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3/11/16 – Jeff Halper was invited to speak on campus to talk about his recent book, “War Against the People”. He was introduced by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs AND the (Interim) Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences. Consistent with his past presentations, Halper presented Israel as a demonic power exporting weapons as a “war against the people” to suppress the poor and oppressed across the world and accused Israel of intentionally keeping Palestinians in a “lab” of “4 million people” as a use for Israelis to test their weapons before they are exported. He further demonized Israel claiming, “‘Israel demolishes homes – not for security reasons – for reasons of control – taking the land and displacing the people”. He delegitimized Israel stating, “We have one country that is an apartheid state. Israelis take civil rights for themselves and denies them to the Palestinian population”. He further condoned terrorism by suggesting that Hamas is not a terrorist organization as well as replying to a question about violence directed at Israelis by saying the “people of Gaza have no water to drink. What do you want them to do – just sit there? You would throw rockets after 10 minutes.” He further claimed the ultimate solution was to replace Israel with a one-state for all, which in practice, would result in the elimination of the Jewish state. Finally, the speaker intimated that anti-Semitism is occurring because the organized Jewish community does not condemn Israel, essentially blaming Jews for antisemitism.


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