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  • September 22, 2016 – University of Pittsburgh Jewish Student (Requested to stay unnamed) “In our first or second class, we did a map-labeling activity and what was labeled on the map as ‘Israel,’ the professor labeled as ‘Palestine.’ She kept referring to it as Palestine,” the student said. “It made me uncomfortable. I felt like she was asserting the fact that Israel had no right to exist. I’m half Israeli, and I felt extremely disempowered. And I felt like I had no leverage to do anything.” Read more
  • September 22, 2016 – University of Pittsburgh Co-Director of Chabad On Campus (Sara) “Last year, a student saw a course offered on Pitts’ website called “Palestine: an Apartheid State.” The course was being offered by an outside group, but on university property. The student emailed Kathy Humphrey, Pitt’s senior vice chancellor for engagement and chief of staff, expressing his concern.  Ten minutes after he sent the email to her, he emailed the link to a friend, who then couldn’t find the course. It was removed within 10 minutes. Kathy Humphrey responded to the student, and copied me, and said, ‘Thank you for bringing this to my attention.’ You are talking about an administrator who really gets it.” Read more
  • Nov 24, 2014, Jewish University of Pittsburgh Student & Organizer of an Pro-Israel Event Disrupted by Masked Protesters with Noisemakers (Haley) “It was really jarring. It was sudden. This large group of masked people came in with noisemakers and a large white sheet [used as a protest sign]. It was kind of scary; it was very out of nowhere.” Read more

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    ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: CONDONING TERRORISM 4/15/15 – SJP and JVP hosted Edith Bell, a Holocaust survivor, to speak on Yom Hasho’ah. According to one attendee, in her talk Bell claimed that Hamas was not a terrorist organization. Students could receive Outside of the Classroom Curriculum credit for attending the talk.


    In the News ?

    September 22, 2016:
    The Jewish Chronicle – The Jewish Chronicle – Pro Israel students continue to face challanges on campus 

    May 13, 2016:
    Snapshots – The Money Trail Behind Jewish Voice for Peace

    May 11, 2015:
    Trib Live – Pitt shouldn’t reward students for attending anti-Israel events
    (Description note, “Last month at the University of Pittsburgh, two anti-Israel groups — Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) — co-sponsored Holocaust Remembrance Day: Edith Bell on Palestine…Pitt qualified the event for OCC — Outside the Classroom Curriculum — credit. Students who earn OCC credit get “an edge,” according to Pitt’s website, including such “tangible perks” as the enhancement of their academic records, entry to an “Honorary Society” and eligibility for substantial monetary grants. How Pitt would permit this event to qualify for OCC credit is truly astonishing. The SJP has a long and well-documented history of demonizing Israel and calling for the destruction of the Jewish state — actions that our own government recognizes as anti-Semitic.”)

    April 20, 2015:
    Pittsburg Post-Gazette – The ZOA piece about the Students for Justice in Palestine event was shameful
    (Description note, “In response to Brian Albert’s disgustingly right-wing, racist opinion piece (“Anti-Semitism 101: Pitt Shouldn’t Support Groups That Paint Israelis as Modern-Day Nazis,” April 15 Perspectives… Students for Justice in Palestine, of which I am president of the University of Pittsburgh chapter… our organization has never compared the Israeli occupation of Palestine with Nazi Germany.”)

    April 17, 2015:
    The Pitt News – Holocaust survivor speaks amidst controversy
    (Description note, “Schaffer said although Bell’s talk wasn’t what Albert’s column said it would be, a few of her statements troubled him, particularly her claim that, because Hamas was democratically elected, she didn’t consider it a terrorist organization. “To hear her defend Hamas really hurt,” Schaffer said. “The U.S. classifies Hamas as a terrorist organization. They shoot rockets at my friends and family in Israel.”)

    April 16, 2015:
    College Insurrection – Students for Justice in Palestine to Host Event on Holocaust Remembrance Day at U. Pittsburgh

    April 16, 2015:
    University of Pittsburg OCC – SJP Holocaust Rememberence Day: Edith Bell on Palestine
    (Description note, “Join Pitt Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace – Pittsburgh for a night in honor of Holocaust Rememberence day. We will be hosting [pro-BDS advocate] Edith Bell, holocaust survivor from Pittsburgh, to share her experiences about her life under the Nazi regime, her later experiences in Israel and how her overall life experiences and witnesses have affected her stance on Palestine. *Stay tuned for progress on this event being up for OCC credit through the University of Pitt!”)

    April 16, 2015:
    Heyevent – EVENT – SJP Holocaust Rememberence Day: Edith Bell on Palestine
    (Description note, “Join Pitt Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace – Pittsburgh for a night in honor of Holocaust Rememberence day. We will be hosting Edith Bell, holocaust survivor from Pittsburgh, to share her experiences about her life under the Nazi regime, her later experiences in Israel and how her overall life experiences and witnesses have affected her stance on Palestine and made her an avid voice for the Palestinian cause. *This event qualifies and is offered as OCC credit through the University of Pitt!”)

    April 15, 2015:
    The Pitt News – Editorial: Remember, don’t repurpose, the Holocaust
    (Description note – The Editorial Board writes, “Wednesday night marked the beginning of Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom HaShoah, a period of mourning and reflection on the mass genocide of millions of Jews, Roma, Slavs, political dissidents, people with disabilities and gays victimized by the Nazis. A student organization at Pitt, Students for Justice in Palestine, has planned an event in its commemoration.  However, given the event’s potential for controversy, and out of concern for the University’s liability, we believe the University should remove the event’s OCC eligibility, which incentivizes students for their attendance… Kenyon Bonner, vice provost and dean of students, said, “OCC designation does not imply University endorsement of an event’s stated and/or implied viewpoint.” Though, by providing OCC credit for the event and rewarding students for attendance, the University is inadvertently promoting SJP’s position. Given the controversial subject matter, we believe that the University should remain objective.”)

    April 14, 2015:
    Pittsburg Post-Gazette – Anti-Semitism 101 at University of Pittsburgh

    April 14, 2015:
    The Times of Israel – At University of Pittsburgh, anti-Semitism has “perks”
    (Description note, “The University of Pittsburgh chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is planning to host an event on Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, which falls this year on April 16. The purpose of this event is not to commemorate the Holocaust but rather to vandalize the day by painting Israelis as modern-day Nazis. According to the US State Department, this perverse ahistorical comparison fits squarely under the Department’s definition of anti-Semitism. According to the University of Pittsburgh however, this is academically enriching, and students are being given incentives to attend… “SJP Holocaust Rememberence [sic] Day” will count for credit in Pitt’s Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC)… The Pitt administration should find this conduct abhorrent. Instead, the university is legitimizing the SJP event and encouraging students to attend it by offering them academic and financial incentives through the earning of OCC credit.”)

    December 4, 2014:
    The Jewish Chronicle – Pitt’s SJP cites commitment to BDS

    December 4, 2014:
    Truth Revolt – Masked Protesters Storm Pro-Israel Event

    November 28, 2014:
    The Jewish Chronicle – ‘Jarring, scary’ protest at Pitt upends talk by former IDF medic
    (Description note: “Masked protesters wielding electronic noisemakers disrupted an event co-sponsored by a pro-Israel student group at the University of Pittsburgh on Monday evening, Nov. 24, necessitating the intervention of campus police and culminating with the removal and citation of one protester while others fled from the scene.”)

    November 26, 2014:
    The Jewish Chronicle – Open dialogue wins the day at CoExistence Kitchen

    November 16, 2014:
    The Times of Israel – Israel activists to counter US eatery’s pro-Palestinian fare

    November 12, 2014:
    The Jewish Chronicle – ‘CoExistence’ — not ‘Conflict’ — will be served at these CMU, Pitt ‘Kitchens’

    October 7, 2014:
    JVP Facebook – SJP+JVP Movie Night at Pitt

    October 7, 2014:
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Conflict Kitchen’s Palestinian focus criticized as one-sided

    October 1, 2014:
    EVENT – University Honors College co-sponsors one-sided talk on Middle East

    January 31, 2011:
    ISRAEL EVENT DISRUPTED BY SJP – Description note: A speaking event of Sgt Benjamin Anthony sponsored by Hillel, Panthers for Israel, Pittsburgh Israel Public Affairs Committee (PIPAC) and the College Republicans was purposely disrupted when 30 plus protesters showed up at the explicit request of SJP. In addition to waving flags and walking out, SJP members and supporters shouted “Free Palestine” to drown the speaker out from outside the door throughout the event.


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