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  • April 26, 2018 – Realize Israel and TorchPAC Petition – “[T]he organizations signing onto this [BDS] resolution publicly called for an official boycott of Realize Israel and TorchPAC, an unprecedented attack on two All-University clubs on campus, both of which promote open dialogue regarding Israel without taking stances on its politics. The boycotting of peer organizations creates a polarizing atmosphere of hatred and animosity that violates our community standards and is dangerous for both our students and the University overall. The scale of this incident is both unnerving and alarming, extending far beyond the two clubs targeted. This is an organized and mobilized effort to target and isolate students, that we, the undersigned vehemently oppose – efforts that include boycotts of Israeli academics and projects that foster cooperation and coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians, a direct violation of academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas. As equal members of the NYU community, we stand up for the rights of the Jewish students, and we will not tolerate these acts of aggression…At this critical time, in the face of the virulent movement to promote anti-Israel boycotts on campus, we strongly condemn the BDS movement and marginalization of peer organizations as incompatible with the values of our University.” Read more
  • April 25, 2018 – New York University Jewish Student and Realize Israel Leader (Adela) – “This is creating an unsafe space on our campus. Being for dialogue and community as long as it excludes Zionist students is hypocritical, and it is hurtful.” Read more
  • April 23, 2018 – NYU Jewish Student (Esther) – “Somehow it became the cool thing to do, to be anti-Zionist on the college campus. In school or in class, I have a very hard time ever admitting that I’ve been to Israel and I’ve studied in Israel.” Read more
  • April 18, 2018 – Realize Israel (From Facebook) – “Over these past few weeks, our community has been repeatedly singled out, targeted, and vilified on campus.” Read more
  • April 18, 2018 – New York University Jewish Student (Adela) – “This is creating an unsafe space on our campus. Being for dialogue and community as long as it excludes Zionist students is hypocritical, and it is hurtful…[W]hen [intersectional politics] starts excluding you, you start to have different opinions. When intersectionality doesn’t include you, it hurts.” Read more
  • April 13, 2018 – NYU Jewish Student and Realize Israel President (Adela) – “The climate surrounding Israel at NYU is one of animosity…I’m surprised about the scale because I did not expect so many people and so many groups to turn against [Jewish & pro-Israel] students the way that they have.” Read more
  • October 8, 2017 – New York University Jewish Student (Jeff) – “Every time we see such an event, which the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is usually responsible for, it creates anti-Israeli ricochets, and it’s very unpleasant to be an Israeli student here after such events.” Read more
  • January 23, 2017 – New York University Jewish Student (Jordana) – “At first I thought nobody would expect that [antisemitism] from a school with such a large Jewish population, especially one in lower Manhattan. But after remembering the various anti-Israel gatherings I’ve walked through in Washington Square Park, and the swastika vandalism incidents I’ve heard about, I began to think that maybe it could be accurate…in the aftermath of the election, students often overlooked the continuing struggles of the Jewish community…Although of course I was upset by anti-Semitic rhetoric from Trump supporters, I was also struck by comments from students who spoke about the renewed importance of protecting minorities, before turning around and belittling any concerns expressed by Jews about anti-Semitism. It felt as though our concerns were less valid and less important than those of other communities.” Read more
  • March 28, 2016 – NYU Jewish Graduate Student (Samuel) – “One of my many concerns about BDS is not simply that is demonizes Israel as an ‘apartheid’ and ‘colonial’ state, but that its activists use this rhetoric in such ambiguous and normalizing ways” Read more
  • April 2014 Jewish NYU student and resident of Palladium and Steinhardt Sophomore (Anonymous) – “Being very straightforward, this made me feel targeted and unsafe in my own dorm room and I know others feel exactly the same as myself. I understand free speech rights but if this was targeted solely to Jewish students then this appears to be of a more threatening nature rather than informative.” Read More
  • April 2014 Jewish NYU student (Laura) – “I woke up this morning to frantic text messages and pictures of the flyers from many of my Jewish friends who live in Palladium, the dorm where these flyers were distributed. They expressed that waking up to these flyers, slipped under their doors in the dark of night, made them feel violated and unsafe. Slipping these flyers under students’ dorm room doors, in flagrant violation of NYU housing policy, creates a hostile environment for Jewish students.” Read More
  • September 2014, Jewish NYU Student Alumni (Steven) “As co-president of the Israel club at the NYU Hillel, I tried unsuccessfully to engage our critics. I attended meetings held by the Students for Justice in Palestine, joined Facebook groups, and attended anti-Israel events. My repeated overtures to pro-Palestinian groups on campus fell on deaf ears.”  Read more
  • September 2014, Jewish NYU Student Alumni (Steven) “Much like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict itself, dialogue between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian advocates often fails because the two groups seek to yell at, rather than talk to, each other. However, even when we do listen to one another, there is a gulf which is more conceptual than linguistic. Israel advocates speak of Peace; Palestinian advocates of Justice…Most Israelis and Palestinians seek to live in peace, despite political differences. I hope that advocates abroad, rather than demanding vague notions of justice, can help us to build bridges and to promote peace.”  Read more


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4/27/18 – SJP planned a protest of a pro-Israel event to commemorate Israeli Independence. The advertisement for the protest stated,”… Zionists at NYU celebrate 70 years of Israel’s existence as a settler colonial state with the absurd Rave in the Park | 2018. We refuse to let such a disturbing public celebration of colonialism and apartheid on our campus and in our park go by without a response…help us show that NYU and New York City stand in solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle and demand for the right of return.” During the protest, “Intifada, Intifada, Long live the Intifada” was chanted as well as “Get up / Get down / No apartheid in this town.” One protester held a sign saying, “Zionism = Racism.” A protester stole an Israel flag and brought it to the protesters. It was ripped, stomped on, defaced with pink chalk and then burned. Two student protesters were arrested at the event that were involved with stealing and burning the flag. Also during the protest, a protester sneaked in during the singing of “Hatikva,” forcefully and hurtfully grabbed the microphone from the girl who had been holding it, and shouted, “Free Palestine!” SJP’s president explained the behavior of the protesters to Washington Square News saying, “We’re not going to let them stand by and support Zionism. Our point is to make being Zionist uncomfortable on the NYU campus. They shouldn’t be comfortable because the ideology of Zionism is antithetical to Palestinian liberation and Palestinian sovereignty at its core.”
4/9/18 – 50 NYU student groups pledged to participate in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement by “Boycotting Israeli academic institutions and conferences sponsored by the State of Israel, Boycotting NYU’s pro-Israel clubs, Realize Israel and TorchPAC, by not co-sponsoring events with them, as well as boycotting off-campus pro-Israel groups such as Birthright-Taglit, StandWithUs, Christians United for Israel, the Maccabee Task Force, Mosaic United, Zionist Organization of America, American Israeli Political Action Committee, and the Anti-Defamation League, Endorsing the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement [and] Calling on NYU to divest its holdings from companies and funds that are complicit in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.” The pledge continued by accusing Israel of a “campaign of ethnic cleansing of Palestine to this day.” The pledge concluded by stating, “We support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement for Palestinian human rights as it is a non-violent method of resisting Israeli apartheid from abroad.” The resolution language under the pledge stated that “advocacy on behalf of the State of Israel, as has been performed by Realize Israel and TorchPAC, effectively amounts to advocacy on behalf of and defense of the settler-colonial foundations of Israel and its continued apartheid regime over the Palestinian people…collaborating with pro-Israel groups on campus is an effective endorsement of Zionism, the ideology driving the settler colonial state of Israel, and amounts to complicity with Israeli apartheid. Furthermore, cosponsoring events with Zionist/pro-Israel groups makes them fundamentally unwelcoming to Palestinian students, who are already marginalized on college campuses.”
2/22/18 – A swastika was found in the second floor lounge of Lipton Residence Hall. It was possibly the third swastika sighting that occurred in Lipton Residence Hall with suspected, but unconfirmed by media, swastika incidents occurring on Jan 31 and Feb 15.
12/8/17 – NYU JVP went to Shabbat at the The Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU to read a statement of protest because, “We could not stay silent as our Jewish institutions foster superficial ‘interfaith relations’ while normalizing Israeli apartheid.” The statement demonized Israel, saying that Israel “treated Arabs brutally in the name of creating a Jewish homeland…so far, 700 Palestinian protesters have been wounded since the announcement of the embassy move, including six children…this is characteristic of the violent, disproportionate response the IDF consistently deploys.”
1/15/17 – The ADL reported that “Jews are a virus” was written in black marker on a trash recycling bin on campus. The date of the incident is approximated from ADL’s “Selected List of 2017 Anti-Semitic Incidents” report. No further confirmation or details about this incident are available.
11/17/16 – Sticky notes, one containing a swastika, one saying, “Make America White Again,” another saying, “White Pride” and a fourth saying, “Trump” were found on the door of a dorm room housing at least one Jewish resident.
11/12/15 – NYU SJP was one of 10 local SJP chapters endorsing an advertisement for a rally that contained several classic and contemporary antisemitic tropes: it called CUNY’s leadership “the Zionist administration” and claimed that the administration “reproduces settler-colonial ideology throughout CUNY through Zionist content of education”; it suggested that the administration’s ties to israel were responsible for tuition hikes; and it claimed that the birthright trips and study abroad programs in Israel were in “occupied Palestine,” effectively denying the existence of the Jewish state. In addition, one of the endorsers’ demands included on the advertisement was that CUNY “divests from Israel, companies that maintain the Zionist occuption.”
4/26/18 – During a talk sponsored by the NYU Politics Department, SJP, JVP and the Young Democratic Socialists of America with Norman Finkelstein entitled “The Time to Act is Now: A Talk and Open Discussion on the Urgent Situation in Gaza,” Finkelstein equated Gaza to a concentration camp and demonized Israel, stating, “Israel has no right to a response..[Author paraphrase in this line – Israel has] been poisoning children via the water supply” and “You [Israel] have only one obligation, and that’s to open the gates to that [Gaza] prison, to open the gates of that concentration camp.”
4/24/18 – JVP and SJP held the event, “BDS Work-in at the Library.” The description for the event stated, “Come out to bobsty for a fun fun fun and easy action to put pressure on NYU admin and the Board of Trustees to divest from Israeli apartheid!…53 NYU student groups have endorsed BDS! let’s make sure Andy Hamilton knows how we feel!”
4/20/18 – SJP held the event “Puff Puff Palestine,” where participants learned how “Israel uses marijuana to greenwash apartheid.”
4/16/18 – SJP held the event “BDS 101 + 102.” In the advertisement for the event, BDS was billed as, “a non-violent method of resisting Israeli apartheid from abroad.”
4/16/18 – An article in Washington Square News print and online versions covered an off-campus JVP protest. The article quoted a JVP member accusing Israel of “ethnically cleansing.” The article additionally quoted chants at the protest of, “Birthright, birth wrong, the land was stolen all along,” and “Birthright, Birthright, you can’t hide, stop whitewashing apartheid.” Another JVP member was quoted calling for the “right of return” which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish State. A third JVP member was quoted saying, “Israel cannot continue to be a state that has human rights abuses and bigotry and apartheid systems.”
4/14/18 – NYU Student Labor Action Movement and NYU Divest and other students protested on the Kimmel steps. One sign held read, “Boycott Israeli Apartheid.”
3/28/18 – NYU JVP held a “#Returnthebirthright” event outside of Kimmel. During the event, a large banner hung which said, “Return the Birthright. No free trips on stolen land,” depicting all of Israel in black wtih a large key overlaid, insinuating that all of Israel is stolen land. Speakers shouted into a megaphone demonizing and delegitimizing statements. A female student accused Israel of “an act of ethnic cleansing known as the Nakba…As young Jews…Israel is not our birthright.” Another speaker promoted “the right of return of Palestinian refugees,” which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state. Clapping and chants of, “No free trips on stolen land!” followed the speeches.
DEMONIZATION 2/23/18 – The Governance Council of Minority & Marginalized Students at NYU (GCOMMS) released “A Message from Your Director of Advocacy” that equated a swastika incident with Zionism, stating, “our NYU community has gone through hell and back. From Swastikas to kool-aid, to Zionism, to the brink of a black diaspora war.”
DEMONIZATION 11/9/17 – JVP authored a letter opposing the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life’s “NYU Israel Experience” trip. The letter demonized Israel with false accusations of “ethnic cleansing” and was signed by 20 student groups. The letter stated, “Israel has illegally occupied the West Bank since 1967, and Arab residents of historic Palestine have been subject to over 70 years of displacement and ethnic cleansing.” The full list of signers included: Arab Student Union (ASU), Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA), Asian Heritage Month (AHM), Incarceration to Education Coalition, International Socialists Organization at NYU (ISO), Democratic Socialists of America at NYU, Disability Student Union, Latinos Unidos Con Honor y Amistad (LUCHA), Mosaic: The Interfaith Students of Color Coalition at NYU, NYU Against Fascism, NYU College Democrats, NYU Disorientation, NYU Dream Team, NYU Freedom For North Korea, NYU Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), NYU Muslim Students Association, NYU PorColombia, NYU Students Against Expansion and Displacement, NYU Student for Justice in Palestine (SJP), NYU Sanctuary Student Taskforce, Pakistani Students Association at NYU, Student Labor Action Movement USAS #44 (SLAM), T-Party at NYU, Queer Union — NYU
8/30/17 – Student activists published a “NYU Disorientation Guide” for NYU students. Page 34 details SJP’s stance, which included calling for BDS and stating, “Given Hamilton’s view on staying true to NYU Principles, one would expect him to echo SJP’s call for the shutdown of NYU Tel Aviv….we call on the University to…shut down its study abroad site in Tel Aviv.” Page 41 details Jewish Voice for Peace’s stance on Israel which included the delegitimizing statement of, “We reject the conflation of Zionism and Judaism and call for an end to Israel’s decades-long…apartheid…” as well as a call for BDS stating, “we heed the call of Palestinians by participating in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.”
3/20/17 – SJP erected a mock “apartheid wall” (in this case, a decorated sheet) on campus that called for the right of return, which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state. The wall display launched a week of “Israeli Apartheid Week” events, where the advertisement for the week’s events stated that, “Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is an international series of events that seeks to raise awareness of Israel’s settler-colonial project and its apartheid system over the Palestinian people, and to build support for the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement…This year’s IAW marks 100 years of Palestinian resistance against settler colonialism, as represented by the Balfour declaration.”
DEMONIZATION 2/22/17 – The Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies held the panel event “When I See Them, I See Us: Black Palestinian Solidarity in an Age of Struggle,” which was co-sponsored by the Urban Democracy Lab at the Gallatin School for Individualized Study and the NYU Chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine. According to an article about the event, speaker Noura Erakat demonized Zionism, saying that it “internalizes some of those Orientalizing tropes that exclude Jews from humanity.”
CONDONING TERRORISM 1/12/17 – NYC SJP held a “Palestine Winter School” on New York University’s campus which included a series of 5 events. At the first event, “Palestine 101,” participants endorsed a global campaign to “#Free Ahmad Saadat,” the former general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a designated terrorist organization for its role in deliberate attacks on civilians such as the 2014 killing of four Jewish worshippers while praying and a Druze police officer who rushed to the rescue at a Jerusalem synagogue.
12/6/16 – SJP published an “ezine” that demonized Israel by linking white supremacy and Zionism and condoned terrorism by implying violent resistance is legitimate stating, “…we cannot fight against white supremacy in the U.S. without fighting against…Israeli zionsim [sic]….Now more than ever we must reaffirm the right of all oppressed people to resist by any means necessary. Until return.” The phrase, “Until return” alludes to the right of return, which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state.
DELEGITIMIZATION 8/23/16 – SJP held the event “Frontlines of resistance: Bilal Kayed and the struggle for Palestine.” The advertisement for the event delegitimized Israel, falsely accusing it of “settler-colonialism from the river to the sea.”
DELEGITIMIZATION 5/4/16 – SJP and JVP hosted the event, “A Voice Against Israeli Apartheid: An evening with Palestinian Activist Issa Amro” whose title falsely accuses Israel of apartheid.
DELEGITIMIZATION 5/2/16 – CODEPINK: Women For Peace, Jewish Voice for Peace, Christian Peacemaker Teams and NYU Students for Justice in Palestine sponsored an event entitled “A Voice Against Israeli Apartheid: An Evening with Isso Amro,” that delegitimized Israel with false accusations of apartheid.
DENY JEWS SELF-DETERMINATION 5/2/16 – SJP held the event, “In Our Own Words: Voices from the Nakba.” During the event, Umm Akram called for a return of Palestinian refugees and one state, which would eliminate Israel as a Jewish state.
4/27/16 – SJP advertised its participation in a rallly by including the slogan, “1, 2, 3, 4 open up the prison door! 5, 6, 7, 8 smash the settler zionist state!”
DENY JEWS SELF-DETERMINATION 4/27/16 – SJP uploaded a photo on Facebook of an image of all of Israel in a Palestinian flag saying, “Je Suis One State.”
4/12/16 – NYU Law School held the event, “Palestine In Focus: Reports from the Ground” with speakers Raji Sourani, founder of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and Shawan Jabarin, the founder and director of al-Haq in Ramalla and Amira Hass, a journalist. In his talk, Sourani condoned terrorism saying that Palestinians “have the right to resist occupation by any ways” and that the “freedom fighters…are seeking an end and right to self-determination.” He further insinuated that Jews are acting like Nazi’s stating that Palestinians “became the victim of the victim” after Israel was created as a safe haven for Jews following the Holocaust. Sourani demonized Israel claiming that the civilian population was the “target of the Israeli military forces in Gaza.” Shawan Jabarin delegitimized Israel in his talk claiming that the Israeli “apartheid system” is “worse then what it was in South Africa” and said to frame the occupation only in line “with the nature of colonialism and apartheid” because “that’s the case more than the other thing [occupation].” During her talk, Amira Hass demonized Israelis discussing the “Israeli average racist”, that “settlers are cunning…and criminals” and that she knows “every Palestinian I meet has been harmed by my state [Israel] or my people”. She further delegitimized Israel saying Israel is “settler-colonialism”. She additionally denied Jews self-determination effectively saying that Israel should not be a Jewish state by calling to abolish the law of [Jewish] return, which enables Jews to come to Israel and keeps Israel a safe haven for Jews. .
4/1/16 – NYU Law Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, Law SJP and SJP held the conference, “The Palestinian Right of Return: A Legal and Political Analysis,” which argued for the right of return of millions of Palestinians to Israel, which would effectively eliminate Jewish self-determination. In addition to denying Jews self-determination by putting quotation marks around the words “Jewish State” while speaking and calling for the right of return, the first panelist additionally demonized Israel accusing the country of ethnic cleansing and systematic massacres, as well as called for BDS. Further panelists continued to call for the right of return.
3/24/16 – NYU SJP planned and executed a silent protest of a talk by David Roet, Israel’s Deputy Representative to the United Nations. Protesters held up signs falsely accusing Israel of “apartheid” and “war crimes” and promoting BDS.
3/3/16 – SJP held an event co-sponsored by the NYU Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies and the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study. The event was entitled “1948MM in the US: Zochrot Film Festival on Nakba and the Right of Return.” Ilan Pappe spoke after the films were screened, and his talk was introduced by the Director of the Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, Helga Tawil-Souri. During his talk, Pappe denied Jews self-determination, stating that he wanted the “political project” of Zionism “to come to a peaceful end,” and arguing for an end to the Jewish state through “emigration, social justice, and re-building a whole structure of power.” He also demonized and delegitimized Israel, falsely accusing it of “ethnic cleansing” and “settler colonialism” and claiming that Zionism was “immoral” and responsible for “the carnage we see today in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.” Finally, Pappe promoted BDS several times during his talk, saying, for example: “We should enhance our efforts to strengthen the BDS efforts against Israel.”
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 3/20/18 – Columbia/Barnard Jewish Voice for Peace and NYU Jewish Voice for Peace held the event, “What Happens When an Anti-Zionist Jew Decides to Exist?” where Dan Fishback discussed, “his play’s cancellation [and] BDS,” among other topics.
BDS EVENT 10/20/17 – The Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies held the event, “Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency & Cultural Production,” to discuss “A New Book edited by Kareem Estefan, Carin Kuoni, and Laura Raicovich.” The description for the event stated, “Cultural boycott is an essential tool for activists around the world, including those advocating Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against the State of Israel, a campaign inspired by the international movement to end apartheid in South Africa…To mark the publication of ‘Assuming Boycott,’ this conversation will focus on the BDS movement and the cultural boycott of Israel, the lessons that BDS activists can learn from the anti-apartheid struggle and other, contemporary boycott campaigns, and the challenges that activists face in the form of anti-BDS legislation, censorship, and the rise of the far Right in Israel, the United States, and elsewhere. The discussion will feature Kareem Estefan, co-editor (with Carin Kuoni and Laura Raicovich) of Assuming Boycott; Sean Jacobs, editor and founder of Africa Is A Country and a contributor to Assuming Boycott; and Radhika Sainath, a staff attorney for Palestine Legal. Helga Tawil-Souri, director of the Hagop Kevorkian Center, will moderate.”
BDS EVENT 3/9/17 – JVP held an event with Michael Sfard at NYU’s Law School. According to an article covering the event, Sfard indicated support for BDS, “which he thinks is of critical importance.” This event was co-sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace, SJP – The New School, NYU Law Students for Justice in Palestine
BDS VOTE 4/21/16 – The graduate student union at New York University passed a BDS resolution with a 2/3 vote of the 600 members who participated (out of 2,000). The resolution called on the union and its parent union, the United Auto Workers, to divest from Israeli companies and for the boycott to remain in place until Israel “respects the right of return of Palestinian refugees and exiles.” It further called on NYU to close its program at Tel Aviv University. Fifty-seven percent of the voting union members also took a personal pledge to boycott Israeli government and academic institutions.
BDS VOTE 4/14/16 – An event promoting the academic boycott of Israel entitled “BDS: The Case for the Academic Boycott” was hosted by the GSOC for BDS caucus, the NYU International Socialist Organization, and NYU Students for Justice in Palestine.
BDS VOTE 3/30/16 – New York University’s Graduate School Organizing Committee (GSOC, a union for graduate employees) held a second “Town Hall on BDS” and discussed a draft referendum being put forward in support of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against the state of Israel that will be voted on in mid-April.
BDS VOTE 3/9/16 – Members of New York University’s Graduate School Organizing Committee (GSOC, a union for graduate employees) discussed a draft referendum being put forward in support of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against the state of Israel. GSOC’s 1,200 graduate workers will vote on this matter come mid-April.
CALLS FOR BDS 4/10/15 – NYU Out of Occupied Palestine released a petition signed by 130 NYU professors, in support anti-Israel divestment.


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The Algemeiner – Head of New York City Students for Justice in Palestine Chapter Cheers Deadly Jerusalem Truck-Ramming Attack

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The Algemeiner – NYU President Slams BDS as ‘Affront to Academic Freedom’

November 28, 2016:
NYU Local – Hamilton Talks Divest, BDS, Coles, and the Board of Trustees
(Description note, “While Hamilton took a relatively diplomatic approach on fossil fuel divestment, he was more terse when asked about the BDS movement. ‘To restrict in any way the flow of students or faculty from universities anywhere is something that I would find an affront to academic freedom,’ he said. ‘[If] we are going to defend what we do in research, in areas of political science, in areas of gun violence, in areas of reproductive health, if we’re going to defend that to our own government, we will certainly defend that when it comes to our engagement with other governments, and so for me that speaks to BDS.’”)

November 22, 2016:
The Algemeiner – NYU Jewish, Gay Community Shaken But ‘Strong’ After Finding Swastika Sticky Notes in Dorm, Campus Rep Says

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The Times of Israel – NY, California universities among ‘hotspots’ of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic activity

August 1, 2016:
Haaretz – We’re American Jewish Historians. This Is Why We’ve Left Zionism Behind
(Description note – Hasia Diner, professor at NYU, writes why she is anti-Zionist and accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing in this article)

July 13, 2016:
The Algemeiner – NYU Pro-Israel Group Demands Administration Take Action Against Students for Justice in Palestine’s Statement Linking Israel to Police Shootings of Blacks

July 12, 2016:
The Jerusalem Post – Pro-Palestinian student group won’t recant claim that IDF influences US police brutality

July 10, 2016:
JP Updates – Pro-Palestinian Activist Group Links US Police Shooting of African-Americans to Israel

July 8, 2016:
Washington Examiner – NYU Palestinian activists blame police shootings on Israel

June 26, 2016:
The Algemeiner – Successful Appeal Against NYU Grad Student BDS Motion Has Great Implications in Fight Against Global Anti-Israel Movement, Say Leaders of Campaign

June 23, 2016:
The Jerusalem Post – NYU Graduate Student Union repeals pro-BDS resolution
(Description note, “Two months after the Graduate Student Union at New York University voted to join the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement against Israel, the decision was repealed this week by the group’s parent union, the United Auto Workers (UAW)…The UAW decision to approve this appeal states that no subordinate body of the parent union can endorse BDS, thus affecting not just NYU but also graduate student unions at over 15 universities, including other unions in the United States who have also passed similar pro-BDS resolutions.”)

March 28, 2016:
Washington Square News – GSOC Voting on Boycott of Israel
(Description note, “In mid-April the NYU Graduate School Organizing Committee will vote in a referendum on whether to participate in Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the state of Israel. The BDS movement is an international movement working to end Israel’s military occupation of Palestine. Within the GSOC, the movement will work primarily to stop funding international and Israeli companies that violate Palestine’s human and civil rights, stop further communication with these companies in the future and encourage NYU to close their Tel Aviv campus.”)

May 13, 2016:
Arutz Sheva – Op-Ed: BDS spreads anti-Semitism across U.S. campuses

May 11, 2016:
The Jerusalem Post – At the state level, US legislators tackle BDS head on (Description note – “Just last month, the Graduate Student Union at New York University made the decision to join BDS and passed a resolution calling on the institution to divest from Israeli companies and close its program at Tel Aviv University.”)

April 30, 2016:
The Jerusalem Post – NYU Graduate Student Union members appeal pro-BDS resolution

April 28, 2016:
Washington Square News – GSOC Passes Referendum in Support of Boycotting Israel

April 27, 2016:
The Times of Israel – BDS resolutions a disgrace at New York University

April 27, 2016:
The Jewish Week – NYU Pro-BDS Group Claims UAW Local Bent Election Rules To Favor ‘Zionist’ Slate
(Description note, “’As a BDS supporter, I have always dismissed claims of anti-Semitism in the BDS movement,’ Jacob Denz, a Ph.D. student in the Department of German and a GSOC steward, told the Jewish Week in a phone interview. ‘But after being confronted with this press release that so blatantly appeals to fantasies of Zionist conspiracy, I can no longer do so.’”)

April 26, 2016:
AMCHA – Letter from Rabbi Sarna at NYU Re: Concerns with AWDU-NYU Jewish Conspiracy Claims and Militancy

April 26, 2016:
Jewish Telegraphic Agency – NYU president: Grad students’ BDS resolution ‘contrary to our core principles’

April 26, 2016:
AMCHA – Letter from Rabbi Sarna at NYU Re: Concerns with AWDU-NYU Jewish Conspiracy Claims and Militancy

April 25, 2016:
New York University – A Statement by President Andrew Hamilton on the Grand Union Boycott Vote

April 24, 2016:
Jewish Telegraphic Agency- NYU graduate student union approves BDS resolution

April 24, 2016:
The Times of Israel – NYU graduate student union approves BDS resolution

April 20, 2016:
NYU SJP EVENT – NYU grad union says parent union disqualified candidates who back Israel boycott
(Description note, “Local 2110 is also organizing [BDS campaigns for] graduate students at Columbia University, The New School, and other universities.”)

April 20, 2016:
The Jewish Week – BDS Move At NYU Tears Apart Student Union

April 13, 2016:
The Algemeiner – Opponents Mobilize as BDS Votes Loom at New York City Graduate Schools
(Description note, “The NYU resolution does differ in important ways from the CUNY one, however. While both target graduate students and endorse academic boycotts, the NYU resolution also calls on both NYU and the Graduate Student Union to divest from and decline to work with Israeli institutions and international companies doing business with Israel. Another difference is that the NYU Graduate Student Union is affiliated with the United Auto Workers Union (UAW), which makes its policies ultimately subject to UAW approval. Four months ago, UAW overturned a BDS resolution passed in 2014 by the University of California Graduate Student Union, also affiliated with UAW, on the grounds that the resolution espoused ‘discrimination and vilification against Israelis and UAW members who are of Jewish lineage,’ and could ‘easily be construed as academic and cultural discrimination against union members on the basis of their national origin and religion.’”)

April 13, 2016:
Politico New York – CUNY, NYU grapple with student proposals to condemn Israel

April 1, 2016:
NYU SJP EVENT – NYU Law Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, Law SJP and SJP conference, “The Palestinian Right of Return: A Legal and Political Analysis”

March 30, 2016:
Legal Insurrection – ALERT – NYU Grad Student Union BDS Vote Mid-April

March 28, 2016:
Washington Square News – GSOC Voting on Boycott of Israel

March 21, 2016:
Alternet – Palestinian Rights Campaign Spreads to NYU

November 12, 2015:
Washington Square News – US must not give Israel a blank cheque
(Description note, “Israel is irrefutably in a state of war, the justice of which is being debated in this piece, but the United States should not be setting the precedent of support for administrations that perpetuate war…The continued U.S. military support of an administration that disrespects and insults high-profile government figures is embarrassing. Israel currently is ranked 19th in the U.N. Human Development Index, and outguns its neighbors by a heavy margin. Israel does not need the level of foreign aid that it receives from the United States. However, the support of Israel is not as big an issue in and of itself as is the level of interest that the United States exercises over the Middle East, and the world as a whole.”)

November 9, 2015:
Washington Square News – Vigil held for citizens of Palestine
(Description note, The vigil, held in the NYU Law’s Vanderbilt Courtyard, also aimed to bring attention to Palestinian suffering and the Law School’s alleged pro-Israeli sympathies.Students brought large, black signs, handed out flyers and posed for pictures. The event was sponsored by Law Students for Justice in Palestine, one of NYU Law’s newest student advocacy groups, according to Law student Colinford Mattis…Gupta also pointed to NYU Law’s adoption of Thane Rosenbaum’s Forum on Law, Culture & Society in 2014 as evidence of the school’s animosity toward Palestinians. In a July 2014 opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, Rosenbaum suggested that all citizens of the Gaza Strip could be considered combatants….Gupta also noted pro-Israeli sentiment on campus and suggested that it occasionally veered into hostility. “The community here can engage in a culture of dehumanization of Palestinians and others in the Middle East,” Gupta said. “Pro-Palestinian students can be called anti-semitic or branded terrorist sympathizers. This language can have a chilling effect on students’ willingness to participate in discussions and express themselves. By speaking out we are doing our best to address it.”)

November 7, 2015:
The Gazelle – Students for Justice in Palestine SIG Introduced To NYUAD
(Description note, “In the beginning of October, senior Ameed Abutteen informed the NYU Abu Dhabi student body of his establishment of Students for Justice in Palestine as a Student Interest Group. “)

October 11, 2015:
Stop de vernietiging – Clarification by Progressive Student Labor Front on statement by Gaza students on BDS
(Description note, “Now, that we have familiarized ourselves with the original article, we repudiate and withdraw our name from the statement posted above that seeks to speak in the name of the Palestinian students of Gaza. We also extend our support to New York City Students for Justice in Palestine and their firm and committed struggle against Zionism and racism and for the liberation of Palestine…  [NYU SJP’s statement] is also part of needed political discussion about how we can fully assert and struggle for all of our rights and all of our liberation, for Palestine from the river to the sea… We share NYC SJP’s call for “struggle to confront and defeat Zionism.” These strugglers led a march through the streets of New York calling for “Intifada” and the liberation of Palestine this week… We are proud to call them – and all of the students, youth, and progressive forces who raise up the banner of Palestine inside the imperialist United States – our comrades in the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.”)

October 10, 2015:
No Occupied Palestine – GSOC-UAW Local 2110 Membership letter supporting BDS and calling on NYU & UAW to do the same
(Description note, “We, the undersigned graduate workers from schools and departments across New York University heed the call of Palestinian trade unions and other members of Palestinian society to boycott, divest from, and sanction the state of Israel. We ask GSOC-UAW Local 2110 to stand in solidarity with Palestinian workers by calling on NYU and UAW to do the same.We urge the elected representatives of our union to stand alongside oppressed workers in Palestine, as other student and teacher unions from around the world have done in voting to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. We believe that as a union it is our duty to support Palestinians in their struggle for justice against the Israeli occupation that violates their human and civil rights, and systematically exploits their labor. And as teaching assistants, researchers, and student-workers, we must learn and teach others about the pressing global struggles of our time. ..”)

October 8, 2015:
BDS Movement – Palestinian Student Groups in Gaza Respond to Attacks on BDS by “NYC SJP”
(Description note, “One straw man argument suggests that an ominous Palestinian BDS leadership forbids advocacy for a One State agenda.  This argument is misleading, and politically obtuse… requiring the BDS movement to put forward a solution before creating the conditions under which the Palestinian people can decide on the ultimate solution is not only undemocratic but also shortsighted….BDS is based on the three main Palestinian rights (most importantly the right of return for refugees) that, taken together, would contribute significantly to creating conditions that are favorable to Palestinian emancipation and self-determination….The three rights in the 2005 BDS Call correspond to the three main constituencies of the Palestinian people. No matter what solution the Palestinian people ultimately decide is just, it must address the rights of all Palestinians, in historic Palestine and in exile, we all agree.  These rights…cannot and should not be reduced to ending the 1967 occupation alone, as doing so would not just undermine the rights of 62% of the Palestinian people who do not live in the 1967-occupied territory, but also undermine the right of return of the refugees (internally displaced persons) who reside in the 1967 territory.”)

October 4, 2015:
NYC SJP – The BDS Ceiling
(Description note, “Within the Palestine solidarity movement in the United States, the term “Palestinian Civil Society” is invoked with such reverence and awe that one would be led to believe that “Civil Society” is in fact a monolith with consolidated theoretical understanding of the settler-colonial reality in Palestine, with a coherent strategy to not just petition internationals to boycott and divest, but to build power in Palestine to lead a revolutionary struggle against Zionism. In reality, the actors within Palestinian Civil Society with the loudest and most powerful voices are the NGOs with the biggest pockets filled by international aid money, distributed by politicians within the Palestinian Authority or by international organizations themselves. When these supposed authorities on Palestine are questioned, too often is it dismissed as ultra-leftism, or even confused for a Zionist argument.This problem regarding how contemporary Palestinian Civil Society relates to BDS is how organizations here in the West have created a total and complete dependency on such actors to give them a license to push a specific kind of politics. A narrative has been established that we practice BDS because Palestinian Civil Society has asked us to. Again, the issue arises when organizers use that conversation to effectively censor politics that cross the boundaries of what the reverence surrounding Palestinian Civil Society has effectively set up. This creates a reliance on international aid distributors, the Palestinian Authority, and Western charity organizations that have effectively replaced the pre-Oslo mass-based civil society that were at the forefront of the First Intifada.By assigning sole legitimacy to represent the Palestinian people to international NGOs, student-based organizations hand the reigns of solidarity to those who are accepted by international imperialists and fail to look past the trap of NGOs and international law. Discussions on what Palestinian Liberation means are stunted from the beginning, because of the unwillingness of movement leadership to accept anything beyond BDS on an organizational level. We are repeatedly told we do not have the mandate to push the politics of a One-State solution, much less the necessity of National Liberation beyond what any Oslo Accord could accomplish.”)

August 20, 2015:
Getty Images – A banner for students for Justice in Palestine
(Description note, “A banner for NYU Students for Justice in Palestine, at a rally in support of Mohammed Allan. Replaces all of Israel with Palestine. August 20, 2015, Credit Ghetty Images”)

August 1, 2015:
EVENT – SJP Event, “Palestine 101 Study: NYC SJP”
(Description note, “READ BEFORE THE STUDY!! Nakba, Deir Yassin: No passing over history, BDS:, Occupation, The One State Declaration: Ali Abunimah, others”)

May 8, 2015:
(Description note – the use of the phrase “Existence is Resistance” can be seen as condoning violence against Israeli’s and Jews)

April 24, 2015:
(Description note, “NYU Students for Justice in Palestine invites you to join in a discussion with Haneen Zoabi about Israeli Apartheid from the perspective of Palestinian citizens of Israel. Haneen Zoabi, MK is a Palestinian citizen of Israel and a feminist parliamentarian. She was first elected to Israel’s parliament as a Balad party representative in 2009, and rose to international prominence following her participation in the 2010 Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. She is the first woman to represent a Palestinian party in Israel, and is one of the state’s most outspoken and eloquent critics of Zionism and of Israeli Apartheid.“)

April 21, 2015:
Washington Square News – Letter to the Editor: Israel Divestment

April 15, 2015:
Washington Square News – Professors urge NYU to divest from Israeli occupation

April 10, 2015:
No Occupied Palestine – NYU Out of Occupied Palestine Petition
(Description note – 130 Faculty members sign NYU Out of Occupied Palestine’s Petition stating, “For decades, the State of Israel has brutally suppressed Palestinian demands for self-determination…Israel’s policies violate the rights of Palestinian refugees, as stated in UNGA 194. At the same time, Israel has turned the impoverished and densely-populated Gaza strip into the world’s largest open-air prison and launched repeated military assaults against it.”)

April 8, 2015:
Tablet Magazine – At NYU, BDS Goes Stealthy: Divestment movement on campus attempts to link Israel and fossil fuels
(Description note, “The message is clear: if you support divesting from companies that profit from fossil fuels, you must also support divesting from companies that do business with Israel, and if you support that, well, you must also boycott Israeli universities and scholars.”)

April 2, 2015:
Washington Square News – Why NYU-SJP held Israeli Apartheid Week
(Description note, “Over 100 students and community members participated in a series of NYU Students for Justice In Palestine events, known as “Israeli Apartheid Week.” In addition, 41 individuals volunteered for NYU-SJP’s burgeoning campaign to support NYU divesting from corporations complicit in Israeli human rights abuses. Thus far, 119 NYU faculty have called for divestment from such corporations.”)

March 26, 2015:
Washington Square News – Tackling claims of Israeli apartheid
(Description note, “members of Students for Justice in Palestine stood in the cold Monday outside Bobst Library. They pamphleteered in front of a giant sign disparaging Israel, accusing it of being an apartheid state…SJP is devoting this entire week to promoting the slander of Israeli apartheid,”)

March 11, 2015:
The Jewish Voice – NYU Prof Admits MESA’s Anti-Israel Stance, Rails Against ‘Israel Lobby’
(Description note, “Last month, Zachary Lockman, a professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies at New York University (NYU), [gave a] talk entitled, “Anxieties of Field-Building in U.S. Middle East Studies.” It was the first in a new series at NYU meant to introduce students to faculty members’ methodological approaches; however, Lockman used the occasion of the question and answer period to peddle “Israel Lobby” conspiracy theories that bordered on classical anti-Semitism.”)

March 4, 2015:
The Jewish Link of New Jersey – Fighting for Israel on the Battlefield and the Campus

March 4, 2015:
Campus Watch – NYU Prof Zachary Lockman Admits MESA’s Anti-Israel Stance, Rails Against ‘Israel Lobby’

March 3, 2015:
The Jewish Week – American Campuses: Cause For Alarm?

February 20, 2015:
EVENT – Students for Justice in Palestine 101: What Wed Do and Why You Should Join

February 11, 2015:
Observer – At NYU, Many Are Either Hostile to Israel or Too Timid to Defend It—Even Hillel

January 27, 2015:
Voice of Israel – Die-Ins on College Campuses: Crossing the Line From Anti-Israel to Anti-Semitism

December 4, 2014:
Virtual Jerusalem – Jewplexed: Tapping Out College Anti-Semitism

December 4, 2014:
The Jerusalem Post – No Holds Barred: Bringing the fight to Students for Justice in Palestine

December 2, 2014:
Washington Square News – SJP hosts discussion on Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

December 1, 2014:
NYU Local – Are You Pro-Israel Enough? Jewish Groups Wage Op-Ed War Over NYU

November 22, 2014:
Providence Journal – Lisa Duggan: Israel boycott has not hurt us

November 21, 2014:
 EVENT: Normalizing Atrocities (New York University Students for Justice in Palestine)

November 20, 2014:
The Jerusalem Post – No Holds Barred: The ferocious battle for Israel at New York University

November 20, 2014:
The Jerusalem Post – No Holds Barred: The ferocious battle for Israel at New York University

November 19, 2014:
New York Observer – Rabbi Shmuley Got It Wrong: NYU’s Jewish Groups Strongly Back Israel

November 18, 2014:
Brown Political Review – Tread Carefully: When Anti-Zionism Becomes Anti-Semitism

November 12, 2014:
EVENT – The Legal Intricacies of the BDS Campaign – a Means for Justice in Palestine

November 8, 2014:
Aish – Campus Mezuzah Attacks

October 23, 2014:
Washington Square News – Professor speaks on impact of conflict

October 2014:
The Tower – On Many Campuses, Hate is Spelled SJP

September 30, 2014:
ZOA – ZOA, Others Urge College Presidents To Protect Jewish Students From Anti-Semitism

September 9, 2014:
Frontpage Magazine- Defending the Jewish State
(Description note – Former co-president of the Israel Club at New York University, “As co-president of the Israel club at the NYU Hillel, I tried unsuccessfully to engage our critics. I attended meetings held by the Students for Justice in Palestine, joined Facebook groups, and attended anti-Israel events. My repeated overtures to pro-Palestinian groups on campus fell on deaf ears.”)

August 27, 2014:
The Lawfare Project and Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Law Newsletter- The Lawfare Project and Brandeis Center urge New York University to effectively address intimidation and harassment

July 28, 2014:
JNS – While global anti-Semitism surges, don’t forget U.S. campuses

July 17, 2014:
American Thinker – Rampant Anti-Semitism Is Flourishing across the World

July 16, 2014:
Legal Insurrection – Expecting anti-Israel violence on campuses this fall

July 2, 2014:
Louis D. Brandeis Center – The Worst Campus Anti-Semitic Incidents of 2013-2014 (S/F)

June 22, 2014:
JNS – Campus eviction notices are fake, but their anti-Semitism is real, experts say (S)

June 17, 2014:
Truth Revolt – RUDEE: Let’s Boycott Hypocrisy

June 17, 2014:
Inside Higher ED – Middle East Conflict, U.S. Campuses

June 11, 2014:
The Algemeiner – ‘Who’s Behind the Hate at NYU?’ Asks New Ad Campaign

June 1, 2014:
NY Daily News – Does NYU have a Jewish problem?

May 15, 2014: – Daniel Mael on Fox News on SJP and antisemitism, ostracizing Jewish students at NYU, Vassar and UCLA

April 28, 2014:

April 28, 2014:
Legal Insurrection – NYU Dorm Stormers tweet denial of Israel’s right to exist

April 28, 2014:
The Chronicle of Higher Education – Pro-Palestinian Group Serves NYU Students With Fake Eviction Notices

April 25, 2014:
Truth Revolt – NYU Student on ‘Evictions’: ‘This Flyer is Clearly Spreading Anti-Semitism’

April 25, 2014:
The Washington Times – Pro-Palestinian ‘eviction’ fliers on NYU campus spark Jewish outrage

April 25, 2014:
Jewish Press – NYU Latest Site of Anti-Israel Mock Eviction Notices

April 24, 2014:
NY Daily News – Pro-Palestinian NYU students serve fake eviction notices to undergrads

April 24, 2014:
National Review – NYU Jewish Students Targeted with Fake Eviction Notices

April 24, 2014:
Legal Insurrection – Dorm storming at NYU targets Jewish students (Updates)

April 24, 2014:
The Times of Israel – NYU Jewish Students the Target of Latest SJP Propaganda Attacks

March 7, 2014:
FOX News NY – Israel supporters say they were shut out of conference at NYU

March 7, 2014:
Elder of Ziyon – Another pro-BDS academic conference at CUNY

March 7, 2014:
New York Post –NYU and the Israeli boycott

March 2, 2014:
NYU News – ASA conference draws criticism from pro-Israel groups

February 28, 2014:
Daily Caller – SHHH! Don’t tell anybody about New York University’s anti-Israel confab this weekend

February 27, 2014:
jWeekly – NYU academic confab studies Israel boycott

February 26, 2014:
The Times of Israel – BDS supporters dominate upcoming NYU conference

February 25, 2014:
JTA – NYU American studies confab featuring pro-boycott focus

February 23, 2014:
The Algemeiner – American Studies Association President-Elect Hosting Anti-Israel Event at NYU

January 15, 2014:
The Algemeiner – Forbes Investigative Journalist Rips NYU President Over ‘Vanilla’ Response to ASA Boycott

January 14, 2014:
Forbes – Open Letter To NYU’s President: Why The American Studies Assn.’s Israel Boycott Makes Me Ashamed To Be An Alumnus

January 3, 2014:
The Algemeiner – NYU Prof to Head ASA, Supports Israel Boycott; NY Lawmakers Threaten to Withdraw State Aid

January 3, 2014:
FOX News – Incoming American Studies Association president supports Israel boycott

December 21, 2013:
New York University & the anti-Israel boycott

New York University opposes the academic boycott of Israel.


Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism

Source Credit: NYU Local (November 17, 2016)

Source Credit: NYU Local (November 17, 2016)

SJP uploaded a photo on Facebook that is an image of all of Israel in a Palestinian flag saying, “Je Suis One State.”  Source Credit: NYU SJP Facebook (April 27, 2016)

SJP uploaded a photo on Facebook that is an image of all of Israel in a Palestinian flag saying, “Je Suis One State.”  Source Credit: NYU SJP Facebook (April 27, 2016)

Source Credit: Omar Shakir on Twitter (March 29, 2016)

Source Credit: Omar Shakir on Twitter “NYU Law hosting conference Friday on the Palestinian Right of Return- am moderating panel with @jdakwar- swing by!”(March 29, 2016)

Source Credit: NYU SJP Logo replaces Israel with Palestinian flag colors, symbolizing their goals

Source Credit: NYU SJP Logo replaces Israel with Palestinian flag colors, embodying the chant “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free!” (October 2015)

Source Credit: Observer, February 11 2015

Source Credit: Observer, February 11 2015

Source Credit: NYU SJP, Nov 21 2014

Source Credit: NYU SJP, Nov 21 2014

Source Credit: NYU SJP, Nov 21 2014

Source Credit: NYU SJP, Nov 21 2014

Source Credit: NYU SJP, Nov 21 2014

Source Credit: NYU SJP, Nov 21 2014

Uploaded by CAMERA Sept 4 2014. Sign was seen at NYU campus library stoop. Source Credit:

Uploaded by CAMERA Sept 4 2014. Sign was seen at NYU campus library stoop. Source Credit

Source Credit: NYU SJP Twitter, April 24 2014

Source Credit: NYU SJP Twitter, April 24 2014

To report antisemitic activity at this or any other campus, you may:

BDS Tracker

6/21/2016 – Graduate Student Union: FAILED – The parent union of the Graduate Student Union at NYU repealed the BDS resolution that passed on 4/22/16, by approving an appeal. This resolution had passed with a 2/3 vote, calling on the United Auto Workers to divest from Israeli companies, and for the boycott to remain in place until Israel “respects the right of return of Palestinian refugees and exiles.” It further called on NYU to close its program at Tel Aviv University. The UAW decision to approve the appeal stated that no subordinate body of the parent union can endorse BDS, thus affecting not just NYU but also graduate student unions at over 15 universities, including other unions in the United States who have also passed similar pro-BDS resolutions.

BDS Instigators: Student & Faculty


Student Group(s) Promoting BDS:

  1. Advocate Coalition (Against) Trafficking at NYU (Re-ACT)
  2. African Heritage Month
  3. African Student Union
  4. NYU Aftab Literary Magazine
  5. NYU Against Fascism
  6. Arab Students United
  7. Asian American Women’s Alliance at NYU
  8. NYU Asian Pacific American Coalition
  9. Bella Quisqueya (BQ)
  10. Black and Brown Coalition at NYU
  11. NYU Black Muslim Initiative
  12. Black Students Union (BSU)
  13. NYU Coalition on Law & Representation (CoLR)
  14. NYU College Libertarians
  15. NYU Disorient
  16. NYU Divest for Climate Justice
  17. NYU Dream Team
  18. Gentlemen of Quality (GQ)
  19. GSOC-UAW Local 2110 — The Union for Graduate Employees at New York University
  20. Haitian American Students Association (HASA)
  21. Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc.
  22. Incarceration to Education Coalition
  23. NYU International Socialist Organization
  24. NYU Jewish Voice for Peace
  25. La Herencia Latina
  26. Latinos Unidos Con Honor y Amistad at NYU (LUCHA)
  27. NYU Law Students for Justice in Palestine (LSJP)
  28. Malaysian Students Association
  29. NYU Mexican Student Association (MexSA)
  30. Mosaic: The Interfaith Students of Color Coalition at NYU
  31. MuCh — Muslim Christian Dialogue at NYU
  32. Muslim Graduate Student Group
  33. NYU Muslim Students Association
  34. National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) at NYU
  35. Native American and Indigenous Student Group at NYU
  36. The Omicron Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha
  37. Pakistani Students Association at NYU
  38. NYU PorColombia
  39. NYU Sanctuary Student Taskforce
  40. SHADES: For LGBTQ Students of Color and Allies at NYU
  41. Shuruq: Islamic Heritage Month
  42. NYU Slam! Poetry Club
  43. NYU Students Against Gentrification and Expansion
  44. NYU Students for Justice in Palestine
  45. Student Labor Action Movement at NYU
  46. NYU Tandon Muslim Students Association
  47. Turkish Student Association at NYU
  48. T-Party at NYU
  49. NYU ¡Viva Perú!
  50. NYU Young Democratic Socialists of America




Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 45

  1. Bassam Abed
  2. Sinan Antoon
  3. Emily Apter
  4. Finbarr Barry-Flood
  5. Emanuela Bianchi
  6. Paula Chakravartty
  7. Arlene Davila
  8. Lisa Duggan
  9. Tamer El-Leithy
  10. Khaled Fahmy
  11. Elaine Freedgood
  12. Tejaswini Ganti
  13. Michael Gilsenan
  14. Marcial Godoy-Anativia
  15. Jeff Goodwin
  16. Richard Halpern
  17. Christine Harrington
  18. Rebecca Karl
  19. Arang Keshavarzian
  20. Jacques Lezra
  21. Julie Livingston
  22. Zachary Lockman
  23. Ritty Lukose
  24. Sally Engle Merry
  25. Maya Mikdashi
  26. Jennifer L. Morgan
  27. Mary Nolan
  28. Tavia Nyong’o
  29. Crystal Parikh
  30. Timothy J. Reiss
  31. Andrew Ross
  32. Maria-Josefina Saldana-Portillo
  33. Linda Sayed
  34. Ella Shohat
  35. Nikhil Pal Singh
  36. Noelle Stout
  37. Helga Tawil-Souri
  38. Gregory Vargo
  39. Ezequiel Vinao
  40. Daniel Walkowitz
  41. Jini Watson
  42. Barbara Weinstein
  43. Michael A. Westerman
  44. Edward Ziter
  45. Angela Zito


Faculty and staff who have signed the TIAA-CREF divestment petition: 219

  1. Sandra Adams
  2. Rodolfo Aiello
  3. Jonathan Alexander
  4. Gwendolyn Alker
  5. Awam Amkpa
  6. Gary Anderson
  7. Peder Anker
  8. Sinan Antoon
  9. Arjun Appadurai
  10. Karl Appuhn
  11. Emily Apter
  12. John M. Archer
  13. Elizabeth Augspach
  14. Aline Baehler
  15. Michael Balter
  16. Nancy Barton
  17. Adam Becker
  18. Thomas Bender
  19. Emanuela Bianchi
  20. Ned Block
  21. Neil Brenner
  22. Barbara Browning
  23. Craig Calhoun
  24. Christopher Cannon
  25. Marisa Carrasco
  26. Vivek Chibber
  27. Jung-Bong Choi
  28. Gene Cittadino
  29. Lester Cohen
  30. Robert Cohen
  31. Joy Connolly
  32. Frederick Cooper
  33. Marty Correia
  34. Medhat Credi
  35. Raffaella Cribiore
  36. Shamita Das Dasgupta
  37. Daniel Dawson
  38. Patrick Deer
  39. María de Lourdes Dávila
  40. Dipti Desai
  41. Muriel Dimen
  42. Carolyn Dinshaw
  43. Ana Dopico
  44. Georgina Dopico Black
  45. Fabienne Doucet
  46. Lisa Duggan
  47. Stephen Duncombe
  48. Henry Em
  49. Kathy Engel
  50. Paula England
  51. Khaled Fahmy
  52. Michelle Fawcett
  53. Allen Feldman
  54. Hartry Field
  55. Peter Meyer Filardo
  56. Sibylle Fischer
  57. Juan Flores
  58. Elaine Fludgate
  59. Luis Francia
  60. Elaine Freedgood
  61. Rosalind Fredericks
  62. Toral Gajarawala
  63. Alexander Galloway
  64. Ahu Gemici
  65. Patricia DeGennaro
  66. Michael Gilsenan
  67. Gabriel Giorgi
  68. Ann Goerdt
  69. Jeff Goodwin
  70. Gayatri Gopinath
  71. Linda Gordon
  72. Greg Grandin
  73. David F. Greenberg
  74. Ed Guerrero
  75. Nadia Guessousr
  76. Hanna Gurman
  77. Hala Halim
  78. Yukiko Hanawa
  79. Christine Harrington
  80. Scott Hightower
  81. Denis Hollier
  82. A.B. Huber
  83. Dale Hudson
  84. Richard Hull
  85. Seung-hoon Jeong
  86. Colin Jerolmack
  87. Mona Jimenez
  88. Neville Kallenbach
  89. Lauren Kaminsky
  90. Rebecca Karl
  91. Nina Katchadourian
  92. Jair Kessler
  93. Arang Keshavarzian
  94. Mehdi Khorrami
  95. Ilya Kliger
  96. Arun Kundnani
  97. Lise Landeau
  98. Michael Landy
  99. Jill Lane
  100. Andrew H. Lee
  101. Tamer el-Leithy
  102. David Levering Lewis
  103. David Levene
  104. George Levine
  105. Jacques Lezra
  106. Andrew Libby
  107. Jocelyn Lieu
  108. Zachary Lockman
  109. Beatrice Longuenesse
  110. Thomas Looser
  111. David Ludden
  112. Ritty Lukose
  113. Steven Lukes
  114. Cecil MacKinnon
  115. Holly Maguigan
  116. Jeff Manza
  117. Randy Martin
  118. H. Salvador Martinez
  119. John Maynard
  120. Anna McCarthy
  121. Erin Mee
  122. Aziz Mehdi
  123. Eve Meltzer
  124. Pascal Menoret
  125. Lina Meruane
  126. Ara H. Merjian
  127. Adam Meyers
  128. Mona Mikhail
  129. Mark Crispin Miller
  130. Mara Mills
  131. Bella Mirabella
  132. Ali Mirsepassi
  133. Sylvia Molloy
  134. Mick Moloney
  135. Paul Monsour
  136. David Thornton Moore
  137. Ann Morning
  138. José Muñoz
  139. Sara Murphy
  140. Vasuki Nesiah
  141. Mary Nolan
  142. Sana Odeh
  143. Patricia Okoh-Esene
  144. Bertell Ollman
  145. Sonia M Ospina
  146. Deborah K. Padgett
  147. Mary Panzer
  148. Crystal Parikh
  149. Michael Peachin
  150. Haley Peele
  151. Ann Pellegrini
  152. Susan Pelosi
  153. Leslie Peirce
  154. Kimberly Phillips-Fein
  155. Rene F Poitevin
  156. Dana Polan
  157. Maurice A. Pomerantz
  158. Mary Louise Pratt
  159. Rajeswari Sunder Rajan
  160. Arvind Rajagopal
  161. Mark Read
  162. Stephen Rechner
  163. Timothy J. Reiss
  164. Nancy F Regalado
  165. José Reyes
  166. Joseph Rodriguez
  167. Lissette Roarabaugh
  168. Moss Roberts
  169. Erica Robles-Anderson
  170. Andrew Ross
  171. Kristin Ross
  172. Everett Rowson
  173. Deirdre Royster
  174. Martha Rust
  175. Josefina Saldaña-Portillo
  176. Van Santvoord
  177. Greta Scharnweber
  178. Martin Scherzinger
  179. Richard Schechner
  180. Frank Schiro
  181. Nadrian Seeman
  182. Eduardo Segura
  183. Burt Shachter
  184. Lytle Shaw
  185. Stephen Schiffer
  186. Miranda Sherman
  187. Ella Shohat
  188. John Victor Singler
  189. Laura Slatkin
  190. Julie Sloane
  191. Nancy Smith Amer
  192. Alan Sokal
  193. George Solt
  194. Marie Cruz Soto
  195. Robert Stam
  196. Justin Stearns
  197. Constance R. Sutton
  198. Helga Tawil-Souri
  199. Diana Taylor
  200. Nina Thomas
  201. Paul Thompson
  202. Sinclair Thomson
  203. Thuy Linh Tu
  204. Jim Uleman
  205. Vasu Varadhan
  206. Juan D. Vasquez
  207. James David Velleman
  208. Daniel J. Walkowitz
  209. Marc Walters
  210. Jeremy Walton
  211. Stephen Wangh
  212. Sarah Waterbury
  213. Barbara Weinstein
  214. Susan Weisser
  215. E. Frances White
  216. Rae C Wright
  217. Marilyn B. Young
  218. Edward Ziter
  219. Angela Zito

Supporting SJP Harassment Activities

Faculty and staff who have signed the Students for Justice in Palestine petition to support “dorm storming” as “free speech” and “peaceful political protest”: 95

  1. Ada Ferrer
  2. Adam H. Becker
  3. Andrew Needham
  4. Andrew Ross
  5. Angela Zito
  6. Ann Pellegrini
  7. Ara H. Merjian
  8. Arang Keshavarzian
  9. Barbara Weinstein
  10. Bertell Ollman
  11. Benoit Challand
  12. Christine Harrington
  13. Crystal Parikh
  14. Daniel Walkowitz
  15. David Margolies
  16. Dennis Geronimus
  17. Diana Taylor, Professor
  18. Edward Ziter
  19. Elaine Freedgood
  20. Emanuela Bianchi
  21. Gabriel Giorgi
  22. George Downs
  23. Gianpaolo Baiocchi
  24. Greg Grandin
  25. Greta Scharnweber
  26. Gwendolyn Alker
  27. Hasia Diner, Professor
  28. Holly Maguigan
  29. Helga Tawil-Souri
  30. Ilya Kliger
  31. J David Velleman
  32. Jacques Lezra
  33. Jeff Goodwin
  34. Jeffrey Sammons
  35. Jim Uleman
  36. John Archer
  37. Jonathan J G Alexander
  38. Justin Stearns
  39. Karl Appuhn
  40. Kathy Engel
  41. Kim Phillips-Fein
  42. Konstantinos Kornetis
  43. Lester W Cohen
  44. Lina Meruane
  45. Linda Gordon
  46. Lisa Duggan
  47. Manu Goswami
  48. Marie Cruz Soto
  49. Marilyn B. Young
  50. Marion Kaplan
  51. Mark Crispin Miller
  52. Mark Read
  53. Medhat Credi
  54. Michael Balter
  55. Michael Gilsenan
  56. Michael Peachin
  57. Michael Rectenwald
  58. Molly Nolan
  59. Mona Jimenez
  60. Moss Roberts
  61. Muhamed Osman Al Khalil
  62. Muriel Dimen
  63. Myles Jackson
  64. Nader Uthman
  65. Nahid Mozaffari
  66. Nancy F Regalado
  67. Ned Seeman
  68. Neville Kallenbach
  69. Nicholas Mirzoeff
  70. Patricia DeGennaro
  71. Pascal Menoret
  72. Paul Monsour
  73. Paula Chakravartty
  74. Peder Anker
  75. Randy Martin
  76. Rebecca Anne Goetz
  77. Rebecca E. Karl
  78. Richard Schechner
  79. Ritty Lukose
  80. Robert Cohen
  81. Rodolfo Aiello
  82. Sana Odeh
  83. Seda Gurses
  84. Sibylle Fischer
  85. Sinan Antoon
  86. Sinclair Thomson
  87. Stephen Duncombe
  88. Stephen Wangh
  89. Sylvia Molloy
  90. Tamer el-Leithy
  91. Tavia Nyong’o
  92. Vasuki Nesiah
  93. Vivek Chibber
  94. Yanni Kotsonis
  95. Zachary Lockman