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TARGETING JEWISH STUDENTS AND STAFF: GENOCIDAL EXPRESSION; INTIMIDATION; HISTORIC 10/1/15 – A sign saying “Yale is a Jew hole, let’s round them up” was found in New Haven near Yale University.
ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DEMONIZATION 9/10/17 – The Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism, the Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration, and the Whitney Humanities Center held the event, “Racism, Antisemitism and the Radical Right Conference.” The conference was co-sponsored by Yale Divinity School; the Office of the Dean of the Yale Law School; the MacMillan Center and its Councils on African Studies, European Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies; the Departments of African American Studies, American Studies, French, History, Italian, Judaic Studies, Religious Studies, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Sociology, Spanish and Portuguese; the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition; the Gruber Fellowships in Global Justice and Women’s Rights; and the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School. During the conference, keynote speaker Howard Winant demonized Israel, claiming, “Israel has always been Islamophobic, that is to say racist…maybe more of an anti-Shia rather than anti-Sunni Islamophobia, but that’s a new thing…internally Israel is extremely racist. It’s racist not only towards Arabs, it’s racist towards Mizrahi’s it’s racist towards…Jews from Ethiopia, it’s racist towards its own darker people.” The remarks accompanied a power point slide that said, “straight-up Zionism is also generally Islamophobic.” He further remarked, “the occupied territories [are] filled with Americans although many of them are the Connie type, this is an extremely racist place.”
4/23/17 – A Connecticut group called, “Promoting Enduring Peace” held an awards event on campus to give an award to BDS founder Omar Barghouti. The event was co-sponsored by SJP. At the event, Barghouti began his speech by dedicating his award “to the heroic Palestinian political prisoners in apartheid dungeons.” He further discussed support for BDS, stating that the “inclusive” movement asks people “to especially target institutions and Israelis who take part in the injustices against Palestinians or help with Israel war-making” and accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing.”
3/1/16 – SJP held the event, “Why is Palestine Still the Issue in 2016? With Ilan Pappé.” During his talk, Pappé compared Jews to Nazis referring to Jews as a “persecuted people who quickly became the victimizers of others…dehumanizing Palestinians…dehumanizing those they exterminate” and accused Jews of manipulating the Holocaust to further the “Zionist project.” Throughout his talk, he denied Jews self-determination and demonized and delegitimized Israel, accusing Jews of making “their homeland in someone else’s homeland,” and referring to Israel as engaging in “settler-colonialism” where Jews “used the logic of elimination to take over Palestine” a logic which is “not just genocide but also expulsion.” Pappé further stated, “The Zionist logic of elimination has been emulated by other groups in the Middle East – such as the Islamic State” and “current Middle East violence is directly linked to the Zionist project of ethnic cleansing in 1948.”
2/5/15 – Rutgers Professor Jasbir Puar delivered a lecture entitled “The ‘Right’ to Maim: Inhumanist Biopolitics and Palestine” as part of the Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Colloqium. In her talk, Puar demonized and delegitimized Israel by falsely accusing Israel of achieving its goals of “settler colonialsim” through the intentional “maiming”, “stunting” and “debilitating” of Palestinians. An essay version of Puar’s talk included an acknowledgement that she considered her analysis “an anti-Zionist hermeneutic,” whose “ultimate purpose…is to labor in the service of a Free Palestine.” Puar’s talk was sponsored by the Department of English.
BDS ACTIVITY: CALLS FOR BDS 2/4/16 – SJP held the first meeting of the year, where the advertisement for the event stated, “Get ready for BDS activism.”
CALLS FOR BDS 8/18/15 – The Black Student Alliance at Yale signed a statement in support of BDS.


In the News ?

October 13, 2017:
Yale Daily News – Professor apologizes for [anti-Semitic] Tablet article

April 23, 2017:
New Haven Register – Nader, Israel critic Barghouti given Gandhi Peace Awards in New Haven; Yale disavows views

April 25, 2017: – BDS movement founder receives Gandhi Peace Award at Yale

December 9, 2016:
The Algemeiner – The Stench of Hypocrisy at Yale University

October 19, 2015:
Truth Revolt – Anti-Semitic Sign Calls Yale a “Jew Hole” – University Fails to Respond

October 15, 2015:
The Algemeiner – Sign Calling Yale a ‘Jew Hole’ Found on Pole Near Campus

October 14, 2015:
Every Day Antisemitism- Sign at Yale University: “Yale is a Jew hole, let’s round them up”

October 13, 2015:
NBC Connecticut – Anti-Semitic Sign Discovered Near Yale-New Haven Hospital

August 18, 2015:
Black Solidarity with Palestine – 2015 Black Solidarity Statement with Palestine – 1,100 Signatories, 39 Groups
(DEMONIZATION, SUPPORT FOR BDS, DELEGITIMIZATION – Description note – UCLA Afrikan Student Union, BlaQue UCLA, Black Student Alliance at Yale, Black Student Alliance Executive Board – St. Louis University, Black Student Union at UC Berkeley, Columbia University Black Students’ Organization, Spoken Word Alliance at Tufts, Tufts Pan-African Alliance, and Stanford NAACP Executive Committee are among the signatories of a letter that demonizes, supports BDS and delegitimizes Israel with statements of, “Our support extends to those living under occupation and siege, Palestinian citizens of Israel, and the 7 million Palestinian refugees exiled in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. The refugees’ right to return to their homeland in present-day Israel is the most important aspect of justice for Palestinians….US and Israeli officials and media criminalize our existence, portray violence against us as “isolated incidents,” and call our resistance “illegitimate” or “terrorism.” These narratives ignore decades and centuries of anti-Palestinian and anti-Black violence that have always been at the core of Israel and the US. We recognize the racism that characterizes Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is also directed against others in the region, including intolerance, police brutality, and violence against Israel’s African population. Israeli officials call asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea “infiltrators” and detain them in the desert, while the state has sterilized Ethiopian Israelis without their knowledge or consent. These issues call for unified action against anti-Blackness, white supremacy, and Zionism. .. We wholeheartedly endorse Palestinian civil society’s 2005 call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel and call on Black and US institutions and organizations to do the same. We urge people of conscience to recognize the struggle for Palestinian liberation as a key matter of our time…We offer this statement first and foremost to Palestinians, whose suffering does not go unnoticed and whose resistance and resilience under racism and colonialism inspires us. “)

March 29, 2015:
Arutz Sheva – Op-Ed: Hatred of Israel on US Liberal Campuses

March 26, 2015:
Yale Daily News – GOLDBERG: Bring Israel to center stage
(Description note, “In 2011, Yale’s Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine coordinated a public campaign protesting Israeli settlements, in which students distributed mock eviction notices to suites around campus. Since then, however, there have been few — if any — public activist initiatives on the issue…Yale’s campus dialogue is of a completely different nature. It’s far quieter, less public. It’s hard to imagine the Yale College Council debating the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.”)

November 19, 2014:
Truth Revolt – Yale Professor Claims Historical Justification for Jerusalem Terrorist Attack

October 31, 2014:
The Dartmouth – ‘We Stand Together’: Uniting Against Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

October 24, 2014: – Israel-haters on campus twist the Holocaust, disregard human rights

October 15, 2014:
Shalom Life – Police Have No Leads After Vandals Deface Yale University With Swastikas

October 15, 2014:
Haaretz – Vandals deface Yale University with swastikas

October 14, 2014:
Tablet – Yale Responds to Swastika Drawn on Campus

October 14, 2014:
Yale Daily News – Swastikas drawn on Old Campus

October 14, 2014:
The Jewish Daily Forward – Yale Dormitory Hit by Swastika Graffiti

October 7, 2014:
Commentary Magazine – At Yale: Embrace Assad But Boycott Israel?

September 28, 2014:
Frontpage Mag – Yale Law School to Feature Lecture on Islamic Law from Sheik Who Called for Jewish Genocide

September 19, 2014:
Hartford Courant – Priest’s Letter Blamed Israel For Treatment Of Jews

September 17, 2014:
Yale Alumni Magazine – Yale Chaplain’s Resignation Reflects Larger Mainline Tensions Over Israel

September 12, 2014:
Time Magazine – Yale Chaplain Explains Resignation After Oped About Israel and Anti-Semitism
(Description note – “There is an apartheid situation there,” he says. “It is unpopular to say so, but it is the truth.” His letter, he explains, “suggested that in looking at the uptick in anti-Semitism in Europe and in the world, there is a correlation between the unresolved issues in Israel/Palestine, the recent war in Gaza and the terrible damage incurred by that war, the awful civilian casualties, and all of this I believe has contributed to an uptick in anti-Semitic violence,” he says. “That is what I said, and that is what I meant.”)

September 11, 2014:
Yale Alumni Magazine – Episcopal priest resigns in stir over anti-Semitism letter

September 7, 2014:
JNS – Yale University chaplain who blamed anti-Semitism on Israel resigns

August 31, 2014:
Jerusalem Post – Yale Chaplain Blames Anti-Semitism on Israel

August 31, 2014:
Commentary Magazine – Yale and the Causes of Anti-Semitism

August 26, 2014:
Washington Post – Episcopal chaplain at Yale: Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism for not making peace with genocidal enemy (UPDATED with statement from Yale’s Center for Jewish Life)

thumbs-up December 20, 2013:
UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – Statement from Yale President Peter Salovey on Israeli boycott


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Source Credit: Yale is a Jew hole, let’s round them up” (October 14, 2015)

Source Credit: Sign at Yale University: “Yale is a Jew hole, let’s round them up” (October 14, 2015)

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