and distracting all the attention away from the I-Fest proceedings…This is the second year that the anti-I-Fest protesters have staged in the CCC and marched out to disrupt this event. In fact, for years the Muslim Student Union has used the CCC as their staging area. As far as I am concerned, the CCC has put its imprimatur on disrupting Jewish events at UCI.”
  61. April 21, 2015 – UC Santa Cruz: A talk by two Israeli soldiers promoted by Slugs for Israel was disrupted by anti-Israel protesters, who shouted down the speakers and demonized Israel by accusing Israel of terrorism. As the protesters left the room, they yelled “Free, Free Palestine,” an expression generally understood to be a call for the elimination of the Jewish state.
  62. April 20, 2015 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Palestine@MIT tried to cancel a celebration of Israeli Independence day organized by MIT Friends of Israel and MIT Hillel, by issuing a public letter to the MIT Community demanding that the student government rescind its support for the event because it makes some students feel “unsafe”.
  63. April 3, 2015 – University at Buffalo: According to a member of UB Hillel, on the first day of Passover, members of UB SJP stood in front of a mock wall display and shouted “come learn about ethnic cleansing” and other anti-Israel and antisemitic comments that created concern about Jewish security on campus. One SJP sympathizer, when offered a pro-Israe flyer, refused to take it and explained that he didn’t want to become a Jew. In addition, SJP members called the campus police and asked them to remove those who questioned the validity of the mock wall.
  64. March 19, 2015 – Boston University (collection of students, unclear if some affiliated with SJP): According to an article in the Daily Free Press, “At BUSI’s [BU Students for Israel] Wednesday panel regarding Arabs volunteering in the Israeli army, about 20 of the 50 attending students staged a walkout to express disagreement with the presentation.” According to The Daily Free Press, a student who walked out says the reasons were, “we walked out to show disapproval of Yoav Levin’s presentation… we don’t agree with him presenting on our campus. More so, we don’t agree with him discussing the topic of Arabs in the IDF. And frankly, we are not trying to make it okay that an IDF soldier was here…”
  65. February 26, 2015 – Rice University: Members of the student group Rice Left staged a walkout and disrupted a talk by Israeli soldiers sponsored by Houston Hillel.
  66. February 19, 2015 – University of Florida: A StandWithUs-sponsored event featuring two IDF Soldiers was disrupted by SJP members. In the middle of the talk, SJP members stood up in protest, wearing shirts that read “You’re the real terrorist.”
  67. February 17, 2015 – Wesleyan University: According to an article in the Wesleyan Argus, “In February, Wesleyan United with Israel hosted a free Israeli Late Night. Days before the event, an SJP member posted an article about Israel’s appropriation of Palestinian and North African cuisine to the Facebook event page. “They also flyered outside our event saying, ‘The hummus is free, but Palestine isn’t,’” Sussman said. According to Renetzky, posters that Wesleyan United with Israel had hung in Usdan to advertise for the event were vandalized. He was discouraged by the animosity that these attacks revealed. “They crossed out ‘Israeli’ and wrote ‘Palestine,’” Renetzky said. “Then they crossed out ‘Israeli’ and wrote ‘Fascism.’” Sussman was also upset by the vandalism, which she believes limited the group’s ability to express its aims. Alpert believes that the vandalism incident is suggestive of more widespread animosity towards Wesleyan United with Israel. “The fact that we can’t hold an event celebrating the culture—just the culture; we were not defending any of Israel’s military actions—we think is problematic on this campus,” she said.”
  68. February 3, 2015 – Swarthmore College: Students who attended a lecture by Hussein Aboubakr sponsored by the Swarthmore Students for Israel interrupted and scoffed at the speaker and yelled at the organizers of the event for bringing Aboubakr to campus.”
  69. January 29, 2015 – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC Students for Justice in Palestine disruption): Approximately 70 students walked out of a Christians United for Israel event of speaker Dumisani Washington. An article covering the walk out stated, “The students who organized a walk-out of Washington’s speech did so with the goal of showing their disapproval of his views.” The speaker, Washington, said, “You could cut this tension with a knife.”
  70. January 27, 2015 – UC Santa Cruz: At a Hillel-sponsored event, “Being Queer in Israel,” a group of anti-Israel protesters, both students and faculty, unsuccessfully attempted to use intimidation to cancel the event. Several students disrupted the program by entering with signs with slogans that demonized and delegitimized Israel that read: “JEWS AGAINST APARTHEID,” and, “QUEERS AGAINST PINKWASHING.” They disrupted the talk by reading a prepared statement “denounc[ing] this co-optation of queer struggles to support the Israeli apartheid state and the genocide of the Palestinian people” and declaring “Long live the intifada!”, both of which are expressions which demonize and delegitimze Israel and condone terrorism against it. Jewish students who had organized the event reported feeling “violated” and “attacked” by the protesters.
  71. November 24, 2014 – University of Pittsburgh: Unknown masked protesters wielding electronic noisemakers disrupted an event co-sponsored by a pro-Israel student group at the University of Pittsburgh, necessitating the intervention of campus police and culminating with the removal and citation of one protester while others fled from the scene. Additionally members of SJP were present with signs reading “the IOF (Israel Offensive Force), oppressing and illegally occupying since ‘47” and “Stop U.S. Funding to Israel.” SJP members further shouted over other students who were trying to ask questions of the speaker during the question-and-answer portion of the program.
  72. November 10, 2014 – Florida Atlantic University: At an event co-sponsored by student organizations Owls for Israel, Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach County, Alpha Epsilon Pi and the Chabad Student Center, a group of students from Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) staged a walk-out. According to University Press, the walk out consisted of about 20 students. SJP Vice President Jihad Sheikha stated that a political cartoon used by the Palestinian Authority, which was shown during the presentation to depict PA incitement, “depict[ed] Palestinians as barbarians.”
  73. [non-SJP group] November 5, 2014 – George Mason University: George Mason University Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) conducted a silent walkout in protest of IDF Col. Bentzi Gruber speaking event, “Ethics in the Field.”
  74. November 2014 – American University: At an event, hosted by student groups AUDems, the AU College Republicans and AmeriPac, entitled “The Bipartisan Discussion on the U.S.-Israel Alliance,” American University Students for Justice in Palestine, members from the DMV SJP and the Jewish Voice for Peace and fellow AU students staged a walk out of the event. The walk out was lead by a student wearing a Palestinian flag and followed by students holding signs. It was against the rules to hold up any flags or signs, but the protesters left before they could be escorted by campus police.
  75. September 16, 2014 – University of Florida: SJP performed a “militant demo” against Michael Oren former U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) organizer Farah Khan stated, “We made sure to make a Facebook event for the counter-action well in advance. We also kept the event private to keep it from being discovered and foiled by any right-wing or Zionist organizations. …We came prepared for whatever weather Florida would throw at us, and held our ground…we held one of the most militant, successful demos SJP at UF has ever put on. There were over 30 cops trying to shut us down.”
  76. September 9, 2014 – Loyola University-Chicago: SJP members verbally assaulted their Jewish peers yelling insults at them before creating a human wall to block Hillel’s attempt to advertise trips to Israel.
  77. Apr 17, 2014 – American University: Fifteen minutes into an event where Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat, Ishmael Khaldi spoke, SJP members began screaming, unveiled a giant Palestinian flag, and stormed out.
  78. March 3, 2014 – Vassar College: At an event to discuss a class trip to Israel, the event became one which was a “truly unsettling…rage-filled meeting” as SJP members escalated their protesting during the meeting. Specifically, it became an eventwhere, “Friedman [the Professor] described how ‘Jewish kids who spoke were heckled’ and drowned out with a finger snapping noise and loudly laughed at. I asked how she knew they were Jewish, and she said that they self-identified as such in response to the crowd. One student stated: ‘I felt anti-Semitism before in my small town and never thought I would again until now.’”
  79. February 27, 2014 – Cal Poly Pomona: Students shouted down a group of Israeli sol­diers who were invited to speak on their cam­pus by Hil­lel. Shortly after the sol­diers started to intro­duce them­selves, the pro­test­ers per­sis­tently shouted in such a way that other stu­dents in the room were unable to hear what was being said. The protesters shouted “baby killers,” “rapists,” and “terrorists.”
  80. February 6, 2014 – Vassar College: SJP tried to shut down a class trip to Israel to study water issues demanding that students not participate in the class and not go to Israel on the class trip. This disruption included forcing the professor and students to physically cross a picket line.
  81. February 2014 – Cal Poly Pomona: The free speech rights of two Israelis at a pro-Israel event were violated when SJP “brought professional anti-Israel activists and students from other schools to shout the speakers down, preventing them from making their presentations and robbing audience members of the opportunity to hear Israeli perspectives on the conflict.”
  82. January 30, 2014 – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: At an event hosted by Hillel Milwaukee, thirty audience members (including members of Students for Justice in Palestine chapters at both the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Marquette University) stood up, removed their jackets, and exposed signs that were taped to their shirts.
  83. November 5, 2013 – George Mason University: George Mason University Students Against Israeli Apartheid held signs up and conducted a walkoutof the “My Israeli Arab Conflict,” featuring IDF Sgt. Benjamin Anthony.
  84. October 10, 2013 – University of Florida: At a UF Hillel event, four members of SJP stood up during her talk wearing signs, one female member read a statement, then SJP performed a walk out of the event.
  85. April 19, 2013 – Florida Atlantic University: An Owls for Israel event of an IDF soldier speaker was disrupted by SJP according to a police report The report details, “the group stood up in front of the room while the speaker was speaking. The group had a banner with ‘War Criminals’ written on it while a female started reading from a printout. The group was escorted out.”
  86. April 8, 2013 – Northeastern University: SJP staged a disturbance and walkout at a Huskies for Israel event where Israel Defense Force soldiers were to speak. Details of the event included how, “One member of SJP stood up and stated, ‘the IDF are war criminals and are not welcome on our campus,’ at which point almost half of the audience walked out. We [SJP] chanted ‘free, free Palestine,’ as we filed out of the room.”
  87. March 12, 2013 – DePaul University: SJP members and other protesters disrupted a talk by Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas sponsored by Center for Jewish Law & Judaic Studies. Angry that Jonas had helped to shut down organizations which had raised money for the terrorist group Hamas, DePaul SJP members hurled verbal insults at the speaker, such as chants of “Hey DePaul, let’s be clear – racists are not welcome here,” and heckled the audience with questions about how the university could have allowed such an Islamophobic and racist event to take place. According to one report, as a result of the disruptions, the event was ended early.
  88. February 27, 2013 – UC Riverside: At an event co-sponsored by student organizationsHighlanders for Israel (HIFI) and Hillel at UCR, members of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) staged a phased walkout to continuously disrupt the event.
  89. February 25, 2013 – University of Chicago: SJP and another organization disrupt a talk by Israeli-American Law Professor Amos Guiora. In addition to picketing, SJP and others turned their chairs away from Guiora in the middle of the talk, and one student continuously interrupted him until being escorted out of the room.
  90. March 26, 2012 – Brandeis University(SJP disrupts a non-campus event at a Temple): SJP planned and executed a disruption a Town Hall Meeting at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Massachusetts by wearing coordinated T-shirts, standing up and shouting during the event. One student was arrested by police.
  91. Mar 20, 2012 – Boston University: At a BU Students for Israel event, SJP demonstrators put duct tape over their mouths and walked out in unisonduring the presentation.
  92. Mar 1, 2012 – University of California, Riverside: Several audience members walked out and disrupted an event that was hosted by numerous Jewish organizations, including Hillel and Highlanders for Israel. SJP denied participation in the disruption of the event, however, a video of the event proves SJP involvement.
  93. Feb 28, 2012 – UCLA: Dozens of SJP members walked out with duct tape fas­tened to their mouths and signs read­ing “Silenced” in the mid­dle of an IDF soldier’s presentation.
  94. Feb 27, 2012 – University of California Davis: SJP and others staged a planned disruption of a Jewish student event consisting of two Israelis –a Jewish man and a Druze woman. In a video of the preparation, you can see dozens of MSA, SJP and MeChA students at UC Davis preparing to disrupt the event. Before heading off en masse to disrupt the event, the leader of the protesters said, “Events like these are not welcome on our campus anymore,” and his statement was met with a round of applause. During the presentation, a walkout occurred along with verbal assaultsshouted at the speaker. From ADL’s description of the disruption, “One stu­dent defi­antly stood up and shouted obscen­i­ties at the speak­ers, claim­ing that Israel has “turned the land of Pales­tine into a land of pros­ti­tutes and rapists and child moles­ters,” and harassed the speaker, ask­ing him, “How many women have you raped? How many chil­dren have you raped? You are a child moles­ter.” Dur­ing his out­burst, the student defended his actions as a free speech right yet noted, “My only pur­pose today is that this event is shut down,” an obvi­ously ironic use of free speech rights.”
  95. Feb 23, 2012 – University of New Mexico: Halfway through a talk by Nonie Darwish, students consistently primary of the SJP group, stood up andbegan screaming and chanting in order to shut down the talk and make a disturbance.
  96. Nov 15, 2011 – Florida Atlantic University: As part of an action planned by Students for Justice in Palestine, a group stood up and walked out in the middle of the presentation by the deputy permanent representative of Israel to the United Nations, Ambassador Haim Waxman.
  97. Nov 10, 2011 – Northwestern University: At a presentation by Gil Hoffman, an Israeli military reservist and journalist, SJP protesters filled a third of the room and staged a coordinated walk out.
  98. Nov 10, 2011 – De Paul University: At a pro-Israel event, SJP protesters, filling up three quarters of the spots in the audience, interrupted the presentation, stood up, announced a statement then walked out.
  99. Apr 2011 – Brandeis University: Israeli Knesset member Avi Dichter’s speech was repeatedly disrupted by representatives of the SJP group on campus. The students spread themselves out among the audience and took turns shouting “war criminal” and other accusations at him.
  100. Mar 29, 2011 – Pennsylvania State University: At a pro-Israel event, Students for Justice in Palestine filled the event with protesters thenperformed a walk out in unison.
  101. Feb 3, 2011 – Hampshire College: At the speaking event of IDF Sgt Benjamin Anthony, students of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chanted, “End, End the Occupation!”, “Free, Free Palestine!”, and “Our People Are Occupied, Resistance is Justified!” and heckled the speaker by blowing whistles and creating other commotions.
  102. Jan 31, 2011 – University of Pittsburgh: A speaking event of Sgt Benjamin Anthony sponsored by Hillel, Panthers for Israel, Pittsburgh Israel Public Affairs Committee (PIPAC) and the College Republicans was purposely disrupted when 30 plus protesters showed up at the explicit request of SJP. In addition to waving flags and walking out, SJP members and supporters shouted “Free Palestine” to drown the speaker out from outside the door throughout the event.
  103. Nov 2010 – Arizona State University and Benedictine University in Illinois: Approximately 100 students walked out in the middle of a speaking appearance by Israeli journalist Gil Hoffman, and then made noise outside the hallin an attempt to make it difficult for the event to continue.
  104. Oct 2010 – University of Michigan: An Israeli soldier’s event was “silently interrupted” by SJP protesters in the audience when more than a dozen students stood up in the middle of his speech with duct tape fastened to their mouths and held signs reading “Silenced.” After several minutes, they stood up again and left the room.