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11/15/17 – University of Utah Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held an event entitled “Rally Against Trump’s Agenda of War and Hate” outside Marriott Library. The description for the event stated that Trump “is covering for and providing military aid to the colonial apartheid state of Israel…Join SDS in commemorating one year of struggle against Trump’s administration and say…No to Israeli Apartheid!” During the event, members held banners that read “No to Israeli apartheid.” According to Fight Back News, “The goal of the event was to build publicity for the beginning of their anti-war effort, starting with a demand for the university to boycott of Sabra and Bobcat – two corporations that are complicit with the Israeli apartheid regime.”
1/21/16 – Talib Kweli gave a talk on campus in honor of Martin Luther King day. During the Q & A portion, an SJP member asked about solidarity, two which, according to SJP, Kweli’s reply “noted the impact the BDS has on curbing the apartheid.”


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February 12, 2016:
Good4Utah – University of Utah Students Say Utah May be Opening Doors for Apartheid

September 9, 2015: The Daily Utah Chronicle – Palestinian Rights Activist to Speak at Hinckley Institute of Politics (Description note, “Susan Abulhawa, a Palestinian-American writer and a human rights activist, will host the next installment of the Hinckley Institute’s Pizza and Politics..Noman Khan, a U graduate and member of Students for Justice in Palestine, said he thinks this lecture is a good way for the U to show another side in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and their neutrality in global politics. “Americans always stand for freedom and justice but, on the other hand, support Israel for its occupation and inhumane treatment of Palestinians,” Khan said. “It is important to raise awareness at the U and show them the Palestinian side of the story.”… Thirty-two countries in the United Nations do not recognize or interact with Israel as a country. Conflict in the area emerged when European powers founded Israel in 1948; Israelis claimed the land was promised to them by God, and Palestine maintained the settlers were invading the land they had lived on for centuries… “As a Pakistani,” Khan said, “we have always supported Palestinian people, peace in Palestine and always advocated for the return of Palestinian people back to their land.”)


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