Antisemitism Questionnaire

Questionnaire for Prospective Students & Their Families

This questionnaire provides the framework that prospective students and parents of prospective students can use when determining the campus climate for Jewish students relating to anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activity at a particular college/university. The questions are designed as guidelines to assist prospective students and their families in assessing how safe or comfortable a school might be for a Jewish student.
You may access the brochure HERE.


Ken Marcus Fact Sheet

Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law: Fact Sheet on the Elements of Anti-Semitic Discourse

Government officials, university administrators and academic faculty often need resources for identifying antiSemitic discourse that can supplement existing definitions such as the U.S. Department of State definition and the International Working Definition. This Fact Sheet highlights some of the most common motifs in anti-Semitic discourse, including inter-related tropes and memes which have long been markers for anti-Semitism. You may access this Fact Sheet