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Quotes of Petition to Senator Liu and Assemblymember Williams

COMMUNITY VOICES: 1,000 Sign Petition to Stop Taxpayer Dollars Going to Antisemitism and Express Outrage 

April 29, 2014

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1,000 Californians signed a Petition to Senator Liu and Assemblymember Williams asking the legislators to help stop University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) faculty from using taxpayer dollars for antisemitism. 

The following is merely a sampling of quotes included with the signatures:

  • Education should not include indoctrination.
  • It is disturbing that our schools cannot afford music or art classes, while taxes are wasted on universities that sponsor directly the spreading of propaganda, lies and discrimination on university campus and servers.
  • Free speech is one thing but tax payers money to support one sided information is absurd.
  • One can not confuse freedom of speech with hate speech, incitement and misinformation. Behind BDS lies a hard-line racist movement that denies Jewish national rights to its homeland.
  • As alumni, my husband and I have donated hundreds of thousand of dollars to UCLA. We are outraged that our dollars have gone to promote a boycott of Israel.
  • I plan to attend a UC within the next two calendar years and would like to feel safe as a Jewish, Zionist student on campus.
  • Senator Liu and Assemblyman Williams, It is a real stretch to say that the people using public funds via university resources are just expressing the right of free speech. That is an affront to the sensibilities of the vast majority of tax payers in California. You are being encouraged to put a stop to such political and antisemitic activities.
  • What faculty does on its own time and with its own resources is their business, what is done as a state employee using state resources is a very different issue.
  • I am horrified and frightened by what is happening on some of the UC and CSU campuses. All three of my children were educated at UC schools. I am 69 years old, and have not felt so frightened about my safety and the safety of my family with the permission of the universities to teach and encourage such hate toward Jews.
  • As much as we love the UC system, it is difficult for us to support the university when it demonizes Israel. It is morally evil and factually a distortion of reality.
  • Jewish students are feeling threatened by anti-Jewish and anti-Israel extremists. Free speech is not a metaphor for hate speech and antisemitism. I along with countless others request you investigate this matter quickly before it becomes a national issue.
  • State support of anti-Semitism is completely unacceptable. That is what these faculty members preach.
  • We are supposed to be a progressive state that leads the way. This lack of condemnation is unethical, embarrassing and wrong! I urge you take immediate action on this matter that is spreading hate throughout California.
  • I am proud to sign this letter. I no longer donate to U.C.L.A.’s Theater and Film Depts. When you stop using my tax dollars to fund this latest form of anti-Semitism, I’ll resume funding my alma mater.
  • Don’t confuse academic freedom with freedom of speech. Professors are hired and paid to investigate and discuss anything related to their area of academic work without undue interference. That academic freedom is not synonymous with a right to use their position and taxpayers’ money to promote political views. Banning the use and abuse of academic position and taxpayers money to promote personal views in no way infringes on their freedom of speech or academic freedom. They are free to pursue their academic interests at the public’s expense and are free to express their political and personal views, objectionable as they might be, at their own expense in the public square, as private citizens.
  • I’m appalled that personal agendas of an anti Semitic nature are permitted on UC campuses. We will no longer support the UC system until these matters are resolved .
  • There’s an atmosphere on California State University campuses now which is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I’ve witnessed this with my own eyes. This is very intimidating for Jewish students and must be stopped promptly and completely.
  • Hate speech as a part of instruction has no place on California university campuses.
  • While I am a firm believer in the free exchange of opinions and ideas, especially at colleges and universities, I feel that debate should be fact based and free from distortion and hate. I find it especially objectionable when university staff are able to use state funded resources to spread propaganda. I’m in the process of developing an estate plan for charitable giving and will be watching closely how the issues mentioned in the letter are dealt with.
  • California universities should be teaching tolerance. Professors should not be teaching hate. Please stop using my tax dollars to teach hate and intolerance.
  • I certainly hope we can stop this hateful madness!
  • I demand that you stop the California education system subsidizing of anti-Semitic propaganda.
  • I find it unbelievable that in the name of free speech such tactics are used!
  • I will no longer be supporting the UC system with my dollars.
  • I will not be a donor to either Institution if it supports BDS!
  • I’m a grandparent of a UCLA student and I’m outraged by this despicable use of state funds.
  • It is disgraceful. What a low point in the history of CA’s university systems.
  • Let’s keep politics out of our education system.
  • No contributions will be made until this scandalous behavior ends
  • Of all people, teachers should have facts straight before spouting opinion to young minds.
  • Parent of 2 prospective students
  • Plain and simply put, ‘This is wrong’!
  • Please stop the antisemitics and haters . Do not boycott the state of Israel.
  • Prof Klein is practicing Hate speech. This is wrong.
  • Public money should not be used for personal of political issues.
  • Really disappointed in what is being allowed to happen.
  • Stop the abuse of public assets for private purposes!
  • Stop using tax dollars to support bigotry and hate!
  • This is absurd…We are tax payers and expect the Public Schools to behave in a moral sane way.
  • Unlikely that I’ll donate to UCLA or UC Berkeley until this is resolved.
  • There will be no more donation dollars to the UC system
  • I am saddened by the hatred and disappointed that it is being ignored or excused by the Universities.
  • This is disgusting. These are definite hate acts that you are financing and I as a tax payer demand you stop .
  • I am ashamed of CSUN where I received my MPA. Shame on California in promoting and accepting this anti-semitic position. Shame on California in using tax-payer money to support these positions.
  • We’ve entered a new era where hateful bigots are masquerading as “human rights activists.” They need to be marginalized. The dissemination of deliberate lies and propaganda by racist faculty members needs to be stopped. Now.
  • I will not contribute one dime to my alumni society until they stop the antisemitism on campus. NOT ONE taxpayer dollar should be allowed for this BDS and other Anti Israel and Anti- Semitic support.
  • As a CA taxpayer for almost 60 years; as a parent who had 5 children as former students at the UC and CSU; and, as a member of the CA Jewish community, I am appalled that my tax dollars are being used to fund the promotion of a boycott of Israeli universities and scholars and other antisemitic propaganda by UC and CSU departments and faculty. Please thoroughly investigate this situation!
  • The job of a university if to teach students to think, reason and question. To use public funds for your own agenda, is just wrong. You are teaching anti-Semitism, this is unacceptable and needs to stop.
  • It is appalling that the presidents, deans and faculty of the UC and CSU systems are allowing hateful words and messages about Israel and the Jewish people to be played out on their state funded campuses. It demonstrates the low level of education and propaganda to which these institutions have stooped.
  • I was a student at UCSB in the 1970′s and find the university’s support of hate speech to be reprehensible. I urge you to put a stop to it. I have no issue with public discourse, but do have serious issues with the university supporting blatant anti-Semitism and an atmosphere in which Jewish students feel threatened to even acknowledge their Jewish ties.
  • It is sad when universities take it upon themselves to affiliate with any one that is against Israel; America’s only true friend. There are several family members that are attending this university, but will be transferring to another University because of their stands with “evil, hate speech & crimes” against Israel.
  • Faculty members like “Professor” David Klein should be thrown out of the Cal. State Univ. and U.C. system! These faculty members are brainwashing our children.
  • Studied at UCSB in the 70′s. I think Klein’s use of University and state funds for his boycott campaign is an egregious misuse of those funds. He is promoting hate speech and worse, and this should not be allowed on university servers, networks, websites, etc. He is welcome to spread his venom using his own resources, but this is too much.
  • Didn’t we learn from the time the Nazis (successfully) used his approach?
  • I am thoroughly disappointed that antisemitism continues in our schools and colleges, and being initiated by the professors. There are two sides to every controversy and all they do is show the Palestinian suffering and not the ongoing suffering of Israel. Absolutely disgusting. And you want our children to go to your schools and live with this growing antisemitism.
  • The use of public money to further the political agenda of a small segment of our community – by trusted faculty – is nothing short of a horrendous abuse of power and fiduciary trust! Furthermore their cause is racist and bogus. It is a thinly veiled stirring up of hateful Anti-Semitism, under the false guise of so called Israeli Apartheid, which does not exist. As a South African born American – I know only too well what real Apartheid was, and can recognize that in the only country in the Middle East where Arab (and all) women can vote, go to University, drive and stand for parliament, there is no Apartheid. Mr Bhargouti is a known terrorist and vicious anti-Semite, and to support him with my tax dollars, is something I decry and protest! I urge you to put a stop to these activities once and for all, and once again make the UC system a safe place for all students, free of publicly funded bigotry and hatred! Thank you
  • My daughter is currently a student at San Francisco State. My mother, a Holocaust survivor, is paying for my daughter’s tuition with her reparation money from France and Austria. It is unacceptable for our family, with our tragic history, to continue to give money to an institution that uses that money to support individuals who promote hatred towards others. We are outraged that even a penny of my mother’s reparation money would be used specifically to target Jews. Please stop this at once.
  • I am a 1978 alum of and current donor to the UCSB college of engineering . When I learned of this I was shocked that this kind of behavior continues into the 21st century in California. This must be stopped. I may have to reevaluate my donations to the Univ of CA in light of these racist activities on the universities there.
  • Dear Professor Klein, My tax dollars help to support your university and to pay your salary to teach mathematics, not to promote your own personal agenda using public funds. Shame on you!
  • All forms of BDS advocacy, anti-Israeli propaganda and anti-semetism are anathema and should have no support in the UC and CalState systems.
  • I was a student at Cal State Northridge and my daughter was a student at Cal State Long Beach. We are Jewish and belong to the Jewish community. I am appalled at the lack of concern demonstrated by the University Administration by not informing the staff that anti-Semitism is not permitted through the use of the University resources. I have stopped donating to the University and have informed individuals in the Jewish community of this outrage.
  • I am shocked that my alma mater is involved in such a biased, hateful, politically inappropriate behavior. I am definitely taking Cal and UCLA out of my will if this continues.
  • I am a professor at Yale. Activities like those of Klein would and should lead to termination at Yale or at any proper campus. I have trained three UC professors in my lab, all are tenured faculty – at UC Berkeley, Irvine and Davis, all would be horrified to know of the activities of Klein and similar UC professors.
  • There should be no public money going to sponsor hatemongers and no public campus should be used as a forum for lies and propaganda.
  • I am outraged at the allowance of these abuses perpetrated with our tax dollars to continue at our California public universities. This is not academic freedom, but academic abuse. Thank you for considering our concerns.
  • Allowing anti-Semitism on campus or on official websites is unacceptable.
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