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  • March 31, 2017 – Macalester College Jewish Student (Ali) – “This year, though, I had a professor schedule two of five total quizzes during the High Holidays. Shortly before Rosh Hashanah, I realized I had made a mistake and sent my professor an email, desperately asking for last minute extensions for the quizzes. The professor not only ignored my email, but he also gave me excuses as to why the High Holidays were not appropriate reasons for quiz extensions. After finally agreeing to grant me the extensions, the professor said, ‘To be equally fair, it is not easy to schedule a weekly quiz when three days are involved.’ It is not ‘equally fair’ to call the length of my religious holiday an inconvenience.” Read more

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    Classification Date-Description
    10/27/17 – A swastika was found drawn on a bulletin board in the east wing of GDD Residence Hall
    10/14/17 – A swastika was also discovered carved into a room door in a residence hall.
    10/4/17 – Two new swastika markings were found on the second and fourth floors of Neill Hall. Date of incident is reported date.
    9/26/17 – Multiple swastikas were discovered on bulletin boards on the first floor of Neill Hall between September 15 and September 26. The first swastika was discovered September 15 and the second and third incident occurred on September 25th and 26th.
    10/4/16 – A swastika was carved into a desk in the DeWitt Wallace Library.
    3/20/16 – A swastika was found in Turck Hall.
    2/23/18 – An op-ed in The Mac Weekly written by Macalester Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights demonized and delegitimized Israel, stating, “Zionism as an ideology, as a national movement and as a settler colonial project must be examined critically for its compatibility with feminism…Zionism benefits and emerges from a movement that was violent at its very inception…Zionism’s place under the feminist umbrella is an attempt to unveil the violence of a settler colonial project that occured at the expense of Palestinian lives and equality. Zionism should not and can not be defended for its ideological premise of ethno-religious Jewish preservation when it necessitated the displacement of over seven million Palestinians…A feminism that leaves no room for the necessary dismantling of apartheid is merely a reiteration of harmful supremacy. For Palestinian women, Zionism has been a principal part of their violent subjugation since 1948. Therefore, any action in the name of a feminism compatible with Palestinian justice and equality must begin and end in terms of decolonization.”
    9/29/17 – An op-ed written by the MacSUPER Board delegitimized Israel, stating, “The most recent leveling [of Gaza] in 2014 is only the most recent attempt by Israel, a state of tremendous military might, to achieve its settler-colonial ambitions.” The op-ed further demonized Zionism, stating, “With gaping holes in intersectionality and representation, [the Wonder Woman film] can only be viewed as a representational win for white women who choose to either ignore or support white supremacy in all its forms. We recognize that Gadot’s publicized Zionism is ultimately weaponized to further the oppression of Palestinians globally.”


    In the News ?

    November 17, 2017:
    The Mac Weekly – Ninth Swastika Found On Campus

    November 16, 2017:
    The Algemeiner – J Street U to Show ‘Propaganda’ Film on Israeli Strategy to Win American ‘Minds and Tax Dollars’

    November 2, 2017:
    CBS Minnesota – More Swastika Markings Found At Macalester College

    October 6, 2017:
    The Mac Weekly – Multiple Swastikas Found Drawn In Neill Hall

    September 28, 2017: – Macalester says ‘unacceptable’ after multiple swastikas found in campus building

    March 31, 2017:
    The Mac Weekly – It happens here: anti-Semitism at Macalester

    October 20, 2016:
    The Mac Weekly – Swastika found on campus
    (Description note – “A swastika was found carved into the surface of a desk in the DeWitt Wallace Library on October 4. ‘We should not at all want this on campus,’ Christopher MacDonald-Dennis, Dean of Multicultural Life, said. According to Director of Facilities Services Nathan Lief, the graffiti measured one inch and has since been photographed and removed by Security Services. Lief and other facilities employees were unaware of who had carved the swastika or when it happened…The campus has seen the swastika and other hate speech featured in graffiti incidents in the recent past. In March of this year, the symbol was found in Turck Hall, and last year the n-word was written atop the popcorn machine in the Loch.”)

    October 6, 2015: EVENT – Macalester Students United for Palestinian Rights (Mac SUPER) hosted an event with Remi Kanazi

    April 24, 2015: The Mac Weekly – A broken conversation: Israel/Palestine at Macalester and beyond (Description note, “We hope that this is a message that MacSUPER will also heed. In the pamphlet they passed out at the event, they wrote, “Open dialogue is a key part of MacSUPER’s charter and we decisively feel that this event is a roadblock to this goal.” If this is in fact a part of their charter, then MacSUPER needs to re-evaluate who they are bringing to campus. Earlier this year, MacSUPER brought a slam poet named Remi Kanazi who, as a supporter of the anti-normalization movement, is explicitly against dialogue. If anti-normalization were to take hold on this campus, then there would not be a debate as to MacSUPER’s co-sponsorship of events such as ours at all. In recognizing an Israeli narrative, our event would be out of bounds. If MacSUPER is committed to dialogue, as they have stated, and to the inclusion of all voices and perspectives on the conflict on our campus, then we are hopeful that our event, and the controversy surrounding it, puts the anti-normalization question on our campus to rest. We also hope that, as MacSUPER continues to bring a wide variety of voices to campus, they advocate for their organizational values by publicly challenging guests when they act against the cause of open dialogue and partnership.”)


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