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  • March 29, 2017 – University of Michigan Dearborn Jewish Student (Jordan) “My concern about the hate this anti-Israel campaign would bring to our campus accelerated on Friday, March 10, 2017, when the divestment resolution was brought to debate in student government. I was the only Jewish student there because student government at UM-Dearborn meets on Friday nights, a time when Jews around the world power down their electronics and celebrate the Sabbath with friends and family. By holding student government meetings on Friday nights, the Jewish students at UM-Dearborn are prohibited from meaningfully contributing to critical debates on campus, including one that directly targeted the Jewish state. I accepted the fact that by attending weekly meetings, I would continuously be breaking one of my religion’s oldest customs. I presented the situation to our student government members and asked that they change the meeting time so that Jewish students could attend and voice their concerns. Despite all efforts, our student government decided to deny Jewish students the ability to attend and speak out against a resolution that directly targeted us for our faith. That night, when I should have been welcoming in the Sabbath, I sat in the student government meeting and watched as nearly every representative voted in favor of this one-sided, hate-filled resolution. History has taught us what happens when a group sweeps into power with a political agenda. In the weeks before this resolution was passed, student government members actively promoted the anti-Israel campaign. There were fliers, emails, and tabling, all in support of divestment. In the student government office hangs anti-Israel artwork, visible to anyone who walks past. It is my hope that next year’s representatives consider that they were elected to represent all of the students on our campus, not just the students who voted for them.” Read more
  • March 22, 2017 – University of Michigan Dearborn Student (Amanda) “I knew this was falsified information, but not everybody is very well-versed on either Israel or Palestine. My concern was that these fliers would create a bias in people without a firm background on the issues.” Read more

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    3/16/17 – At a Board of Regents Meeting, Fiana Arbab, the UM-Dearborn Student Government President began an unscheduled discussion over a resolution to divest from Israeli companies. She noted that the student government had “unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to divest from businesses and companies that allegedly violate Palestinian rights.” Arbab said she would be following up with a packet of information about the resolutions the assembly has passed and she encouraged the regents to promote the “principles of equality and justice.” Regent Mark Bernstein (D) thanked Arbab, and then spoke out against BDS calling it an “intellectually bankrupt, morally repugnant expression of anti-Semitism.” In response, during the Public Comments section Dearborn junior Susan Jenin defended the student government’s resolution and asked the board to reconsider forming a divestment committee to investigate investments by the University that may violate Palestinian rights. She claimed, “When we asked to end this funding of human rights violations against our families, we are told we must consider the feelings of privileged student on campus whom this would have no impact on.” She then verbally accosted Bernstein for having said he would “never divest,” stating his “personal interest” and stakes in Israel are “well-documented.” Bernstein asked what “documentation” Jinen was referring to, claiming the meeting marked the first time he had spoken publicly on the matter. Bernstein suggested it seemed the speakers had made the inference that, because he was Jewish, he was unable to view the situation objectively.
    3/29/17 – The student paper published an opinion piece by SJP members that reiterated SJP support for a recent divestment bill that had passed, stating, “In the resolution we recently passed with the UM-Dearborn Student Government, we listed the corporations that invest in the subjugation of Palestinians through apartheid…As our word spreads, humanity becomes aware of the cruelties that occur by the hands of Israel…At SJP…We condemn the existence of the panoptic Israeli state in Palestine.”
    3/22/17 – Mock parking tickets were placed on the windshields of cars in a campus lot, which threatened to tow and demolish the cars. The mock ticket advertised two campus events on “illegal settlements and Israeli apartheid,” hosted by SJP and accused the Jewish state of being a racist colonizer guilty of ethnic cleansing and apartheid.
    2/8/17 – UM Divest promoted a divestment petition to the campus community. A delegitimizing sign at an on-campus table promoting the petition read: “Sign the Petition to Divest from Investing in Apartheid.”
    DEMONIZATION 10/31/16 – SJP held a themed bake sale entitled “Zionism is Scary,” that demonized Israel. A display at the event titled “From the Zionist Mind” contained quotes from notable Zionists that were pulled out of context in order to demonize Israeli leaders and Zionism.
    BDS ACTIVITY: BDS VOTE 3/13/17 – An anti-Israel divestment resolution passed unanimously in the Student Government.
    CALLS FOR BDS 2/22/17 – SJP held an event to create pro-divestment signs to display on campus.
    BDS VOTE 4/11/16 – Two anti-Israel resolutions were discussed by the Faculty Senate, and ultimately, voted down. One, an academic boycott resolution, was defeated 31-6-1. The second resolution was a divestment resolution and was voted down 32-5.


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    April 26, 2017:
    The Jewish News – Muslim student group posts mock parking tickets to promote its views
    (Description note, “An issue perhaps more upsetting to Jewish students on campus is that student government meetings are held on Friday night, when many Jewish students are unable to attend. ‘This has been going on for several years,’ Collins said. ‘We contacted the president of the student government about our concerns, and the response was that there were other ways Jewish students could be involved.’ Collins said the Jewish Student Organization would continue to press for changing the meeting time so that Jewish students can participate fully in student government.’”)

    April 13, 2017:
    The Michigan Journal – Students Receive Fake Parking Tickets Advertising Events on Campus

    April 7, 2017:
    The Algemeiner – Anti-Israel Parking Tickets Place on Cars at University of Michigan Dearborn

    March 29, 2017:
    The Michigan Journal – Panoptic Divestment

    March 29, 2017:
    The Michigan Journal – Divestment: No Place for Hate at Dearborn

    February 9, 2017:
    Inside Higher Ed – Racist, Anti-Semitic Emails Anger Many at Michigan

    February 8, 2017:
    The Michigan Daily – Racist and anti-Semitic emails sent to University engineering, computer science students

    February 8, 2017:
    The Tower – University of Michigan Students Receive Mass Anti-Semitic, Racist Emails

    February 8, 2017:
    Deadline Detroit – Hate on Campus: UM and FBI Investigate Racist and Anti-Semitic Emails

    February 7, 2017:
    Michigan Daily – Israeli-Palestine lunches to foster dialogue meets disagreement from executive board

    December 19, 2016:
    The Algemeiner – Anti-Israel U of Michigan Prof ‘Puzzled’ by ‘Fizzling’ BDS Activism on Campus

    February 2, 2016:
    The Michigan Journal – Feeling the Bern for Palestine
    (Description note, “Probably the most notorious of Sander’s surprising foreign policy views is his support of Israel. While he has equivocated remarking about the “complicated” issue, opting to rehash the “two state solution” argument as both Clinton and O’Malley have put forward, it is concerning that Sanders overly favors the state characterized by illegal occupation, apartheid, and disproportionate use of force—policies indicative of values Sanders allegedly vehemently opposes. He has repeatedly defended Israel’s right to exist, and even defended Israel’s war in summer of 2014, resulting in a heated confrontation between the candidate and an audience at a town hall discussion.”)

    March 31, 2014:
    The Michigan Journal – Student Government passes divestment resolution (17-5)
     (Description note, “UM-Dearborn’s Student Government has called for divestment on four previous occasions: in 2005, 2006, 2010, and 2012.”)

    March 17, 2014:
    The Michigan Journal – Israeli Aparthied Week showcases Middle East conflict

    April 26, 2006:
    UM-D Student Government – UMD Student Resolutions on Divestment (Description note, “The UM-D Student Government has passed 2 resolutions on divestment, one in 2005 and one in 2006.  Both are posted below.”)


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    Source Credit: SJP UMD, (February 8, 2017)

    Source Credit: UM Divest promoted a divestment petition to the campus community where students were offered the ability to sign the petition on campus at the UC stage. A delegitimizing sign at the table read, “Sign the Petition to Divest from Investing in Apartheid.” SJP UMD, (February 8, 2017)

    Source Credit: SJP at UM Dearborn, (October 31, 2016)

    Source Credit: SJP at UM Dearborn, (October 31, 2016)

    Source Credit: SJP created a representation of the wall built by the Israeli government. The Michigan Journal (March 17, 2014)

    Source Credit: SJP created a representation of the wall built by the Israeli government. The Michigan Journal (March 17, 2014)

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    April 11, 2016 – Defeated – Faculty Senate – Two anti-Israel resolutions were voted down.  One, an academic boycott resolution, was defeated 31-6-1. The second resolution was a divestment resolution and was voted down 32-5.

    March 2014 – Passed – Student Government votes in favor of divestment resolution with a vote of 17 in favor and 5 against.

    March 1, 2014 – Passed – Student Government

    2012 – Passed – Student Government votes in favor of divestment.

    Feb 26, 2010 – Passed – Student Government votes in favor of divestment.

    September 26, 2006 – Passed – Student Government votes in favor of divestment.

    February 22, 2005 – Passed – Student Government votes in favor of divestment.

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    Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 2


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