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COMMUNITY VOICES: Outrage at SFSU’s Defense of Political Advocacy and Pro-Terror Trip 

June 26, 2014


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  • I am an alumni of SFSU and am appalled about what I have been reading regarding the funding of State tax dollars to support these professors to perpetuate anti-semitism and violence.
  • …it sounds like it should be a personal trip for her, not a taxpayer-funded one.
    Let’s assume she’s honest, let’s take her word for it – she’s a political activist on the taxpayer’s dime.
  • I am writing you to add my name to the list of signees who are disturbed that funds designated for educational and research purposes are going for avowedly political purposes that encourage violence and intimidation here on US campuses and well as foster acts of terror overseas.
  • I am writing to you today to express my outrage over SFSU President Wong’s decision to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars to meet with terrorists. As a California taxpayer and resident, I am calling on you to audit the university and put an end to President Wong’s funding of terrorist trips.
  • I am a Canadian, and watch with amazement how a state funded University in the USA, able to use public resources for meeting with, and advocating for terrorists who hate and murdered Americans.
  • As a professor, I always attended and reported to colleagues about any state and even self funded conference in which I participated. I cannot imagine my and my colleagues not keeping our fiscal and intellectual commitments to our employing university! Is not the MISUSE of California State funds grounds for RELEASE from EMPLOYMENT plus IRS and other government processes and procedures? Thank you for your thoughtful attention and, most over, RESPONSE to this matter.
  • Please help put a stop to this outrageous abuse of power and resources by any faculty member or administrator.
  • I am opposed to any professors using California State funds to go on political tours. It is essential that politics and research be separated very carefully, and not enough care was taken in at least this one circumstance.
  • At my own university, if I were to do this I would have to repay the university, at a minimum. Disciplinary action might also be undertaken for such misuse of university funds.
  • The purpose of Professor Rahab Abdulhadi’s trips were to promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel and for affirming association and support with the Palestinians. This is a serious misuse of SFSU and state funds. I ask that you investigate this potentially fraudulent use of funds
  • This must be audited and the money reimbursed to the state by Rabab Abhulhadi.
  • A keystone of any university should be enabling the next generation to think objectively, recognize and blot out hateful actions (which is critical for good citizenship) and protect its students. Your actions in fact of supporting and funding a personal political agenda and aiding and abetting terrorist organizations is so very biased and so colored with hate for Israel and Jews that I frankly am breathless! Using my tax dollars to put both Israel and Jews in danger is abhorrent to me not only as a Jew but as a California resident and US citizen. I am at a loss as to why you are putting your Jewish students at risk and allowing a real hate crime to persist; it’s just unimaginable to me.
  • I am disturbed at the support our universities give to professors who advocate for terrorist groups.
    But what is more absurd and indefensible is funding their travel to meet with leaders of
    terrorist groups. This is unacceptable and must stop.
  • Needless to say, by ANY standard, these events and behaviors are totally unacceptable. Definitely not by the standards of the tax- payers of California. We send our kids to university and expect them to have safe, sociable, academic experiences there. nothing less.
    Furthermore, the professors who can’t decide whether to be academicians or political agitators – need to be shown the right way.
  • As a taxpayer and college student I recognize the need for educational funds for training, research and acquisition of educational materials, as well as academic freedom to explore many fields for educational purposes. However, there is no legitimate personal political advocacy that taxpayers should fund, particularly when it involves taxpayer funds used for non-educational purposes, e.g. spent primarily for political advocacy…
  • I’m, as California taxpayer and a grandparent whose grandchildren attend UC campuses, turning to you and requesting that you investigate this potentially fraudulent use of my money for personal political agenda that is a security risk for this country, for UC campuses and for all students. You have the authority and the power to put a stop to this outrageous abuse of power and resources. I’m counting on you, my elected official
  • I am appalled to read about state funds supporting the travels of SFSU professors for a purely political agenda. You have a fiduciary responsibility to better oversee public funds.
  • Let me lend my support that state money should NOT be spent for political advocacy that includes meetings with terrorists. Shame on SFSU for encouraging taxpayer funded pro terror trips by professors.
  • If the University is unwilling, the State must put a stop to this outrageous abuse once and for all.
  • As a parent of an SFSU student, I can tell you that the school has NO FUNDS TO WASTE…
  • I was appalled to learn that the University is defending the professor’s personal advocacy mission as ‘research’ and therefore urge you to conduct a state audit of SFSU where taxpayers’ money clearly were used by a professor for the purpose of personal political advocacy.
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