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UC Student Groups Harass and Defame AMCHA Co-founder

UC Student Groups Harass and Defame AMCHA Co-founder

Incident: AMCHA Initiative Co-founder and University of California Santa Cruz faculty member Tammi Rossman-Benjamin is currently the target of a vicious coordinated campaign of harassment and defamation by the Committee for Justice in Palestine (CJP) and other affiliated Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) groups on UC campuses.

AMCHA’s Response: Tammi has written a letter to UC President Mark Yudof documenting the antisemitic behavior of SJP and MSA groups on UC campuses and calling on UC leaders to take immediate action.


 AMCHA’s Correspondence with UC President Yudof


May 8, 2013 – Tammi’s letter to UC President Yudof

Tammi calls on UC President Yudof to investigate MSA and SJP chapters for violation of state and federal laws, as well as university policies, and affirms the right of the community to speak out against anti-Jewish bigotry.




 Read more about this incident here.

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