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ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DEMONIZATION 2/18/16 – SJP hosted a talk by Dr. Sa’ed Atshan entitled “The Politics of Being Fabulous in the Holy Land,” in which he accused Israel of “pinkwashing,” i.e. malevolently representing Israel as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes”.
2/3/15 – Steven Salaita delivered a talk entitled “Palestine and Academic Freedom in the American Imagination.” In her introduction to Salaita’s talk, Guilford Professor Diya Abdo demonized Israel by falsely accusing it of “the murder, displacement, dispossession and depredation of countless Palestinians.” Salaita, too, demonized Israel, falsely accusing it of “barbarity,” “brutality” and depravity, and of perpetrating “war crimes” and an “abomination of violence and mass slaughter,” especially with regard to children, whom Salaita said were “blown to smithereens” and whose corpses were stuffed into ice cream freezers. He also delegitimized Israel by falsely accusing it of colonialism and apartheid, and he stated that he opposed Zionism and the notion of a Jewish state. Furthermore, Salaita falsely accused Zionists of making “phony charges of antisemitism” to mask Israel’s “war crimes” and shut down all criticism of Israel. In addition, Salaita touted his role as a founder of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel and a promoter of the academic boycott at the American Studies Association meeting at which the boycott was endorsed. The talk was sponsored by: the Guilford Department of English; the Peace & Conflict Studies Program; Friends Center; the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program; and Students for Justice in Palestine.
BDS ACTIVITY: CALLS FOR BDS 9/27/16 – A group called “The Guilfordians for Justice Coalition” published a letter in the school paper to announce The Guilford College Responsible Endowment Fund, or Guilford Justice Fund, a project organized in conjunction with The Responsible Endowment Coalition. Part of the Fund’s purpose is to have a socially responsible investment plan which includes support for divesting from the “occupation of Palestine.”


In the News ?

September 27, 2016:
The Guilfordian – Letter to the editor: The Guilford College Responsible Endowment Fund

April 1, 2016:
The Guilfordian – Administration should be transparent, release endowment
(Description note, “In the time leading up to Day for Guilford on March 30, several concerned alumni released statements to Guilford College demanding an open endowment and divestment from fossil fuels, the prison-industrial complex and support to Israel. The original open letter, posted on the Day for Guilford page on March 21, called for a boycott of donations to the College until investment information was released. Some Guilford student organizations, including Students for Justice in Palestine and Integrity for Guilford, have joined the alumni in demanding greater clarity from the administration. Instead of giving to the College or individual departments, the students prefer that donations go into an escrow fund organized by the alumni, which will be donated to Guilford once the boycotters feel the College is responding fully to their concerns.”)

March 25, 2016:
The Guilfordian – Letter to the editor: Alum asks for divestment
(Description note, “The world I want to live in is one where there are no prisons. The world I want to live in is one where we are in alignment with the planet. The world I want to live in is one where Palestinians have the right to self-determination and the right to return, where there are no more apartheid states. The vast majority of people affected by climate change, the prison industrial complex and Israeli apartheid do not go to Guilford (although there are many affected who do). It is out of my love for these people, and for the future of humanity, that I am choosing to withhold my giving until the endowment is in alignment with these values. When that day comes, I will eagerly return as a donor with even more pride for my alma mater.”)

March 21, 2016:
Yes! Weekly – Guilford Alumni threaten boycott over financial transparency

November 20, 2015:
The Guilfordian – Why the Supposed “Unimpacted” Party Is Involved
(Description note, “When discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is common discourse that the damage is too far away, too unrelatable and that American college students ultimately have no impact. Furthermore, to increase the lack of involvement, there is a general apathy amongst modern college students, from those who assert that they care about social justice to those who don’t. Those who assert they care often don’t act; therefore, I have no qualms in claiming them apathetic. If one’s values are used to grant them mere social capital, then I assure you the caring is fairly limited. However, I am not interested in just pointing fingers of dismissal and critique; instead, I hope to prove that the seemingly “unimpacted” party is actually fairly involved, throughout history into the modern day.”)

October 30, 2015:
The Guilfordian – Letter to the Editor: Join BDS movement to promote justice
(Description note, “”Moreover, various Jewish religious groups and organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace also support this movement reflecting a very diverse range of support for this movement. BDS is growing faster by the day, and support for justice for Palestinians is stronger than ever. At Guilford, BDS has been endorsed by The Guilfordian, and many professors at our school support it. As a club, Students for Justice in Palestine endorses BDS and has had a successful campaign to remove Sabra hummus products from the grill.”)

April 2, 2015:
The Jewish Daily Forward – Guilford College Hillel Declares Itself ‘Open’ (Description note, “”As of now, Hillel International’s Standards of Partnership state that an organization bearing the name Hillel cannot partner with groups supporting Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and that Hillel must support Israel. If we want to ensure that all students feel welcome and supported in the one Jewish organization at Guilford, it is crucial that inclusiveness be the paramount value of our community. As an open Hillel we can embrace the political diversity of our community and will use our differences to promote our personal, intellectual and Jewish growth.”)

February 13, 2015:
The Guilfordian – Dialogue can solve campus controversy

February 3, 2015:
The Chronicle of Higher Education – At Donor’s Request, College Moves Site of Salaita Speech

February 1, 2015:
News & Record – Choice of speaker sparks criticism at Guilford College

November 14, 2014:
The Guilfordian – Human rights author Edwin Black met with backlash and walk-out


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