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  • April 6, 2018 – Scripps College Jewish Student (Unnamed in article) – “Monday’s incident was not [my] first anti-Semitic experience on Scripps’ campus…students have taken Hillel fliers off [my] door and someone on the Scripps quad once screamed “fuck Jews, fuck Zionism” at [me]. This is by no means the worst anti-Semitism that’s happened to me. There is a huge problem with campus climate. … There is definitely a trend going on, and I wish that it was taken a lot more seriously by students, by administrators, and by members of the community.” Read more
  • February 26, 2016 – Claremont Colleges Consortium Jewish Students (Aiden, Orren, Stacey and Ben) – “On Dec. 13, 2015, an email from Campus Safety detailing an anti-Semitic death threat at the Claremont Colleges left us disoriented. According to the email, a student was approached at a Harvey Mudd College holiday party and told, “I can tell you are Jewish because of your nose and your hair” before the suspect declared that he wanted to “fucking kill all of you people.”  After receiving the notification, the four of us were unsure how to react and how to move forward. That day, we all spoke on the phone, attempting to locate the source of our confusion, pain, and silence. As we worked to process our own emotional reactions, we heard many students express that the administration had only reacted so swiftly to the incident because ‘Jews are white.’” Read more
  • September 2015 – Jewish Scripps Student (Deena) – On college campuses today, although students have every right to disagree with some of the politics of the country, the events with they organize are not against the policies, they are against the people. They claim hatred against the Jews of Israel, and therefore the Jewish people of the world.” Read more


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TARGETING JEWISH STUDENTS AND STAFF: HARASSMENT 3/10/16 – A Campus Safety alert was sent out to all students detailing mock eviction notices that were found at Claremont McKenna College, Scripps College, and Pitzer College on March 7th. Posting regulations at all three schools were violated. The alert stated that “students have reported that they felt they were being targeted specifically because they are Jewish.”
4/19/18 – Claremont SJP held the event, “The Washing Campaign: No Pride in Apartheid” on the Scripps campus. The description for the event demonized and delegitimized Israel, stating, “The Washing Campaign has been fundamental in sustaining Israeli apartheid by way of presenting Israel as a progressive entity in an effort to deflect from state-sanctioned crimes against Palestine. The media has been permeated with marketing efforts to pinkwash, greenwash, faith-wash the global image of Israel which has further enabled the normalization of Israeli occupation, settler colonialism, and apartheid. This will be a comprehensive workshop on the Washing campaign and how it has manifested itself as part of the Zionist, settler-colonial apparatus.”
4/2/18 – A flier for a Claremont Hillel event about Israel was marked up with pro-Palestinian messages and an accusation of white supremacy and left on a Jewish Scripps senior’s door.
DELEGITIMIZATION 4/27/17 – SJP held the event, “Neoliberal Colonization and Israeli Apartheid” with Assistant Professor of Sociology and African American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Andy Clarno.
11/11/16 – SJP held the event, “Remi Kanazi Performing in Claremont: Before the Next Bomb Drops.” According to the school newspaper, during the event Kanazi delegitimized Israel with false claims of apartheid, exclaiming, “…fuck Israeli Apartheid” and denied Jews self-determination by advocating for Palestinians’ right of return, which would effectively eliminate the Jewish state. Kanazi additionally performed his poem, “This Divestment Bill Hurts My Feelings,” which calls for BDS.
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 10/21/2015 – Claremont SJP hosed a talk at Scripps College by BDS activist Nada Elia, which was intended to promote BDS.


In the News ?

April 6, 2018:
The Student Life – Apparent Anti-Semitic, Racist Vandalism Riles Scripps

April 25, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Wearing My Star of David Necklace With Pride on Campus

January 18, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Student-Made Video on California College Media Dept’s Vimeo Page Mocks Netanyahu’s Defense of Israel
(Description note – “A student-made video clip on the official Vimeo page of a California college’s media studies department attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by mocking — and taking out of context — statements made by the Israeli leader…The video, reportedly created as part of a project for the Claremont Colleges’ Intercollegiate Media Studies (IMS) Department, claims that Israel is an illegally occupying power that ethnically cleansed the land of Palestinians in the 1948 War of Independence.”)

November 18, 2016:
The Student Life – Spoken Word Poet Kanazi Performs, Advocates for Palestinian Rights

November 13, 2016:
The Student Life – What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for a Two-State Solution

September 30, 2016:
The Student Life – A Closer Look at Students for Justice in Palestine

March 15, 2016:
PowerLine – Anti-Semitism At Scripps College

March 9, 2016:
AMCHA – Mock Eviction Notices Targeting Jewish Students At Claremont University Consortium
(Description note – A Campus Safety alert is sent out to all students detailing mock eviction notices that were found at Claremont McKenna College, Scripps College, and Pitzer College on March 7th. Posting regulations at all three schools were violated. The alert states, “students have reported that they felt they were being targeted specifically because they are Jewish.”)

September 25, 2015: Change Magazine – Anti-Semitism on Campus: Disguised as Something Else?


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Source Credit: Yik Yak post (March 7, 2016)

Source Credit: Mock eviction notice presented by Claremont SJP (Issued March 7, 2016)

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