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AMCHA Initiative is committed to organizing and carrying out campaigns to address campus antisemitism that include communicating with university, state, and federal leaders about the problem and possible solutions, engaging grassroots activists, and collaborating with other legal and educational organizations.

We believe that the most effective activist strategies will be grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the problem, including the multifaceted manifestations of antisemitic activity, their effects on Jewish students, and the structures within the university that allow them to flourish.

We also believe that the primary responsibility for addressing the problem of campus antisemitism rests with university leaders, both administrators and faculty, who have in general been unwilling to address or even acknowledge the problem or its severity. Therefore, the AMCHA Initiative seeks to bring an awareness of the problem to university leaders and to urge them to address the problem immediately and effectively.

Finally, AMCHA works to inform the public of our efforts and to encourage and facilitate grassroots activism to combat antisemitism.

To find out more about how you can help:

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