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April 29, 2015: New Jersey Jewish Standard – Ah no, Jews cannot be judges’ (Description note – article by Dr. Alan Kadish of Teaneck, President and CEO of the Touro College and University system, “What happened to the students at UCLA and Stanford unfortunately were not isolated events. A recent Trinity College survey found that 54 percent of Jewish students in the United States reported being confronted with anti-Semitic acts or comments on campus during the first six months of the 2013-2014 academic year. The Stanford student who did not receive the endorsement she sought said that she felt the need to hide all her Facebook posts showing her proud support of Israel before launching her campaign for student government. This was because the campus climate had been hostile and taking a public stance on Israel, she felt, would not be politically expedient. Educators and citizens alike must refuse to tolerate this kind of prejudice. Students whose actions conflict with the ideals and principles held dear by America’s founders should be removed from positions of power on campus. University officials should strongly condemn racist and anti-Semitic behavior and the true Jewish tradition of justice should be brought to light.”)

January 2, 2014: UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – Statement on ASA Boycott of Israel’s Universities, by Dr. Alan Kadish


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