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Classification Date-Description
11/29/2016 – UMass Boston SJP held the event “UMB SJP Presents Iyad Burnat” to discuss “nonviolent resistance and the fight for human rights in Palestine.” During the event, Burnat said that Israel’s establishment in 1948 was “the Palestinian Holocaust,” that he and all Palestinians “believe that the American media is controlled by the Zionist media,” that Israel was “worse than apartheid in South Africa,” and he called for BDS.
7/14/15 – UMass Boston SJP was one of 9 Boston area student groups that published a Youtube video falsely accused Israel of “crimes against humanity” being an “apartheid state” and urges viewers, especially students, to take action by organizing in their respective communities and joining the BDS movement.
BDS ACTIVITY: CALLS FOR BDS 5/16/16 – In a statement from the Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine organization at the University of Massachusetts Boston (FSJP-UMB) organized by UMB American Studies professor Jeffrey Melnick, FSJP-UMB joined their University of Massachusetts Amherst faculty colleagues and expressed support and congratulations to the UMass Amherst Graduate Employee Organization (GEO/UAW Local 2322) for its adoption of a resolution to join the international Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel.



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BDS Tracker

4/18/2012 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed unanimously.

BDS Instigators: Student & Faculty


Student Group(s) Promoting BDS: 1


Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 51

  1. Ping-Ann Addo
  2. Randy Albelda
  3. Pamela Annas
  4. Anneta Argyres
  5. Paul Atwood
  6. Elsa Auerbach
  7. Anna Beckwith
  8. Chris Bobel
  9. Matthew Brown
  10. Philip Chassler
  11. Elora Chowdhury
  12. Reyes Coll-Tellechea
  13. Dick Cluster
  14. Amy Den-Ouden
  15. Linda Dittmar
  16. Doreen Drury
  17. Amani El Jack
  18. Anne Erde
  19. Leila Farsakh
  20. Kade Finnoff
  21. Christopher Fung
  22. Panayota Gounari
  23. Itai Halevi
  24. Claudia Heske
  25. John Hess
  26. Sandra Howland
  27. David Hunt
  28. Arjun Jayadev
  29. Luis Jiménez
  30. Larry Kaye
  31. Arthur Keene
  32. Esther Kingston-Mann
  33. Steven Levine
  34. Martha London
  35. Arthur MacEwan
  36. Jeffrey Melnick
  37. Askold Melnyczuk
  38. Susan Moir
  39. Nadia Nurhussein
  40. Louise Penner
  41. Rachel Rubin
  42. Wendy Schoener
  43. C. Heike Schotten
  44. Jack Spence
  45. Rajini Srikanth
  46. Karen Suyemoto
  47. Lynnell Thomas
  48. Lynne Tirrell
  49. Susan Tomlinson
  50. Joseph Torra
  51. Leonard von Morze

See “Statement of Support of Academic Boycott of Israel”


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