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  • May 26, 2018 – University of Oregon Jewish Student (Elysa) “ At the beginning of the debate, a member of ASUO who is affiliated with SUPER (Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights), who wrote and sponsored the resolution, had an altercation with another member of the ASUO who was supporting the pro-Israel students. That really sucked. There’s no other way to say it. Before and after the hearing, rumors were spread on social media that pro-Israel students were a ‘Super PAC,’ that we were getting paid to speak, that specific pro-Israel senators should ‘shut the fuck up,’ and other nonsensical accusations and assaults. Several times throughout the night, that same student spoke out of turn and targeted students on the other side of the argument. Several times, pro-Israel students were interrupted by pro-Palestine students while speaking.” Read more
  • May 24, 2018 – University of Oregon Jewish Student (Elysa) “The fact that this bill was introduced with less than a week to consider it, and the Jewish community was not even approached to discuss it, is a prime example of a lack of transparency, effectively silenced the discussion that needs to take place before an issue so complicated can be voted on.” Read more
  • May 24, 2018 – University of Oregon Jewish Student (Maddie) “I am uncomfortable because I was told what anti semitism is and how I should react to it. I am uncomfortable because majority of college campuses that endorse BDS see an increase in anti-semitic acts. I am uncomfortable because many of my peers told me my fear or worry was invalid. I am uncomfortable because majority of our ASUO senators did not represent their constituents last night, they listened to 60 voices instead of over 900.” Read more
  • May 22, 2018 – University of Oregon Jewish Student (Jonathan) “The resolution was intentionally proposed when senators known to be supportive of the State of Israel will not be present; when many students are participating in the annual trip to Lake Shasta; and when Jewish students are focused on one of the holiest Jewish holidays, Shavuot . The timing of this proposal is not a coincidence, it is petty politics   intentionally designed to silence student voices, and we should expect more from our elected representatives. We cannot allow a vote on this bill when students are not physically present to express their concerns, and when communities deeply concerned about BDS are excluded from the process. Tactics that seek to remove student voices from student government should not be accepted on this campus… A one-sided, discriminatory resolution, intentionally brought to a vote when Jewish students and dissenting voices will be excluded from the conversation is no way to resolve a conflict, and has no place in our community.” Read more


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4/20/17 – A known local white nationalist and antisemite, Jimmy Marr, and an associate self-proclaimed white nationalist came to campus in Marr’s swastika-emblazoned truck with the message on its tailgate saying, “No more terror. No more war. America, stop being Israel’s whore” to celebrate the “birthday party for Adolf Hitler” by spreading antisemitic messages to students from the truck, including the promotion of a holocaust denial film. His colleague walked around with a sign saying, “No more wars with Israel” on one side and “(((Da Goyim Know)))” on the other. The demonstration lasted approximately 45 minutes in front of the Erb Memorial Union and attracted around 60 to 80 students, many in opposition.
3/25/16 – An antisemitic flier was distributed to networked printers throughout campus. The flier had swastikas and said, “White Man are you Sick and Tired of the Jews Destroying Your Country through Mass Immigration and Degeneracy? Join Us in the Struggle for Global White Supremacy at the Daily Stormer.”
10/30/15 – A Jewish fraternity member noticed the suspect in the bed of his pick-up truck, which was parked on the side of the fraternity house. Police say the victim told the suspect to get out of his truck and the suspect responded by using antisemitic terms regarding Jewish people and the victim in particular. The suspect reportedly got out of the truck and made a comment about getting a firearm, as he went to his home nearby. He then came out of his home, holding something in his hand. The victim couldn’t tell what it was.
5/23/18 – The ASUO Senate discussed and passed a BDS resolution entitled “ASUO Senate Resolution on Boycotting Israeli Settler Colonialism” in a 12-to-six vote. The resolution explicitely endorsed the BDS movement, including the “right of return” that would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state, and declared that ASUO will “prohibit the purchase of products from Sabra, Tribe, Hewlett-Packard Company, Sodastream, Motorola, Caterpillar, G4S, and Elbit Systems.” More than 30 groups signed on in support of the resolution including UO International Student Association (ISA). The OU Multicultural Center also endorsed the resolution.
5/21/18 – SUPER circulated a petition in support of a BDS resolution. The petition demonized and delegitimized Israel, stating, “The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement is one that opposes racism, settler colonialism, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and occupation of Palestine…The Israeli occupation of Palestinian land has been occurring for 70 years, while Palestinians have been denied sovereignty and their fundamental human rights. As a result of forced displacement, over 7million Palestinian refugees are denied the right to return to their land.”
5/15/15 – A University of Oregon graduate student organized a rally in remembrance of the “Nakba,” which included a sign that demonized Israel with the words “End racist delusions of supremacy and entitlement” and another which condoned acts of violence against Israelis with the words “It’s only nature to resist!”.


In the News ?

May 24, 2018:
Daily Emerald – ASUO Senate passes controversial pro-Palestinian resolution

May 24, 2018:
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May 22, 2018:
Daily Emerald – Guest: BDS Juxtaposes ASUO’s Values

April 25, 2017:
KATU 2 – Anti-fascists, neo-Nazi protesters clash after truck with swastika rolls through UO campus

April 20, 2017:
Eugene Weekly – Pair of Racists Hit UO on Hitler’s Birthday

April 20, 2017:
KVAL – A Truck emblazoned with swastika parked in heart of University of Oregon campus

December 1, 2015:
Daily Emerald – Anti-Semitic attacks against AEPi advance aggression avoidance
(Description note, “This is just one of the anti-Semitic attacks that have happened against AEPi. Swastikas are oftendrawn on car windows and mailboxes nearby the fraternity’s house.”)

November 12, 2015:
The Algemeiner – Oregon Student Arrested for Hurling Antisemitic Epithets at Jewish Frat Boy

November 11, 2015:
The Register-Guard – Eugene police charge man with 2nd-degree intimidation following incident outside Jewish fraternity

November 11, 2015:
JP Updates – Oregon Student Charged for Using anti-Semitic Slurs at AEPi Fraternity House

November 11, 2015:
Israel on the News – University of Oregon student arrested for anti-Semitic intimidation

November 11, 2015:
Forward – Oregon Student Charged for Anti-Semitic Rant Outside Jewish Fraternity

November 10, 2015:
KEZI – Police Cite Man for Using Anti-Semitic Terms Against UO Student
(Description note, “Eugene police have cited a man on intimidation charges. He’s accused of using anti-Semitic terms against a University of Oregon student in a Jewish fraternity. Police say it happened on October 30 at about midnight, near the fraternity at 791 E. 15th Avenue. They say a 20-year-old fraternity member was going to walk a woman home and noticed the suspect in the bed of his pick-up truck, which was parked on the side of the fraternity. Police say the victim told the suspect to get out of his truck and the suspect, later identified as Damien Leon Ramirez, 23, responded by using anti-Semitic terms regarding Jewish people and the victim in particular. Ramirez reportedly got out of the truck, but kicked the side of it as he was leaving. He also reportedly made a comment about getting a firearm, as he went to his home nearby. He then came out of his home, holding something in his hand. The victim couldn’t tell what it was. Police followed up to investigate and charged Ramirez with second-degree intimidation on November 5.”)

May 15, 2015:
Daily Emerald- Students gather at Collier lawn in remembrance of Nakba
(Description note, “Abuhmaid, a graduate student in nonprofit management, organized the event with the help of several students, including those from the Arab Student Union. Organizers held flags and signs, and offered rich black coffee and dates to anyone who stopped by. Abuhmaid said this is a part of a three-day mourning tradition to commemorate a death. Students also wrote letters to Palestinian refugees and created the hashtag #ducksforPalestine to raise awareness.”)

November 8, 2014:
aish – Campus Mezuzah Attacks

October 22, 2014:
Central Florida Future – Anti-Semitism rears ugly head on UCF, Emory campuses

July 17, 2014:
The Times of Israel – Swastikas painted next to Jewish frat at Univ. of Oregon

July 16, 2014:
The Register Guard – Swastikas appear near Jewish fraternity house

January 31 2014:
Daily Emerald – ASUO Senate approves QuackPac’s Pro-Israel resolution 13-5-1

January 29, 2014:
Daily Emerald – Coverage of ASUO Senate Meeting discussing QuackPac resolution

January 2014:
Around the O – UO president opposes academic boycott of Israel


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