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1/21/18 – A student found a Jewish star crossed out drawn on a dorm room door’s whiteboard. Image submitted to AMCHA Initiative.
DESTRUCTION OF JEWISH PROPERTY 10/27/17 – Four students stole a 9-foot menorah from the home of the campus Chabad rabbi and left it damaged outside a traditionally Jewish fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu. Damage included missing branches and lights broken, rendering it unusable and unable to be repaired.
2/20/17 – SJP held the event, “Voices of Resistance: A Slam Poetry Show Linking Local to Global” with Remi Kenazi and other poets. During the introduction to his first poem, Kenazi demonized Israel with false accusations of carrying out “waves of ethnic cleansing throughout” as well as delegitimized Israel with the false accusation of “apartheid today.” The event was co-sponsored by Penn State Writers Organized to Represent Diverse Stories (W.O.R.D.S.).
1/14/15 – Penn State Students for Justice in Palestine was one of the signatories of a statement entitled “Say No to Faithwashing: Boycott Muslim Leadership Initiative,” which falsely accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid,” and pledges commitment to “the BDS call.”
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 1/26/17 – SJP held the event, “The World in One Room: Capitalism and You.” According to a promoter of the event, SJP gave a presentation on BDS.


In the News ?

November 21, 2017:
Cleveland Jewish News – 4 Penn State students charged in menorah vandalism

February 21, 2017:
The Daily Collegian – ‘Voices of Resistance’ channels social struggles through slam poetry
(Description note, “On Monday, the Penn State Writers Organized to Represent Diverse Stories and the Studies for Justice in Palestine collaborated together to host a slam poetry event tying the struggles of the Middle East to the tensions in the United States…Remi Kanazi, a poet and political commentator, regulated the event while also delivering a selected pick of his own original poetry, dealing with the struggles of social injustice from the Palestinian perspective to a discussion on the massacre on Gaza…Kanazi said the Studies for Justice in Palestine contacted him asking if he could lead the event. “I’ve been to Penn State in the past, and to hear from young student poets was really powerful,” Kanazi said. “The talent was mesmerizing tonight.”With a his most recent poetry collection “Before the Next Bomb Drops: Rising Up From Brooklyn to Palestine,” Kanazi spoke about the importance of sharing ideas through poetry.”)

January 4, 2017:
AJS Perspectives – To Hillel and Back: One Jewish Studies Program’s Sojourn on the Borderline between Jewish Community Professionals and Academic Freedom
(Description note – Penn Jewish Studies Director Benjamin Schreier demonized Israel with a false accusation that Israel is committing ethnic cleansing. Schreier writes, “It’s perverse—and sad—that in the name of “the two-state solution” ethnic cleansing has become the leading desideratum of mainstream liberal opinion… The contention that BDS is a priori “anti-Israel” is nonsense… To call BDS a priori antisemitic is idiotic…I serve on Open Hillel’s Academic Council—mostly because despite Hillel International’s claim that it “strives to create an inclusive, pluralistic community,” its “Standards of Partnership” seem aggressively opposed to the principles not only of inclusion and pluralism, but freedom of thought, without which the academy degenerates into paid advocacy and public relations. For the record, I believe Hillel International’s commitment to support “Israel as a Jewish and Democratic state” should avow its foundation in ethnic cleansing.”)

October 26, 2015: The Daily Collegian – Swastikas and hate symbols on campus or downtown create unsafe environment

November 7, 2014: International Business Times – After Israel-Gaza Conflict, Growing Anti-Semitism On US College Campuses

November 7, 2014: Jewish Heritage Month – After Israel-Gaza Conflict, Growing Anti-Semitism On US College Campuses

October 12, 2014: JTA – Penn State students sentenced for vandalizing Jewish frat

January 31, 2014: Centre Daily: Anti-Jewish crimes bring calls for more Holocaust awareness at Penn State

December 22, 2013: Legal Insurrection – University statements rejecting academic boycott of Israel

December 10, 2013: JTA – Penn State students confess to anti-Semitic campus vandalism

November 14, 2013: State College –Penn State Responds to Anti-Semitic Vandalism Spree

November 12, 2013: – Penn State frat hit with anti-Semitic graffiti

Mar 29, 2011: ISRAEL EVENT DISRUPTED BY SJP – Description note: At a pro-Israel event, Students for Justice in Palestine filled the event with protesters then performed a walk out in unison.


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