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  • March 14, 2018 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Elan) – “We saw in person SJP being very hostile to students, pressuring them into voting, lying to them about what this was about, approaching pro-Israel students and trying to intimidate them.” Read more
  • March 14, 2018 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Student (Josh) – “The BDS movement has meant divisiveness, antisemitism and intolerance for our campus.” Read more
  • March 6, 2018 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Hayley)- “UIUC Divest co-opts the platform of human rights with this vague and uncoordinated referendum that seeks to manipulate the student body into supporting their real goal of marginalizing Jewish students, students connected to Israel and minority students at large through BDS.” Read more
  • February 22, 2018 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Elan) – “The UIUC Divest campaign has led to increased animosity, intolerance and even acts of hate against Jewish students — not discussion or understanding.  As a member of the Jewish community on campus, I have witnessed this first hand. During last year’s campaign, a leader of UIUC Divest told a fellow Jewish student to ‘go back to Europe.’ Another UIUC Divest leader proudly posted Hitler quotes on their Facebook page. I was personally stalked and went to the police, fearing for my personal safety. And, while elections were being held, a swastika was painted on our Undergraduate Library. Just this week at the Illinois Student Government meeting, UIUC Divest called a student in the LGBTQ+ community a ‘Christian Zionist pinkwasher’ for having the audacity to hold a differing opinion. This is not discussion. This is intimidation.” Read More
  • November 28, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Melech) – “On Nov. 13 Hen Mazzig was invited by the Illini Students Supporting Israel to give a speech about his experiences as an openly gay commander in the Israeli army working in the humanitarian division to help improve conditions for Palestinians. During this speech, SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) activists acted rudely on multiple occasions, insulting the speaker and trying to disrupt his speech. They laughed when the speaker would speak about sensitive memories such as when he came out as an LGBT to his best friend or the time he was almost killed in a terrorist attack. They were asked multiple times by perturbed attendees to show respect and let the speaker finish his speech, but continued to giggle and let their phones go off multiple times. They then got up in the middle of his speech with inflammatory posters, screaming and trying to stop the speech. The campus police had to be called to end the disruption. Many students were taken aback by these attacks.” Read more
  • November 15, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Elana) – “There is a line between distaste for the Israeli government and complete disdain for those that support the State of Israel, and SJP UIUC has crossed it time and time again.” Read more
  • September 27, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Elan) “Since the start of this semester, swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti have been discovered on University property. A Registered Student Organization group declared, ‘there is no room for Zionists’ at the University of Illinois. Jewish students have reported being harassed, targeted and feeling unsafe.” Read more
  • September 7, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Elan) “They specifically called out Zionists and made clear we were not welcome on this campus … they made it clear I and others like me are the targets. Hillel, IlliniPAC, and all Zionists were called out directly. We were compared to the KKK, to violent fascists and accused of perpetuating white supremacy all because we believe that the Jewish people have a right to self-determination.” Read more
  • September 6, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Hayley) “’I hate Jews.’ These were the words found carved on the door of a bathroom on our campus this week. ‘There is no room for … Zionists at UIUC.’ This statement came on a post by Students for Justice in Palestine, written publicly on Facebook for anyone and everyone to see.…Hateful words on social media often lead to hateful words in person, and hateful words often lead to hateful, intolerant action: actions like two swastikas being found scrawled on the doors of the bathroom in Altgeld Hall. Yes, this also happened this week — in the same building where the inscription on one door stating ‘I hate Jews’ was found.” Read more
  • September 5, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Eitan) “As someone who believes in Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state, and strongly opposes fascism and white supremacy, SJP’s hate speech is beyond offensive. Their attempts to dehumanize, exclude, and promote violence against students like me are in direct violation of the values of our university and student body.” Read more
  • July 25, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Hayley) – “The language of this SJP statement encourages a call for more violence which is inappropriate and irresponsible…We have seen too much the impact of promoting hate on the ground in the Middle East and feel that publicly encouraging such violence here in the United States is entirely unacceptable.”  Read more
  • April 12, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Hayley) – “While taking a break from cleaning, we saw a Facebook event go live by Students for Justice in Palestine titled Israel Apartheid Week. We instantly recognized a major scheduling conflict. The event is occurring this week, just like the Passover holiday…Our campus is no stranger to intolerance, so the conversation is important and must not be silenced. I am not advocating for banning Students for Justice in Palestine’s event; however, their event needs to be accessible for all students to share facts and not dispel lies that breed hate and intolerance.” Read more 
  • March 9, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Elliot) – “This [divestment referendum] forces unalterable polarized views on campus and alienates a significant portion of students. This has been seen on other campuses with increases of antisemitism where BDS has passed.” Read more
  • March 7, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Hayley) – “This [divestment] referendum has created a toxic environment on our campus that warrants intervention.” Read more
  • March 7, 2017 – University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Jewish Student (Elana) – “This [divestment] campaign hurts our campus. It divides us based on our differences, rather than unifying our campus that proudly calls itself ‘Inclusive Illinois.’ I never want to feel this hostile atmosphere pervade this place I call home.” Read more


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Classification Date-Description
TARGETING JEWISH STUDENTS AND STAFF: DENIGRATION 2/14/18 – A resolution to remove UIUC Divest from the referendum ballot was introduced during the student government meeting. According to a student, during the meeting, “UIUC Divest called a student in the LGBTQ+ community a ‘Christian Zionist pinkwasher.'”
11/13/17 – At an SSI event with Hen Mazzig, SJP members verbally assaulted the presenter with the demonizing accusation of ‘pinkwashing’ even though he was telling his own personal story of coming out, and disrupted the talk with sustained chants of, “Free Palestine.” The SJP protesters held signs of “Fascists off our campus,” and “Israel Occupation Forces.” SJP members also openly laughed when Mazzig was telling the story of his grandmother finding the body of his grandfather who was killed “in Iraq in 1951 after being accused of being a Zionist spy, just because he was Jewish.”
9/5/17 – At the rally “Smashing Fascism: Radical Resistance Against White Supremacy,” co-sponsored by SJP, an SJP representative said that “white supremacy and Zionism are birds of a feather…Therefore, if one opposes white supremacy, one must also oppose Zionism.” The same SJP member then led the crowd in chants of, “No Zionists, no KKK, resisting fascists all the way.” A flag of Israel with the word “Genocide” on it, that was covered in bloody hand-prints, was held up during the speaking, then marched throughout campus. Prior to the rally, SJP released a statement defending the rally that demonized Zionism and delegitimized Israel with the false accusation of “apartheid,” stating, “We, the collective organizers of the ‘Smashing Fascism: Radical Resistance to White Supremacy’ rally, are disgusted with the preemptive backlash our event has received. This opposition highlights the unholy union of American fascists, white supremacists, and Zionists which seeks to weaken and destroy intersectional movements for mass liberation…violent resistance–whether it is a black bloc or full-scale armed conflict–also has its place. The struggle for liberation must exist on multiple levels and scales–it cannot, and will not, be confined…These charges of anti-semitism are toothless and based in a conflation of anti-semitism and anti-zionism. Criticism of the state of Israel and its practices is totally separate from attacks on people of the Jewish faith and heritage. The former is a political position based in opposition to state sponsored violence, apartheid, and settler-colonialism; the latter is a form of hatred that has no place in any movement for liberation…Additionally, pro-Israel campus groups have maintained contact with and may have requested an increased presence of campus and area police…The police, at all levels, represent white supremacy and the preservation of a racist, classist, and sexist society…Such actions show that Zionist campus groups do not have a commitment to fighting for justice and have no problem siding with and introducing oppressive forces within radical spaces.”
9/1/17 – SJP promoted a rally it co-sponsored, titled “Smashing Fascism: Radical Resistance Against White Supremacy” by discriminating against Zionists and demonizing Zionism, stating, “Join SJP and other amazing, radical organizations on campus at this rally next week. There is no room for fascists, white supremacists, or Zionists at UIUC. Tuesday, September 5th @ 11:30am, Alma Mater. #SmashingFascism #NoJusticeNoPeace”
9/1/17 – Two swastikas and “I hate Jews” were found scrawled on the doors of the bathroom in Altgeld Hall. Date of incident is approximated from article.
3/9/17 – A blue swastika was found drawn on an exterior wall of the Undergraduate Library.
3/7/17 – A university employee reported that someone had drawn a blue swastika on the exterior wall of the English Building.
4/28/16 – Swastikas were found by a campus employee April 24 in an elevator and a wall in the Armory indoor track and field center. Three other similar swastikas were found in campus buildings on Thursday April 28, as 2-foot-tall symbols drawn with markers.
4/4/16 – A student who attended the Program for Jewish Culture and Society at UIUC’s event on campus called “A Roundtable Discussion of Racism, Antisemitism….On Campus and Beyond” wrote a statement of critique shared by SJP UIUC, that stated that “thou shalt not…host a panel on anti-semitism and racism that welcomes Hillel International and/or campus Hillels” and “White supremacy is rampant in the Jewish community ” as well as accusing Israel of ” rampant ethnic cleansing “. The critique also referenced and linked to a statement by the President of SJP who spoke on the panel, whose statement alluded to historical allegations of Jewish control and power stating, “I have no will, no desire, and quite frankly no fucking time to deal with Zionist bullshit…Zionist privilege also exists and we need to recognize that. Hillel, IllinPAC, ISSI, Chabad, Mishelanu UIUC, JStreet U, SAIP, etc. etc. are either defunct and subject to the whims of stronger organizations or they (the stronger orgs) are actively supported by members of the Student Senate, powerful faculty members, wealthy outside donors, and especially University higher administration.”
3/31/16 – SJP posted a press release on their facebook page protesting an event at Hillel that was sponsored by Mishelanu, a “national campus program for Israeli-American students run by the Israeli American Council” which was an IDF-style boot camp for physical exercise. The press release accused Israel of apartheid and colonization and said that “such an event was created and promoted is a form of violence against Palestinian members of the campus.” It is unclear if the event was cancelled because of SJP’s protests, but the advertisement for the event was removed following the protests.
2/7/16 – A large menorah in front of the Illini Chabad house was vandalized for the third time in a year when a woman (later identified as a UI softball player) broke off one of the arms.
8/21/15 – A 9-foot menorah in front of the Illini Chabad house was knocked down for the second time this year.
4/18/15 – A large menorah outside of the Illini Chabad House was knocked down at the beginning of National Israel Week.
ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DEMONIZING 4/11/18 – SJP and Women of Pride held the event, “Pride Under Occupation: A Conversation about Identity.” According to the description for the event, one of the speakers, Stephanie Skora, will be using her curriculum Pride with Prejudice: Exposing the Pinkwashing Agenda. Pinkwashing is a demonizing term implying that Israel is malevolently representing itself as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes.”
4/8/18 – An op-ed in the student paper demonized and delegitimized Israel, claiming, “from the planned Zionist ethnic cleansing of Nakba to the current incipiently genocidal siege of Gaza…Israel is rightfully compared by informed critics to apartheid South Africa…the one-sided, brutal nature of Zionism as a European settler-colonialist project, which is comparable in many ways to our own racist history. Given these understandings, Israel’s behavior can no longer be justified in relation to the Holocaust, from the Zionist terrorism of the 1940s to the present day.” The author continued to accuse Israel of “massacre,” “institutionalized racism,” and “brutalization of children.”
3/1/18 – UIUC Divest, Students for Justice in Palestine, Black Students for Revolution, UMMA UIUC – United Muslims and Minority Advocates, Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support, MEChA de UIUC – Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan, Women of Pride and Jewish Voice for Peace held the ,a href=””>event, “BDS: Stopping Zionist Genocide Against the Palestinians” with University of Illinois College of Law professor Francis Boyle. UIUC Divest claimed there were over 100 people in attendance. During the event, Boyle demonized and delegitimized Israel, compared Jews to Nazis, utilized historical tropes of Jewish political control, and expressed support for BDS throughout. Boyle stated that, “the very essence of Zionism requires ethnic cleansing and acts of genocide against the Palestinians,” and claimed, “Israel’s genocidal policy against the Palestinians has been unremitting, extending from before the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948, and is ongoing even now and especially intensifying.” He asked, “do you really think we’re going to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians from three Orthodox Jews?” and answered, “of course not! And to show you how bad it was that in 1991, at the beginning of these peace negotiations, Bush senior put three American Jews in charge of the process…and they even later admitted yes, they always serve as Israel’s Lord, which is true… nothing has changed from 1991 until today, it’s still three American Jews in charge of these so-called peace negotiations serving as lawyers for Israel.” He stressed that “in Gaza today as we speak 1.8 million of Palestinians [are] being treated almost as if they were the Jews at Dachau [former Nazi concentration camp].” Boyle accused Alan Dershowitz of being, “a member of a Mossad committee that approved the murder and assassination of Palestinians,” and the former president of Harvard, Lawrence Summers of being a “die-hard Zionist himself [who] tried to impose his neocon Zionist agenda on Harvard.” He accused other opponents of divestment of being, “die hard racist bigoted Zionists.” Boyle stressed that “the BDS campaign…[and] why we are here tonight [is] to prevent the job [of the] Zionist genocide against the Palestinians that is still going on today including and especially in Gaza.” Boyle claimed, “Congress has [been] completely bought off by the Zionist lobby and the White House these days…there’s no hope there, so we have to take our campaign out [to] the American people.” Finally, Boyle told activists to defend themselves against charges of antisemitism by remarking, “when Zionist attack you, you say yeah, you people are more loyal to Israel than you are to the United States. I’m a loyal American citizen. I’m exercising my First Amendment right.”
11/2/17 – SJP held a “Vigil for the 100 Year Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration” event on campus. The advertisement for the event demonized Israel with accusations of “systematic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.” During the event, a woman with a megaphone delegitimized Israel, calling it the “ever expanding settler-colonial state that is Israel.”
10/26/17 – Black Students for Revolution and SJP UIUC co-hosted the event, “Black4Palestine.” The description for the event delegitimized Israel, stating, “Discussions will center around how the Black and Palestinian struggle mirror one another from apartheid in South Africa/Palestine to police brutality/IDF brutality.”
10/20/17 – SJP held the event “The Qibya Massacre: A Teach-In” on campus. A speaker with a megaphone demonized and delegitimized Israel, and called for BDS, stating, “It is a conscious political [goal] of the state [to] see the continuing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians… It is an essential part…of the long-term Zionist project to eradicate the Palestinian nation, write it out of history…the eradication of Palestine, the erasure of Palestine…and the elimination of Palestinian selective memory by the Israeli state are no less violent than the ethnic cleansing in 1948…Zionism like all other European colonial settler movements uses cultural and historical steps as key weapons in its war of elimination against the indigenous Palestinians…We will join Palestinian activists and campaigns for BDS, boycott, divestment, and sanctions…It’s time we recognize what’s happening in Palestine is a genocide…We resist every massacre that the Israeli regime has done on Palestinian communities.”
10/12/17 – SJP held the event “Palestine 101” with Dr. Lila Sharif, Professor Kenneth Cuno, and Alumna Stephanie Skora. During the event, all three speakers engaged in antisemitic rhetoric. Dr. Sharif falesly claimed there is “an apartheid regime that is modeled after South Africa…it’s not a fence. It’s an apartheid wall…that has a sort of structural architectural design that came straight out of South African apartheid in fact Israel collaborated with the apartheid regime of South Africa in order to create this apartheid system in the West Bank” as well as stated, “structural racism…fed into this ideology of Jews being the chosen people sort of high jacking the Jewish faith in order to institute an ideology of white supremacist Jewry that was going to take citizenship over in historic Palestine…the occupation as well as the ideology that needing to keep populations separate in order to maintain a pure race.” Dr. Sharif also advocated for BDS. Professor Cuno falsely accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid” and advocated for BDS. Skora delegitimized Israel with accusations of “apartheid” and “pinkwashing,” a demonizing term implying that Israel is malevolently representing itself as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes.” She further elaborated that Israel’s “pinkwashing” included “Islamaphobia,” “anti-Arab racism,” and Jewish exceptionalism…the idea that Judaism is uniquely friendly to queer and trans people, these ideas place the Israeli state over other states…place Jews culturally and spiritually over other religions not just in the region but worldwide in relation to queer and trans people. And pinkwashing at the end of the day is not just a form of racism or homophobia and transphobia but it is essentially a way to mobilize queer and trans bodies to justify the murder of Palestinians because of tourism.” Skora further falsely accused Israel of being “currently engaged in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians regardless of faith and this includes the Jewish Palestinians.” Skora also falsely claimed that speaking on behalf of Palestinians “is a form of anti-Semitism, it’s not often named as anti-Semitism because what that does is it silences Jews who are speaking out as Jews in their practice of Judaism, which is literally anti-Semitism.” The moderator of the event asked participants to “join our divest campaign that we just launched to help us try to pass BDS.”
2/2/17 – UIUC Divest launched its divestment campaign at a UIUC Divest Launch Party event. This is a broad-based divestment platform to “withdraw the University’s investments from companies which violate human rights locally and globally–including companies which are complicit in, enable, or carry out the suppression of oppressed and marginalized communities,” including companies “that support the marginalization of Palestinians.” The campaign is sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine, along with Black Students for Revolution, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA), Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support (CUTES), UIUC Beyond Coal, United Muslim Minority Advocates, Gharbzadegi Art Collective, Mixed Student Union, Students for an Arab Cultural Center, Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation–Central Illinois, Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), Graduate Employees Organization (GEO), Arab Student Association, Illini Progressives, and Students Against Sexual Assault. According to an Algemeiner article, “In a video of the event posted on Facebook, MJ Oviatt — co-president of environmental justice group UIUC Beyond Coal, a sponsor of the BDS campaign — is seen describing Zionists as ‘murderers,’ accusing Israel of ‘genocide’ and mocking Jews’ claims to Israel as ‘their birthright’ as being ‘built on empty religious rhetoric.’…’This disgusting domination has never been about living on the land, and if it was, that would imply living as one with the Palestinians,’ he said.”
DEMONIZATION 2/1/17 – At a campus anti-Trump rally co-sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine along with other groups, an Israeli flag covered in bloody handprints was featured prominently behind a rally speaker.
10/13/16 – SJP held the event “Palestine 101: An Introduction to the Conflict.” The advertisement for the event delegitimized and demonized Israel, stating that one speaker would discuss “Israeli apartheid,” and another would discuss “pinkwashing” i.e. Israel malevolently representing itself as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide its “crimes” against Palestinians.
DELEGITIMIZATION 4/12/16 – The Department of American Indian Studies (AIS) co-sponsored SJP’s “Israeli Apartheid Week 2016” which included a mock wall that falsely accused Israel of apartheid, mock checkpoints, and a “Café Intifada” event, among other events.
DEMONIZATION 3/14/16 – SJP held the event, “No Walls Between Us: A Panel on Building Muslim, Palestinian, and Queer/Trans” where the advertisement stated they will discuss pinkwashing, i.e malevolently representing Israel as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes”.
4/20/15 – UIUC SJP built an “apartheid wall” on the campus quad as part of “Israel Apartheid Week 2015”. Several of the panels that made up the display contained antisemitic content, includingby falsely accusing Israel of being an “apartheid” state, and promoting BDS.
4/20/15 – The UIUC SJP hosted a talk by Anna Baltzer entitled “BDS: The Movement to End Israeli Occupation.” In her talk, Baltzer denied Jews self-determination stating, “We hear so much of the necessity of a Jewish state to exist but what does that mean? …[It] requires perpetual oppression of the indigenous non-Jewish population…That’s what Israel is…[its] so-called right to exist.” She further repeatedly delegitimized Israel, falsely accusing it of “apartheid,” and cshe alled for BDS throughout saying, “BDS is great.”
BDS ACTIVITY: CALLS FOR BDS 4/9/18 – As part of “Israeli Apartheid Week” events, SJP erected a mock “apartheid wall” in the Quad. One of the panels called for BDS.
BDS VOTE 3/12/18 – A UIUC Divest referendum question was voted on in a campus-wide vote. For a second year in a row, the UIUC Divest referendum question failed by a vote of 3133 (65%) to 1700 (35%).
CALLS FOR BDS 3/4/18 – The UIUC Divest referendum was placed on the ballot for a March 7-8 vote with 2500 signatures garnered. Co-sponsors of the resolution included MEChA de UIUC, GEO, UIUC Muslim Student Association, Black Students for Revolution, UMMA UIUC, Black Rose / Rosa Negra – Anarchist Federation, Women of Pride, Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support, Asian Pacific American Coalition at UIUC, Black Lives Matter: Champaign-Urbana, Jewish Voice for Peace, Students for Environmental Concerns UIUC – SECS, UIUC Beyond Coal and Black United Front UIUC.
BDS EVENT 2/27/18 – UIUC Divest held the event, “DivesTEA for Free.” The description for the event stated that participants can, ” learn about our #UIUCDivest campaign! Come for the tea, stay for the revolution! We will also be selling baked goods and our Divest apparel!”
BDS EVENT 2/22/18 – SJP and UIUC Divest held the event, “A Jewish Case for Divestment,” with Stephanie Skora from Jewish Voice for Peace.
CALLS FOR BDS 2/21/18 – The student government discussed and voted on a resolution to remove UIUC Divest (the BDS resolution) from the referendum ballot. The anti-BDS resolution was tabled in committee indefinitely, allowing UIUC divest to continue forward in the resolution process.
BDS EVENT 2/16/18 – SJP, AMP and UIUC Divest held the event, “AMP Presents: Debunking Zionist Myths About BDS.”
CALLS FOR BDS 2/11/18 – UIUC circulated a divestment referendum petition for students to sign in order that the divestment referendum would appear on the voting ballot in March.
CALLS FOR BDS 2/9/18 – UIUC Divest launched a divestment campaign with a party event at the Charles Murray Foundation. Co-sponsors included: Black Students for Revolution (BSFR), Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA), Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support (CUTES), United Muslim Minority Advocates (UMMA), Asian, Pacific American Coalition (APAC), Graduate Employees Organization (GEO), Muslim Students Association (MSA), Black Lives Matter-CU Chapter (BLM-CU), Black United Front (BUF), Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation–Central Illinois, Women of Pride-CU (WOP-CU), and the Arab Students Assocation (ASA). The logo for UIUC Divest includes an image of Israel with the words “UIUC DIVEST.” T-shirts supporting divestment were available for sale at the event.
BDS VOTE 3/11/17 – The student body voted on a student advisory referendum calling on the University of Illinois to divest from companies linked to human-rights violations (including divestment from companies that do business in Israel). The referendum failed with a vote of 56.8 to 43.2 percent.
BDS EVENT 3/2/17 – SJP and UIUC Divest held the event, “A Jewish Case for Divestment.”
BDS EVENT 2/16/17 – SJP UIUC and UIUC Divest held the CALLS FOR BDS 2/6/17 – UIUC Divest started the circulation of a BDS petition for UIUC students and advertised that 2,000 signatures would be needed to get the BDS referendum on the ballot in March.
CALLS FOR BDS 10/14/15 – UIUC SJP’s announcement of their 2015 International Day of Action included a video from Hatem Bazian, who called on SJP groups to hold an International Day of Action on their campuses on October 14, 2015, in order to “bring about a commitment to BDS”.
BDS EVENTS 4/9/15 – UIUC SJP hosted an event entitled “The Case for Boycotting Israel with Ali Abunimeh”, in which Abunimeh promoted BDS.


In the News ?

March 20, 2018:
The Algemeiner – Anti-Semitic Flyers Found On U Campus, Removed

March 15, 2018:
University of Illinois System, Office of the President – Statement on Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement

March 5, 2018:
The Daily Illini – Anti-Semitism fails to gain independent category on bias report

February 21, 2018:
The Daily Illini – Letter to the Editor: Student government should listen to students on divest issue

November 28, 2017:
The Daily Illini – Letter to the Editor: Don’t use free speech to silence those you disagree with

November 16, 2017:
The Washington Free Beacon – Former IDF Commander Says Anti-Israel Activists Laughed as He Described Coming Out

October 11, 2017:
The News-Gazette – UI to create free-speech task force
(Description note, “’If we had to do it all over again, we would call out anti-Muslim actions’ as well, Wilkin said. ‘There was no intent to equate anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.’”)

September 28, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Anti-Israel Group SJP Slams ‘Powerful Zionist Lobby’ After University of Illinois Condemns Antisemitism

September 25, 2017:
The Algemeiner – University of Illinois Chancellor Slams ‘Antisemitic Attacks Hidden Under Anti-Zionist Rhetoric’

September 7, 2017:
The Washington Free Beacon UIUC Student Group Compares Zionists to KKK, White Supremacists

September 6, 2017:
The Daily Illini – Uphold the student code
(Description note, “’I hate Jews.’ These were the words found carved on the door of a bathroom on our campus this week. ‘There is no room for … Zionists at UIUC.’ This statement came on a post by Students for Justice in Palestine, written publicly on Facebook for anyone and everyone to see.…Hateful words on social media often lead to hateful words in person, and hateful words often lead to hateful, intolerant action: actions like two swastikas being found scrawled on the doors of the bathroom in Altgeld Hall. Yes, this also happened this week — in the same building where the inscription on one door stating ‘I hate Jews’ was found.”)

September 6, 2017:
Legal Insurrection UIUC Student Group Compares Zionists to KKK, White Supremacists

September 5, 2017:
StandWithUs – StandWithUs Calls on UIUC to Condemn SJP’s Hate Speech and Support for Violence, September 5, 2017

August 31, 2017:
The Washington Free Beacon – Fascist Demonstration’ Raises Concerns of Violence

July 24, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Amid Temple Mount Tensions, Anti-Israel Student Groups in US Celebrate Palestinian Violence Against Jewish State

March 14, 2017:
he Daily Illini –  Police blotter for March 14
(Description note, “Vandalism was reported at the Undergraduate Library, 1402 W. Gregory Drive, around 9:30 a.m. Thursday. According to the report, a blue swastika had been drawn on an exterior wall and the graffiti was quickly removed.”)

March 13, 2017:
The Daily Illini –  Divestment rejected, unofficial election results show increased voter turnout

March 12, 2017:
Jewish Telegraphic Agency – University of Illinois, Ohio State reject divestment measures

March 11, 2017:
The News-Gazette – UI students reject divestment referendum

March 10, 2017:
The News-Gazette – UI vote on divestment referendum causes tension

March 9, 2017:
The Daily Illini – Letter to the Editor: Divest movements increase anti-semitism on campus

March 8, 2017:
The Daily Illini – Letter to the Editor: Unite behind human rights and vote yes to divest

March 8, 2017:
FOX Illinois – Students Ask For Change After Finding 17 Companies Violating Human Rights

March 8, 2017:
FOX Illinois – U Of I Employee Reports Blue Swastika Found On Building

March 7, 2017:
The Daily Illini – University shouldn’t tolerate UIUC Divest rule-breaking

March 7, 2017:
The Daily Illini – UIUC Divest would help University more than harm

March 7, 2017:
The Daily Illini – Letter to the Editor: Vote No on University divestment

February 8, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Student Group at Illinois U Vows to ‘Expose True Hateful Nature’ of BDS, in Response to Launch of Anti-Israel Divestment Campaign on Campus

February 3, 2017:
The Algemeiner – ‘Bloodied’ Israeli Flag Prominently Featured at U of Illinois Anti-Trump Rally

May 2, 2016:
Chicago Tribune – More swastikas found on University of Illinois buildings

February 17, 2016:
Journal Star – U of Illinois softball player apologizes for damaging Jewish student center’s menorah

February 14, 2016:
The News-Gazette – The menorah can be repaired

February 13, 2016:
The Daily Illini – Letter to the Editor: Student apologizes for Chabad Menorah damage
(Description note, “I would like to deeply apologize for my actions that took place on the early morning of Sunday, Feb. 7. There was at no point any disrespect or malice meant toward any community or religion, but I take full responsibility for my actions. The incident happened (following) a night out and (this letter) is not meant as an excuse but more of an explanation of my actions. Once again, I did not intend to make people feel hurt, concerned or nervous (because of) my actions that took place Sunday morning. With taking responsibility for the incident and my actions, I know there are consequences that come along. I take full acknowledgement of and responsibility for them and I am willing to pay the cost for the damages that I caused.”)

February 10, 2016:
Chicago Tribune – U. of I. suspends 2 athletes for vandalizing Jewish center
(Description note, “The University of Illinois has indefinitely suspended a softball player and suspended a men’s gymnast for two meets for their parts in vandalizing a campus Jewish center, the university announced Tuesday.”)

February 9, 2016:
The News-Gazette – Police: UI softball player is alleged menorah vandal

February 9, 2016:
The Daily Illini – Editorial: Illini Chabad Menorah vandalism disgraceful
(Description note, “The Menorah has been vandalized three times since April — a series of repugnant acts that show our campus community is not nearly as inclusive as some might believe. No matter what the cause or thought process behind the vandalism was, be it intoxication, a poorly conceived prank or any other, the offenders violated the immense religious significance of the Menorah and disrespected the local Jewish community. In August, 20-year-old Parkland College student Max Kristy was arrested for knocking over the previous Menorah, causing over $2,000 in damages to the base of the structure. And last April, the Menorah was heavily damaged just prior to National Israel Week. Nobody was convicted for the initial offense, but it did lead to the installation of two surveillance cameras; cameras that both helped convict Kristy and captured this weekend’s two offenders on video.”)

November 12, 2015:
Jewish Journal – Illinois university settles with professor who criticized Israel

October 13, 2015:
The Daily Illini – Salaita discusses new book, academic freedom

October 7, 2015:
The Daily Illini – UI looks to remove censure
(Description note, “In order for censure to be lifted, the University must reconcile with Salaita and change its policies. The University changed the timeline of its hiring but has not amended with Salaita yet. He said the outcome of his lawsuit could play a major role in the decision.”)

September 8, 2015:
The News-Gazette – Man accused in menorah damage charged with felony

August 30, 2015:
The Times of Israel – Illinois man arrested for toppling Chabad menorah

June 14, 2015:
Fox News – Academic group censures University of Illinois over rescinded job offer

June 14, 2015:
Star Tribune – Academic group votes to censure University of Illinois over professor hiring decision

May 29, 2015:
dailymotion – Columbia University Students for Justice in Palestine Mock Arrests – Right to Education Week 2012

May 29, 2015:
WREX – Wise expects U of Illinois to face censure over Salaita

May 3, 2015:
The Telegraph – Even if free, speech can have fallout

April 30, 2015:
JTA – Professors’ association: U. of Illinois violated prof’s rights in withdrawing offer

April 23, 2015:
The Daily Illini – Rethinking Middle East relations
(Description note, “The ad claims: “Bloodthirsty violence wreaked by Islamic terror groups in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Tunisia has created epic instability in the Middle East. This regional jihad is being waged by the Islamic State, al Qaeda affiliates, al Nusra Front, Hizbollah, Hamas, Houthi rebels and, most prominently, Iran.” It fails to mention the fundamental, aggressive and ongoing roles of the U.S. and Israel in fomenting such violence…Israel is not a victim; it is a perpetrator.”)

April 20, 2015:
Illinois Homepage – Campus vandalism against religious symbol
(Description note – a menorah in front of the Illini Chabad was knocked down and damaged the weekend before National Israel Week begins (time Jewish and Non-Jewish communities to come together to support Israel).

April 14, 2015:
Daily Journal – Judge gets June hearing in University of Illinois FOIA lawsuit involving Salaita

March 11, 2015:
Campus Reform – Cornel West cancels lecture at U. of Ill. over fired prof.
(Description note, “West is the latest in a series of academics boycotting the university. More than 5,000 academics are reportedly boycotting the university, which has resulted in the cancelation of over three dozen talks and conferences. Within the university, 16 academic departments have voted no confidence in the university’s administration.”)

March 10, 2015:
Legal Insurrection – Court to rule May 21 whether to dismiss Steven Salaita case

March 9, 2015:
The News-Gazette – UI censure decision coming in May

February 28, 2015:
The News-Gazette – Wise won’t ask LAS to reconsider Salaita job

February 26, 2015:
The Daily Illini – UI files motion to dismiss Salaita suit

February 23, 2015:
The Daily Illini – Former AAUP president: ‘University likely to face censure’

February 13, 2015:
The News-Gazette – Updated: Judge rejects UI’s attempt to dismiss Salaita FOIA suit

February 11, 2015:
The Daily Illini – Academic freedom panel: University must move fast to prevent censure

February 11, 2015:
The News-Gazette – Campus senate OKs committee recommendation to reconsider Salaita hiring

February 10, 2015:
The News-Gazette – UI hiring not broken

February 9, 2015:
The Daily Illini – Academic senate asked to review Salaita’s case

February 3, 2015:
The News-Gazette – Panel: UI trustees should stay out of hiring below level of dean

February 1, 2015:
The News-Gazette- Jim Dey: Salaita’s lawsuit is no laughing matter
(Description note, “”It’s funny that a person with free speech claims is suing someone else for exercising their free speech rights,” said UI law Professor Steve Beckett. Champaign lawyer Marc Ansel agreed. “Is he suing donors for speaking their minds? …That is almost laughable,” Ansel said.”)

January 30, 2015:
Haaretz – Anti-Israel professor sues University of Illinois for rescinding job offer

January 30, 2015:
Commentary – Steven Salaita Sues

January 30, 2015:
The Times of Israel – Scholar sues Illinois university for nixing his tenure over anti-Israel tweets

January 29, 2015:
The Chicago Monitor – Steven Salaita Files Lawsuit Against University of Illinois Board and Donors

January 29, 2015:
WREX – Professor who lost University of Illinois job offer sues

January 29, 2015:
Legal Insurrection – U. Illinois: Steven Salaita “lacked the professional fitness to serve on the faculty”

January 29, 2015:
UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – A statement by the University re Steven Salaita complaint

January 27, 2015:
The Daily Illini – Salaita to appear in court in February

January 22, 2015:
The College Fix – Professors’ Group Could Sue University of Illinois for Revoking Salaita’s Job Offer

January 21, 2015:
The Daily Illini – UI reaffirms Salaita’s rejected appointment, AAUP prepares new report

January 21, 2014:
Daily Illinois – University reacts to Israel academic boycott

January 16, 2015:
The State Journal-Registrar – U of I trustees: Decision on controversial professor final

January 7, 2015:
Legal Insurrection – Five Prominent Faculty at U. Illinois – Urbana Champaign come out against Salaita hire

December 25, 2014:
The Jerusalem Post – What happened to Steven Salaita?

December 23, 2014:
Legal Insurrection – U. Illinois Faculty Committee fails to call for Steven Salaita position restoration

December 5, 2014:
Haaretz – ‘I am no anti-Semite’ says Steven Salaita, lecturer-cum celeb who was fired for tweeting

December 3, 2014:
The Chronicle of Higher Education – U. of Illinois Dept. Heads Urge New Chief to Repair Damage From Salaita Controversy

December 3, 2014:
The College Fix – Profs’ Group Will Censure University For Salaita Treatment, Department Heads Say

December 2, 2014:
LETTER – Open Letter to Dr. Killeen

November 20, 2014:
New Jersey Jewish News – Prof defends role in Gaza Twitter scandal

November 10, 2014:
EVENT – A teach-in for stu­dents to learn about and get involved with the BDS movement

November 8, 2014:
aish – Campus Mezuzah Attacks

November 8, 2014:
The College Fix – Academic Freedom For Me, But Not For Thee

November 6, 2014:
JTA – Universities called out for trying to suppress protests of Israel

November 5, 2014:
CAMERA – NPR Host Claims Professor Fired For Criticizing Israel, Conceals What He Really Said

November 3, 2014:
New Jersey Jewish News – Watchdog sees hope in fighting bigotry

November 3, 2014: – Unremarkable Tweets and Donor Pressure Cost Me My Job – Steven Salaita on the Real News

October 14, 2014:
The College Fix – Professor Who Made Vile Anti-Semitic Remarks Given ‘Financial Aid’ Grant

October 12, 2014:
The DePaulia – Steven Salaita, U of I professor denied job offer, speaks at DePaul

October 9, 2014:
The DePaulia – Interview: Professor Steven Salaita speaks out against academic censorship and Israel

October 7, 2014:
Michael Rothberg – Statement of the Executive Committee of the Program in Jewish Culture and Society at the U of Illinois

October 8, 2014:
The Times of Israel – How to Criticize Israel Without Being Antisemitic – in 140 Characters or Less

October 7, 2014:
Chicago Tribune – Professor who lost U. of I. job offer lashes out at administrators

September 30, 2014:
Chicago Now – Steven Salaita’s Self-Defense Makes No Sense

September 30, 2014:
Chicago Tribune – Steven Salaita: U. of I. destroyed my career

September 21, 2014:
Fox News – Academic who lost teaching gig over anti-Semitic tweets not sorry

September 19, 2014: Daily Herald – U of I board chairman defends rescinding professor’s job offer
(Description note – “The University of Illinois was right to deny a faculty job to a professor whose anti-Israel Twitter messages were considered by some to be anti-Semitic, University of Illinois board Chairman Chris Kennedy said in a newspaper interview”)

September 18, 2014:
The Times of Israel – Anti-Semitism and the Salaita Controversy

September 14, 2014:
Sun Times – Steinberg: U of I prof not the problem; it’s all those like him

September 12, 2014:
Jewish Daily Forward – The Salaita Scandal – Is Publishing Offensive Tweets a Form of Academic Freedom?

September 11, 2014:
Chronicle of Higher Education – What’s Next in the Steven Salaita Dispute?

September 11, 2014:
Chicago Tribune- U. of I. trustees vote 8-1 to reject Salaita

September 10, 2014:
JTA – Prof denied post at Illinois over Israel tweets threatens to sue

September 9, 2014:
Forward – Steven Salaita Speaks Out – Controversial Professor Says He Won’t Punish Students With Pro-Israel Views

September 9, 2014:
Steven Salaita’s Statement – Statement of Steven Salaita, September 9, 2014, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Description note – “Even more troubling are the documented revelations that the decision to terminate me is a result of pressure from wealthy donors – individuals who expressly dislike my political views. As the Center for Constitutional Rights and other groups have been tracking, this is part of a nationwide, concerted effort by wealthy and well-organized groups to attack pro-Palestinian students and faculty and silence their speech. This risks creating a Palestinian exception to the First Amendment and to academic freedom. The ability of wealthy donors and the politically powerful to create exceptions to bedrock principles should be worrying to all scholars and teachers.”)

September 3, 2014:
Chronicle of Higher Education – ‘A Growing Hunt for Heretics’?

September 5, 2014:
Washington Post – Someone actually read Steven Salaita’s scholarship (updated)
(Description note – contains excerpt of Salaita’s scholarship, “What stands out in the case of the Palestinians is the fact that they are blamed for their own dispossession. Their oppressors, the Jews, not only have managed to cast themselves as victims in the Israel-Palestine conflict, they have justified that self-image through an assiduous emphasis on their specialness…”)

September 3, 2014:
Tablet Magazine – Steven Salaita’s Academic Work Is Just as Hateful as His Tweets

September 3, 2014:
Washington Post – Steven Salaita, more than just an obnoxious tweeter (Update: site scrubbed?)

September 2, 2014:
Jewish Journal – Whether you fire him or not, condemn Salaita’s words

thumbs-up September 2, 2014:
Inside Higher Ed – Is the Boycott Movement Anti-Semitic?
(Description Note – Prof. Cary Nelson delves into the antisemitism within the BDS Movement, including “Ever since Lawrence Summers asserted that the divestment movement proposals were “anti-Semitic in their effect, if not in their intent,” we have had a model to use in examining the prejudicial implications of BDS in a more thoughtful way. That does not mean that every divestment proposal is anti-Semitic, but it does help us see why people who advocate the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state are promoting a goal that has anti-Semitic effects.”)

September 2, 2014:
Inside Higher Ed – U. of Illinois Willing to Settle With Salaita

thumbs-up August 31, 2014:
The News Gazette – Speech can degrade intellectual community
(Description Note – A letter from professors supporting Chancellor Wise’s decision regarding Salaita, includes “We, and others who share this perspective, believe that the administration precisely fulfilled its obligation in blocking this hire. They took seriously their job of overseeing the maintenance of an inclusive environment on this campus and they took steps to ensure its continuation.”)

August 27, 2014:
Hoover Institution – Academic Freedom and Academic Standards

August 23, 2014:
Chronicle of Higher Education – Scholars Sound Alarms About Being Judged on Their Civility

August 23, 2014:
Chronicle of Higher Education – U. of Illinois Feels Backlash From Scholars Angered by Salaita Case

thumbs-up August 22, 2014: UNIVERSITY STATEMENT, BOARD OF TRUSTEES – August 22 — An atmosphere for learning
(Description Note – “Earlier today, you received a thoughtful statement from Chancellor Phyllis Wise regarding the university’s decision not to recommend Prof. Steven Salaita for a tenured faculty position on the Urbana-Champaign campus…We agree, and write today to add our collective and unwavering support of Chancellor Wise and her philosophy of academic freedom and free speech tempered in respect for human rights – these are the same core values which have guided this institution since its founding…Disrespectful and demeaning speech that promotes malice is not an acceptable form of civil argument if we wish to ensure that students, faculty and staff are comfortable in a place of scholarship and education. If we educate a generation of students to believe otherwise, we will have jeopardized the very system that so many have made such great sacrifices to defend. There can be no place for that in our democracy, and therefore, there will be no place for it in our university.”)

thumbs-up August 22, 2014: UNIVERSITY STATEMENT, CHANCELLOR WISE – The Principles on Which We Stand
(Description note – “What we cannot and will not tolerate at the University of Illinois are personal and disrespectful words or actions that demean and abuse either viewpoints themselves or those who express them. We have a particular duty to our students to ensure that they live in a community of scholarship that challenges their assumptions about the world but that also respects their rights as individuals. As chancellor, it is my responsibility to ensure that all perspectives are welcome and that our discourse, regardless of subject matter or viewpoint, allows new concepts and differing points of view to be discussed in and outside the classroom in a scholarly, civil and productive manner…A Jewish student, a Palestinian student, or any student of any faith or background must feel confident that personal views can be expressed and that philosophical disagreements with a faculty member can be debated in a civil, thoughtful and mutually respectful manner.”

August 15, 2014:
Inside Higher Ed – Cary Nelson faces backlash over his views on a controversial scholar

August 11, 2014:
STATEMENT by EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, CENTER FOR SOUTH ASIAN AND MIDDLE EASTERN STUDIES – Statement by the Executive Committee of the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies on the Firing of Dr. Steven Salaita
(Description note – ” There is nothing anti-Semitic in Dr. Salaita’s comments on Twitter; the targets of his criticisms are…the illegal and unethical assault on Gaza, and those who support it.”)

August 8, 2014:
Inside Higher Ed – An Appointment to Reject
(Description note – details Steven Salaita’s tweets including on July 19, 2014 – “Zionists: transforming ‘anti-Semitism’ from something horrible into something honorable since 1948,” and on July 8th, 2014 “Let’s cut to the chase: If you’re defending Israel right now you’re an awful human being.”)

August 7, 2014:
CBS Chicago – Reports: University Of Illinois Rescinds Job Offer To Professor Over Israel Comments

August 7, 2014:
Informed Comment- Is Zionism/ Jewish Nationalism a Political Cult? The Salaita Firing
(Description note – University of Michigan History Professor Juan Cole used antisemitic conspiracy theories,”I strongly suspect that Zionist organizations pressured the university to fire Professor Salaita. … This behavior is undemocratic and cult-like, and it is unacceptable in a Liberal society. We also see Jewish nationalists on the bench, in public office, and in high administrative positions who misuse their public position to engage in a sectarian vendetta so as to protect Israel from criticism or to punish its critics.”)

August 7, 2014:
STEVEN SALAITA TWEET – “If you haven’t recently been called a terror-loving anti-Semite, then I’m sorry to say that your critique of #Israel is totally weak. #Gaza”

August 6, 2014:
Jewish Daily Forward – University of Illinois Rescinds Offer to Professor After Anti-Israel Tweets

August 6, 2014:
Haaretz – U.S. professor reportedly loses appointment over anti-Israel tweets

August 6, 2014:
Inside Higher Ed – Out of a Job

August 6, 2014:
Legal Insurrection – Anti-Israel Prof. Steve Salaita loses job offer at U. Illinois over hateful tweets

August 6, 2014:
Jewish Voice – Wiesenthal Center Calls UI Professor’s Controversial Twitter Posts Anti-Semitic

July 21, 2014:
Daily Caller – America 2014: University of Illinois Professor Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism

July 19, 2014:
Legal Insurrection – U. Illinois Prof: Zionists partly to blame for recent outbursts of anti-Semitism

thumbs-up December 27, 2013:
UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – Statement from Chancellor Phyllis Wise regarding the proposed boycott by U.S. universities of Israeli academic institutions

thumbs-up December 27, 2013:
UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – Statement joining AAU opposition to Israeli universities boycott


Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism

Anti-Israel Rally at U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Source Credit: Legal Insurrection (September 6, 2017)

SJP’s mock “apartheid wall,” April 12, 2016. Source credit: SJP UIUC Facebook Page.

SJP’s mock “apartheid wall,” April 12, 2016. Source credit: SJP UIUC Facebook Page


To report antisemitic activity at this or any other campus, you may:

BDS Tracker

3/12/18 – Student Government: FAILED – A UIUC Divest referendum question was voted on in a campus-wide vote. For a second year in a row, the UIUC Divest referendum question failed by a vote of 3133 (65%) to 1700 (35%).

3/11/17 – Student Government: FAILED – A student advisory referendum calling on the University of Illinois to divest from companies linked to human-rights violations (including divestment from companies that do business in Israel) failed, 56.8 to 43.2 percent.

BDS Instigators: Student & Faculty


Student Group(s) Promoting BDS: 15

  1. MEChA de UIUC
  2. GEO
  3. UIUC Muslim Student Association
  4. Black Students for Revolution
  6. Black Rose / Rosa Negra – Anarchist Federation
  7. Women of Pride
  8. Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support
  9. Asian Pacific American Coalition at UIUC
  10. Black Lives Matter: Champaign-Urbana
  11. Jewish Voice for Peace
  12. Students for Environmental Concerns UIUC – SECS
  13. UIUC Beyond Coal
  14. Black United Front UIUC
  15. SJP


Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 11

  1. Jessica Greenberg
  2. Faye Harrison
  3. Linda Herrera
  4. Susan Koshy
  5. Martin F. Manalansan IV
  6. Ellen Moodie
  7. Mimi Thi Nguyen
  8. A. Naomi Paik
  9. Junaid Rana
  10. Gilberto Rosas
  11. Mahir Saul