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TARGETING JEWISH STUDENTS AND STAFF: SUPPRESSION OF SPEECH/MOVEMENT/ASSEMBLY4/20/15 – Palestine@MIT tried to cancel a celebration of Israeli Indepence day organized by MIT Friends of Israel and MIT Hillel, by issuing a public letter to the MIT Community demanding that the student government rescind its support for the event because it makes some students feel “unsafe”.
ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION:DELEGITIMIZATION11/8/15 – Palestine@MIT and the Arab Students Organization at MIT hosted a talk by Professor Noam Chomsky and Dr. Mads Gilbert. During the talk, Israel was falsely accused of “apartheid” and “colonialism”.

3/13/15 – Palestine@MIT signed a statement in support of Northeastern University’s anti-Israel divestment resolution.


In the News ?

January 21, 2016:
MIT Center for International Studies EVENT – Dying to Forget: Oil, Power, Palestine, and the Foundations of U.S. Policy in the Middle East

November 8, 2015:
EVENT – Israeli Impunity and the Palestinian Reality
(Description note, “Israeli Impunity and the Palestinian Reality” panel with Prof. Noam Chomsky and Dr. Mads Gilbert hosted by Palestine@MIT and Arab Students Organization.)

April 23, 2015:
Legal Insurrection – MIT Students Claim Israel Celebration Makes Them Feel “Unsafe”

February 23, 2015:
In These Times – Chomsky, Lears and Elia Debate Whether an Academic Boycott of Israel Can Work

December 30, 2013:
Arutz Sheva – MIT Head Rejects ASA’s Boycott of Israel

December 27, 2013: President Reif issues statement on ASA boycott of Israeli academic institutions


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Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 5

  1. Noam Chomsky
  2. Stefan Helmreich
  3. Heather Paxson
  4. Abha Sur
  5. Christine Walley


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