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BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 4/6/17 – In support of SJP’s divestment campaign, SJP held a BDS event called “CSUS Divest: Workshop.” According to an article in the school paper, the next step in the divestment campaign is that “ASI will be putting out a student survey in which students will answer whether or not they are in favor of divestment” in the coming weeks.
CALLS FOR BDS 3/28/17 – SJP published a letter to the editor in the school paper that reiterated the club’s support for its divestment bill that “asked our institution to divest from CAT construction for their role in destroying Palestinian homes on native land and to boycott Sabra Hummus for having companies built on illegal settlements.”
BDS VOTE 3/16/17 – SJP released a divestment resolution targeting companies that do business with Israel as well as Sabra Dipping Co (for the Hummus being sold on the campus EcoGrounds) and included as well companies involved in private prisons and the Dakota Access pipeline. Student government asked SJP to take a student survey and hold a public forum on the issue prior to a vote.


In the News ?

April 7, 2017:
The State Hornet – Students for Justice in Palestine hold workshop to educate students about divestment

March 28, 2017:
The State Hornet – Letter to the editor: Students for Justice in Palestine responds to social media critics

March 16, 2017:
The State Hornet – Students for Justice in Palestine calls on CSU to divest

October 26, 2016:
State Hornet – Human rights activist Linda Sarsour to speak on campus Nov. 4

October 21, 2016:
State Hornet – Palestinian activist speaks at Sac State
(Description note, “Palestinian human rights advocate Issa Amro gave an audience an inside look at the current state of affairs within the Palestinian territories during an event Wednesday in the Hinde Auditorium… “It’s not about a solution right now — we need revolution first. We are still under attack. We need another movement in order to change things,” Amro said. “Revolutions start on college campuses, so use this time to find out what is going on and create change in your government.”… “What is the situation there? The Israeli forces are violating international law. They are arresting children, shooting the innocent, taking their land, forcing people out of their homes, forbidding them from walking in their own streets,” Amro said. “People are dying silently in their homes and being beaten and left on the streets because an ambulance won’t even come if you are Palestinian.”)


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