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  • November 14, 2016 – The New School Jewish Student (Sam) “[I] broke down in tears after seeing the anti-Semitic symbol drawn in black marker on [my] door’s white board. It was just heartbreaking.” Read more
  • November 12, 2016 – The New School Jewish Student (Lizzy) “I took a picture [of the swastika], sent it in a group message to my suite mates and erased it out of shame. That’s not something I want on my door if I don’t have to have it on my door.” Read more

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    11/12/16 – Swastikas were drawn on several doors in a residence hall. Three Jewish women live in the suite where one of the swastikas was drawn, according to a tweet from one of the students who lives there.
    11/28/17 – Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Haymarket Books, Jacobin, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ), and The New School Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism program co-sponsored the event, “Antisemitism and the Struggle for Justice.” During the event, Lina Morales falsely claimed that Zionism “enacted cultural genocide against Jewish cultures that didn’t fit its version of a reconstituted western Jewishness.” Rebecca Vilkomerson delegitimized Israel by falsely accusing it of “practicing apartheid” and claimed antisemitism today is an, “especially virulent Trumpian form of Zionist anti-Semitism.” She further claimed Christians United for Israel’s religious viewpoints are essentially built on an “anti-Semitic vision.” Linda Sarsour expressed support for BDS, stating, “I’m also a very staunch supporter of the boycott, divestment, sanctions movement… Boycott, divestment, sanctions is actually a tactic…So I’m a supporter of BDS.”
    5/1/17 – The Vera List Center for Art and Politics sponsored the May Day book launch event, “Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency, and Cultural Production” with the three editors of the book. During the event, one of the editors, Kareem Estefan, advocated for BDS as a way of “substantiating new conversations…we hope in thinking about boycott, that we are withdrawing from those non-democratic and unequal platforms in order to create more democratic and egalitarian platforms so there’s a possibility through the active boycott of moving from institutional critique to a kind of different sort of institutional building.” Estefan further demonized and delegitimized Israel, saying the academic boycott was a response to Israel’s marketing campaign “Brand Israel” so people could see through the, “kind of whitewashing, pinkwashing of the ongoing occupation of apartheid policy.” Claire Potter, Professor of History at The New School, also expressed support for BDS, stating, “I was intellectually persuaded ultimately by the arguments about why the boycott of Israeli institutions was a good idea.”
    6/19/16 – SJP shared a post on facebook that contained antisemitic content. SJP had commented on the shared post, “The U.S. political landscape in a nutshell:” where the video then shared contained classic antisemitic tropes of Jewish control of politics as well as the demonizing reference that Israel kills babies.
    3/26/16 – SJP at the New School and JVP-NY City co-sponsored an event with Jeff Halper entitled, “BDS for a Bi-national, Democratic State”. In his talk, Halper delegitimized Israel, accusing the state of apartheid, as well as of apartheid warehousing, claiming Israel’s intentions are worse than apartheid and are more aligned with the imprisonment of Palestinians, leading to “a new apartheid state in the world where the Jews, which is pretty chilling, become the Afrikanas”. He additionally denied Jews self-determination by falsely claiming that Israel has already created a “one-state” that eliminates “the possibility of Israel being a Jewish state” and should be replaced with a one-state structure. He further called for BDS stating, “we’ve always supported BDS, but it’s got to be linked to an endgame. What are we BDSing for?…Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions for a Bi-national Democratic State” where the endgame would result in denying Jews a Jewish state and self-determination.
    BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 3/17/16 – SJP co-hosted a BDS promotional event with Jeff Halper entitled, “BDS 4 BDS Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions for a Bi-national, Democratic State.”


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    November 13, 2016:
    Time – Racist Incidents Are Up Since Donald Trump’s Election. These Are Just a Few of Them
    (Description note, “Swastikas were drawn on several doors in a residence hall at the New School in New York City on Saturday. Three Jewish women live in the suite where one of the swastikas was drawn, according to a tweet from one of the students who lives there. “That someone would attempt to create fear amongst us is inexcusable. This is not what we as a community stand for, nor is it something we will tolerate,” New School President David E. Van Zandt said in a statement, calling the vandalism an “illegal, inflammatory and hurtful influence on our campus.” He said the New York City Police Department is investigating the incident, and campus security has been increased.”)

    November 13, 2016:
    Daily News New York – Series of swastika graffiti on NYC New School dorm doors shakes up students

    November 12, 2016:
    Free Press – Students Wake Up To Doors Vandalized With Swastikas At Kerrey Hall

    April 28, 2016:
    EVENT – Occupied Youth in Palestine and Black America


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    Source Credit: Twitter, “We woke up to this on our door, in a dorm at @TheNewSchool, where 3 Jewish women live.” (November 12, 2016)

    Source Credit: Twitter, “We woke up to this on our door, in a dorm at @TheNewSchool, where 3 Jewish women live.” (November 12, 2016)

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