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TARGETING JEWISH STUDENTS AND STAFF: SUPPRESSION OF SPEECH/ASSEMBLY/MOVEMENT 1/29/15 – Approximately 70 students walked out of a Christians United for Israel event of speaker Dumisani Washington. An article covering the walk out stated, “The students who organized a walk-out of Washington’s speech did so with the goal of showing their disapproval of his views.” The speaker, Washington, said, “You could cut this tension with a knife.”
3/23/17 – An open letter published in the student paper, the Daily Tarheel, which was written by an alumni, lauded SJP chapters that are “raising awareness of Israel’s criminality in maintaining the Occupation and Apartheid system, as well as [bringing] attention to the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions movement which (is) a peaceful program to send a message to the Israeli government that it must obey international law or consequences.”
11/18/15 – UNC SJP hosted a screening of the movie Occupation 101. The film contains several antisemitic themes, including that Israel is guilty of “ethnic cleansing;” that Israel’s actions against the Palestinians are a form of colonialist agression; and that Jews in America wield excessive power over American foreign policy.”
2/5/15 – Steven Salaita delivered a talk entitled “Academic Freedom and the Corporate University,” that was part of a national speaking tour on more than 10 campuses. In his talk, Salaita demonized Israel, falsely accusing it of barbarity, brutality and depravity, and of perpetrating war crimes and mass slaughter, and he delegitimized Israel by falsely accusing it of settler colonialism. Salaita also stated that he opposed Zionism and the notion of a Jewish state, and he falsely accused Zionists of making “phony claims of antisemitism” to mask Israel’s war crimes and shut down all criticism of Israel. In addition, Salaita expressed support for the BDS movement. Salaita’s talk was organized by SJP-UNC and UNC Concerned Faculty for Palestine, and co-sponsored by the departments of Asian studies, Romance studies, anthropology, and sociology (which offers a “social and economic justice” minor), as well as Students for Justice in Palestine and Faculty for Palestine.
BDS ACTIVITY: CALLS FOR BDS 4/10/18 – SJP erected a display on the quad. One panel called for BDS with the expression underneath, “To Exist is to Resist” and “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance.”
BDS EVENT 11/7/17 – SJP held the event “The Palestine Exception to Free Speech: A Movement Under Attack,” with a representative from Palestine Legal. According to the description for the event, the BDS movement, anti-BDS bills, and “the First Amendement’s right to boycott” were discussed.
CALLS FOR BDS 11/2/16 – The school newspaper published a letter to the editor that supported BDS, claiming “if university students examine the real facts of this tragic situation, they will join this worthy cause.”
CALLS FOR BDS 3/10/15 – UNC SJP advertised “Buycott” and BDS apps on their Facebook page to help consumers boycott Israeli products.


In the News ?

March 23, 2017:
Daily Tarheel – Letter: Embrace and debate conflicting opinions

October 5, 2016:
The Daily Tar Heel – Letter: Do not incite anti-Zionist attitudes
(Description note, “First, we at the Federation agree and stand with Prof. Lewis Margolis and Ms. Linda Frankel’s Sept. 30 response because we too think that drawing false equivalence to the Israeli Palestinian conflict is inappropriate. There are a myriad of historical and existential reasons for correcting this alleged linkage that give rise to our concern. Moreover, it detracts from the conversation about racial discrimination and minority rights away from our conditions here in the U.S. The Jewish community in the U.S. has a long history of supporting the rights of minorities, fighting against civil, economic and racial inequality, and we continue to support efforts to move the conversation ahead constructively in our current day and age.”)

October 5, 2016:
The Daily Tar Heel – Letter: Connecting BLM to Israel is misleading
(Description note, “The connection is simplistic and ill-informed. Even the column acknowledges that there are different contexts and then immediately dismisses this fundamental difference. The necessity for meaningful discussion and reform between African-American communities and police is not in question. Rather, as the column itself states, the context is so radically different as to undermine the column’s entire argument. Israel, like every country, has its share of flaws. However, myopically singling out Israel — the world’s only Jewish state — for condemnation is biased at best, if not anti-Semitic.”)

September 27, 2016:
Daily Tarheel – Opinion: Oppression spreads beyond any nation’s borders

November 30, 2015:
UNC Chapel Hill – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Demands
(Description note – a list of administrative demands asked for by students regarding racial issues include a call to divest stating, “1. We DEMAND that the UNC Management Company and the Board of Trustees should begin researching and carrying out an immediate divestment from: a. Private jails, prisons, and detention centers b. Israeli Apartheid”)

March 22, 2015:
Daily Tar Heel – Letter: ​Hillel is not complicit in oppression

February 11, 2015:
Daily Tar Heel – Pro-Israel speaker inspires walk-out

November 12, 2014:
new voices – Is there an Open AEPi in the Works?

August 22, 2014:
Campus Reform – UNC professors call for boycott of Israeli academic institutions

January 14, 2014:
Daily Tar Heel – American studies rejects Israel boycott

January 10, 2014:
Technician Online – Politics don’t belong in education

January 8, 2014:
Daily Tar Heel – Folt, Dean reject call for Israel boycott

December 22, 2013:
UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – Statement by UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Regarding the Proposed ASA Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions


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  4. Elyse Crystall
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  6. Arturo Escobar
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