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  • March 30, 2016 – USC Student Senator (Daniel) ““I am beyond disheartened to hear of these multiple instances of antisemitism on campus. There is no place for any kind of hatred on our campus. We must recognize these deplorable acts and broaden the scope of our efforts to improve campus climate by ensuring that all forms of discrimination do not go unpunished.” Read more

  • March 8, 2016 – USC Jewish Student (Jacob) “I have been the target of vicious anti-Semitism .” Read more
  • March 2015, USC Jewish Student (Ariel) “The comments I overheard [by the Women’s Student Assembly Director who said ‘I feel that I was elected because my constituents believe in my political stance, and I honestly don’t want to use our funds for a Jew to speak.’] didn’t just upset me with their insensitivity. They made me feel like I was just another Jew our university will not invite to speak up. It’s moments like these, in which leaders of my community fervently believe and advocate that Jewish voices should not be heard, that remind me why my Zionism matters.”  Read more
  • August 31, 2015, USC Jewish Student A Jewish student felt that an op-ed piece written by another student was antisemitic in undertones. The student wrote, “In an article posted on Aug 19, 2015 by the Daily Trojan, opinion writer Lida Dianti offers a personal, defamatory and thinly veiled anti-semitic attack directed at me. I am viciously slandered as racist, elitist, entitled, and privileged. Ms. Dianti freely hurls out the age old anti-Semitic canard, of the Jew controlling money. Ms. Dianti, spins my concern for how tuition dollars are spent as a primitive fixation on money. This language contributes to the article’s use of anti-Semitic tropes that portrays the Jew as a scheming usurer.”

    Antisemitism Tracker

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    Classification Date-Description
    2/15/17 – A campus vendor on Trousdale Parkway was selling merchandise with swastika symbols.
    DESTRUCTION OF JEWISH PROPERTY 7/12/16 – The Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center of USC was robbed. The burglar stole thousands of dollars in computers, video projectors and three pairs of tefillin (Jewish religious item used in prayer).
    3/27/16 – In a separate incident of a swastika drawn on the walls of USC campus buildings in a short period (The first was reported on March 16 in Pardee Tower, a freshman dorm), a swastika was reported in Hoffman Hall over the weekend, but the incident happened in February.
    3/25/16 – An antisemitic flier was distributed to networked printers and fax machines at locations on campus. The flier had swastikas and said, “White Man are you Sick and Tired of the Jews Destroying Your Country through Mass Immigration and Degeneracy? Join Us in the Struggle for Global White Supremacy at the Daily Stormer.”
    3/16/16 – A student drew a swastika on a poster hanging in a hallway at the Pardee Tower.
    DISCRIMINATION 4/1/15 – A student employed by USC’s Program Board reported that the Queer & Ally Student Association Director stated: “I feel that I was elected because my constituents believe in my political stance, and I honestly don’t want to use our funds for a Jew to speak.”
    ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DEMONIZATION 10/25/17 – SJP, QPOC (Queer People of Color) and Queer and Ally Student Assembly co-hosted the event “QPOC and SJP Joint Meeting,” to have, according to the description, a “lively discussion about Pinkwashing.” Pinkwashing is a demonizing term implying that Israel is malevolently representing itself as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes.”
    DEMONIZATION 10/20/16 – SJP held the event, “Overlapping the Queer & Palestinian Identities.” The advertisement for the event accused Israel of pinkwashing, i.e. malevolently representing Israel as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes.”
    2/4/16 – SJP created a digital pamphlet for the organization’s General Body Meeting. The pamphlet alluded to SJP’s support for the right of return, which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state. It demonized Israel referring to “Israeli Pinkwashing” i.e. malevolently representing Israel as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes.” It further delegitimized Israel by referencing “Israeli Apartheid” and called for BDS.
    BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 4/26/18 – As part of “Palestine Awareness Week,” SJP held the event, “BDS: The Movement for Justice.”
    BDS EVENT 3/22/18 – SJP held a BDS event called, “Intro to BDS: Mobilizing for a More Just Future.”
    BDS EVENT 2/26/18 – SJP held the event, “Palestine 101” as part of “Palestine Awareness Week.” The description stated that participants would learn about “the origins of the Israeli state, the history of Palestinian struggle, the BDS movement, and why the issue isn’t as obscure and complex as it may seem.”
    BDS EVENT 11/9/16 – SJP held the event “Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine with Remi Kanazi.” According to an article in the Daily Trojan, supportive calls for anti-Israel divestment where made by Remi Kanazi at the event.


    In the News ?

    February 17, 2017:
    The Algemeiner – U of Southern California Rabbi Inspired by Students Banding Together to Oust Vendor Selling Swastika Shirts on Campus

    February 16, 2017:
    NBC Los Angeles – Vendor Selling Swastika Shirts on USC Campus Asked to Leave

    January 18, 2018:
    Daily Trojan – Petition condemns IR professor’s presentation

    November 10, 2016:
    The Daily Trojan – Author Remi Kanazi speaks on Palestine
    (Description note, “Among the many political discussions on campus was the USC Students for the Justice of Palestine’s event “Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine” Wednesday evening. The event featured Remi Kanazi, a Palestinian-American activist and author who speaks and writes about Israeli-Palestinian relations and some of the issues taking place in the region… The poems that followed discussed U.S.-Israeli relations, his beliefs on the power of divestment… “)

    September 13, 2016:
    Daily Trojan – Students advocate for Palestinian statehood 

    July 15, 2016:
    CBS Los Angeles – Caught On Video: Burglar Breaks Into Jewish Student Center At USC

    March 30, 2016:
    The Tab – USC anonymously receives anti-Semitic newletters

    March 30, 2016:
    USC Annenberg Media – Swastikas, Anti-Semitic Flyers Found on Campus
    (Description note, “In the past two weeks, there have been three separate incidents of anti-Semitic symbols appearing on USC’s campus, most recently a white supremacist group hacked into printers on campus and at universities across the country to spread an anti-Semitic flyer. Additionally, DPS reported two swastikas drawn on the walls of USC campus buildings. The first was reported on March 16 in Pardee Tower, a freshman dorm. The second report occurred over the weekend at Hoffman Hall, but the incident happened in February.”)
    January 19, 2016:
    Campus Reform – Anti-Semitic sentiments run rampant within Univ. of California system

    November 19, 2015:
    Breitbart – Ben Shapiro Warns USC of “Islamic Agenda” on Campus

    November 18, 2015:
    The Daily Trojan – Breibart’s Ben Shapiro talks to USC GOP

    October 29, 2015: Campus Reform – USC diversity resolution dealt setback by student opposition
    (Description note, ““I am here to share my disappointment in the hypocrisy I see in USG for claiming to represent the interests of minorities while allowing this anti-Semitism and partisanship in non-partisan student organizations to be swept under the rug,” added Leesa Danzek, the third speaker. “I am here to call attention to the fact that USG has done nothing about it; that USG claims to be on a mission to support minority groups while quietly putting down one of the world’s most oppressed minorities: Jews.” Ellenhorn, who is also Jewish, told Campus Reform that he shares the girls’ concerns, but noted that Murphy and the WSA did deny the allegations during the meeting. “At the end of their speeches, Shyann broke down in tears and started sobbing on the floor, and at the end of the hearing, she got up and said the claims were false and that Ariel was lying,” Ellenhorn recalled. “Then the assistant director of the WSA got up and said their newsletters include pro-Israel stuff all the time.”)

    October 28, 2015: The College Fix – USC students delay vote on controversial diversity demands that would cost more than $100 million
    (Description note, “Accusations of anti-Semitism, calls for impeachment peppered contentious student government meeting…The group decided to postpone its vote until Nov. 10, but not before a student government leader was accused by peers of anti-Semitism. Also at one point a chant rose up among some members of the audience calling for a student government representative who has been vocally outspoken against the diversity resolution to be impeached. “Impeach now, impeach now” echoed through the room, targeting student government member Jacob Ellenhorn after he voiced his opposition to the resolution. Ellenhorn, who is also Jewish and president of the USC College Republicans, has voiced major concerns about the cost of the diversity resolution. He has pointed out that a diversity course mandate, for instance, would cost each student $5,496, the price of one class at the private university.”)

    August 31, 2015: California Political Review – USC Bigotry, Antisemitism and Acceptance of Violence Challenged by College Republicans

    April 8, 2015: Truth Revolt – USC Professor: Holocaust Denial Doesn’t Make You A Radical (Description note – Professor Alireza Tabatabaeenejad tweeted, “Why is an exhibition to deny holocaust anti-moderate?” to Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Writer Sohrab Ahmari. Aticle states, “Tabatabaeenejad is a research professor at USC in the Department of Electrical Engineering, specializing in electrophysics. USC has not yet commented on the radicalism of its professor. The professor continued to tweet long into the afternoon about why Holocaust denial did not demonstrate radicalism.”)

    April 1, 2015: Dorm Room Television – My Tuition Dollars Are Being Used Against Me (Description note – A student employed by USC’s Program Board hears blatant #‎antisemitismin a discussion between the directors of the Women’s Student Assembly (WSA) and the Queer & Ally Student Assembly (QuASA) making plans for the upcoming Palestine Awareness Week. The WSA Director says, “I want to have an event that addresses how well the women are treated in the Gaza Strip, because they are always making the excuse that Palestinians abuse their women.” “Wouldn’t you also have to bring a speaker on the other side to the event?” replies the QuASA Director. “I feel that I was elected because my constituents believe in my political stance, and I honestly don’t want to use our funds for a Jew to speak” says the WSA Director.)

    March 31, 2015: Daily Trojan – Students for Justice in Palestine discuss women (Description note, “Students for Justice in Palestine hosted Rana Sharif, a gender studies professor at Loyola Marymount University and an activist for the conflict in Palestine, for a discussion about the current state of Palestine and how a major issue of concern for the future of the country lies within the topic of creating women’s rights… Students discussed the difficulty of transportation within Palestine and how it affects women’s health. ‘Women are denied access to hospitals at Israeli checkpoints and are forced to give birth at checkpoints, often at the expense of both their lives and their newborns’ lives,”’Akhtar said.”)

    March 13, 2015: EVENT – Connecting Struggles, Building Solidarity, with Sohail Daulatzai.

    March 11, 2015: EVENT – A History of Student Activism for Palestine, Presentation by Loubna Qutami.

    December 4, 2014: USC Shoah Foundation – Understanding Modern Anti-Semitism through Memories of Propaganda

    March 10, 2014: EVENT – Refuge Denied: The Plight of African Asylum Seekers in Israel, A Conversation with David Sheen.

    March 10, 2014: Documentarian discusses refugee treatment in Israel

    December 24, 2013: Statement by President C. L. Max Nikias on proposed academic and cultural boycotts and sanctions against Israel and Israeli universities, and divestment of investments of certain firms involved in Israel


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    Source Credit: USC SJP's Facebook Page - Palestine awareness week, March 10 2014

    Source Credit: USC SJP’s Facebook Page – Palestine Awareness Week, March 10 2014

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    No divestment vote has taken place.

    BDS Instigators: Student & Faculty


    Student Group(s) Promoting BDS: 1


    Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 14

    1. David Eggenschwiler
    2. Sarah Gualtieri
    3. Edwin Hill
    4. Kara Keeling
    5. Neetu Khanna
    6. Dorinne Kondo
    7. Tara McPherson
    8. Viet Nguyen
    9. Panivong Norindr
    10. Laura Pulido
    11. John Carlos Rowe
    12. George Salem
    13. Sriya Shrestha
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