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  • February 14, 2017 – Tulane University Jewish Student (Carly) “As a Jewish student at Tulane, it is always humbling to remember that generalizations about Jewish culture and their racial identity are still fair game for the classroom.” Read more
  • February 14, 2017 – Tulane University Jewish Student (Carly) “…on December 6th, 2016 following another challenging and compelling Critical Race Theory class, I approached my professor in attempts to follow-up on a provocative statement he had made just 20 minutes prior. ‘What’s a Jew?’ he asked, somewhat rhetorically, to his silent 3000 level elective classroom… After the drawn out pause, he concluded that Jews in American society are tantamount to Whiteness, suggesting that Jews in today’s secular society reap the same privileges that the collective White majority does. Jewish people today, in his eyes, exist in a much larger social structure embedded in anti-Blackness in the U.S., and thus are actively benefitting from a colonialist and imperialist government. Needless to reiterate, I looked forward to following up on this topic during his office hours after class. But much to my surprise, the excitement was not mutual. ‘If you want to argue your opinion on this matter, I’d be happy to read a 12-page paper with Chicago style citations,’ he snapped. ‘But until then, this conversation is over.’” Read more

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    3/14/18 – A contributing article in the student newspaper called for Tulane University to engage in an academic boycott of Israel and stated, “Tulane should break its ties with Israeli universities.” The article also delegitimized Israel, claiming, “Inspired by anti-apartheid activism relating to South Africa, BDS calls for severing support for Israel until the country stops systemically violating international law — the country’s governance meets the International Criminal Court’s definition of apartheid.”


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    March 14, 2018:
    Tulane Hullabaloo – Tulane must follow New Orleans’ lead regarding Palestine

    April 21, 2017:
    Tulane Hullabaloo – Turning Point’s Tulane chapter rightfully approved
    (Description note, “An organization like Students for Justice in Palestine provides a relevant analogy. Though members of SJP at other universities have committed violent acts against Jewish people and brought explicitly anti-Semitic speakers to campus, if someone wanted to start a Tulane branch, they must be allowed to express their views. Some Jewish students, knowing the organization’s capacity for anti-Semitism across the country, might feel unsafe with the group’s presence on campus. But unless SJP were to cross that line, the group should be allowed to exist at Tulane.”)

    February 14, 2017:
    Haaretz – Opinion What Happens When a Tulane Student Queries Jews’ ‘Whiteness’

    December 20, 2013:
    UT News – The President opposed the Academic Boycott of Israel


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