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August 10, 2015: – Lincoln professor says he will not hold back on inflammatory remarks

July 23, 2015: Lehighvalleylive – University: Professor is insulting, but entitled to views

July 23, 2015: Philadelphia Magazine – Kaukab Siddique Keeps Saying Terrible, Anti-Semitic Stuff on Facebook

July 23, 2015: FOX News – Professor at Philadelphia-area university makes incendiary remarks about Jews, women, gays

July 22, 2015: The Daily Beast – Public University Professor Blasts ‘Dirty Jewish Zionist Thugs,’ ‘Homo Lobby,’ and ‘Sluts(Description note, “Kaukab Siddique’s Facebook page is littered with posts decrying the power of the “homo lobby” and “dirty Jewish Zionist thugs.”… Siddique is a tenured professor at Lincoln University, a taxpayer-funded public college in Pennsylvania. And now, the university is publicly distancing itself from the comments of its employee, calling them “an insult to women and other groups singled out.” Siddique had already come under fire in 2010 for his public statements denying the Holocaust while employed as a professor at Lincoln.”)

July 22, 2015: – Lincoln prof blasts ‘dirty Jewish’ thugs, ‘homo uprising,’ and ‘sluts’

May 19, 2015: The Mercury – DOM GIORDANO: Radical professors push agendas on college campuses (Description note, “I hope as this bill is debated it will turn the spotlight on Lincoln University journalism Professor Kaukab Siddique. Lincoln University is part of our state university system and the professor is, among other things, a Holocaust denier. I wrote about Siddique and as a result a number of Pennsylvania state senators and representatives demanded that Lincoln explain how Siddique could attack Israel and deny the Holocaust and remain employed. Remember that Siddique teaches journalism and therefore is supposed to pursue facts. The Holocaust is a fact and yet Siddique has written “The Auschwitz ‘gas chambers’ story has been meticulously analyzed, rebutted and destroyed by critics like Mark Weber, David Irving and Gemar Rudolf. Read even one of them and you’ll be rid of the Holocaust myth forever. Don’t take the “holocaust” issue lightly. It is the main source for international Jewry. It is Israel’s milk cow.”… Siddique has also written “The Jews are a small minority in America, yet they have over the country by devious and immoral means. They control the government, the media, education, the libraries, the book chains, the banks, Hollywood, Wall Street, Madison Avenue.” These last hateful lines reflect the underlying mentality of many of those who want to bring down Israel.”)

2010: University president Ivory Nelson responded to Professor Kaukab Siddique’s statements, called the remarks “an insult to all decent people.” 

2010: Professor Kaukab Siddique makes public remarks calling people “to defeat, to destroy, to dismantle Israel, if possible by peaceful means”


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