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2/17/18 – Matthew Heimbach of the white socialist nationalist Traditional Workers Party spoke on campus. During his speech, numerous antisemitic statements building on historical tropes of Jewish power and control were made, including, “I believe the globalists, the Zionist interests hate us primarily because we’re the last ones that fought back. The Second World War was when we fought back. They want to take us out first. Listen to the war drums that are beating…The only people who win when nationalist movements fight each other are oligarchs, bankers, and Jews…How much of our blood was shed in a war where even historians, even the Jewish media can’t make it a way that that was a war that made sense…We understand what we’re facing. The American Empire, NATO the EU, and Zionism, all aimed against us…We’re actually sending the Jew-run Kiev military anti-tank weapons to blow up Russians.” He further went on to detail the Traditional Workers Party’s beliefs, stating, “We are not American Nationalists. America is a problem. We are the solution. The “final solution” you might ask? (audience laughter) to the globalist problem…But yes, to be able to deal with this situation because we’re currently being used as pawns by Zionists…Literally created by Jews and Freemasons to create a country to then get us to destroy the enemies of Zion across the world for the last 200 years…We believe in a strong environmental policy like banning kosher…I hate to break it to folks on wall street, but a hooked-nose banker moving ones and zeros around isn’t labor…Our enemies as a people have never worked…you fight against the Jewish interests and they hate you, but we’re going to have a national bank that’s for our people. It’s not foreign people…We believe in the separation of church and state, of course there is no separation of state and synagogue here in the United States…The position of the Traditional Workers Party is that people of color have a fundamental right to exist just like we do. It’s not a radical statement. They are being used right now by the Jewish oligarch’s capitalist system to wage a war against us…there [was] a placard of an Israeli tank and a Palestinian who had a rock, this kid, he’s six years old standing against the might of the Zionist empire and it’s that same enemy, same barricade. As we’re fighting globalism and imperialism and the Jewish control of our system in other races.” He ended his speech by reminding his supporters to “remember our ideas are normal natural and healthy. I was sitting smoking cigars one time…at the University of Indiana Bloomington in a cigar lounge with some party members and there’s a very high Chinese student rate. And the Chinese students were in there talking about politics…and they were actually laughing at us, they were like, you just let the Jews run your country. Why would you do that, that’s so stupid? I’m like, I know…Remember we as white nationalists are not in conflict with one another, we’re not in conflict with other peoples. We’re in conflict against the establishment, the bankers, the Jewish power structure and the bourgeoisie.”
2/22/16 – An event hosted by the Judaic Studies program that featured a talk by Prof. Michael Brenner entitled “The Idea of A Jewish State from Herzl to Netanyahu,” was disrupted by 15 student protestors, who stood up at various places in the audience and held delegitimizing signs that read, “Israel is an apartheid state.” They also gave out fliers that “pointed out the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism and highlighted the undertones of ethnic cleansing inherent in the history of the state of Israel.”
3/2/16 – SJP erected a wall that included the phrase, “To Exist is to Resist” which condones terrorism, and delegitimized Israel by falsely stating “Israel is an Apartheid State.” The wall further contained a call for BDS to “Deshelve Sabra Hummus.”


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(Description note – Students protesting Michael Brenner, Ph.D., chair of Israel Studies at American University’s talk entitled “The Idea of A Jewish State from Herzl to Netanyahuflyer” gave out flyers that ‘pointed out the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism and highlighted the undertones of ethnic cleansing inherent in the history of the state of Israel.” About 15 student protestors also stood up at various places in the audience and held signs that read, “Israel is an apartheid state.” The student writing an op-ed about it also claimed, “By inviting speakers like Dr. Brenner who perpetuate uncritical narratives of Zionist history, the Judaic Studies program at UT is spreading an oppressive colonialist ideology and is therefore complicit in Israeli violence against Palestinians.”)


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Source Credit: SJP UTK Facebook Page (March 2, 2016)

Source Credit: SJP UTK Facebook Page (March 2, 2016)

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