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3/5/15 – 30 members of the Traditionalist Youth Network, an allegedly white supremacy organization, marched from the Sample Gates toward the Whittenberger while holding signs and wearing Nazi memorabilia.


In the News ?

February 8, 2017:
The Times of Israel – White supremacist fliers found at Indiana University

February 6, 2017:
WTHR – IU seeks federal investigation into white supremacist fliers

December 8, 2015:
Indiana Daily Student – LETTER: IUSA rightfully passes anti-Semitism legislation
(Description note, “For example, In March of this year, 30 men marched from the sample gates holding signs and wearing Nazi memorabilia. During Hanukkah on December of 2010, someone took eight Hebrew texts from the Wells Library and placed them in eight different bathrooms. They then proceeded to throw them in the toilet and urinate on them. There are also many unreported incidents of swastikas being drawn all around campus, mainly in dorms.”)

December 3, 2015:
The College Fix – Resolution condemning anti-Semitism and BDS approved at Indiana U., with free-speech changes

December 3, 2015:
JTA – Indiana student government passes resolution condemning anti-Semitism

December 2, 2015:
Students Supporting Israel – Students Supporting Israel at Indiana University Passes a Resolution in Student Government! 

December 1, 2015:
Indiana Daily Student – IUSA Congress passes six bills at final voting meeting of semester
(Description note, “Among the resolutions was a previously-considered resolution condemning anti-Semitism, which was initially debated and tabled at their meeting Oct. 27. The bill stated IUSA denounces anti-Semitism as defined by the United States State Department and will not fund or participate in activities that promote anti-Semitism or that “undermine the right of the Jewish people to self-determination.” It also says IUSA executives and Congress members will undergo some form of diversity training that 
pertains to anti-Semitism. The bill’s authors revised the resolution’s language to address concerns about how the bill might limit free speech against Israel politically as well as whether IUSA was condemning the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement. BDS is a controversial movement whose supporters want to pressure Israel into ending occupation of Palestine, among other goals. However, the movement is considered anti-Semitic by some entities. The revised version of the IUSA resolution says the bill does not disallow political criticism of Israel and IUSA is against the political platform of BDS, not against individuals who support BDS.”)

October 28, 2015:
Indiana Daily Student – IUSA Congress tables resolution regarding anti-Semitism
(Description note, “The bill’s main sponsor, Jason Shader Smith, representing off-campus residency, said he drafted the bill because of incidents on campus with anti-Semitism and hoped the bill will protect students against such incidents in the future. “My job as a congressman is to represent the students of this campus, and if students on our campus are being hated against or persecuted or feel unsafe on our campus, then what I want to do is make it right,” Shader Smith said. Some of those opposed to the bill raised concerns 
during the meeting about how the resolution deals with political criticism of Israel, as some parts of the bill specifically mention the country. Congresswoman Hannah Miller, representing off-campus residency, said she was not in support of the bill as it was presented Tuesday, though she said she feels anti-Semitism is an issue across college campuses that should be addressed. “I have a problem with the resolution not because of the anti-Semitic issues,” Miller said ” … I don’t feel comfortable with the statements about Israel not including Palestine whatsoever when we need to recognize that those are both legitimate groups. It is a very political issue, and I don’t feel that it’s IUSA’s jurisdiction to make a decision about Israeli-Palestinian issues as a body.”)

March 2015: 30 men marched from the sample gates holding signs and wearing Nazi memorabilia.

January 6, 2014: Indiana University is one of 5 colleges/universities that withdrew from ASA membership over the organization’s endorsement of an academic boycott.

December 24, 2013:
Israel National News – Two More Universities Quit ASA Over Israel Boycott

December 23, 2013: Statement from IU President McRobbie on the proposed boycott of Israeli academic institutions


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  2. Purnima Bose
  3. Michael Gasser
  4. Jane Goodman
  5. Nur Amali Ibrahim
  6. Michael Martin
  7. David McDonald
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  9. Anne Pyburn
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