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  • October 25, 2017 – Purdue University Faculty Member (Yitzhak) “During the weekend of Sept. 16, a giant swastika was constructed in a classroom across from my office on campus. Given my Jewish appearance, the mezuzah on the doorpost of my office, and the small menorah I have on the window sill facing the street — the location chosen for the swastika was not a coincidence. It was not a prank. It was directed at me personally (yet not solely at me). I saw it, and it petrified me. Despite of what others may try to convince themselves, the semiotics of the swastika are clear: it is always a death threat. For a few days, I contemplated modifying how I dress to protect myself from people who want me to die. I decided against it because I am proud to be a Jew.” Read more


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Classification Date-Description
9/16/17 – Tables were found arranged into a swastika in a study space at Purdue University’s Honors College and Residences.
3/7/16 – A swastika and an antisemitic slur written on a whiteboard in the American Studies Program.
ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DEMONIZATION 4/6/17 – SJP held the event, “Global Feminism & The Struggle for Social Justice.” The description for the event stated, “Cinzia Arruzza and Nada Elia will be speaking about contemporary and global feminism, pinkwashing, and reproductive rights on Thursday, April 6th at 6:00 pm in SMITH 118.” Pinkwashing is a demonizing term implying that Israel is malevolently representing itself as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes.”
2/9/17 – SJP held the event, “Intro to BDS,” with Professor Bill Mullen. The advertisement for the event called for the right of return, which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state.
DELEGITIMIZATION 9/15/16 – SJP held the event “Screening of Roadmap to Apartheid.” The film delegitimizes Israel, falsely accusing the state of apartheid.
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 4/4/17 – SJP held the event, “Palestine and the BDS Movement with Ali Abunimah and Wael Elsady.”


In the News ?

September 28, 2017:
Journal & Courier – Tables found arranged into a swastika at Purdue Honors College

January 12, 2017:
Socialist Worker – Why was BDS beaten at the MLA conference?
(Description note, “Bill Mullen, a professor of American Studies at Purdue University and a leading voice in the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israeli apartheid, explains the outcome of an effort to get the Modern Language Association to stand in solidarity with Palestinian rights–and what lessons we can draw for the future….’At a town hall meeting organized by the association, a diverse array of mostly younger scholars, graduate students and longtime BDS activists argued forcefully that Israel’s founding as a settler-colonial, racist, apartheid state was buttressed by Israeli universities that develop and manufacture weapons to support the occupation and discriminate against Palestinian applicants…’”)

March 10, 2016: – Jewish community members speaking out after swastika found at Purdue

March 10, 2016:
Sunshine State News – Swastikas on Campus: Anti-Semitism Blamed on Anti-Israel Academics

March 9, 2016:
The Algemeiner – Swastikas, Antisemitic Graffiti Found at 2 Indiana Universities This Week

March 8, 2016:
JC Online – Swastika, anti-Semitic slur drawn at Purdue

March 8, 2016:
Indy Star – 2 Indiana universities vandalized with anti-Semitic symbolism

March 8, 2016: – Swastika, anti-Semitic slur found on Purdue’s campus
(Description note – A swastika and an anti-Semitic slur written on a whiteboard in the American Studies Program.)

September 22, 2014: Times of Israel – Reservists called up for next Hamas frontline — US campuses

December 23, 2013: Journal Gazette – Daniels: Boycott of Israeli schools violates academic freedom

September 4, 2013: – Where Zionism meets neoliberalism: Tithi Bhattacharya and Bill Mullen, professors at Purdue University, report on the relationship between Israel and American university administrators. (Description note – quote from article, “In this case, the University of Illinois shows us how the “neoliberal” university allies itself with Zionism as a settler-colonial project. The illegal occupation of Palestine has helped savvy university presidents and trustees earn handsome dividends, while using their positions to reject criticisms of Israel at the universities they head. The solution is to de-Zionize our campuses…This is why, at this juncture in history, the boycott, divest and sanctions movement against Israel, and faculty unionization should go hand and in hand.”)


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