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  • April 13, 2018 – Georgetown University Student & GIA Cultural Chair (Andrew – In response to Israeli flags being torn down) “The university absolutely should issue a statement saying that discrimination or crimes on the basis of national identity, in this case Israeli identity, are obviously condemned by the university and unacceptable in much the same way that they did a statement when swastikas were drawn in LXR.” Read more
  • February 2, 2018 – Editorial Board of The Hoya (student paper) “In spring 2017, the Jewish Student Association at Georgetown sent a survey to students active in the Jewish community. In these previously unreleased statistics, 87 percent of the 38 students surveyed said they often, always or regularly felt ‘welcome and accepted as a Jewish student on campus.’ Yet, 71 percent reported experiencing anti-Semitism at Georgetown. The survey indicates the far reaches of anti-Semitism. Progress toward true inclusion demands that students are conscious of their everyday biases. For example, Jewish students who support Israel should not be forced to renounce Israel in exchange for acceptance into progressive spaces. No students should be excluded from any space on the basis of their identity.” Read more
  • September 26, 2017 – Georgetown University Jewish Student (Jonathan) “On campus, I was heartened by the overwhelming condemnation of these acts by students, faculty and staff alike; however, we have to do more. At its core, modern anti-Semitism is a racist ideology, and verbal condemnation just won’t cut it. As students, we must demand that action be taken to rectify the alarming rise of anti-Semitism on our campus.” Read more
  • April 26, 2017 – Georgetown University GIA political chair (Tanner) “We are concerned that the effect [of GU F.R.E.E’s protest], if not necessarily the intention, is to signal to prospective Jewish students that this is a hostile environment for them.” Read more
  • March 24, 2017 – Georgetown University Student (Tanner) “This form of delegitimization even extends to students; both the SJP and GU FREE have a policy that bars contact with the Georgetown Israel Alliance, comparing dialogue with Israel to dialogue with slaveowners.” Read more


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Classification Date-Description
4/4/18 – Georgetown Israel Alliance (GIA) reported five separate incidents concerning its Israeli flag that hung in Red Square. The flag was removed April 3, April 4, April 6 and twice on April 8. It is unclear what the other two incidents involved. A perpretrator was caught in the April 6 incident.
9/27/17 – A swastika was discovered in an LXR bathroom, drawn in lipstick, along with the words “B**ches Beware.”
9/21/17 – A second, similar act of vandalism involving a swastika and misogynistic threats was discovered in the same restroom at LXR the next day, making this the fourth swastika incident on campus in the month of September.
9/20/17 – A swastika and a misogynistic threat was discovered in the restroom of a campus residence hall, LXR. It is the third swastika found on campus this month.
9/6/17 – Two swastikas were were found painted in red on the inside of an LXR Hall elevator.
9/5/17 – A swastika was found carved into the interior of a Village C West elevator.
5/7/17 – Antisemitic graffiti that included a death threat was found in a restroom adjacent to the Makom Jewish Gathering Space.
3/21/17 – Two swastikas were discovered scratched into the elevator of Village C West. A Jewish student found and reported one of the two swastikas and another swastika was then discovered in the elevator as well.
DENIGRATION 3/15/17 – SJP held an event to demonize “Birthright” entitled, “So You Wanna Go on Birthright?” Prior to the event, SJP promoted an op-ed from 2014 pulling quotes from it that stated, “To us, Birthright is the erasure of our right to our homeland, and it promises our homeland to one in four students at this university…. It offers tourists a chance to ‘reconnect’ with a country to which they have never been, and often times, to which they have no immediate familial ties.”
9/21/16 – A bathroom wall in a Georgetown University Medical Center building was defaced with the letters “KKK” and a swastika.
9/8/16 – A group of students interrupted an event hosted by the Center for Jewish Civilization on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s career. The students held a banner that read “Netanyahu is a War Criminal” and chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” The demonstration occurred at the beginning of the question and answer time for the event, after a student referred Netanyahu’s policies toward Palestinians as imperial genocide. A prepared statement by the protesters stated, “We’re concerned that a conversation about the Israeli state took place without talking about it as an occupation and apartheid.” Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) officers immediately removed the protesters from Gaston Hall, as event organizers informed them that they were in violation of the university’s Speech and Expression Policy.
ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DELEGITIMIZATION 4/10/18 – An op-ed in the student paper delegitimized Israel, explaining that SJP was holding “Israeli Apartheid Week” in order “to raise awareness of Israel’s apartheid system over the Palestinian people.”
11/15/17 – Georgetown SJP and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies held a film screening event, “Gaza in Context: Film Screening & Discussion w/ Professor Noura Erakat.” In the film, Erekat demonized Israel, falsely claiming that “[Israel] is guided by two primary policies: 1) To obtain the maximum amount of Palestinian land with the minimum number of Palestinian people and 2) To concentrate a maximum number of Palestinians onto a minimum amount of land.” She further went on to state, “Even if Hamas were to disappear, Israel’s policies towards the tiny coastal enclave would go uninterrupted… The Gaza Strip represents the most vivid and grotesque form of Israel’s settler-colonial ambitions.”
11/2/17 – SJP held the event “Faithwashing: A Panel Discussion.” The description for the event contained a quote by Sana Saeed that demonized and delegitimized Israel, stating, “Faithwashing is about changing the cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (or, rather, Israeli occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine) from a mid-20th century Euro-American settler-colonialist project to a non-existent centuries long enmity between Jews and Muslims.” During the event, panelists further demonized and delegitimized Israel. Hamadi claimed, “We know the Balfour Declaration which promised a Jewish homeland. The problem was the homeland they were talking about was going to be placed in a land that was already full of people, Palestinians on Palestinian land, and it set the stage for this idea that Palestine will be colonized by Zionist forces.” Abdelfadeel said, “this [situation] is an occupation that’s been going on since 1948” and accused Israel of “mass murder” as well as stressed the importance of, “break[ing]that relationship between Judaism and Zionism.” Herzallah defined Israel as a “settler colonial state” and claimed, “Now we’re seeing very clearly and openly the clear connection through American policy and politicians the connection between white supremacy and Zionism [and] Zionism and racism.” Panelists also made positive references to BDS throughout and the MC accused Israel of “apartheid.”
3/21/17 – An article in the school paper demonized Zionism, stating that it is “an ideology rooted in hate through the displacement of a native people,” and called for BDS.
DEMONIZATION 3/17/17 – The LGBTQ Center held an event entitled “Coffee Hour: Let’s Talk About Homonationalism” to discuss “pinkwashing” i.e., the notion that Israel malevolently represents itself as a safe haven for LGBQT people in order to hide Israel’s “crimes”.
3/17/17 – G.U. FREE hung a large banner on a campus building that demonized Israel by including the message: “Divest from Violence…Funding Israel Funds Racism.”
3/13/17 – SJP erected a display on campus that falsely accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” as part of the first event scheduled for “Israeli Apartheid Week,” which was called “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.” The advertisement for the Israeli Apartheid Week included the words “100 Years of Settler-Colonialism,” and had an image of a person holding a sign saying “BDS.” The advertisement for the ethnic cleansing event itself delegitimized and demonized Israel and called for the right of return, which would effectively eliminate Israel as a Jewish state, stating, “Since 1948, there has been an active Zionist mission of revisionism that has obscured the historical reality of Israel as a settler-colonial state predicated on the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians…Why is it important to center the founding of Israel, its creation of a mass class of refugees, and the right of return in our activism today?” According to an article in The Hoya, at the event itself, the speaker, Osama Abu Irshaid claimed that Jews are “an invented people” with no ancestral connection to the Biblical ancient Israelites and said that pro-Palestinian activists must help dismantle “this enterprise called Israel.”
3/13/17 – The students who had submitted an anti-Israel divestment proposal to the Committee on Investment and Social Responsibility (CISR) published a delegitimizing and demonizing statement expressing their disappointment at CISR’s decision not to divest from companies who do business with Israel. In their statement, they defined Zionism as “support for an apartheid state built on the theft of Palestinian land and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people,” as well as accused Israel of “mass murder.” The statement also reiterated support for divestment.
4/11/16 – Members of SJP published an article in the school newspaper that delegitimized and demonized Israel, falsely accusing Israel of, “racism, colonialism…and massacre.”
DEMONIZATION 3/16/16 – GU SJP hosted a panel discussion about Israel’s use of “faithwashing,” i.e. malevolently using religion to whitewash Israel’s “crimes,” by claiming that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a result of longstanding Jewish-Muslim enmity.
DELEGITIMIZATION 3/15/16 – GU SJP hosted an event “Why We Use the Word Apartheid” featuring a talk by Josh Ruebner falsely accusing Israel of apartheid.
9/24/15 – Georgetown SJP hosted a screening of the movie Occupation 101. The film contains several antisemitic themes, including that Israel is guilty of “ethnic cleansing;” that Israel’s actions against the Palestinians are a form of colonialist agression; and that Jews in America wield excessive power over American foreign policy.”
DELEGITIMIZATION 3/4/15 – Georgetown SJP hosted a screening of the movie “Roadmap to Apartheid,” which delegitimizes Israel by falsely accusing it of being an apartheid state.
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 4/3/18 – As part of “Israeli Apartheid Week,” SJP held the event, “What is BDS? A Conversation with Activist Andrew Kadi,” in which participants heard about “the true nature of the BDS movement and how to promote it across campus.”
BDS ACTIVITY: CALLS FOR BDS 4/26/17 – As student clubs were tabling as a part of GAAP Weekend, members of GU F.R.E.E. carried around signs that said “Boycott Divest Sanction” and “Follow the Money.”
BDS EVENT 4/11/17 – The Center of Contemporary Arab Studies, GWU Students for Justice in Palestine, Andy Shallal, Samar and William Langhorne, Arab Studies Institute and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights co-sponsored the event, “Michael Bennett: On Silence, Justice, and Sports” for NFL player Michael Bennett to discuss his refusal to go on a trip to Israel in response to the call from the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights to pull out of the trip because “initiatives like this were geared at normalizing the Israeli state’s trend of violence against the Palestinians.”
CALLS FOR BDS 3/2/17 – The Committee on Investment and Social Responsibility (CISR) discussed a proposal submitted by students and released a memo with their recommendations. The student proposal had stated, “We … propose to the Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility and the executors of the endowment that they…divest from companies that knowingly and consistently enable and profit from the violent Israeli occupation of Palestine.” In the memo response, CISR replied, “Regarding the second item, CISR concluded that divestment would not be an effective tactic to end hostilities or promote a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In reaching this conclusion, the Committee took into consideration the views of University community members, many of whom are deeply concerned about this conflict and have many different perspectives and ideas on how to address it. CISR supports the goal of a peaceful resolution that ensures the safety of both peoples and respects the dignity and human rights of all. Moreover, CISR encourages the Georgetown community to use the resources of our university – academic research, teaching and learning, co-curricular programming, and community-based service – to create dialogue, foster understanding, and explore peaceful solutions to this conflict. For these reasons, the Committee has determined that the proposal does not merit further consideration by the Board of Directors.”
BDS EVENT 3/2/17 – SJP held the event, “The Case for An Academic Boycott: A Discussion with [Professor] Mark Lance.” The advertisement for the event stated, “Join Georgetown Students for Justice in Palestine and Professor Mark Lance for a conversation on the merits and necessity of an academic boycott of Israeli institutions. Mark Lance is a professor of philosophy and professor of justice and peace at Georgetown University.”
BDS EVENT 2/1/17 – GU F.R.E.E held the event, “Get Free: GU Free Interest Meeting” to learn about their anti-Israel campaign.
CALLS FOR BDS 1/25/17 – A new divestment campaign, The GU F.R.E.E (Georgetown Forming a Radically Ethical Endowment) Campaign officially launched on Facebook and with a petition students can sign. The campaign stated, “We condemn, and expect Georgetown to condemn, state violence as it occurs within the private prison industry and the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine by committing to divestment from companies involved in these forms of systemic injustice….We intend to disrupt business as usual at Georgetown until the University lives up to its commitment to faith as justice.”
CALLS FOR BDS 12/7/16 – A new student group on campus called Georgetown Students for a Radically Ethical Endowment (GU F.R.E.E.) held a rally in Red Square and presented demands to university President John DeGioia that included divestment from companies that contribute to the “occupation of Palestine.” The group distributed fliers that included information on their demands to divest from any holdings in the private prison industry as well as “companies involved in human rights violations stemming from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” A poster at the event called for BDS.
BDS EVENT 9/15/16 – SJP held the event “BDS Teach-In.”
CALLS FOR BDS 4/14/16 – SJP released a statement in support of BDS initiatives.
CALLS FOR BDS 2/11/15 – Georgetown SJP issued a public statement promoting BDS and urging other students to ask candidates for executive leadership of GUSA to allow for campus-wide discussion of anti-Israel divestment campaigns.


In the News ?

September 28, 2017:
NBC Washington – Hate Symbol Found on Georgetown Campus; 5th Case This Month

September 26, 2017:
The Hoya –  LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why Are We Surprised?

September 25, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Swastika Found at Georgetown University on Rosh Hashanah Eve, Third in Recent Weeks

September 21, 2017:
WJLA – Georgetown University President: Swastika found on campus on opening of Jewish celebration

September 21, 2017:
WTOP – Georgetown police investigate swastika, threatening language in campus dorm

September 21, 2017:
The Hoya – Swastikas Painted in Dorm Restroom During Rosh Hashanah

September 9, 2017:
The Georgetown Voice – Swastikas And Silence

September 9, 2017:
Dcist – Carved And Painted Swastikas Found In Elevators On Georgetown University’s Campus

September 7, 2017:
NBC Washington- Swastikas Carved, Painted on Elevators at Georgetown University

September 7, 2017:
The Hoya Two Bias-Related Vandalisms Reported in Two Days

September 6, 2017:
The Georgetown Voice Swastika Found In VCW Elevator

May 8, 2017:
The Hoya – GUPD Investigates Anti-Semitic Graffiti Near Jewish Gathering Space

May 8, 2017:
Fox 5 – Anti-Semitic graffiti found near Georgetown University Jewish meeting space

May 8, 2017:
U.S. News – Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found Near Georgetown Jewish Space

April 28, 2017:
The Hoya – VIEWPOINT: Defeating Jewish Disempowerment

April 26, 2017:
The Georgetown Voice –  GU F.R.E.E., GIA Hold Demonstrations During GAAP Weekend

April 25, 2017:
Forward – Georgetown Students Explain Why They Protested Sebastian Gorka

March 28, 2017:
The Hoya – LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Debunking ‘Subtle Anti-Semitism’

March 28, 2017:
The Hoya – EDITORIAL: Progress Through Cooperation
(Description note, “Currently, SJP operates on campus in accordance with an anti-normalization policy, refusing to engage pro-Israel groups such as Georgetown Israel Alliance for fear of ‘normalizing’ the political situation in the Palestinian territories and tacitly accepting Israeli sovereignty. SJP President Eman Abdelfadeel explained in a 2016 interview with The Hoya that ‘We don’t think it’s fair and it’s actually really, really absurd for anyone to suggest that an occupied people negotiate or talk or dialogue with the occupier’ [‘Pro-Palestine ICC Wall Vandalized,’ The Hoya, March 22, 2016, A1].’ This editorial board believes that SJP’s policy is antithetical to the development and sustainability of healthy campus discourse. First, the anti-normalization policy makes it difficult for students, particularly Israel’s sympathizers, to ascertain the group’s beliefs because dialogue is discouraged in the first place; an issue as nuanced as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires dialogue and interpersonal engagement, or else risks devolving into an echo chamber.”)

March 24, 2017:
The Hoya –  VIEWPOINT: Subtle Anti-Semitism

March 24, 2017:
The Hoya –  Bias-Related Vandalism Targets Religious Groups
(Description note, “VCW resident Sarah Hirshorn (COL ’20) said she discovered one of the two swastikas scratched into the interior walls of an elevator Tuesday morning. She first reported the incident to the building’s community director, Kenny Steelman, and later filed a bias report at his suggestion…GUPD Chief Jay Gruber said the vandalism was reported to the department at about 4:30 p.m.Tuesday. The swastikas were painted over by Wednesday morning. Gruber said GUPD is actively investigating the anti-Semitic vandalism and had no suspects as of last night. Gruber declined to comment on what the investigation entails.”)

March 21, 2017:
The Hoya –  VIEWPOINT: A Boycott for Humanity

March 14, 2017:
Statement –  Statement in Response to CISR’s Decision on State Violence Divestment
(Description note, “The committee also dismissed the value of divestment in the context of companies that enable the Israeli destruction of Palestinian life, livelihood, and property within the Occupied Territories. In a meeting on March 2, 2017, CISR member John Carr stated that divestment is not an effective tactic to combat the Israeli occupation and, rather, insisted that any change will “require a change in the Jewish community’s attitude towards the policies of Israel.” We found this troubling for a number of reasons. First, insisting that the entire Jewish population is either actively or passively supportive of the occupation is categorically false. Mr. Carr’s statement also does not recognize that Jewish people have always been among those at the forefront of resistance to Israeli modes of violence. We are thankful for our Jewish allies, including IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace, and others within our community who stand unapologetically for Palestine and for justice. We vehemently reject that land expropriation and mass murder are Jewish values and problematize the deliberate conflation of Judaism with Zionism, that is, support for an apartheid state built on the theft of Palestinian land and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people. Second, to wholly implicate the Jewish community in Israel’s violence by insisting any semblance of justice is contingent on them is to deflect our responsibility as Georgetown and members of the global community in addressing our collaboration and implicit endorsement of systems of state violence. It is on all of us, as students, as an institution, and people for others mobilize and answer the call for justice.”)

March 13, 2017:
The Georgetown Voice –  CISR Urges Board Of Directors Against Private Prison Investments
(Description note, “… [the committee] concluded that divestment would not effectively promote peace or end hostilities in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”)

March 10, 2017:
Wicked Local –  Students to have half-day on Yom Kippur

March 2, 2017:
Georgetown University –  MEMO – Divestment Proposal
(Description note, “Regarding the second item, CISR concluded that divestment would not be an effective tactic to end hostilities or promote a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  In reaching this conclusion, the Committee took into consideration the views of University community members, many of whom are deeply concerned about this conflict and have many different perspectives and ideas on how to address it.  CISR supports the goal of a peaceful resolution that ensures the safety of both peoples and respects the dignity and human rights of all.  Moreover, CISR encourages the Georgetown community to use the resources of our university – academic research, teaching and learning, co-curricular programming, and community-based service – to create dialogue, foster understanding, and explore peaceful solutions to this conflict. For these reasons, the Committee has determined that the proposal does not merit further consideration by the Board of Directors.”)

March 2, 2017:
The Hoya –  CISR Recommends Against Direct Investment in Private Prisons
(Description note, “CISR also concluded that divestment would not be effective in promoting a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…In the memo, CISR also recommended that the university use other methods of exploring peaceful resolutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ‘In reaching this conclusion, the Committee took into consideration the views of University community members, many of whom are deeply concerned about this conflict and have many different perspectives and ideas on how to address it,’ the report stated. ‘CISR encourages the Georgetown community to use the resources of our university – academic research, teaching and learning, co-curricular programming, and community-based service – to create dialogue, foster understanding, and explore peaceful solutions to this conflict.’”)

January 30, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Georgetown U Refuses Student Coalition Demand to Disclose, Cease Investment in Companies Complicit in ‘Illegal Israeli Occupation of Palestine’

January 27, 2017:
The Hoya – GU Declines to Release Investments
(Description note, “The Georgetown administration declined to disclose a list of companies the university invests in, following advocacy group Georgetown University Forming a Radically Ethical Endowment Coalition’s request last month to create a more transparent endowment. GU F.R.E.E, which has been endorsed by 17 student groups, submitted a letter Dec. 7 to University President John J. DeGioia demanding that the university divest from investments in private prisons and companies that contribute to the ‘occupation of Palestine.’”)

January 26, 2017:
The Georgetown Voice – University Misses GU F.R.E.E.’S Disclosure Deadline
(Description note, “The university missed GU Forming a Radically Ethical Endowment’s (GU F.R.E.E) deadline to release its financial relations with companies involved in state violence. At a Dec. 7 rally, GU F.R.E.E. presented a letter demanding to know whether the university is invested in a list of corporations tied to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and private prisons. ‘We were not asking, at that moment, for the university to divest,’ Eman Abdelfadeel (COL ‘17) said. Instead, they were hoping for confirmation from DeGioia that Georgetown does not have direct or external investments in certain companies. The university did not provide this…In response, GU F.R.E.E. intends to expand their platform and methodology. “We’ve also been working to strengthen and broaden our coalition base,” Mackenzie Foy (COL ‘19) wrote in an email to the Voice. As part of this expansion effort, the group launched an official website and released a campaign platform Jan. 25…Members of GU F.R.E.E. remain unsatisfied. Abdelfadeel said that she feels their mission is urgent. ‘The longer Georgetown waits, the more people are violently targeted by the state with our money.’”)

December 13, 2016:
The Hoya – Campaign Demands Divestments, Endowment Transparency

December 12, 2016:
The Georgetown Voice – GU F.R.E.E. demands disclosure of university investment portfolio
(Description note, “Students gave brief speeches outlining the group’s objections to issues such as privately-owned prisons, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and ongoing violence in Sudan. “We find it hypocritical and disingenuous for Georgetown, a Jesuit academic institution, to profit off of the oppression and simultaneously dodge accountability with complicity by being intentionally obscure about their holdings,” Chris Morris (COL ’19) said at the rally. “Is faith and justice limited by supply and demand?” A flyer distributed by the group advocated university divestment from any holdings in the private prison industry and companies involved in human rights violations stemming from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Mechanisms of state violence can only function with funding, and it is crucial that we interrogate where this funding is coming from. Often that funding source is us,” said MacKenzie Foy (COL ’19).”)

October 7, 2016:
The Algemeiner – Swastika, KKK Graffiti on Bathroom Wall of Georgetown U Medical School ‘Powerful Reminder to Stay Vigilant Against Antisemitism,’ Jewish Life Director Tells Student Paper

October 4, 2016:
The Hoya – Racist GUMC Vandalism Investigated

September 14, 2016:
The Algemeiner – Anti-BDS Faculty Group Lauds Quick-Thinking Moderator for Nipping Disruption of Netanyahu Panel Discussion in the Bud 

September 13, 2016:
The Hoya – Students Protest CJC Panel

September 13, 2016:
The Hoya – EDITORIAL: Disruption Hinders Dialogue

September 11, 2016:
The Georgetown Voice – Netanyahu panel interrupted by protest

April 11, 2016:
The Hoya – On Israeli Apartheid Week
(Description note -Members of SJP published an article in the school newspaper that delegitimized and demonized Israel, falsely accusing Israel of, “racism, colonialism…and massacre.”)

March 22, 2016:
The Hoya – In Search of Diplomatic Respect

February 19, 2015: The Georgetown Voice – A statement from GIA: Clarifying last week’s GUSA campaign endorsement confusion

January 2, 2015: Campus Watch – Georgetown Panel Promotes One-Way Interfaith ‘Dialogue’

October 30, 2014: The Georgetown Voice – Sabra protests put strengths and dangers of Israel BDS on display

September 30, 2014: inFocus – Georgetown Professor Joins Israel Boycott, Tweets CounterPunch, and Condemns Israel’s so-called “Massive Slaughter of Civilians.”

September 29, 2014: The Cardinal Newman Society – Georgetown Muslim Studies Director, Professors Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions

September 16, 2014: The Hoya – 13 Professors Boycott Israeli Universities

September 10, 2014: Breitbart- Georgetown’s Esposito Joins Israel Boycott

September 10, 2014: Algemeiner – Georgetown Professor Esposito Joins Israel Boycott

May 18, 2014: ISRAEL EVENT DISRUPTED BY SJP – Description note: SJP planned and disrupted an off-campus Jewish event. Quote from article, “Students for Justice in Palestine and Students Against Israeli Apartheid from Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, (DMV-SJP & SAIA; George Washington SJP, American University SJP, George Mason SAIA and Georgetown SJP, University of Maryland SJP) decided to crash a pro-Israel street festival.”

January 14, 2014: The Hoya – DeGioia Rejects Israeli Academic Boycott

December 30, 2013: UNIVERSITY STATEMENT – Statement of President John J. Degioia on the ASA’s Endorsement of a Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions


Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism


Source Credit: G.U. FREE hung a large banner on a campus building that demonized Israel saying, “Divest from Violence…Funding Israel Funds Racism.” (March 17, 2017)

georgetown-sjpdisrupt-9-12-16 (September 8, 2016)

Source Credit: Georgetown Voice – Netanyahu panel interrupted by protest (September 8, 2016)

Source Credit: Georgetown Voice - Netanyahu panel interrupted by protest (September 11, 2016)

Source Credit: Georgetown Voice – Netanyahu panel interrupted by protest (September 11, 2016)

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Student Group(s) Promoting BDS: 3

  1. SJP
  2. Georgetown Law SJP
  3. Georgetown Forming a Radically
    Ethical Endowment (Georgetown F.R.E.E)



Number of Faculty Endorsing the Academic Boycott of Israel: 20

  1. Osama Abi-Mershed
  2. Lama Abu-Odeh
  3. Fida Adely
  4. Margot Badran
  5. Denise Brennan
  6. Jonathan Brown
  7. Ashley Cohen
  8. Elliot Colla
  9. Rochelle Davis
  10. John L. Esposito
  11. Elzbieta Gozdziak
  12. Yvonne Haddad
  13. Michael C. Hudson
  14. Laurie King
  15. Mark Lance
  16. Colin Parsons
  17. Mubbashir Rizvi
  18. Christine So
  19. Susan Terrio
  20. Judith Tucker