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  • May 9, 2017 – Sarah Lawrence College Jewish Student (Andrea) “As the head of Hillel, the Jewish organization, I have experienced my fair share of anti-Semitic incidents on campus, from a student doing a heil Hitler salute during the national anthem at homecoming to Facebook pages calling for a destruction of Hillel by destroying it from the inside out. Feeling ostracized and unsafe on the campus, I reached out to my fellow religious and spiritual groups for support.” Read more
  • October 21 2015 – JEWISH SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE STUDENT (Andi) “I’ve become a persona non grata to some. [As the president of the campus Hillel and one of few openly pro-Israel students at a school], [I’ve] grown accustomed to threatening messages on social media, listserv discussions that single [me] out by name, and icy stares and purposeful whispers when [I] pass by…I didn’t want to come back this semester, and my mom really didn’t want me to come back…If I had known what I would face here, I would not have signed up.” Read more

  • October 21 2015 – JEWISH SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE STUDENT (Andi) (After arranging for a pro-Israel event on campus) – “The anger, the hate was so real…[the days leading up the event were] hysteria…Friends who had nothing to do with the event unfriended [me] on Facebook, and many stopped talking to [me] in person. I felt isolated and alone.”)Read more

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    October 21, 2015: The Jewish Week – On Leafy Campuses, Hillel Struggles For A Foothold
    (Description note, “As Hillel’s Israel intern, a position that no longer exists at the school, Cantor invited an Israeli soldier to speak on campus about his army service. The move spurred an outpouring of protest on campus and online as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a group that protests Israel’s “apartheid regime,” according to its online description, petitioned the administration to cancel the event. Virulent posts such as “This is disgusting, I can’t believe Sarah Lawrence would invite a terrorist to our campus” flooded the Facebook page where the event was posted. Another student posted a video of herself crying, claiming she was having nightmares because of the imminent event. “The anger, the hate was so real,” said Cantor, who described the days leading up the event as “hysteria.” Friends who had nothing to do with the event unfriended her on Facebook, and many stopped talking to her in person. “I felt isolated and alone.”)

    January 10, 2014: UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – President Lawrence opposes American Studies Association’s boycott of Israel

    January 8, 2014: Times of Israel – Sarah Lawrence joins schools against ASA boycott

    January 9, 2014: The Daily Tar Heel – Folt’s disregard of boycott should be echoed by others


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