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  • Nov 2014, Wellesley College Jewish Student (Jordan) “I firmly believe this college is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic” Read more
  • Nov 2014, Wellesley College Jewish Student (Rebecca) “[Sa’ed Atshan, a postdoctoral fellow at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies and a lecturer in peace and justice studies at Tufts University, who spoke at a meeting sponsored by Wellesley SJP that Rebecca attended] said that the Jewish state was established in its present location “only because Uganda wasn’t available…[and] he equated all non-Zionist Jews with Jews of conscience, which makes Zionist Jews something else, I guess. It was extremely destructive, and with the posters and the lack of face-to-face dialogue, added to the stalemate on campus” Read more
  • Nov 2014, Wellesley College Jewish Student (Rachel) “Things that are central to our identity are being attacked, including the existence of Israel as a Jewish state” Read more


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ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DEMONIZATION 2/27/17 – Students from Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Justice for Palestine (JFP) and the Wellesley Arab Women Association (WAWA) held a silent demonstration of an event hosted by the Political Science Majors Council with speaker Miri Eisin, a former spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). One sign demonized the speaker, stating, “How many Palestinian Women had to die for you to be heard?” and “Chemical Weapon =War Crime. Womanhood does not excuse you.”
7/14/15 – Wellesley SJP was one of 9 Boston area student groups that published a Youtube video falsely accused Israel of “crimes against humanity” being an “apartheid state” and urges viewers, especially students, to take action by organizing in their respective communities and joining the BDS movement.
4/8/15 – Wellesley SJP launched a poster campaign featuring quotes of well-known political figures. These included a 1964 quote from Malcolm X denying the right of Jews to self-determination: “The Zionist argument to justify Israel’s present occupation of Arab Palestine [i.e. present-day Israel] has no intelligent or legal basis in history…not even in their own religion; a quote from Javier Berdem which demonizes Israel by falsely accusing it of waging a war of “extermination” and “barbarism”; quotes from Angela Davis and Roger Waters falsely accusing Israel of apartheid ; and a quote from Stephen Hawking promoting BDS.
3/16/15 – Wellesley SJP issued a statement which falsely accused Israel of apartheid and promoted BDS.
3/16/15 – SJP held the event, “Link for Palestine” as the culmination of “Israeli Apartheid Week”. The advertisement for the event falsely accused Israel of apartheid and called for BDS.
DELEGITIMIZATION 3/9/15 – Wellesley SJP hosted a screening of “Roadmap to Apartheid,” a film which delegitimizes Israel by falsely accusing it of being an apartheid state.
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 3/9/17 – Wellesley JVP held the event, “Palestine 101” to “talk about…the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS), solutions to the conflict, and more.”
CALL FOR BDS 3/21/15 – Wellesley SJP launched a a website which includes a webpage devoted to promoting BDS.
CALL FOR BDS 3/13/15 – Wellesley SJP signed a statement in support of Northeastern University’s anti-Israel divestment resolution.


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March 9, 2017:

March 1, 2017:

May 15, 2015: The Wellesley News – Commemorating the Nakba: How Denial Undermines Peace in Israel-Palestine (Description note, “The Nakba is the root of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; this fact in and of itself renders its denial arguably the most fundamental obstruction to peace in the region today. It is the mass trauma of Palestinian expulsion, loss of life and loss of property that is often positioned at the center of Palestinian collective memory. Without acknowledging this context, one simply cannot understand the events that continue to transpire in the region beyond racist rationales of innate hatreds or backwardness, shallow stories of retaliation or basic arguments over “right” to the land.”)

February 5, 2015: The Wellesley Times – Wellesley hires interim rabbi to serve as Hillel director (Description note, “Despite the good intentions, this particular change in Jewish life occurred at a time of heightened uneasiness over a poster campaign organized by Wellesley Students for Justice in Palestine (WSJP). The large poster located in the student center, which posed the question “What does Zionism mean to you?” garnered responses from passersby ranging from academic definitions of Zionism to “murder,” “apartheid,” and “genocide.” Fishbein says it was a very difficult time for many Jewish students on campus”)

January 2, 2015: The Jewish Advocate – College capers

December 18, 2014: The American Spectator – Terror on Campus

December 17, 2014: The Boston Globe – Indeed, some are still haunted by anti-Semitism

December 17, 2014: The Boston Globe – Alumnae affirm school’s commitment to Jewish community

December 17, 2014: The Boston Globe – Criticism of Zionism or Israel should not be stifled

December 17, 2014: The Boston Globe – Trouble stirs when anger at Israeli policy turns aggressive

December 15, 2014: Breaking Israel News – Anti-Semitism at Wellesley

December 13, 2014: The Boston Globe – Anti-Semitism is not tolerated at Wellesley (Description note: Wellesley President Bottomly writes in response to an op-ed about antisemitism at Wellesley that, “Anti-Semitism…will not be tolerated at Wellesley College”)

December 11, 2014: Boston Globe – Wellesley College can’t tiptoe around anti-Semitism

December 9, 2014: The Algemeiner – SJP=BDS=SSI

December 7, 2014: American Thinker – Anti-Semitism at Wellesley

December 5, 2014: Heritage Florida Jewish News – Wellesley students fear rise in anti-Semitism

December 3, 2014: The Jewish Voice – Hillel Staffers’ Ouster at Wellesley Highlights Tender Situation for Jewish Students

December 1, 2014: Haaretz – Hysteria over Wellesley firings is cover for denial and delusion

November 26, 2014: Boston Globe – Wellesley will help Jewish students as it moves to full-time rabbi on campus

November 25, 2014: – Hillel staffers’ ouster at Wellesley highlights tender situation for Jewish students

November 24, 2014: The Wellesley News – Controversial opinions on Israel/Palestine remain necessary

November 24, 2014: The Swellesley Report – Wellesley College staff dismissals distress Jewish students, alums

November 24, 2014: Haaretz – Wellesley Jewish alums stop donations after Hillel firings

November 24, 2014: Arutz Sheva – Wellesley Fires Hillel Staff; Students Face Anti-Israel Activity

November 23, 2014: The Boston Globe – Ousted Hillel staff upsets Wellesley students

November 23, 2014: JTA – Wellesley College drops Hillel director, Jewish chaplain posts

November 23, 2014: JPUpdates – Wellesley College Students Fear Rise in Antisemitism After Jewish Staffers’ Firings

November 21, 2014: Jewish News Service – Wellesley College students fear rise in anti-Semitism after Jewish staffers’ firings

November 21, 2014: Haaretz – Wellesley College fires Hillel staff as Jewish students face upped anti-Israel activity

November 21, 2014: The Jewish Daily Forward – Wellesley Fires Hillel Leaders Even as Anti-Israel Activism Rises

January 3, 2014: UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – Statement on ASA Boycott


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