CSUN President apologizes for “too bad” email

From: "Koester, Jolene" <jolene.koester@csun.edu>
Date: December 9, 2011 3:29:38 PM PST
To: "tbenjami@ucsc.edu" <tbenjami@ucsc.edu>
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Subject: Message of apology

Dear Ms. Benjamin:

I apologize that you received in error an email from me containing the message “too bad.” I am away from the office and dealing with email from afar. I had intended to forward your response letter to University staff, and instead of pressing “forward,” I inadvertently hit “reply.”

The comment “too bad” was meant to express to internal staff regret about the controversy and the distress it has caused. It was not a comment directed at you or others who have written to share their concerns, and was not intended to disrespect or dismiss either you or your point of view. I apologize and deeply regret the misunderstanding this error has caused.

Jolene Koester