Manifestations of Campus Antisemitism and the Institutional Behaviors that Legitimize It

Individual faculty
…..• Use university’s name and resources to purvey antisemitic activity
…..• Use classroom to promote antisemitic material, ideas, political action
…..• Sponsor and fund antisemitic talks and events
Academic Senate
…..• Condone abuses of academic freedom for promotion of antisemitic activity


Individual students
…..• Intimidate, harass and threaten Jewish students
…..• Vandalize Jewish student property or university property for antisemitic purposes
…..• Use personal web pages to promote antisemitic material, events, campaigns
Student organizations
…..• Use university resources and name for antisemitic programs and events
…..• Intimidate, harass and threaten Jewish students, including by disrupting Jewish students’ programs
…..• Use organization web pages to promote antisemitic material, events, campaigns
…..• Promote boycott, divestment and sanction campaigns against Israel
…..• Affiliate with outside organizations that promote antisemitic activity
…..• Delegitimize the efforts of those who are acting against antisemitic activity
Student government
…..• Fund antisemitic activity
…..• Vote on resolutions that demonize Israel and promote boycotts
Student publications
…..• Publish antisemitic articles, advertisements


Administrators and Trustees
…..• Sponsor, fund, award, and give university resources to antisemitic activity
…..• Fail to enforce university policies and state and federal law that would prohibit the activities
…..• Fail to identify or condemn antisemitic behavior on their campuses
…..• Discriminate against Jewish students, by condemning racist and homophobic behavior but not antisemitic
…..• Minimize or ignore concerns from students or community members about antisemitic activity


Outside Organizations
…..• Co-sponsor and fund antisemitic events on campus
…..• Disseminate antisemitic material on campus
…..• Participate in harassment and intimidation of Jewish students
…..• Delegitimize efforts to combat antisemitic activity on campus



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