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  • April 8, 2016 – Princeton University Student (Marni) “These anti-Semitic attacks might alienate Jewish students (and in turn, encourage them to withhold their voices), just as racist commentary can silence students of color.” Read more

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    12/4/17 – Antisemitic posters denouncing Jewish priviledge were found on campus. The poster was titled, “The Truth about ‘White Privilege’ and Jewish Supremacy,'” and was addressed to a person named Linda Oppenheim. It read, “Hey Linda (((Oppenheim))), instead of inciting anti-White animosity with your lines about so called [sic] ‘White privilege,’ why don’t you discuss the real privilege in America? JEWISH PRIVILEGE. Although Jews comprise less than 2% of the U.S. population they control the mass media, Hollywood, TV, the Federal Reserve, finance, education, judiciary, foreign policy, campaign financing, etc. 48% of U.S. billionaires according to Forbes are Jewish, an overrepresentation of 2,500%. Not to mention that 70% of the sexual predators in the current scandals are Jewish. And while you’re at it Linda, why don’t you tell your pet negroes about the overwhelming Jewish role in the trans-atlanic slave trade. Also you might want to discuss why Israel is deporting 60,000 black African jews from the Jewish state. Diversity and multiculturalism is only for America and Europe not the chosen people, Linda?”
    9/18/17 – A swastika was drawn on “The Hedgehog and the Fox” sculpture by Lewis Library two days before Rosh Hashana. It was drawn with a white waxy substance and was approximately 18 inches by 18 inches.
    TARGETING JEWISH STUDENTS AND STAFF: HARASSMENT 9/15/17 – The ADL reported that a student was harassed by another student for her Jewish beliefs. The date of the incident is approximated from ADL’s “Selected List of 2017 Anti-Semitic Incidents” report. No further confirmation or details about this incident are available.
    4/20/17 – Fliers promoting the white nationalist organization “Vangaurd America,” containing antisemitic, anti-immigrant and racist language, were found in at least four areas of the campus including on the door to the main entrance of the campus Center for Jewish Life. The fliers stated, “HITLER brought to you by Vanguard America: Jews are 10% of Princeton students, an overrepresentation of 500%…80% of the first Soviet government was Jewish.” The fliers also contained an image of Adolf Hitler with a birthday hat on.
    1/23/17 – An orange swastika about 10 to 14 inches long was spray-painted on a large sculpture on campus. Since 2015, there has been at least one other incident of swastika graffiti discovered on the statue.
    5/4/16 – Antisemitic graffiti was found in a restroom in the Friend Center on Wednesday, the first evening of Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day. The graffiti implied that Jews are “ruling the United States.”
    3/25/16 – An antisemitic flier was distributed to networked printers and fax machines at several locations on campus. The flier had swastikas and said, “White Man are you Sick and Tired of the Jews Destroying Your Country through Mass Immigration and Degeneracy? Join Us in the Struggle for Global White Supremacy at the Daily Stormer.”
    ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DEMONIZATION 5/28/18 – An article in the school paper about a JVP-organized march “mourning for slain Palestinians” quoted a student, who claimed, “I’m here because the massacre of innocent people is completely unconscionable, and it’s even more unconscionable when it’s literally people trying to escape basically the world’s largest concentration camp. Literally 97 percent of the water is poisoned.” The article’s author claimed the student, “stat[ed] a statistic which has been confirmed by reports from a hydrologist who advises [the] Palestinian Water Authority” which then links to a Haaretz article acknowledging the water is contaminated by sewer and salt, but not “poisoned,” which would indicate a deliberate action by Israelis.
    DEMONIZATION 2/16/17 – At an event entitled “Is Zionism separable from Judaism?”, co-sponsored by the Project’s Board, the Program in American Studies and the Princeton Committee on Palestine, speaker Norman Finkelstein reportedly “equated Zionism with ethnic cleansing, called Zionism a denial of historical truth and compared Zionist endeavors to Stalin’s.”
    DELEGITIMIZATION 2/8/16 – Princeton Committee on Palestine and Princeton DREAM Team erected a mock apartheid wall which falsely accused Israel of apartheid. The project received “generous support” from the Lewis Center for the Arts, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the Davis International Center, and the American Studies Program.
    4/8/15 – The Princeton Divests Student Coalition organized an event at which 5 people spoke in support of anti-Israel divestment, including Princeton professor Cornel West, who accused Israel of commiting “a crime against humanity,”
    4/1/15 – The Princeton Theological Seminary and Princeton University students held the panel “Life and Loathing In Greater Israel Princeton University Panel Discussion,” which featured Max Blumenthal, Chris Hedges and Ronnie Barkan. During the panel and/or in the Q & A that followed, each speaker engaged in forms of antisemitic expression. Blumenthal denied Jewish self-determination exclaiming, “I want to challenge this idea that Zionism represents an authentic level of Judaism,” and he condoned terrorism, calling the violence of terrorist organizations such as Islamic Jihad “Palestinian resistance” to “their siege and occupation.” Both Hedges and Barkan delegitimized Israel, falsely accusing it of “apartheid.” Barkan denied Jewish self-determination, claiming that Zionism was “a nationalist movement of ingraining [the Jews] with…supremacist messianic thinking, and inherent to Zionism is…taking away of the land and the resources.” In addition, Barkan demonized Israel, falsely accusing it of “massacre,” “pre-meditated ethnic cleansing” and being “built on the basis of supremacy.” All three speakers promoted BDS in their talks. The event was sponsored by Princeton Theological Seminary’s Seminarians for Peace and Justice in the Holy Land, the Association of Charismatic Theological Students (ACTS), the Student Government Association, the Religion and Society department, and the Office of Multicultural Relations, as well as Princeton University’s Committee on Palestine.
    BDS ACTIVITY: BDS VOTES 4/29/15 – Graduate Student Government held a referendum on anti-Israel divestment, and divestment won with 56.3% voting yes, 39.3% no, and 4.5% abstaining.
    BDS EVENTS 4/28/15 – The Graduate Student Government held a forum to discuss the divestment referendum that the graduate student body would be voting on.
    BDS VOTES 4/24/15 – A school-wide referendum on an anti-Israel divestment measure was held and divestment was narrowly defeated, 47.5% in favor of divestment and 52.5% opposed.
    CALLS FOR BDS 4/6/15 – The Princeton Divests Coalition submitted a petition for an anti-Israel divestment referendum with 229 signatures to the student government.


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    May 28, 2018:
    The Daily Princetonian – Princeton community marches in mourning for slain Palestinians

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    Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Princeton Jewish student center denies space for exhibit criticizing Israeli military

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    Planet Princeton – Rally Against Hate to be Held this Afternoon at Princeton University

    April 24, 2017:
    Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Anti-Semitic, racist fliers found on Princeton campus

    April 21, 2017: – Racist, white nationalist fliers found taped around Princeton U. campus

    April 20, 2017:
    The Daily Princetonian – Racist flyers found on campus

    March 9, 2017:
    The Daily Princetonian – I am a Zionist.
    (Description note, “On Thursday, Feb. 16, the well-known political scientist and Israel critic Norman Finkelstein repeatedly equated Zionism with ethnic cleansing. He called Zionism a denial of historical truth and compared Zionist endeavors to Stalin’s.”)

    March 3, 2017:
    KVUE – UT Jewish student center vandalized, police say

    November 15, 2016:
    The Daily Princetonian – Twitter anti-Semitism, and how Princeton beat it

    September 29, 2016:
    The Algemeiner – Legal Expert: Controversy Surrounding Israeli Radical Miko Peled Serves as Jew-Hatred Litmus Test for Anti-Israel Groups

    September 26, 2016:
    The Times Of Israel – Miko Peled’s big anti-Semitism problem

    September 24, 2016:
    Legal Insurrection – Jewish Voice for Peace disavows BDS activist Miko Peled: “No place 4 antisemitism in our movement”

    September 21, 2016:
    The Algemeiner – Anti-Israel Group at Drew U Upholds Invitation to Host Israeli Radical Tweeting Antisemitic Rhetoric

    May 5, 2016:
    The Daily Princetonian – Anti-Semitic graffiti appears on Holocaust Remembrance Day
    (Description note, “Anti-Semitic graffiti was found in a restroom in the Friend Center on Wednesday, the first evening of Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day… It contained negative commentaries alluding that Jews are ‘ruling the United States.’”)

    February 22, 2016:
    The Daily Princetonian – The other side of “The Wall”
    (Description note, “This editorial is not about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the recent discussion regarding that issue must be mentioned in order to properly consider the impact of “The Wall” in its entirety, including the less-talked-about other side. It is a shame that the powerful presentation prepared by the Princeton DREAM Team has not generated the traction that it deserves. The problem of immigration reform is not only a national issue that must be resolved but a local issue with direct, tangible impacts on people both within the University community and the Princeton area at large. When people on campus propose we discuss what we can do to stop unnecessary deaths at the border and to prevent lives from being ruined and families from being torn apart, it is imperative that we follow through on their suggestion.”)

    February 14, 2016: Princeton students construct wall to explore issues
    (Description note, “The natural alliance between PCP and DREAM Team began to form last year, when DREAM Team supported PCP’s Divest campaign, which called for university divestment from companies that maintain the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, according to Sakha.”)

    February 10, 2016:
    The Daily Princetonian – Apartheid wall seeks to trigger political awareness
    (Description note, “The Princeton DREAM Team, a student organization focused on immigrant rights advocacy, partnered with the Princeton Committee on Palestine to create a two-sided Apartheid wall between McCosh Walk and Frist Campus Center on Monday. One side of the wall represents the US-Mexico Border Fence and the other the Israel Apartheid wall that runs along the West Bank of Palestine. The wall will remain standing until Feb. 12th, according to the Facebook page for the project.”)

    November 13, 2015:
    The Tower – What is Yik Yak? On Many Campuses, It’s How Anti-Semitism Spreads
    (Description note, “At Princeton, a student wrote on Yik Yak that a recent initiative to divest university funds from companies that do business in Israel “has made me feel the most unsafe to be Jewish that I have ever felt.” …Also at Princeton: a post stating, simply, “Jewish lives matter.” And a response: “No they dont [sic].”)

    May 24, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Majority votes for divestment in GSG poll

    May 15, 2015:
    Princeton Divests – Graduate students voted for divestment with 56.3% voting yes, 39.3% voting no, and 4.5% voting to abstain

    May 10, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Editorial: USG Referendum Campaign Spending
    (Description Note, “This issue was brought to light after the recent referendum on divestment. During the period leading up to the election, several students noted increasingly expensive and sophisticated campaigning techniques such as targeted Facebook advertising. The Editorial Board calls on the Undergraduate Student Government to institute greater transparency in referendum campaigns by requiring student advocacy organizations that participate to report and publish their donors and total expenditures.”)

    May 2, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Result of divestment referendum raises questions over campaign financing and biased language
    (Description note, “Both USG and student activist organizations have been riled by controversy over campaign financing and allegations of biased referendum language, even though the referendum has officially concluded. Undergraduate students split nearly down the middle over whether to divest from certain Israeli companies, with 52.5 percent voting against divestment…Everett said, noting that the No Divest website was of the same quality as the Princeton Divests website. “The resource that pushed our campaign to a victory was the work of the dozens of students who were determined to educate the student body.” She added that she thinks it is almost insulting to the student body to say that students voted a certain way because money convinced them to do so.”)

    April 30, 2015:
    Forward – Princeton Is ‘Quiet Ivy’ No More as Raucous Israel Debate Roils Campus

    April 28, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – GSG forum debates divestment in preparation for graduate student referendum
    (Description note, “The Graduate Student Government held a forum on Tuesday to discuss the divestment referendum that the graduate student body will vote on from Wednesday through Friday.”)

    April 27, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Graduate students to vote on divestment referendum this week
    (Description note, “Less than a week after undergraduate students voted against a divestment referendum, graduate students will have the opportunity to vote on a similar referendum this week from Wednesday through Friday.Since graduate students are older, more knowledgeable and often experts in their own fields, they are more likely to be involved in a public way that might be absent from undergraduates, Berg said. “Part of this campaign is a bit of an experiment in seeing how much grad students can be engaged in campus dialogue,” he said.”)

    April 25, 2015:
    Haaretz – Princeton undergraduates vote down BDS resolution

    April 24, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Divestment referendum fails to pass by slim margin

    April 22, 2015:

    April 26, 2015:
    Arutz Sheva – Princeton Votes Against BDS

    April 19, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – A responsibility not to divest

    April 19, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Divestment: It’s about real people

    April 16, 2015: – Letter: Princeton ‘Divest’ speakers unjustly castigate Israel

    April 9, 2015: – Cornel West urges Princeton University to divest from Israel
    (Description note, “Princeton University has a moral obligation to divest from Israel and its systematic injustices, activist Cornel West told an audience on campus Wednesday, comparing the current divestment movement on campus to the anti-apartheid movement in the 1970s. “The Israeli occupation of my Palestinian brothers and sisters is a crime against humanity,” West said. “They are killing hundreds daily — but where are the voices?”… West, professor emeritus in the Center for African American Studies at Princeton, spoke alongside a panel of other divestment activists including Max Blumenthal, Larry Hamm, Molly Greene and Robert Tignor… The Princeton Divests Student Coalition, made up of Princeton students and faculty who seek to bring divestment referendum before undergraduate students, organized the event in McCosh Hall. “There will be no security for our Jewish and brothers and sisters — who have a right to security after 2,000 years of vicious hatred — as there can be no security predicated on violence,” West said…Molly Greene, professor of Near Eastern history and founder of the Princeton faculty divestment initiative on Palestine, stated that divestment campaigns on campus are specifically directed at the university.”)

    April 8, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – A better way than divestment

    April 6, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Petition brings referendum on divestment issue to student vote
    (Description note, “The Princeton Divests Coalition’s petition to run a referendum to divest from companies that are “complicit in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and blockade of the Gaza Strip” gained enough signatures to run the referendum before the undergraduate student body…the petition to run the referendum had garnered 229 valid signatures. The referendum needed 200 valid signatures to run…A second counter-petition, spearheaded by the Center for Jewish Life, was published and signed by just over 100 individuals, most of whom were faculty members.”)

    March 31, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – The decision to vote for divestment

    March 29, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – USG senate addresses accessibility of campus recreation, new referenda
    (Description note, “Another referendum about divestment from firms that benefit from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank is in the making, he noted. For the divestment referendum, on the other hand, there is no provision for the USG senate to do anything, he added. Instead, the opinion of the undergraduates would be passed onto the trustees of the University and PRINCO.”)

    March 10, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Trending through difficult places

    (Description note, “As Princeton students, we have a responsibility to tackle this kind of bigotry head-on. What happened at UCLA is relevant to life here because it prompts us to think critically about our own latent biases..Ideally, we can use these events to spark discussions — whether campus-wide or on a smaller scale — about what it means to be Jewish and what we can do to ensure such public displays of anti-Jewish sentiments don’t happen even closer to home.”)

    February 16, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Princeton admissions and its racism

    January 11, 2015:
    The Algemeiner – What Type of Zionism is Acceptable?

    January 6, 2015:
    News at Princeton – President Eisgruber connects with alumni, academic leaders, in Israel

    January 6, 2015:
    The Daily Princetonian – Eisgruber ’83 addresses Jewish life on campus in Israel

    November 20, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – Why divestment at Princeton will fail, and how to make it succeed

    November 20, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – 71 tenured faculty present divestment petition to Eisgruber ’83

    November 20, 2014:
    The Jewish Daily Forward – Princeton Jewish Community Split Over Hillel Stand on Divestment

    November 18, 2014:
    NJJN – Princeton debates profs’ divestment petition

    November 17, 2014:
    Forward Thinking – Hillel, Don’t Take Sides On Princeton Divestment

    November 17, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – Israel, Palestine and pluralism

    November 15, 2014:
    News Locker – Princeton Professors Open New Front in Campus Battle Over Israel

    November 14, 2014:
    The Jewish Daily Forward – Princeton Professors Open New Front in Campus Battle Over Israel
    (Description note, “Princeton University professors have opened a new front in the battle over Israel on campus with a petition signed by 60 tenured faculty members calling for the university to divest from companies backing the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.”)

    November 16, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – Although independent, Center for Jewish Life maintains financial, staff ties with U.

    November 14, 2014: – Princeton Professors Open New Front in Campus Battle Over Israel

    November 13, 2014:
    Huffington Post – Princeton’s Faculty Petition to Divest from Israeli Occupation

    November 12, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – Pro-Israel; Anti-Occupation

    November 12, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – An open letter from Jewish students to the CJL community and Hillel International

    November 10, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – Be part of the solution

    November 10, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – The case for divestment

    November 9, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – Petition for Princeton to divest sparks debate

    November 5, 2014:
    @TheXBoundX – Princeton faculty start petition, call for divesting from companies complicit in Israel occupation.

    October 20, 2014: 
    The Daily Princetonian – Is Professor Weiss suppressing Israeli academia? Princeton University opposes the academic boycott of Israel.

    October 14, 2014:
    Inside Higher Ed – ‘Red Lines’ On Israel

    October 12, 2014:
    The Daily Princetonian – Is the Center for Jewish Life stifling free speech on campus?

    August 14, 2014:
    The Times of Israel – Calling out Joyce Carol Oates

    February 24, 2014:
    NJ Jewish News – UN official’s Princeton talk dismays critics

    February 19, 2014: – Princeton professor emeritus talks Palestinian nationalism in speech at university

    January 12, 2014:
    Daily Princetonian – News & Notes: University rejects ASA participation in academic boycott of Israel

    December 20, 2013:
    Legal Insurrection – Princeton Pres: “I do not intend to denounce the ASA”


    Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism

    Source Credit: Princeton Committee on Palestine‎ - The Wall (February 8, 2015)

    Source Credit: Princeton Committee on Palestine‎’s Facebook – The Wall (February 8, 2015)

    Source Credit: Yik Yak post (November 13, 2015)

    Source Credit: Yik Yak post (November 13, 2015)

    Source Credit: Yik Yak post (November 13, 2015)

    Source Credit: Yik Yak post (November 13, 2015)

    Source Credit: @TheXboundX, Nov 5 2014

    Source Credit: @TheXboundX, Nov 5 2014

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    5/15/2015 – Graduate Student Vote: PASSED – 56.3% yes, 39.3% no, 4.5% abstain.

    4/24/2015 – Student Government; Undergraduate Student Body Vote: FAILED – Did not pass, with 52.5 percent of students voting against divestment and 47.5 percent voting in favor.

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    Princeton Committee on Palestine
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    Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 17

    1. John Borneman
    2. Eduardo Cadava
    3. Zahid Chaudhary
    4. Andrew Cole
    5. Natalie Davis
    6. Richard Falk
    7. Hildred Geertz
    8. Molly Greene
    9. Joshua Guild
    10. Abdellah Hammoudi
    11. Lara Harb
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