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There is no recorded antisemitic activity for this campus, 2015 – present.
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In the News ?

May 29, 2018:
Palestine Solidarity Coalition EVENT – UC Department Takes Hard Stance on Israel, Then Retracts

December 3, 2015:
Palestine Solidarity Coalition EVENT – The birth of Israel: A Palestinian perspective on the Nakba

September 17, 2014:
Cleveland Jewish News – Cincinnati students receive anti-Semitic mail

January 26, 2014:
News Record – Ono speaks out against boycott of Israeli universities

December 24, 2013:
UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – READ my statement opposing the American Studies Association boycott of academic institutions in Israel.


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No divestment vote has taken place.

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Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 2

  1. Amy Elder
  2. Lisa Maria Hogeland


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There are currently no AMCHA Initiative campaigns for this campus.