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  • December 9, 2015 – University of Missouri Jewish Student (Michael) “It’s started to feel like Jewish lives don’t matter.” Read more
  • December 9, 2015 – University of Missouri Jewish Student (Michael) “[S]everal incidents [I] experienced while involved in activist work bordered on anti-Semitism…. In one exchange while working an information table for [my] Jewish fraternity, an Arab student accosted [me] by calling Jews “Nazis” and “kikes.” In another, [I] witnessed a prominent rabbi from St. Louis listed as a “true terrorist” at a Black Lives Matter meeting — the rabbi’s crime was sending money to Israel. It’s hard to be a Jewish student and support these groups when harsh criticism of Israel sometimes turns into criticism of the Jews…While participating in a recent social justice committee meeting, I] heard a group of African-American students defending the recent spate of Palestinian stabbings targeting Jews in Israel.” Read more
  • November 11, 2015 – University of Missouri Jewish Student (Thalia) “Jewish students on this campus are really concerned with the rising anti-Semitism on this campus but we’re not being silent about it.” Read more
  • June 11, 2015 – University of Missouri Pro-Israel student (Destiny)– “Professor Smith has used his tenure to bring in anti-Israel speakers with university funding. Recently, six university departments sponsored a talk by author Saree Makdisi, who has said it is more important to eliminate the Jewish state than to create a Palestinian one. He uses his reputation to get several departmental sponsors. But when Students Supporting Israel or CUFI asks these same departments to co-sponsor events, we wither don’t hear back or we hear, ‘we cannot help you.’ It’s not fair.” Read More
  • April 2015 Jewish University of Missouri Student & President of SSI (Jared), Following a Swastika and the Word “Heil” found at a Resident Hall- “I do think that it [the University’s response] was not punctual, and that it should have been released earlier and more quickly to when the incident actually happened, because that left us with five days wondering if the administration even cared” Read More
  • April 2015 Jewish University of Missouri Student (Thalia), Following a Swastika and the Word “Heil” found at a Resident Hall- “It becomes harder to show my Jewish identity. I’m so proud to be a Jewish student on this campus. I’m so proud to flaunt my Jewish identity but when incidents like this happen, it’s scary. This person doesn’t know me but they hate me just because of the single aspect that I’m Jewish.” Read More
  • April 2015 Jewish University of Missouri Student (Chantelle), Following a Swastika and the Word “Heil” found at a Resident Hall- “It [seeing swastika grafitti] doesn’t make people feel safe to go to school here, and that isn’t something that we should have to worry about. You shouldn’t have to watch your back when you’re walking to class and you shouldn’t have to think about whether you’re going to be safe while you’re at school.” Read More


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March 1, 2016:
The Maneater – Student organizations, administrators condemn Gateway Hall vandalism

March 1, 2016:
FOX 2 Now – Missouri chancellor condemns pro-Hitler flyer found in dorm

March 1, 2016:
Reuters – University of Missouri probes ‘Hitler rules’ on dorm poster

March 1, 2016:
abc 17 – Officials investigating anti-Semitic incident at MU residence hall
(Description note, “The University of Missouri Police Department is investigating another report of an anti-Semitic incident at an MU residence hall. MUPD officials tell us residence life staff found the words “Hitler rules” written on a bulletin board at Gateway residence hall around 2 a.m. Monday.”)

December 9, 2015:
The Jewish Week – Caught In The Middle In New Campus Wars

November 17, 2015:
The Maneater – Letter to the Editor: Anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism, Smith: Smearing anti-Zionism as anti-Semitic is a long-standing tactic of Zionist propaganda
(Description note – an open letter is published by Professor Emeritus George Smith claiming, “Smearing anti-Zionism as anti-Semitic is a long-standing tactic of Zionist propaganda, and Sherwin’s uncritical relaying of Sass’s and Lapine’s remarks illustrates that the tactic still sometimes works.”)

November 16, 2015:
Front Page Magazine – Mizzou Black Studies Dept. Co-sponsors speaker who compares Israeli Jews to Nazis

November 13, 2015:
The Daily Caller – Mizzou Releases Photos Of Poop Swastika, Records Of Prior Racial Incident At Same Dorm

November 12, 2015:
The Federalist – Mizzou Releases Photos Of Poop Swastika, Discloses Details Of Previously Unreported Racial Slurs
(Description note, “Salama Gallimore, the lead investigator in the university’s Title IX office, responded to Cohn’s e-mail and suggested that the student involved in that particular incident may well have been responsible for the poop swastika in the bathroom. “The accused student in the above incident has also been reported to have made anti-semitic remarks to the members of a Jewish fraternity,” Gallimore wrote. “It is possible that the aforementioned student may be responsible for the swastika vandalism as he is a resident of Gateway. Since the student has allegedly engaged in acts of racism and anti-semitism, I feel that it is important to consider that the swastika drawn in fecal matter (even if it was not drawn by the student under investigation) was meant to offend and threaten a larger population of our campus community in addition to Jewish students.”)

November 11, 2015:
St. Louis Jewish Light – Jewish students react to hate on Mizzou campus
(Description note, “The swastika was not the only anti-Semitic incident recently. In April, a Mizzou freshman drew a swastika and other hate speech in the stairwell of a dormitory. The student pleaded guilty in October to a reduced charge of second-degree property damage and told the Mizzou police that he was inspired by YouTube videos and “acted in the spur of the moment,” according to the Columbia Tribune.  In June, the school also cancelled a proposed class, “Perspectives on Zionism,” taught by a professor of biological sciences, George Smith, because of a lack of enrollment. But when the class was announced, Jewish groups started a campaign urging the school to cancel the class because they said Smith had an anti-Israel bias and sought to have the Jewish State destroyed. “)

November 10, 2015:
JTA – Jewish groups call for protection of Jewish students at University of Missouri

November 10, 2015:
Forward – U. Missouri Jewish Groups Demand Action After Swastika Incident

November 10, 2015:
Jewish Journal – Jewish groups call for protection of Jewish students at U. of Missouri

November 10, 2015:
Jewish Press – Jewish groups call for protection of Jewish students at U. of Missouri

November 10, 2015:
The Times of Israel – Missouri university president, chancellor leave over race tensions:
Jewish groups joined black activists in demanding action over racist incidents on state university’s flagship campus.

November 9, 2015:
SJP EVENT – Racism in Israel, a presentation by David Sheen

November 8, 2015:
The Maneater – 36 organizations request Loftin to acknowledge anti-Semitism

November 7, 2015:
Missourian – MU chancellor: ‘We will not tolerate bigotry or hatred of any kind on our campus’
(Description note, “Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin on Friday responded to a letter from 36 organizations concerned about the safety of Jewish students at MU.”)

November 7, 2015:
The Eagle- University of Missouri groups ask Loftin to denounce anti-Semitic activity

November 6, 2015:
The Kansas City Star – University of Missouri System president says he handled student protests poorly

November 6, 2015:
Missourian – Jewish Student Organization, other student groups, support Concerned Student 1950

November 6, 2015:
Columbia Daily Tribune – Groups ask Loftin to take action after swastika found in MU bathroom

November 6, 2015:
KOMU – Loftin expresses “horror and anger” over swastika on campus

November 5, 2015:
KOMU News – 36 organizations send letter to Loftin about anti-Semitic incident

November 5, 2015:
KOMU – 36 organizations send letter to Loftin about antisemitic incident

October 30, 2015:
Missourian – UPDATE: Swastika drawn with human feces found in MU residence hall

October 29, 2015:
The Maneater – Swastika drawn in residence hall with feces

October 18, 2015:
The Maneater – Letter to the Editor: Instead of cowardly vandalism, let’s have a conversation about the issues
(Description note, “I saw that some Christians United for Israel advertisements had been vandalized. On a poster for learning Israeli martial arts sat the words “Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel” in big green letters. I was so shocked that I audibly said, “oh no,” and a stranger walking behind me stopped to look too. .. Seeing this haunted me for the rest of the afternoon…The posters said, “Boycott, divest and sanction Israel.” BDS is so often the tank that carries anti-Semitism to our campuses. More than that, the BDS movement has brought hate, ignorance and even physical violence to other campuses… The thought of seeing my Mizzou ridden with hate like that made me feel physically ill. It all starts with one vandalized poster. It all could start here. I have just found my place here; I don’t want violence to explode from it. We can’t let the tank that is BDS into our school. It’s a thin veil covering violence and hate…For me, being Jewish and pro-Israel are huge parts of my identity. It’s my history and my culture and my connection to the world. Seeing big green letters protesting my identity is like watching someone confiscate my name. It rips at a part of me that is so ingrained my life, both mundane and spiritual that I can’t ignore it.”)

June 30, 2015:
The College Fix – Anti-Israel biology professor allowed to teach class on Zionism

June 25, 2015:
Arutz Sheva 7 – Bad Joke? College Planned to Hire Anti-Zionist to Teach Zionism

June 24, 2015:
Observer – Israel Hating Professor Hired to Teach Class on Israel at University of Missouri

June 18, 2015:
Jewish Link of New Jersey – Israel Crisis Averted in Missouri as Biology Professor’s Anti-Zionist Course Nixed

June 16, 2015:
Shalom Life – Anti-Zionist University Course Cancelled in Missouri

June 11, 2015: – Israel crisis averted in Missouri as biology professor’s anti-Zionist course nixed

May 14, 2015:
Frontpage Mag – Israel-Hating Biology Prof. to Teach Course on Zionism

April 22, 2015: – University of Missouri student arrested in connection to anti-Semitic graffiti

April 22, 2015:
The Washington Times – Student arrested in connection to anti-Semitic graffiti

April 22, 2015:
The Maneater – Column: University must hold student safety to a higher standard – After an on-campus shooting, an armed robbery and the discovery of anti-semitic drawings in residence halls, students deserve to feel safer on this campus
(Description note, “A near-campus shooting, sexual assault or anti-Semitic writings on a wall are all serious offenses that should be thoroughly investigated and handled… No comments or drawings that could offend a student or group of students should be tolerated.”)

April 22, 2015:
KSHB Kansas City – University of Missouri student arrested in connection to anti-Semitic graffiti

April 22, 2015:
The Maneater – Freshman arrested in connection to anti-Semitic vandalism

April 21, 2015:
The Columbia Daily Tribune – MU police arrest student in connection to anti-Semitic graffiti
(Description note, “Police have arrested a University of Missouri freshman for his “involvement” in the appearance of anti-Semitic graffiti in a residence hall stairwell. MU police on Tuesday arrested Bradley M. Becker, 18, on suspicion of second-degree property damage, MUPD Capt. Brian Weimer said in a news release. Police recommended a hate crime charge against Becker, which could mean a harsher sentence if Becker is convicted. Second-degree property damage is a Class B misdemeanor under state law, punishable by up to six months in jail. The charge becomes a Class D felony if filed as a hate crime, punishable by up to four years imprisonment.”)

April 20, 2015:
T.O.T – Organizations Urge University of Missouri To Protect Jewish Students

April 18, 2015:
Columbia Daily Tribune – Loftin Responds to Anti-Semitic Graffiti
(Description note, ““Students were complaining about not hearing anything from the chancellor,” said Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, co-founder of the Amcha Initiative…“I regret that my need to delay a statement to facilitate the police investigation called into question my commitment to our #‎Jewish students, who have my full and wholehearted support at all times,” Chancellor Loftin wrote.”)

April 17, 2015:
Southeast Missourian – Organizations urge university to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015:
Houston Chronicle – Organizations urge university to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015: – Organizations urge university to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015:
Sedalia Democrat – Organizations urge university to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015:
KRCG – Loftin responds to anti-semitic graffiti

April 17, 2015:
Wopular – Organizations urge university to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015: – Organizations urge university to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015: – Organizations urge university to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015:
KY3 – Organizations urge University of Missouri to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015: – Organizations urge university to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015:
KOMU – Watchdog organizations write letter to Chancellor Loftin following graffiti

April 17, 2015:
The Republic – 16 national organizations ask University of Missouri to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015:
Southeast Missourian – Organizations urge university to protect Jewish students

April 17, 2015:
The Chronicle of Higher Education – U. of Missouri Chancellor Is Criticized as Slow to Respond to Anti-Semitic Graffiti

April 17, 2015:
Fox 2 Now – Anti-Semitic graffiti found on Univ. of Missouri campus

April 16, 2015:
AMCHA – PRESIDENT RESPONSE: President Loftin’s Response to AMCHA-led Coalition of 16 Organizations Re: Swastikas

April 16, 2015:
Columbia Missourian – National Organizations Send Letter to MU Chancellor About anti-Semitic Messages

March 28, 2015:
Columbia Daily Tribune- MU lowers bar with anti-Zionist’s class
(Description note, “It has come to my attention that a plant biologist, George Smith of the University of Missouri, is teaching an honors class titled “Zionism.” After years of reading anti-Zionist rhetoric and vitriolic propaganda written by Smith in the Tribune, I am baffled by his university employment as an expert in Zionism. Further having found he has no credentials other than a vitriolic opinion to call himself an expert for such a class, I find it rather appalling the university honors college would lower the bar to Dead Sea levels and hire this self-proclaimed expert who displays a negative and biased opinion toward Zionism.”)

April 14, 2015:
The Maneater – Anti-Semitic messages ‘deplorable,’ MU investigating incidents
(Description note, “Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin issued a statement Tuesday to address anti-Semitic messages discovered in the Mark Twain residence hall April 9 and 10. The statement read, ““Senior administrators have been made aware of two reports made to University of Missouri Police concerning anti-semitic graffiti found on the walls in a residential hall. Currently, MU police officers are investigating the incidents. I want to make it clear that this behavior is deplorable and unworthy of this institution and its values. I remind you that a core value of our university is Respect and these incidents negatively impact our campus climate and an environment where all students can express their views in a safe and inclusive environment. MU Student Affairs staff have met with residents to assure them that university staff and MUPD are taking precautions to assure their safety. Informational flyers have been posted in the residence hall to alert residents and to inform them how to report information concerning the incidents. Bias reports have been filed with the MU Equity Office and individuals found responsible for this act will be disciplined according to university policy and could face criminal charges.”)

April 14, 2015:
JTA – Swastikas drawn in University of Missouri dorm

April 14, 2015:
KOMU-TV8 – MU investigating racial slurs and graffiti in residence hall
(Description note, “A student group, Students Supporting Israel, said in a press release the first incident included a swastika, the Illuminati symbol and the word “heil,” all drawn in ash. A day after MU department of residential life student staff members removed the graffiti, a second incident was reported and included a swastika and the words,” You’ve been warned.” Student staff members painted over the graffiti shortly after and notified the MU police department.”)

April 14, 2015:

April 13, 2015:
Columbia Daily Tribune – MU police investigating anti-Semitic vandalism in residence hall
(Description note, “Chantelle Moghadam, co-founder of Students Supporting Israel, a new student organization at MU, said in a news release that the symbols included a swastika, a symbol representing the “Illuminati,” and the words “Heil” and “You’ve been warned.” “Our group wants to continue to bring awareness to campus about the fact that anti-Semitism still exists here,” Moghadam said.”)

April 13, 2015:
The Maneater – MU officials investigate anti-Semitic writing in residence hall
(Description note, “An investigation is underway after the staff at Mark Twain residence hall discovered anti-Semitic graffiti in the building April 9. Images of a swastika, a triangle with an eye on top and the word “heil” were smeared on a wall in the building’s northwest stairwell with what appeared to be charcoal, said Capt. Scott Richardson, a spokesman for MU Police.”)

April 2, 2015:
Columbia Daily Tribune – Flagrant anti-Zionist shouldn’t teach class

December 12, 2014: – The Everyday Occupation of Palestine
(Description note – MU Peace Studies Program Presents Saree Makdisi in the “Everyday Occupation of Palestine.” Speech is filled with rhetoric that demonized and delegitimized the Jewish state and called for its elimination — language considered antisemitic by the U.S. State Department. Makdisi also promoted BDS efforts. And according to at least one account of the lecture, Makdisi incited a student group, the MU Socialists, “to ask the MU administration to follow the same path of “boycott, divest, and sanction” (BDS) as other colleges have agreed to.” )

November 14, 2014:
“The Everyday Occupation of Palestine”
(Description note – VIDEO of event showcases antisemitic statements made by Makdisi. Event description states, “A public lecture by Saree Makdisi, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, UCLA. The event is sponsored by: University Lectures Committee, Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative, Department of History, Department of Political Science, Peace Studies Program, Department of Sociology, Department of Religious Studies, Department of English, and Fellowship of Reconciliation.”)

January 2014: Legal Insurrection – University statements rejecting academic boycott of Israel


Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism

Source Credit: University releases photos of

Source Credit: University releases photos of “Poop Swastika” (November 13, 2015) 

Source Credit: Anti-semitic vandalism discovered in Mark Twain’s stairwell, April 13 2015 

Source Credit: Anti-semitic vandalism discovered in Mark Twain’s stairwell, April 13 2015 

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