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  • December 5, 2017 – UC Berkeley Jewish Student Group (Tikvah Executive Board) “UC Berkeley’s response to this particular incident got it right. Speaking for the administration, spokesman Dan Mogulof said, “While we do not believe that all criticism of Israel’s governmental policies is inherently anti-Semitic, the social media posts in question clearly crossed the line”. Bazian indeed did cross that line — a line that fewer and fewer faculty members seem to respect — and was forced to publicly apologize. But was this an isolated case? Unfortunately, no. Bazian is no stranger to accusations of anti-Semitism. When he was still a student, he allegedly and infamously told an SJP rally, “Take a look at the type of names on the buildings around campus — Haas, Zellerbach — and decide who controls this university.” And why was SJP holding a rally that day? To protest the dozens of arrests made of SJP activists who disrupted a Holocaust Remembrance Day rally just days earlier. That Bazian actually apologized this time might be a small miracle, but how can we accept something that was clearly contrived? With his back against the wall and a rare lack of support from UC Berkeley administration, he gave in. But what consequences will he face? Can we honestly say Bazian’s reputation or wallet will suffer for his repeated use of anti-Semitic tropes, disguised behind a veil of supposedly “anti-Zionist” political discourse?” Read more
  • October 27, 2016 – UC Berkeley Jewish Student (Josh) “Pro-Israel and Jewish students at UC Berkeley feel like they are in a place where their ideas are not valued and they are targeted for their religion or views.” Read more
  • October 14, 2015 – University of Berkeley Jewish Student (Sarah) “As Jews, many of us experience a climate of anti-Semitism on the UC Berkeley campus, if not in the larger East Bay area. However, few people are willing to acknowledge our reality.” Read more
  • June 12, 2015 – UUniversity of Berkeley Jewish Student (Ori)– “Anti-Semitism is brushed off.  A lot of times, students don’t even know about [the antisemitic graffiti] because it’s just scrubbed off.”  Read more
  • Mar 2015, Jewish UC Berkeley Student (Ori)“We still find anti-Semitic slogans written on bathrooms. We see swastikas on doors still, but they’re kind of dismissed. They’re painted over because there are just so many things that happened. A lot of students find swastikas and come to me. [They see it] on dorms, on bathroom stalls, just random places on campus.” Read more
  • Mar 2015, Jewish UC Berkeley Student (Ori)“[Ori] says the Jewish undergraduates who come to him are often scared” Read more
  • Mar 2015, Jewish UC Berkeley Student (Ori)“If anti-Semitic events occur all over Berkeley, they [the administration] should make students feel safe.” Read more
  • March 2014, Jewish UCLA Student (Avi L.) – “I’m a student who identifies as a Jewish Zionist. As a result of my identity, and involvement in on-campus activism, I’ve been labeled as a quote ‘ZiZi’, shorthand for “Zionist Nazi,’ a quote “radical right winger,” a quote “white supremacist crying about my white privilege” among other things. To say that this sort of name calling is grotesque would be an understatement.” Read more
  • March 2014, Jewish UCLA Student (Avi L.) – “In my three years at Cal, I’ve noticed that North American college campuses haven’t even become a close substitute as a safe place to practice our Judaism. This is reflected in our native campus climate.” Read more
  • March 2014, Jewish UCLA Student (Avi L.) – “This is the trade-off many Jewish students have to consider when they decide what will I get involved in my four years at college? Will I get involved with my culture and my identity and subject myself to intimidation and harassment; or will I pursue some other passion…” Read more
  • March 2014, Jewish UCLA Student (Avi L.) – “Just because someone is allowed to say something doesn’t mean that we need to tacitly endorse it. And that’s what we need from our leadership. We need to be able to, when there is a hateful divestment resolution that’s labeling me as a ‘Zionist Nazi’ when my grandfather has a number tattooed on his arm – to say that this is not OK.” Read more

    Antisemitism Tracker

    Total Antisemitic Activity:

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    Classification Date-Description
    2/20/18 – An antisemitic message was posted outside of the office of a Jewish professor which mentioned Hitler, called for killing the professor and included a racist epithet for Jew.
    10/11/17 – A flier on the law school bulletin board advertising an event with Alan Dershowitz was found vandalized with a swastika drawn over Dershowitz’s face.
    1/15/17 – Antisemitic fliers containing a swastika were printed via open source printers/fax machines that were legally accessed from the internet.
    11/21/16 – Berkeley Law SJP tabled on campus to promote a pledge drive (which started with an open letter on November 16) to not go on a trip to Israel sponsored by Israel & Co, that was being promoted and facilitated by Boalt Jewish Student Association. According to an article in Electronic Intifada, “Copies of the letter were posted to law students’ social media groups and were handed out to individuals.” Nearly 90 students signed the pledge. A student held a demonizing sign on campus in support of the pledge drive during the November 21 tabling event that said, “I pledge not to go on the Israel trip because white supremacy here looks a lot like white supremacy there.”
    11/16/16 – Berkeley Law SJP posted an open letter on Facebook to ask students to sign a pledge that they will not take a trip by Israel & Co to Israel, which was promoted and facilitated by Boalt Jewish Student Association. Berkeley Law SJP then tabled on November 16 to recruit student’s support to sign the pledge. A demonizing sign at the tabled event read, “I pledge not to go on the Israel trip because: pinkwashing (google it).” The term “pinkwashing” is a term that demonizes Israel by falsely accusing Israel of malevolently representing itself as a safe haven for LGBQT people solely in order to hide Israel’s “crimes.”
    9/22/16 – A number of posters appeared on campus that included anti-Semitic rhetoric. The timing coincided with a controversial anti-Zionist DeCal course being taught called, “Palestine: A Settler-Colonial Analysis” whose purpose was designed to delegitimize Israel, and thus was protested by Jewish groups, including groups on campus. The posters said, “Jewish bullies smash free speech at Cal and are pledged $58 billion. Attention Non-Jews: PAY UP AND SHUT UP!”
    3/25/16 – An antisemitic flier was distributed to networked printers throughout campus, including the campus’s Bilder Lab and 16 other locations. The flier had swastikas and said, “White Man are you Sick and Tired of the Jews Destroying Your Country through Mass Immigration and Degeneracy? Join Us in the Struggle for Global White Supremacy at the Daily Stormer.”
    10/14/15 – Cal SJP hosted a rally on Sproul plaza in support of BDS, including the demands to shut down all academic exchange between UC Berkeley and Israel as well as all interaction with Zionist and Jewish organizations on and off campus. The rally included speeches and chants which condoned terrorism, demonized Israel and called for its elimination :”Let it be known that we here at Berkeley support the Intifada!”, “Netanyahu what do you say, how many kids have you killed today?”, and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.
    PHYSICAL ASSAULT 10/14/15 – At an SJP rally on Sproul Plaza, an SJP member grabbed a sign from, and then shoved, a pro-Israel Jewish student.
    3/2/15 – Graffiti was found in a campus restroom, which read: “Zionists should be sent to the gas chamber.”
    2/4/15 – A swastika was found drawn on a university-owned building.
    4/29/18 – UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project, the Islamophobia Studies Center and the Center for Islamic Studies at GTU and Zaytuna College co-sponsored the event, “9th Annual Islamophobia Conference: Panel 9, Foreign Policy, Israel and Islamophobia, a Strategic Orientation,” with Paul Larudee, Richard Silverstein and Hatem Bazian. During this panel, Larudee demonized Israel and used historical tropes of Jewish/Zionist control. He accused Israel of “weaponizing Islamophobia as a strategic tool to legitimize and justify the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians….as well as to support Israeli aggression towards other mostly-Muslim countries in the region. Promoting and fostering Islamophobia internationally helps to solidify international support for the Zionist genocidal project. It is therefore treated as an important tool of Israeli and Zionist international interest.” Larudee further stated that there was a network of about 4,000 “Tzayanim” or “helpers” within “each of the major centers of power [and a] concentration of Tzayanim [in influential positions] such as in film, entertainment, journalism and social media permits them to help shape public opinion.” He further continued demonizing Israel, stating, “Demonizing and dehumanizing Muslims also helps to justify Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians…a successful program of Islamophobia helps to support Israel’s pogroms of Palestinians in Gaza…[and] its promotions of U.S. wars…making the U.S. military a proxy of Israel multiplies Israel’s capabilities…” He concluded by stating, “We have to face the fact that there is a very potent, resourceful, well organized movement that sees Islamophobia as a strategic tool in pursuit of its national, perceived national interests…Israel is also pursuing…a contradictory effort to encourage interfaith communication…that goal is to blunt criticism of Israel to endorse Israel’s belligerence [and] ethnic cleansing…We are faced with an adversary…” Richard Silverstein followed with his talk that called for BDS and delegitimized Israel, stating, “The truth is that just as Martin Luther King wanted to transform America rather than destroy it, so too does BDS seek to transform Israel rather than destroy it. But Israelis and their advocates in the diaspora refuse to contemplate such radical change in Israel. Israel offers superior rights to its Jewish citizens. It is often called ‘the Jewish State’ in quotes, that is a state by and for a single religion with other religions like Islam deprecated.” Bazian’s talk reiterated commentary on the Islamophobia industry being connected to Israel and claimed that “the shift to Islamophobia is part of Israel’s foreign policy shift…[to] keep balance of power… [and to] test & develop weapons.” During the Q & A, Bazian advocated for BDS.
    DEMONIZATION 2/22/18 – The Queer Caucus, Law Students for Justice in Palestine, Center for Race and Gender, Center for the Study of Sexual Culture, the National Lawyers Guild, the Middle Eastern Law Students Association, the Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law, and the Berkeley Journal of Gender Law and Justice co-sponsored the event, “Dis-Oriented: A Critical Screening and Panel Discussion.” The description for the event stated, “While the film appears to avoid cliched, pinkwashing stories about queer Palestinians as victims and Israelis as saviors, it is based on many of the same dehumanizing racist assumptions…” Pinkwashing is a demonizing term implying that Israel is malevolently representing itself as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes.”
    2/8/18 – An op-ed in the Daily Cal demonized and delegitimized Israel and called for BDS, stating, “Tamimi’s case is not an isolated incident. In our opinion, it is representative of the policies implemented to systematically ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their land…If the UC Board of Regents had any form of accountability to the students it claims to represent, we would also call on them to divest from companies that profit from and are complicit in the Israeli apartheid regime.”
    DEMONIZATION 11/15/17 – SJP held the event “Grassroots Jerusalem: Our Hope Will Never Die.” The description for the event stated that Fayrouz Sharqawi would discuss “community organizing against the daily ethinc cleansing of Palestinians from Jerusalem.” The event was co-sponsored by Norcal Friends of Sabeel, Bay Area Jewish Voice for Peace and Middle East Children Alliance.
    11/2/17 – The Center for Race & Gender and Law Studients for Justice in Palestine co-sponsored the event, “Colonial Legalism, 100 Years Since Balfour w/ Dr. Hatem Bazian” at Boalt Hall. During the event, Bazian demonized and delegitimized Israel throughout. The talk was built on the premise that Israel’s creation is “settler-colonialism,” and that the Balfour Declaration’s very foundation was “for the sole purpose to provide a cover for the outright civilized thievery of Palestine.” He went on to claim, “Israel built its foundation on acts of genocide and dispossession and ethnic cleansing. All of the orchards the villages with heavily cultivatable fields, all of those were taken and Israel built itself on acts of ethnic cleansing and confiscation of land and property.” He accused Israel of carrying out “hundreds of massacres.” He said that “the systematic use of violence as a matter of state policy against the Palestinians has never stopped.” He falsely accused Israel of being “an apartheid state.” He said Israel is a nuclear state that obtained nuclear weapons via material “stolen out of our own US labs.” He belittled the notion that Jews are a people, suggesting that they do not deserve self-determination since they are not a people. Finally, Bazian called for BDS, including an academic boycott.
    DELEGITIMIZATION 11/1/17 – SJP held the event, “Remembering Balfour: 100 Years of Zionist Colonization.” The description for the event stated, ” We are excited to host Dr. Hatem Bazian, Dr. Hisham Ahmed, and Jennifer Mogannem on this panel moderated by Cal alum Taliah Mirmalek… [The Balfour letter] paved the way for Zionist colonization of historic Palestine, leading to the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians known as al-Nakba, the establishment of an ethnic-exclusive settler-colonial state, and an ongoing military occupation.”
    DEMONIZATION 10/13/17 – A demonizing cartoon was published in the Daily Cal that depicted Alan Dershowitz’s head inside a cut-out of his book, “The Liberal Case for Israel” with him smiling, a rainbow, and children. The cartoon depicted his body behind the cut-out stepping on a person who had been carrying a Palestinian flag, flattening the person, and his hand was holding up an IDF soldier with a large gun standing over a dead person with blood around the body and blood dripping off his hand. The cartoon was created by a member of the editorial staff.
    4/28/2017 – Noura Erekat was the keynote speaker of the panel conference event, “6 Days, 50 Years: 1967 and the Politics of Time,” hosted by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in conjunction with similar centers at UCLA and UC Santa Barbara. During the keynote, an image during the presentation delegitimized Israel with a headline accusing Israel of “apartheid.” Additionally, during the Q & A of the keynote, a question arose about BDS, to which Erekat answered favorably to BDS as a tactic that “normalizes the politics of delegitimization.” Prior to the keynote, Joel Beinin, Smadar Ben Natan and Leena Dallasheh held a panel discussion with Noura Erekat as discussant and moderated by Emily Gottreich. During the Q & A of the panel discussion, Leena Dallasheh denied Jews self-determination, stating, “I will say it right out. Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state just like America has no right to exist as a white state or as a Protestant state which it was established as.” Joel Beinin demonized Israel, stating, “If the question was posed, is Jewish supremacy in Israel/Palestine legitimate? Probably not too many people would say yes.”
    DEMONIZATION 4/27/17 – JVP for Peace Bay Area and SJP at UC Berkeley hosted an event entitled “Obliterated Families,” featuring talks by two reporters, Ann Paq and Ala Qandil. In her talk, Qandil demonized Israel by falsely accusing the Israeli military of deliberately targeting families during the 2014 Gaza war, saying, “Many families were targeted intentionally, with very precise guided missiles…It was Israeli policy to hit this most fundamental structure of the Gaza society that allows people to cope and function under siege.”
    DENYING JEWS SELF-DETERMINATION 3/23/17 – Bears for Palestine and SJP held the event, “Resistance Through Art: A Night of Spoken Word.” Concluding remarks included calling for the right of return, which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state. This event was sponsored and funded by Ethnic Studies Fifth Account.
    DELEGITIMIZATION 3/23/17 – SJP re-enacted a “mock checkpoint” near an “apartheid wall” in the background that read in large letters, “Israeli Apartheid.”
    DEMONIZATION 3/21/17 – SJP held a “die-in” on campus. Two of the “dead” held posters saying, “Zionism is Racism,” and another held a sign saying, “Stop Israeli Occupation Forces from Killing Palestinian Children in Cold Blood.” A large banner read, “White men building walls, re-writing history, sound familiar?”
    DELEGITIMIZATION 3/1/17 – Bears for Palestine launched a “Nakba 2017” platform and hub for the campus community “in hopes of cementing awareness for the call of a free Palestine, challenging Zionist occupation and apartheid.”
    11/29/16 – Berkeley Law SJP held the event, “Film and Discussion with Noura Erakat ‘Gaza in Context.’” In the film, Erekat demonized Israel, falsely claiming that the state “directly targeted Palestinian civilians.” She further went on to state, “Even if Hamas were to disappear, Israel’s policies towards the tiny coastal enclave would go uninterrupted… The Gaza Strip represents the most vivid and grotesque form of Israel’s settler-colonial ambitions.”
    10/27/16 – SJP held the “3rd Annual International Day of Action on University Campuses for Palestine.” The advertisement for the event called for BDS and represented actions consistent with the academic boycott of Israel, including, “Make this call of action part of campus education by holding teach-ins, rallies, sit-ins, civil disobedience, and push for BDS activities. No to Academic Complicity with Israeli Occupation, No to Study Abroad Programs in Israel, No Investments in Apartheid and Occupation Supporting Companies, No to University Presidents’ Visits to Israel, No Campus Police Training or Cooperation with Israeli Security, No Joint Research or Conferences with Israeli Institutions, No Cooperation with Hasbara Networks on College Campuses, No to Targeting Faculty for Speaking Against Israeli Crimes, No to Administrative Limits on Free Speech Rights of Palestine Activists, No to University Coordination and Strategizing with the ADL, JCRC, AJC, Stand With US, ZOA, Israeli Consulate to Limit Students Pro-Palestine Constitutionally Protected Activities.” A sign at the event demonized Israel stating, “Zionism is Racism.”
    DELEGITIMIZATION 8/29/16 – UC Berkeley offered a 1-unit decal course entitled, “Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis” with course facilitator Paul Hadweh and faculty sponsor Dr. Hatem Bazian. The course title and syllabus provided evidence that the course was designed to delegitimize Israel. The syllabus accuses Israel of being a “settler colonial state.”
    DELEGITIMIZATION 6/28/16 – UC Berkeley’s Center for Race & Gender offered students the opportunity to attend a “Palestine De-Colonial Summer School” trip to Turkey, which, according to an SJP post about the summer school, will be focused on delegitimizing Israel with accusations of settler-colonialism, looking at Zionism as a “colonial, racial and Euro-centric Project,” emphasizing “de-centering Zionism and Eurocentric knowledge production” and exploring “Palestinian resistance to colonization.”
    4/8/16 – An op-ed piece in the student newspaper falsely referred to “Israel’s apartheid state” and “discriminatory apartheid regime” and called for BDS as a call for “Israel to end colonization of [all the land as] Palestinian land.”
    3/29/16 – SJP erected a mock “apartheid wall“, which contained on one panel an image of all of Israel replaced with a Palestinian flag, insinuating that Israel as a Jewish state should cease to exist, Additionally, large letters on the wall read “Israeli Apartheid”, which falsely states that Israel is an apartheid state.
    10/22/15 – Canadian-Israeli journalist David Sheen spoke about racism and homophobia in Israel. In his talk, Sheen employed several antisemitic tropes: Sheen falsely accused Israel of being a racist state whose leadership aspired towards a “theocracy” whose goal is to ignite a “race war” through violent means, including by “burning babies,” firebombing, stabbing attacks and other acts of brutality towards Arabs, black Africans and LGBTQ individuals; he demonized sacred Jewish texts, including the Torah, Talmud, and Tanya, accusing them of being deeply racist and calling for the brutal murder of non-Jews and homosexuals; and he compared “racist” Jews who believe that Jews should not intermarry to Nazis, calling efforts to prevent intermarriage “a eugenics program.” Sheen’s talk was sponsored by Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project, and co-sponsored by Cal SJP, Cal MSA, and Zaytuna College.
    9/24/15 – The Center for Race and Gender sponsored a talk by Ethnic Studies Professor Keith Feldman entitled “A Shadow over Palestine: The Imperial Life of Race in America.” In his talk, Feldman falsely accused Zionism of being “a symbolic storehouse for…colonial violence” and Israel of “settler colonialism,” racism and “white supremacy.”
    2/25/15 – SJP erected wood barriers as a “faux security checkpoint” at the Sather Gate. The barriers were painted with messages that delegitimized Israel and condoned terror: “Israeli Apartheid” and “Resist state violence.” The SJP members also dressed up like Israeli soldiers with cardboard guns and mistreated “Palestinians” trying to pass through the “checkpoint“. The SJP issued a statement saying that the action was to promote BDS.
    2/22/15 – SJP served fake eviction notices to students in a campus residence hall, in order to dramatize Israel’s alleged policy of expelling Palestinians. In a press release about the eviction notices, SJP said: “With this action, we are calling on the UC Regents to honor the consensus in favor of divestment.”
    1/30/15 – The UC Berkeley Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity office posted an inflammatory article entitled, “Rhetoric of racism, from Ferguson to Palestine” by Nadia Barhoum, a researcher at the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UCB. The article glorified Hamas and claimed that “Israel was founded after a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian population that continues until today.”
    BDS ACTIVITY: CALLS FOR BDS 3/31/16 – SJP held a die-in and march, which started in downtown Berkeley and then went through campus. During the die-in, SJP leaders called on the UC Board of Regents to divest from Israeli businesses.
    BDS EVENTS 9/18/15 – UC Berkeley Department of Near Eastern studies (NES) lecturer Hatem Bazian provided the introduction at an event featuring Omar Barghouti co-sponsored by NES and 4 other UCB department. In his introduction, Bazian urged audience members to “sign the mailing list” for the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI). Omar Barghouti’s lecture was called “BDS: Academia’s Role in the Struggle for Freedom and Justice in Palestine,” and he used his talk to urge academics to support the academic boycott of Israel.
    CALLS FOR BDS 3/6/15 – 3 professors from UC Berkeley were among the co-authors of an op-ed supporting the anti-Israel divestment resolutions on UC campuses: Rutie Adler, Hatem Bazian, and Samera Esmeir.


    In the News ?

    *See UC Student Testimonials from 2015 – present here

    February 21, 2018:
    The Daily Californian – UCPD investigates anti-Semitic threats against professor in Kroeber Hall

    January 16, 2018:
    Jewish Journal – UC Berkeley’s Vice Chancellor to Meet With Jewish Student Organizations Over Lecturer Who Re-tweeted Anti-Semitic Images

    December 6, 2017:
    JWeekly – 16 UC Berkeley faculty side with Jewish students against Bazian

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    JWeekly – Lecturer apologizes for retweet that UC Berkeley condemned as anti-Semitic

    October 27, 2017:
    The Washington Free Beacon – UC Berkeley Paper Retracts Anti-Semitic Alan Dershowitz Cartoon

    October 25, 2017:
    Jewish Telegraphic Agency – UC Berkeley chancellor condemns anti-Dershowitz cartoon’s ‘anti-Semitic imagery’

    October 25, 2017:
    The Daily Californian – Editor’s note: Regarding editorial cartoon depicting Alan Dershowitz

    October 24, 2017:
    The Daily Californian – Editorial cartoon underscores need for education on Jewish history, stereotypes

    October 24, 2017:
    Israel National News – UC Berkeley student paper publishes anti-Semitic caricature

    October 16, 2017:
    The Daily Californian – Swastika found drawn on flyer of Alan Dershowitz after his Berkeley Law event

    August 16, 2017:
    The New York Times – After Charlottesville Violence, Colleges Brace for more Clashes 

    May 22, 2017:
    The Algemeiner – Noura Erakat: Bashing Israel at UC-Berkeley

    February 16, 2017:
    The Daily Californian – UC enters collaboration with Israel’s National Technological Innovation Authority
    (Description note, “Pro-Israel groups expressed displeasure with the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, or BDS, movement, while pro-Palestine groups advocated divestment from Israel. Vazquez confirmed in an email that both UCOP and the UC Board of Regents do not support divestment from Israel.”)

    February 8, 2017:
    Observer – UC Berkeley Responds to Yiannopoulos Outrage by Stifling Free Speech

    January 26, 2017:
    Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Printers at 3 US colleges produce anti-Semitic fliers in suspected hacking

    January 18, 2017:
    The Daily Californian – Anti-Semitic, homophobic fliers printed around campus last weekend

    January 18, 2017:
    East Bay Times – Pro-Nazi, pro-Trump fliers sent to UC Berkeley offices

    January 3, 2017:
    MLABOYCOTT – Daniel Boyarin’s Statement of Support for an MLA Academic Boycott Resolution
    (Description note – Daniel Boyarin is the Taubman Professor of Talmudic Culture at UC Berkeley and delegitimizes Israel with false claims of apartheid stating, “I am on record as a supporter of BDS and of a limited academic boycott as well… Israeli Apartheid is now quite similar structurally to its South African models and similar tactics and ethical, political justifications for boycott are fully in order. I support completely the MLA boycott resolution.”)

    November 16, 2016:
    The Daily Caller – Israel-Bashing Profs At UC Berkeley Play Victim

    November 3, 2016:
    The Tower – Stop Anti-Israel Classroom Propaganda, More Than 170 Professors Tell UC President

    November 3, 2016:
    The Algemeiner – Faculty, Alumni Join Human Rights Organizations in Demanding Eradication of Anti-Zionist Indoctrination in U of California Classrooms

    November 2, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – Groups send open letters to UC president regarding anti-Zionist sentiment on campuses

    October 27, 2016:
    The Algemeiner – Pro-Israel Groups at UC Berkeley Band Together to Counter-Protest ‘Day of Action’ Against Jewish State

    October 27, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – Campus Palestinian, Israeli groups demonstrate on International Day of Action

    October 22, 2016:
    Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers – Berkeley Students for Justice in Palestine: Openly supporting terror
    (Description note, “This week, SJP at UC Berkeley shared a link on their Facebook page to a Gofundme  account, raising money for Ali Jiddah, a  terrorist convicted of a 1968 bombing in Jerusalem.”)

    October 16, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – Organization posts hate speech posters on Berkeley campus

    October 12, 2016:
    Jewish Voice NY – Perverting College Coursework to Conform to Anti-Israel Ideology October 11, 2016:
    The Algemeiner – Head of UC Berkeley Jewish Student Union Says Antisemitic Incidents Not Treated as Seriously as Attacks on Other Minorities

    October 10, 2016:
    San Diego Jewish World – Colleges offer one-sided, anti- Israel courses

    October 5, 2016:
    Newsweek – Why a Controversial Palestinian History Class at Berkeley Was Canceled, Then Reinstated

    September 28, 2016:
    New Boston Post – UC-Berkeley menaced by anti-Semitic posters

    September 28, 2016:
    5 Towns Jewish Times – Campus Watchdog Rejects Stanford Prof’s ‘Defamatory’ Accusation That It Denies Free Speech of Anti-Israel Activists

    September 26, 2016:
    One News Now – UCLA, UC Berkeley: Pro-Israel views not welcome here

    September 26, 2016:
    The College Fix – Antisemitic posters pop up at UC-Berkeley in wake of reinstatement of anti-Israel course

    September 25, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – Anti-Semitic posters found throughout campus

    September 22, 2016:
    The Tower – At UC Berkeley, Anti-Israel Propagandists Are Indoctrinating Students in the Classroom

    September 22, 2016:
    AMCHA – Message to the UC Berkeley campus community re: antisemitic posters on campus following controversy surrounding DeCal Course

    September 22, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – ASUC passes bill on academic freedom after campus outcry over Palestine DeCal

    September 22, 2016:
    J Weekly – Palestine course reinstated at Berkeley, draws Jewish ire

    September 22, 2016:
    J Weekly – Academic integrity lost to anti-Semitism

    September 21, 2016:
    The Tower – ADL Slams Reinstated Anti-Israel UC Berkeley Class

    September 21, 2016:
    The Tower – Controversial Anti-Israel Course at UC Berkeley Reinstated After “Cosmetic Changes”

    September 20, 2016:
    Anti-Defamation League – ADL Deeply Concerned About Biased Course Denying Jewish History and Self-Determination

    September 20, 2016:
    The Weekly Standard – UC Berkeley Suspends, Then Un-Suspends, Anti-Israel ‘Palestine’ Class

    September 20, 2016:
    Arutz Sheva – Berkeley: College course on ‘How to destroy Israel’

    September 20, 2016:
    Fox News – UC Berkeley reinstates controversial Palestine history class after outcry

    September 20, 2016:
    The Times of Israel – UC Berkeley lifts suspension of course labeled anti-Israel by critics

    September 19, 2016:
    Mercury News – UC Berkeley reinstates student-led Palestine history course

    September 19, 2016:
    Forward – UC Berkeley reinstates course on Zionism and Colonialism after Free Speech

    September 19, 2016:
    The Chronicle of Higher Education – U. of California at Berkeley Reinstates Course on Palestine

    September 19, 2016:
    J Weekly – U.C. Berkeley reinstates Palestine course that angered Jewish groups

    September 19, 2016:
    SF Gate – UC Berkeley reinstates course on Palestine

    September 19, 2016:
    ABC News – UC Berkeley Reinstates Palestine History Class After Outcry

    September 19, 2016:
    UC Berkeley, Office of the Deans – Dean Carla Hesse’s letter regarding “Palestine: A Settler-Colonial Analysis”

    September 21, 2016:
    NBC Bay Area – Cal Officials Reverse Course, Reinstate Controversial Class on Palestine

    September 19, 2016:
    Los Angeles Times – UC Berkeley reinstates controversial course on history of Palestine

    September 16, 2016:
    KQED – Some Cal Students Say Suspension of Course on Palestine Violates Academic Freedom

    September 16, 2016:
    East Bay Express – UC Berkeley suspends course amid Jewish groups’ complaints

    September 15, 2016:
    Jewish Voice for Peace – Jewish Voice for Peace Petition – Tell Chancellor Dirks: Reinstate DeCal Student Course on Palestine

    September 15, 2016:
    J Weekly – Jewish groups commend U.C. Berkeley for canceling student-led Palestine course

    September 15, 2016:
    J Weekly – editorial | For a more responsible college course on Palestine

    September 15, 2016:
    The Guardian – Suspension of controversial Palestine class at UC Berkeley sparks debate

    September 15, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – UC Berkeley suspends mistakenly approved Palestine DeCal amid outcry

    September 14, 2016:
    Palestine Legal – UC Berkeley Censors Course on Palestine and Settler Colonialism

    September 14, 2016:
    Medium – An Open Letter to the UC Berkeley Administration Regarding Academic Freedom

    September 14, 2016:
    The Tower – UC Berkeley Cancels Anti-Israel Course for Failing to Adhere to Academic Standards

    September 14, 2016:
    SF Gate – UC Berkeley suspends controversial course on Palestine

    September 14, 2016:
    The Times of Israel – UC Berkeley suspends course labeled anti-Israel by critics

    September 14, 2016:
    Forward – Berkeley Suspends ‘Anti-Israel’ Course Amid Jewish Outcry

    September 14, 2016:
    The Jewish Press – UC Berkeley Responds to Pressure, Suspends Anti-Semitic Course

    September 14, 2016:
    The College Fix – UC-Berkeley halts class that critics say advocates the elimination of Israel

    September 14, 2016:
    Breitbart – UC Berkeley Suspends Anti-Israel Course Following Uproar

    September 14, 2016:
    JNi.Media – UC Berkeley Responds to Pressure, Suspends Anti-Semitic Course

    September 14, 2016:
    Inside Higher ED – Berkeley Suspends Palestine Course

    September 14, 2016:
    Fox News – UC-Berkeley Halts Class That Critics Say Advocates The Elimination Of Israel

    September 13, 2016:
    TeleSUR – UC Berkeley Axes ‘Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis’ Course

    September 13, 2016:
    Riverside Today – Anti- Israel course sparks protest at UC Berkeley

    September 13, 2016:
    San Diego Jewish World – UC Berkeley suspends anti-Israel course

    September 13, 2016:
    Campus Reform – Berkeley forced to cancel course advocating ‘decolonized Palestine’

    September 13, 2016:
    Jewish Telegraphic Agency – UC Berkeley suspends student’s course labeled anti-Israel by critics

    September 13, 2016:
    The Algemeiner – ‘Antisemitic Anti-Zionist’ Course at UC Berkeley Suspended Following Exposé, Outcry

    September 13, 2016:
    Campus Reform – Berkeley forced to cancel course advocating ‘decolonized Palestine’

    September 13, 2016:
    Observer – UC Berkeley Suspends Class After Observer Op-Ed Labeled It Anti-Israel

    September 13, 2016:
    San Diego Jewish World – Anti- Israel course sparks protest at UC Berkeley

    September 10, 2016:
    Jewish Journal – Eliminating Israel ETH STD 198 at UC Berkeley

    September 8, 2016:
    The Algemeiner – UC Berkeley Offers a Class in Erasing Jews From Israel and Destroying the Jewish State

    September 7, 2016:
    Observer – Cal Berkeley’s Latest Effort to Erase Jewish History From Israel

    August 3, 2016:
    Jadaliyya – Interview with Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Berkeley
    (Description note, “Our activities usually fall in three main categories: advocacy for BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against the Israeli occupation), direct actions, and educational events…. Q: Q: Does your chapter focus on anti-occupation politics or broader anti-Zionist politics? If one or the other—or sometimes one, and sometimes the other—why have you made that choice, and under what circumstances do you choose to emphasize the occupation versus a broader opposition, or vice-versa?  Cal SJP: SJP is not an “anti” organization. Our agenda is positive: we are a group that works toward realizing Palestinian civil, human, and indigenous rights. These include the right of people who were born in Palestine and their descendants to live in their homeland in freedom, dignity, and self-sovereignty. This very simple and obvious right—which every people in the world possesses—has been violated systematically since 1948. First, when Israel ethnically cleansed some 700,000 Palestinians from the territories it occupied; second, when it did not allow them to resettle (as international law requires); third, when Israel conquered additional lands in 1967; and fourth, when Israel withheld (and continues to withhold) basic civil and human rights to these people in the 1967 occupied lands. Since the Zionist movement has consistently and systematically denied these rights from Palestinians, and since the occupation of Palestine is part and parcel of Zionism, our agenda and values indeed collide. Zionism’s core idea is establishing a Jewish state that excludes, oppresses, and denies the rights of Palestinians in various ways. Even “soft-core” Zionists, who support creating a Palestinian homeland in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, deny the right of Palestinian people to naturalize and return to their land. While we undoubtedly oppose Zionism and Israel’s occupation, we prefer to think of ourselves as a group that promotes a positive alternative vision—in which indigenous rights will be recognized and Israel’s racist foundations will be dismantled for the benefit of all people living in the area…. As an organization we consider ourselves part of the BDS movement, which is pan-ideological and leaves itself open on key political questions…”)

    April 15, 2016:
    Long Island Exchange – Rep. Zeldin Statement Condemning Growing BDS Movement On College Campuses Across America

    April 12, 2016:
    Arutz Sheva – Latest BDS hero: An Orthodox Jewish professor
    (Description note – A UC Berkeley professor, Daniel Boyarin, is interviewed and makes numerous antisemitic statements including denying Jews self-determination and comparing Jews to Nazi’s – “Today Boyarin sees Israel per se as illegitimate; a foolish decision and an illegal occupation – even inside the Green Line. “I think Israel was a mistake, a big mistake,” he told Channel 10. “People in a desperate situation do foolish things.” “It’s [Israel] all occupied in my opinion.” In the past Boyarin compared Israel to Apartheid-ridden South Africa. In 2006 he called Israel an apartheid state, condemning it for the “destruction of human rights and democracy”, which he claimed “is at least as severe as that of the South Africans.” During his recent Channel 10 interview, however, Boyarin made direct comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany. “I would say that the actions of the government and some segments of [Israeli] society are very similar to the Nazis,” Boyarin said.”)

    April 8, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – Lived experience clarifies campus’s Palestine debate
    (Description note, “The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, or BDS, movement is one way SJP and pro-Palestinian activists aim to hold Israel accountable for their actions. The movement aims to increase economic and political pressure on Israel to end colonization of Palestinian land, respect the right of return for Palestinian refugees and reach full equality with Palestinian citizens of Israel.”)

    April 2, 2016:
    San Francisco Chronicle – UC Berkeley students stage mock checkpoint in protest

    April 1, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – Students for Justice in Palestine host Die-in March in Downtown Berkeley

    March 30, 2016:
    sfist – Racist Hacker Forced UC Berkeley Printers To Print Swastikas

    March 29, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – Students for Justice in Palestine stages mock checkpoint aimed at illustrating Israeli-Palestinian border relations

    March 29, 2016:
    CBS SF Bay Area – UC Berkeley, Other College Computers Hacked To Print Out Anti-Semitic Flyers

    March 28, 2016:
    The Daily Californian – Campus printers hacked, programmed to print anti-Semitic fliers Friday, Saturday

    January 19, 2016:
    San Diego Jewish News – UC Berkeley helps Muslim students, ignores Jews

    November 23, 2015:
    ADL – Anti-Semite Claims Prominent BDS Activist Invited Him To Berkeley Conference
    (Description note, “Anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­o­rist Kevin Bar­rett claims he was accepted to present a paper at the 3rd Islam­o­pho­bia and Civil Soci­ety Con­fer­ence in Paris, spon­sored by Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, Berkeley’s Cen­ter for Race & Gen­der. The con­fer­ence, which appears to have recently been can­celed, was orga­nized by BDS activist and Berke­ley pro­fes­sor Hatem Baz­ian”)

    November 19, 2015:
    AMCHA – Chabad Jewish Student Center at UC Berkeley Rabbi Gil Yosef Leeds’ Remarks to UC Regents

    November 19, 2015:
    J Weekly – opinions | U.C. Berkeley chancellor has a duty to call out anti-Jewish speech

    November 13, 2015:
    The Times of Israel – Standing in Solidarity with Terrorism? The BDS Movement’s “Wave of Action”

    November 12, 2015:
    JWeekly – U.C. Berkeley chancellor responds to concerns about Jewish student safety on campus
    (Description note, UC Berkeley chancellor states in a letter to ZOA that is published, “At the same time, I understand that constitutionally protected speech may be disturbing and insulting to Jewish students — yet another reason that the engagement and educational efforts I have described above are so important. I also want to state, unequivocally, that we have and will continue to condemn anti-Semitism, although I agree with you when you state that “not all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic.” As I’m sure you are aware, the regents of the University of California, the governing body of the system, are still discussing how or if the university will adopt a formal definition of anti-Semitism. As U.C. Berkeley’s chancellor, I must await the outcome of those discussions.”)

    November 5, 2015:
    J Weekly – ZOA: Jewish student was assaulted at Cal

    October 22, 2015:
    SJP & MSA EVENT – David Sheen: The Bullet, the Ballot, & the Boycott: Racism in Israel Today

    October 18, 2015:
    Arutz Sheva – Blood-Libel: Israel Accused of ‘Stealing’ Arab Children’s Organs

    October 16, 2015:
    The Algemeiner – UC Berkeley Professor Compares Israelis to American Racists

    October 15, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Israeli-Palestinian dispute over BDS breaks out on Sproul Plaza
    (Description note, “The speeches were punctuated with chants led by MSA member Unis Barakat, who emphatically exclaimed, “No justice, no peace,” “Free, free, Palestine” and “End the occupation now” as protesters held up signs and the Palestinian flag. But some of the group’s chants — including “Intifada, intifada, we support the intifada” — proved extremely divisive among pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protesters. Berman said that while “intifada” literally means “uprising” or “to shake off,” the word cannot be taken out of its historical context and connotative meaning, which refers to the First and Second Intifadas of 1987 and 2000, respectively, that left thousands dead on each side. “It’s incitement,” said Michaela Fried, president of Tikvah, in response to the chant.”)

    October 15, 2015:
    Jewish Journal – Berkeley students chant for intifada (video)

    October 14, 2015:
    Facebook – Jewish student attacked at UC Berkeley rally
    (Description note, the student attacked posted on Facebook, “Just to be clear the guy attacked me first and treated me a children murderer because I stand with Israel.”)

    October 14, 2015:
    The Jewish Week – BDS Money Trail Suggests Opaque Funding Network
    (Description note, “Here is a sample of the student funds provided to SJP in the 2014-15 school year from some of the more challenging campuses: University of California, Berkeley: $600”)

    October 14, 2015:

    October 14, 2015:
    EVENT – Cal SJP is hosting a rally from 11AM to 3PM in Sproul Plaza, in front of Sather Gate.

    October 14, 2015:
    EVENT – 2nd Annual International Day of Action on University Campuses launched by SJP at UC Berkeley
    (Description note, “2nd Annual International Day of Action on University Campuses. Free Palestine, End the Siege on Gaza. – Immigrants and Refugees are welcome-No Human is Illegal – Affirming Global Solidarity with African Americans and Black Lives Matter. October 14th, 2015. A call for activists and organizations on campuses across the world to organize massive protests on every college and university campus. Make this call of action part of campus education by holding teach-ins, rallies, sit-ins, civil disobedience, and push for BDS activities.
    No to Academic Complicity with Israeli Occupation
    No to Study Abroad Programs in Israel
    No Investments in Apartheid and Occupation Supporting Companies
    No to University Presidents’ Visits to Israel
    No Campus Police Training or Cooperation with Israeli Security
    No Joint Research or Conferences with Israeli Institutions
    No Cooperation with Hasbara Networks on College Campuses
    No to Targeting Faculty for Speaking Against Israeli Crimes
    No to Administrative Limits on Free Speech Rights of Palestine Activists
    No to University Coordination and Strategizing with the ADL, JCRC, AJC, Stand With US, ZOA, Israeli Consulate to Limit Students Pro-Palestine Constitutionally Protected Activities.

    Free Palestine, End the Siege on Gaza and Build the Movement on Your Campus!
    Wear black and the Palestinian Kuffiyeh and make it a visible symbol on campus!
    If you’re planning events on your campus, please submit your information for the event on the following link:”)

    October 13, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Anti-Semitism should apply to multiple groups
    (Description note, “Now, you may be asking: How is an individual who is targeting a Palestinian activist and his audience anti-Semitic? It is because I and most of the people in the room were Semites, which are defined, according to, as “members of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.” Although my religion is Roman Catholicism and I was born in the United States, I am also half-Lebanese, born to a first-generation son of Lebanese immigrants. In addition to French and English, my grandfather spoke many Arabic dialects, Aramaic and Hebrew. Thus, my children and I are Semites. Unfortunately, the term has been hijacked by the Jewish community and used only to reflect discrimination against Jews and not racism directed at other Semites who may be Muslims, Christians, Atheists or Semitic-speaking peoples of other religious faiths. My experience made me reflect on the recent controversy regarding the UC Board of Regents’ rumored possible adoption of the U.S. Department of State’s definition of anti-Semitism. Surely, a prestigious institution such as UC Berkeley would not adopt an incorrect, exclusively Jewish, biased and racist definition of anti-Semitism. The current definition dismisses the greater majority of Semites who are not of the Jewish faith. If the regents choose to include anti-Semitism in their list of prohibited acts on campuses (which I believe they should), they must also acknowledge that anti-Semitism may be directed at Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Sikhs and Atheists, as well as Jews.”)

    October 5, 2015:
    EVENT – The Palestine Exception to Free Speech: Panel and Reception
    (Description note, “Palestine Legal has been working on researching and creating a report to document incidents of repression of Palestine solidarity activism and speech on University Campuses. Join us for the launch reception of this report, where over 300 incidents at 65 campuses have been documented! Liz Jackson, an attorney for Pal Legal, will be speaking at the event along with others which include: – Lara Kiswani (Executive Director of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center formerly of UC Davis SJP) – Tori Porell (Law Student at Cal, formerly of Northeastern SJP) – Kumars Salehi (Cal SJP, formerly of NYU SJP). Co-Sponsored by: Law Students for Justice in Palestine, Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law”)

    October 1, 2015:
    The Algemeiner – Anti-Israel Speakers Promote BDS to Loud Applause at UC Berkeley Lecture

    October 2015:
    AMCHA – UC Student Testimonials about Antisemitism on Campus, October 2015 to Present

    September 30, 2015:
    Front Page Magazine – BERKELEY, BAZIAN, AND BARGHOUTI PROMOTE BDS – Hatred and bigotry reach new levels in Berkeley.
    (Description note, “Barghouti followed by explaining “Why it’s so important for academics in the country to support the academic boycott.” As a movement that, he maintained, “rejects all forms of discrimination, including anti-Semitism,” BDS is something “any decent liberal” should support. If one were to judge by Barghouti’s delivery alone, which was calm, measured, and, at times, humorous, singling out the world’s lone Jewish state for economic boycott—which he excused by citing “U.S. support” as the deciding factor—would appear entirely reasonable. Why boycott academia, “the most progressive sector of any society?” Barghouti asked rhetorically. His answer cited Israeli academe’s complicity in “branding” the country as what it, in fact, truly is: a liberal democracy with gay and women’s rights. He then accused Israeli universities of being “entrenched in their role of planning, implementing, justifying, and whitewashing Israel’s regime of oppression.” He claimed that BDS “targets institutions, not individuals”; thus, it’s acceptable for “an Israeli professor” to be “invited to teach at Berkeley,” given that there is no “agreement with an Israeli university” or any “institutional links.” Barghouti asserted that such a boycott constitutes a mere loss of “privileges,” not a “threat to academic freedom.”)

    September 25, 2015:
    ADL – University Departments Sponsor Key BDS Advocates (Description note, “On Sep­tem­ber 18, 2015, Omar Bargh­outi, a found­ing mem­ber of the Pales­tin­ian Cam­paign for the Aca­d­e­mic and Cul­tural Boy­cott of Israel (PACBI), spoke at the Uni­ver­sity of California-Berkeley. His pre­sen­ta­tion, which dis­cussed the role which he believes acad­e­mia should play in BDS, was spon­sored by the cam­pus Stu­dents for Jus­tice in Pales­tine (SJP) chap­ter and co-sponsored by eight dif­fer­ent Uni­ver­sity depart­ments, includ­ing the Cen­ter for Race and Gen­der, Asian Amer­i­can Stud­ies, Native Amer­i­can Stud­ies, Eth­nic Stud­ies, Eng­lish, Chi­cano Stud­ies, Near East­ern Stud­ies, and African Amer­i­can Studies.”)

    September 24, 2015:
    EVENT – A Shadow over Palestine: The Imperial Life of Race in America
    (Description note, A Shadow Over Palestine: The Imperial Life of Race in America, presentation by Professor Keith Feldman of Ethnic Studies, commentary by Judith Butler. Description includes, “Focusing on the period from 1960 to 1985, author Keith P. Feldman reveals the centrality of Israel and Palestine in postwar U.S. imperial culture.”)

    September 19, 2015:
    Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers – Omar Barghouti met with protests at UC Berkeley
    (Description note, “On Friday, October 18, Omar Barghouti spoke to an audience at UC Berkeley’s Dwinelle Hall in an attempt to justify academic boycotts as part of a continued effort to isolate Israel. Via Emunah: UC Berkeley Students meet Omar Barghouti’s message of BDS intolerance with their own of academic freedom and free exchanges of ideas between all people. “Silencing ideas is stiffing progress” “UC Berkeley Academic Departments Support Limiting Academia” “Banning the ideas of one nation is Discrimination” This assault on academic freedom was sponsored by several UC Berkeley academic departments, including The Center for Race and Gender, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, Ethnic Studies, English, Chicano Studies, Near Eastern Studies.”)

    September 18, 2015:
    EVENT – Omar Barghouti on “BDS: Academia’s Role in the Struggle for Freedom and Justice

    August 18, 2015:
    Black Solidarity with Palestine – 2015 Black Solidarity Statement with Palestine – 1,100 Signatories, 39 Groups
    (DEMONIZATION, SUPPORT FOR BDS, DELEGITIMIZATION – Description note – UCLA Afrikan Student Union, BlaQue UCLA, Black Student Alliance at Yale, Black Student Alliance Executive Board – St. Louis University, Black Student Union at UC Berkeley, Columbia University Black Students’ Organization, Spoken Word Alliance at Tufts, Tufts Pan-African Alliance, and Stanford NAACP Executive Committee are among the signatories of a letter that demonizes, supports BDS and delegitimizes Israel with statements of, “Our support extends to those living under occupation and siege, Palestinian citizens of Israel, and the 7 million Palestinian refugees exiled in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. The refugees’ right to return to their homeland in present-day Israel is the most important aspect of justice for Palestinians….US and Israeli officials and media criminalize our existence, portray violence against us as “isolated incidents,” and call our resistance “illegitimate” or “terrorism.” These narratives ignore decades and centuries of anti-Palestinian and anti-Black violence that have always been at the core of Israel and the US. We recognize the racism that characterizes Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is also directed against others in the region, including intolerance, police brutality, and violence against Israel’s African population. Israeli officials call asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea “infiltrators” and detain them in the desert, while the state has sterilized Ethiopian Israelis without their knowledge or consent. These issues call for unified action against anti-Blackness, white supremacy, and Zionism. .. We wholeheartedly endorse Palestinian civil society’s 2005 call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel and call on Black and US institutions and organizations to do the same. We urge people of conscience to recognize the struggle for Palestinian liberation as a key matter of our time…We offer this statement first and foremost to Palestinians, whose suffering does not go unnoticed and whose resistance and resilience under racism and colonialism inspires us. “)

    May 20, 2015:
    Forward – Students for Justice in Palestine Builds Support With In-Your-Face Push

    May 11, 2015:
    San Jose Mercury News – Tammi Rossman-Benjamin: UC must fight back against anti-Semetic acts

    May 4, 2015:
    Los Angeles Daily News – Are anti-Semitism, out-of-state tuition linked?

    April 16, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – ASUC senators express concerns about Richmond Bay campus, talk addressing anti-Semitism (Description note, “the senate appointed ASUC senators Ori Herschmann and Haley Broder to a committee to combat anti-Semitism created by the senate in February. In addition to the two senators, other voting members will be the ASUC president, the Jewish Student Union president, a faculty member and a student member. According to Herschmann, the group will try to set standards for what is acceptable expression and what could be perceived as anti-Semitic. “This committee has nothing to do with Israel,” Herschmann said. “This committee is about the right for Jewish students to walk on this campus and feel safe.””)

    April 10, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Chancellor’s Corner: Discourse on free speech, civility gives us lessons to take forward (Description note – UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks writes, “Meanwhile, other campus communities have expressed deep concerns. For example, anti-Semitic graffiti found in campus buildings has led members of our Jewish student community to question whether we are doing enough to prevent these expressions of hate. At the same time, many Muslim students worried that Bill Maher’s invitation to the December commencement was an expression of institutional support for Islamophobia.”)

    April 9, 2015: – Angry rhetoric obfuscates BDS movement’s real goal (Description note – Ronald Hendel is the Norma and Sam Dabby professor of Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at U.C. Berkeley who writes, “The core principles of the SJP and the BDS movement therefore call for an end to the State of Israel. Accordingly, both are opposed to a two-state solution, in which Israel and Palestine live peacefully side by side. One of the writers of the Daily Cal op-ed, Kumars Salehi, makes this explicit in a recent article about BDS in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology. He writes that the BDS movement “provide[s] an alternative analysis to the segregationist paradigm of ‘two states for two people.’ ” According to him and other BDS spokespeople — including U.C. Berkeley professor Judith Butler — the goal is a binational state of Palestine, which will take the place of Israel. This means that the SJP and BDS oppose the official position of the U.S., Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League and the European Union, which all call for a peaceful two-state solution.”)

    March 31, 2015:
    Facebook: UC Berkeley SJP – Palestine: A Laboratory for Global Repression

    March 31, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Reasons for targeting Students for Justice in Palestine

    March 29, 2015:
    Arutz Sheva – Op-Ed: Hatred of Israel on US Liberal Campuses

    March 26, 2015:
    Letter from the Center for Student Conduct

    March 26, 2015:
    Jewish Standard – Universities punish bigotry — but not anti-Jewish bigotry (Description note, “At UC Berkeley, a Jewish student was holding a sign that said “Israel Wants Peace,” when she was rammed from behind with a filled shopping cart; she suffered injuries that required medical attention. Her attacker had a history of threatening and assaultive behavior, but the university let him off the hook and merely put him on probation, which allowed him to remain on campus and continue to terrify his victim. Why?”)

    March 23, 2015:
    The Times of Israel – The image of dead anti-Semitism (Description note – UC Berkeley student writes, “…if US campuses are any indication of our future, us Jews are in for a rough, rough ride if something doesn’t change soon.”

    March 20, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Campaign hashtag ignores realities of Jewish students’ experiences

    March 20, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Injustices against Palestinian students go unreported (Description note, “On the morning of Feb. 23, more than 600 Berkeley students received mock eviction notices as part of a peaceful protest by Cal SJP. …the flyers called attention to the real eviction notices Palestinians in the occupied territories receive from the Israeli military as part of the Israeli government’s policy of expelling Palestinians from their land in order to build ethnically exclusive settlements, an ongoing project of ethnic cleansing….Two days later, on Feb. 25, Cal SJP set up a mock wall and checkpoint reenactment in front of Sather Gate.”)

    March 19, 2015:
    RT – Berkeley’s Swastika Problem: Are America’s Liberal Colleges Breeding Anti-Semitism? (Description note, ““We still find anti-Semitic slogans written on bathrooms. We see swastikas on doors still, but they’re kind of dismissed. They’re painted over because there are just so many things that happened,” says Ori… a senior at UC Berkeley who serves in the student government. “A lot of students find swastikas and come to me. [They see it] on dorms, on bathroom stalls, just random places on campus.”)

    March 17, 2015:
    RT – UCLA and Berkeley anti-Semitism resolutions ‘blur lines,’ hurt debate – critics

    March 13, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Hashtag used in ASUC campaign announcement spurs controversy

    March 13, 2015:
    Jewish World – UC students vote to condemn anti-Semitism

    March 12, 2015:
    The Indianapolis Star – Kenneth Marcus: Bigotry common on college campuses

    March 12, 2015:
    The Jewish Daily Forward – California Push Against Anti-Semitism Spreads

    March 12, 2015:
    San Diego Jewish World- AMCHA praises student resolutions at UCLA, Berkeley

    March 11, 2015:
    Business Insider – Students vote to condemn anti-Semitism after incidents on UC campuses

    March 11, 2015:
    Reuters – Students vote to condemn anti-Semitism after incidents on UC campuses

    March 10, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – An open letter to those misunderstanding #dintifada

    (Description note, “Furthermore, the word intifada is a representation of the Palestinian struggle, a struggle with which I have and always will stand in solidarity. The use of this word gives the Palestinian people hope, and I find it extremely disturbing that students are delegitimizing the reality Palestinians go through on a daily basis by saying this word is “triggering.” To me, this word is uplifting, it is beautiful, and it represents the struggle of all oppressed people.”)

    March 10, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – An open letter to those misunderstanding #dintifada

    March 9, 2015:
    Truth Revolt – UC Berkeley Student Uses ‘#DIntifada’ As Campaign Hashtag

    March 6, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Statement from UC faculty on divestment from Israel

    March 5, 2015:
    San Diego Jewish World – UC Berkeley students condemn anti- Semitism

    March 5, 2015:
    J Weekly – Cal senate condemns anti-Semitism

    February 27, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – ASUC Senate to create ad hoc committee concerning anti-Semitism

    p>February 27, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – ASUC external affairs vice president selectively tweets on tragedy

    February 26, 2015:
    JNS – UC Berkeley student government unanimously passes bill condemning anti-Semitism

    February 26, 2015:
    JTA – U.C. Berkeley student government condemns anti-Semitism

    February 26, 2015:
    Jweekly – U.C. Berkeley senate passes bill condemning anti-Semitism

    February 26, 2015:
    The Electronic Intifada – Listen: Berkeley students reenact encounters at Israeli checkpoints

    February 25, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Students for Justice in Palestine set up faux security checkpoint on Sproul

    February 25, 2015:
    JNS – UCLA student vying for student government asked if Jewishness is ‘conflict of interest’

    February 24, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – Students for Justice in Palestine serves fake eviction notices to Unit 2 residents

    February 24, 2015:
    The Daily Californian – ASUC senate committees move forward with bills on anti-Semitism, new student fee (Description note – “A Bill Condemning Anti-Semitism, SB-55, also passed in Monday’s meeting. The bill condemns what it refers to as “hateful incidents” that occurred at the UC Davis chapter house of Alpha Epsilon Pi in January, in addition to creating an ad hoc ASUC committee to fight anti-Semitism on campus. The bill also requires ASUC executives to ask Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and dean of students Joseph Greenwell to hold a meeting regarding anti-Semitism.”)

    February 17, 2015:
    The Odyssey – Antisemitism on Campus

    January 30, 2015:
    UC Berkeley Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity – Rhetoric of racism, from Ferguson to Palestine (Description note, this piece is on the UC Berkeley Equity, Inclusion and Diversity website, “moreover, many headlines would focus only on Hamas rockets, thus making it seem as though Israel was actually fighting against a viable military power. This storyline assumes a false symmetry in power structure: Hamas is a political party that has been under siege
    , along with the entirety of the Gaza Strip, for the last seven years and under Israeli military occupation
    since 1967… Israel was founded after a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian population that continues until today.”)

    January 22, 2015:
    The Times of Israel – Rediscovering Jewish Identity

    January 2, 2015:
    Newsmax – Wiesenthal Center Rips UAW Local for ‘Demonizing’ Israel

    January 2, 2015:
    TLV1 – The BDS bugaboo

    December 5, 2014:
    The Algemeiner – Hating Jews at Berkeley

    December 3, 2014:
    Jewschool – BDS at UC Berkeley: Why I Am (Reluctantly) Voting Against

    November 25, 2014:
    Truth Revolt – MAEL: An ISIS Flag, Israeli Flags, And The Murder of Jews

    November 20, 2014:
    J Weekly – U.C. student workers debate union’s BDS proposal

    November 6, 2014:
    The Hill – Bill Maher, UC Berkeley and free speech

    November 6, 2014:
    JTA – Universities called out for trying to suppress protests of Israel

    November 5, 2014:
    The Blaze – How Pro-Palestinian Activists Tried to Get a Prestigious College to Silence an Israeli Speaker

    November 3, 2014:
    The Atlantic – The Campus Free-Speech Debates Are About Power, Not Sensitivity

    October 30, 2014:
    The Hill – ‘Real Time’ meets the ‘safe space’ (Description note – According to UC Berkeley student Henry, “the issue is that we do experience a lot of anti-Semitism in a lot of different ways.”)

    October 30, 2014:
    The Jerusalem Post – As I See It: The academic intifada

    October 20, 2014:
    The Tower – The Tower Magazine: SJP’s History of Hatred

    October 15, 2014:
    The Algemeiner – Why is Congress Funding Biased Reports on the Middle East?

    October 2014:
    The Tower – On Many Campuses, Hate is Spelled SJP

    September 30, 2014:
    The Daily Californian – Increase Academic Freedom by connecting to Israeli Universities

    September 27, 2014:
    Haaretz – U.S. academics bemoan ‘rigged’ fight in battle against BDS

    September 25, 2014:
    J Weekly – New semester means new anti-Israel protest at Cal

    September 24, 2014:
    Truth Revolt – UC Berkeley Students Call For Murdering Jews: ‘We Support the Intifada’

    September 24, 2014:
    The Daily Californian – 2 student groups protest Tuesday over issue of Israeli academic boycotts

    September 23, 2014:
    The Daily Californian – ASUC refuses to take stand for academic freedom

    September 23, 2014:
    The Daily Californian – Anti-BDS bill would have stifled free speech on campus

    September 22, 2014:
    Times of Israel – Reservists called up for next Hamas frontline — US campuses

    September 18, 2014:
    J Weekly – Vote to condemn academic boycotts of Israel tabled at Cal

    September 16, 2014:
    The Daily Californian – ASUC Senate postpones decision on Israeli academic boycott bill

    September 11, 2014:
    J Weekly – Busy year of anti-Israel protests on college campuses in offing?

    September 3, 2014:
    Truth Revolt – Campus Groups ‘Deeply Concerned About the Safety and Well-Being of Jewish Students’ on Sept. 23rd

    August 31, 2014:
    American Thinker- Hamas’s Academic Apologists (Description Note: “Ratcheting up the absurdity, Hatem Bazian, a lecturer in Near Eastern studies and director of the Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project at the University of California, Berkeley, equated Israeli policy with slavery and accused Israel of being behind Latin American death squads: ‘We need to make a link between what is taking place today in Palestine and the whole transnational, anti-colonial, anti-slavery, and anti-oppression struggle. . . . You need to understand the link of Israel to what’s taking place in Latin America. . . . Israel was helping the death squads and training them.'”)

    August 26, 2014:
    Truth Revolt – National Founder of SJP Calls To Silence Jewish Groups The Evening Before The Jewish New Year (Description Note – “University of California at Berkeley professor and founder of the national student group “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP) Hatem Bazian announced an “International Day of Action” to call for a complete academic and cultural boycott of Israel on September 23rd- the Eve before the Jewish New Year.”)

    August 25, 2014:
    Times of Israel – An Academic Union Mobilizes Against Israel

    August 23, 2014:
    Facebook – Dr. Hatem Bazian Facebook Post – “International Day of Action on College Campuses, Free Palestine and End the Siege on Gaza, September 23, 2014”

    August 21, 2014:
    Fox News – Watchdogs raise alarm after student-teachers union takes stand against Israel

    August 21, 2014: – Student-teachers union takes stand against Israel as anti-Semitism concerns arise

    August 14, 2014:
    J Weekly – Letter warns U.C. president of union’s ‘anti-Israel propaganda’

    August 16, 2014:
    EVENT- Block The Boat for Gaza! (Description note -SJP at UC Berkeley, SJP at Stanford and GUPS at SFSU are all involved. Text includes – “Stop Israel at the Port. Zionism isn’t welcome on our Coast! West Coast Blockade of the Israeli Zim Ship. Port of Oakland. STOP THE SIEGE ON GAZA! END THE COLONIAL OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE! RIGHT OF RETURN FOR ALL PALESTINIAN REFUGEES! FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS! BOYCOTT, DIVEST, SANCTION!.. We should always remember that the Palestinian resistance did not begin with Israel’s latest bombardment, nor did it begin during the last bombardment. It has been going on since 1948, since Israel came into existence. And it will not cease until Israeli apartheid falls. We refuse to allow Israel to conduct its business as usual, here in the Bay and everywhere!” Every Saturday, the Israeli owned Zim shipping line docks and unloads its cargo at the Port of Oakland. Let this action be the beginning of a sustained campaign to stop the Israeli ship from ever unloading in our town. From Seattle to Oakland to Los Angeles – turn the Israeli ship around! We encourage all of our allies on the West Coast to join us in ensuring that Zim ships are not welcome anywhere.”)

    thumbs-downAugust 12, 2014:
    COMPILED LIST – Supporters of UAW 2865 Resolution Calling for Academic Boycott of Israel (Description note – contains the names of graduate students, teaching assistants, readers, etc who exclaimed public support of the antisemitic Student Union Worker’s BDS resolution, which stated the need to “educate” others on the “settler-colonial” and “apartheid” nature of the Jewish state).

    August 7, 2014:
    J Weekly – Eight locals among Mideast scholars calling for Israel academic boycott

    January 14, 2014:
    Daily Cal – Napolitano and Dirks among officials opposing academic boycott of Israeli institutions

    July 17, 2014:
    American Thinker – Rampant Anti-Semitism Is Flourishing across the World

    July 16, 2014:
    Legal Insurrection – Expecting anti-Israel violence on campuses this fall

    June 18, 2014:
    National Review – Anti-Semites Rock Colleges: Students for Justice in Palestine has a long record of Jew-hatred.

    June 17, 2014:
    Inside Higher Ed – Middle East Conflict, U.S. Campuses

    June 9, 2014:
    Fox News – Pro-Palestinian students bring hate, intimidation to campus, critics say

    May 9, 2014:
    Frontpage Mag – Berkeley Prof: Terrorists Good, ‘Islamophobia’ Bad

    thumbs-upDecember 27, 2013:
    UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – Chancellor opposes academic boycott of Israel


    Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism


    Signs at SJP’s “Die-In” on Campus as part of Israeli Apartheid Week. Source Credit: SJP at UC Berkeley Facebook Page (March 21, 2017)(Image Collage Created from Live Stream Video)

    “Intifada, Intifada, We Support the Intifada” chants at UC Berkeley (October 14, 2015)

    Source Credit: UC Berkeley professor, using UC Berkeley email resources, promotes his petition to have Netanyahu dis-invited from the Center for American Progress on Wednesday (October 28, 2015)

    Source Credit: UC Berkeley professor, using UC Berkeley email resources, promotes his petition to have Netanyahu dis-invited from the Center for American Progress on Wednesday (October 28, 2015)


    Source Credit: Facebook, UC Berkeley SJP, International Day of Action (October 14, 2015)

    Source Credit: Facebook, UC Berkeley SJP, International Day of Action (October 14, 2015)


    International Day of Action for Palestine SJP Rally, Source Credit SJP at UC Berkeley Facebook (Oct 14, 2015)

    Source Credit: UC Berkeley International Day of Action (October 14, 2015)

    Source Credit: UC Berkeley International Day of Action (October 14, 2015)

    Source Credit: UC Berkeley International Day of Action Facebook Event (October 14, 2015)

    Source Credit: UC Berkeley International Day of Action – Facebook Event (October 14, 2015)

    Source Credit: International Day of Action - Israeli-Palestinian dispute over BDS breaks out on Sproul Plaza (October 14, 2015)

    Source Credit: International Day of Action – Israeli-Palestinian dispute over BDS breaks out on Sproul Plaza (October 14, 2015)

    Source Credit: Event Flyer - A Shadow Over Palestine: The Imperial Life of Race in America (September 24, 2015)

    Source Credit: Event Flyer – A Shadow Over Palestine: The Imperial Life of Race in America (September 24, 2015)

    Omar Barghouti’s talk on Sept 18 is met with a silent protest by students in the group Tikvah, illuminating that “Banning the ideas of one nation is Discrimination.”

    Source Credit: UC Berkeley SJP Facebook Page, March 31 2015

    Source Credit: UC Berkeley SJP Facebook Page, March 31 2015

    Source Credit: AMCHA supporter submitted

    AMCHA supporter submitted (March 26, 2015)

    Source Credit: Campus Reform

    Source Credit: Campus Reform

    Source Credit: American Muslims for Palestine International Day of Action on College Campuses for Palestine Facebook album

    Source Credit: American Muslims for Palestine International Day of Action on College Campuses for Palestine Facebook album

    unnamed (1)

    Source Credit: AMCHA, Sept 23 2014

    unnamed (2)

    Source Credit: AMCHA, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: AMCHA, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014

    c3 (1)

    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014

    c2 (1)

    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014


    Source Credit: Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, Sept 23 2014

    To report antisemitic activity at this or any other campus, you may:

    BDS Tracker

    4/18/2013 – Student Government: PASSED – Divestment resolution passed.

    3/1/2010 – President: FAILED – Resolution passed, but was vetoed by the President.

    BDS Instigators: Student & Faculty


    Student Group(s) Promoting BDS: 2
    Bears For Palestine


    Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 39

    1. Norma Alarcon
    2. Hamid Algar
    3. Paola Bacchetta
    4. Hatem Bazian
    5. Alisa Bierria
    6. Daniel Boyarin
    7. Gray Brechin
    8. Charles Briggs
    9. Natalia Brizuela
    10. Judith Butler
    11. Ivonne del Valle
    12. Samera Esmeir
    13. Keith Feldman
    14. Mariane Ferme
    15. Andrew Paul Gutierrez
    16. Gillian Hart
    17. Lyn Hejinian
    18. Charles Hirschkind
    19. Seth Holmes
    20. James Holston
    21. Elaine H. Kim
    22. Tomomi Kinukawa
    23. Jean Lave
    24. Smadar Lavie
    25. Laurence Michalak
    26. Minoo Moallem
    27. Donald S. Moore
    28. Carlos Munoz
    29. Laura Nader
    30. Geoffrey G. O’Brien
    31. Aihwa Ong
    32. Stefania Pandolfo
    33. Gautam Premnath
    34. José Rabasa
    35. Leigh Raiford
    36. Juana María Rodríguez
    37. Poulomi Saha
    38. Nancy Scheper-Hughs
    39. David Szanton


    Number of Faculty Endorsing the UAW 2865 Boycott Resolution: 7

    1. Elaine H. Kim
    2. Hatem Bazian
    3. Richard Walker
    4. Judith Butler
    5. Michael Burawoy
    6. Andrew Paul Gutierrez
    7. Paola Bacchetta


    AMCHA Activism

    January 26, 2017 – LETTER FROM 47 GROUPS – The Regents Principles Against Intolerance Remedy for Increasingly Polarized Campus

    September 13, 2016 – AMCHA + COALITION LETTER – Thank You Reply to UC Berkeley Chancellor Dirks

    October 2015 – UC Student Testimonials about Antisemitism on Campus, October 2015 to Present

    March 19, 2015 – Letter to UC President Napolitano Regarding Adopting U.S. State Department Definition of Antisemitism to Protect Jewish Students


    March 13, 2015 – AMCHA Initiative Applauds the UCLA and UC Berkeley Student Senates, and UC President and Regents Chair, for their Statements Condemning Campus Antisemitism

    October 28, 2014 – Letter to 100 Universities with Active SJP Chapters

    September 8, 2014 –UNIVERSITY RESPONSE – UC Provost Dorr responds with a letter, confirming that the “Universities position regarding as to the conduct of ASE’s in the classroom is rooted in its academic policies, including the UC Regents Policy on Course Conduct, referenced in your letter.” The letter further states, “We will ask the campuses to remind all the ASE’s about these policies and their obligation to adhere to them.”

    September 2, 2014 –UNIVERSITY RESPONSE: UC Berkeley Asst. Vice Chancellor Don Mogulof letter Re: Dr. Hatem Bazian’s Sept 23 “Day of Action”

    September 2, 2014 –LETTER to Chancellor Dirks: 15 Groups, including campus fraternity, write Chancellor Dirks to monitor the behavior of SJP and other student organizations involved in the September 23 Day of Action to ensure pro-Israel students will not be harassed, intimidated, bullied or assaulted

    August 15, 2014 –VOICES: Community Responses to UC Academic Student Workers Union (UAW 2865) Statement of Intent to Bring Antisemitic Propaganda and BDS to UC Classrooms

    August 12, 2014 –Letter to UC President Napolitano regarding Union of Student Workers statement of intent to bring BDS and antisemitic progaganda to UC classrooms

    August 12, 2014 – ACTION ALERT: 12 Groups Ask UC President Napolitano to Ensure Antisemitic Propaganda and BDS Are Not Brought to UC Classrooms by Union of Student Workers

    April 30, 2014 – ACTION ALERT: University Administrators to Blame for Tsunami of Campus Antisemitism

    March 31, 2014 – Insider’s guide to campus bias faced by Jews

    March 27, 2014 – California Students Testify About Anti-Semitism on Campus