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10/10/17 – A poster with antisemitic remarks was found outside Kirkbride Hall. The poster showed two hands, one representing Jews (with the image of a red Star of David) and the other representing communists (with the image of a Hammer and Sickle) taking over America with accompanying text of “Defend your nation” scrawled on the map. The poster concluded by directing viewers to a “Blood and Soil” URL which does not exist. The phrase “Blood and Soil” originated with the Nazi party.
ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DEMONIZATION 3/10/16 – As part of “Israeli Apartheid Week”, SJP held the event, “Chris Hedges: Bringing Justice to Palestine” where, according to an article in the school newspaper, Hedges claimed, “Gaza has no army, navy or mechanized machinery…It is a civilian population. That’s not a war, that’s murder” implying Israel ruthlessly murdered Palestinians and its involvement in Gaza was without any context (ignoring rockets, etc).
9/25/15 – UD Professor David Colton, faculty advisor of the UD SJP group, published an op-ed falsely accusing Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and promoting BDS. The article was promoted on the SJP’s Facebook page
DELEGITIMIZATION 3/10/15 – UD SJP published an op-ed in the student newspapre accusing Israel of being “an apartheid state.”
DELEGITIMIZATION 3/9/15 – UD SJP hosted an event that included a screening of the documentary “Have You Heard From Johannesburg.” According to an SJP op-ed published in the student newspaper, the goal of the event was to show that Israel was an apartheid state.
BDS ACTIVITY: CALLS FOR BOYCOTT 10/29/15 – UD SJP published a letter in calling for BDS.


In the News ?

October 10, 2017:
The Tab – Racist, anti-Semitic poster found on UD campus

June 24, 2017:
CAMERA – University Professor Who Cheered Student’s Death is a BDS Supporter

April 14, 2016:
UDaily – EVENT – Students for Justice in Palestine to host Refuser Solidarity Network speakers
(Description note: Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Delaware will host a speaking tour organized by the American Friends Service Committee in cooperation with the Refuser Solidarity Network, which works within the U.S. to raise support for conscientious objectors in Israel  at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 20, in 104 Gore Hall.)

March 14, 2016:
The Review – Pulitzer winner Hedges speaks on justice for Palestine

February 26, 2016:
UDaily – March 10: ‘Bringing Justice to Palestine’

October 20, 2015: SJP EVENT – Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Delaware will host Cindy and Craig Corrie, of the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

October 8, 2015: UDaily – Oct. 20: Students for Justice in Palestine: Parents of slain activist Rachel Corrie to speak at Kirkbride Hall
(Description note, “10 a.m., Oct. 8, 2015–Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Delaware will host Cindy and Craig Corrie of the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 20, in 004 Kirkbride Hall.”)

September 25, 2015: Delaware Online – Writer wrong to fight Israel boycott (A Pro-BDS Faculty Member at UC Davis publishes a response piece in order to promote BDS) (Description note, “As the chairperson of the University of Delaware Faculty Senate Report on Divestment from South Africa in the early 1990s and currently as faculty adviser to the UD Students for Justice in Palestine, I would like to respond to David J. Margules’ recent accusations in The News Journal on the boycotts, divestment, sanctions (BDS) campaign to boycott Israel, divest from companies doing business in Israel and impose sanctions against the state of Israel.”)

March 18, 2015: The Review – Opinion: Students for justice in Palestine respond to Rabbi Sneiderman

March 11, 2015: The Review (University of Delaware) – Opinion: Creating safe spaces for diversity (Description note, “If the University wants to promote diversity, the methods and values of organizations like SJP need to be examined, along with the involvement of professors with the organization. Anti-Semitism is permitted on campus as long as it is couched in “Anti-Zionism.” But make no mistake, as OU President David Boren declared this week, “Words can hurt and injure” and SJP’s programs are creating a hostile environment for Jewish students.”)

March 10, 2015: WN – Students for Justice in Palestine set film screening, panel discussion (University of Delaware)

March 10, 2015: The Review – Opinion: Students for Justice in Palestine respond to Hillel letter (Description note, “Lying through omission is a running theme in this email from Hillel. They expect those who read it to believe their false claims, without researching the accuracy of their conclusions.”)

December 27, 2013: Legal Insurrection – University statements rejecting academic boycott of Israel


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