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UCSC Chancellor to Jewish Student – November 9th, 2011

From: Ashish Sahnhi
Subject: Chancellor's Desk
Date:  November 9th, 2011 4:00 PM PDT
To: [A Jewish Student]

Dear [Jewish Student]:

Chancellor Blumenthal forwarded me your message and asked that I respond.

Thank you for alerting us of this offensive graffiti.

We are currently taking steps to first document, and then remove this graffiti from the bathroom.

In addition, please note that just this month, Chancellor did in fact send out a campus-wide message denouncing any and all hateful acts and remind the campus of our Principles of Community. I have also copied Chancellor’s message below for your information.

Sincerely, Ashish.
Ashish Sahni
Associate Chancellor




November 1, 2011

To: UCSC Community
Fr: Chancellor George Blumenthal
Re: Affirming UCSC’s Principles of Community

UC Santa Cruz is committed to creating an open and caring environment. We’ve made great progress–in fact, I think we are more tolerant and accepting than society as a whole. Moving forward, our vision is steadfast: We are building a community in which all people are valued and mutual respect is a given.

In that spirit, I invite all students, faculty, and staff to become familiar with the UCSC Principles of Community and to reflect on how you can contribute to the campus we strive to be.

As a university, diversity of thought and the open exchange of ideas are central to our mission. Thankfully, the vast majority of our interactions are respectful. When there are exceptions, such as hateful graffiti, I take pride in how swiftly the overwhelming majority of campus community members condemn such expressions.

We are stronger when we stand together. Our Principles of Community are only as impactful as our commitment to live by them. I hope you’ll join me in pledging to do your part. If you’d like to get involved in promoting a campus climate that is free of bias and harassment, please e-mail the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at

Thank you.

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