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3/19/15 – In support of a petition to boycott Sabra Hummus and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, SJP taped a flier to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the dining area that stated, “Boycott Israeli Apartheid. Boycott Ben & Jerry’s.”


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March 19, 2016:
AMCHA – Petition to Remove Ben & Jerry’s and Sabra Hummus from WU campus stores
(Description note, “On behalf of WU Students for Justice in Palestine, Black Student Union, WU Causa, Asian Coalition for Equality, Vegan Club, Mosaics Peer Mentoring Program, and all signatories of this petition: We respectfully ask Bon Appetit to remove Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Sabra Hummus from Willamette University’s on-campus stores…Why is Ben & Jerry’s the only pint ice cream sold on campus when it normalizes apartheid? … Sabra Hummus is owned by the Strauss Group, which is one of the largest manufacturers in Israel and a proud supporter of the Israeli military…”)

December 20, 2013: Legal Insurrection – Willamette rejects Israel boycott, denies being Institutional Member of American Studies Association


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Source Credit: SJP at Willamette University Facebook Page (March 19, 2015)

Source Credit: SJP at Willamette University Facebook Page (March 19, 2015)

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  2. Fran Michael
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