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Classification Date-Description
9/6/17 – A Resident Assistant reported the presence of a swastika in a Tierney Hall restroom on September 6. An investigation revealed the symbol was present since at least August 27.
3/9/16 – A backwards swastika was drawn in the garbage room of 10th floor in McMahon Residential Hall. This is the third anti-semitic bias incident to occur on a Fordham campus this academic school year.
11/11/15 – A swastika and white supremacist reference were found on a bathroom dispenser in Lowenstein Center.
9/20/15 – A backwards swastika was found in Lalande Residence Hall at Rose Hill.
ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DELEGITIMIZATION 4/19/18 – An article in the student paper quoted an SJP leader, saying, “The situation in Palestine is worse than apartheid, your land being literally stolen.”
DEMONIZATION 11/14/16 – A sign featuring Uncle Sam with the caption “I’m Israel’s bitch. And so are you!” and the words “Palestinian apartheid” printed at the top was found on the Middle East Studies Department’s bulletin board.
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 3/22/17 – An SJP group not sanctioned by the university, together with the Comparative Literature program, the English department, the Modern Languages department, the African and African American Studies department, the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department, the Latin American and Latino Studies Institute, and the department of Sociology and Anthropology, all sponsored an event titled, “BDS at Universities”. Additional clubs that co-sponsored the event included The Law Coalition of Concerned Students, Feminist Alliance, SAGES, Fordham Students United, and the Muslim Student Association.


In the News ?

September 8, 2017:
The Observer –  BREAKING: Swastika Found in Rose Hill Restroom

September 2, 2017:
The Observer – Students Oppose Fordham’s Motion to Dismiss in SJP Legal Battle

July 26, 2017:
Jewish Week – SJP Battle Roiling Fordham Campus

June 9, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Fordam Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit That Challenged Ban of Notorious Anti-Israel Group

April 27, 2017:
Inside Higher Ed – Suit seeks recognition for pro-Palestinian group
(Description note, “In a statement, Fordham, a Jesuit institution, said its decision to deny recognition to the SJP chapter ‘was based upon behavior of the national organization and other SJP chapters reported in the news media that, if true, are not in keeping with Fordham’s values. While Fordham officials aren’t in a position to know the truth of these reports, taken as a whole the university believed that a student club bearing that name is not in the bests [sic] interests of our students on either side of the debate, or would serve to foster reasoned discussion on these very difficult issues,’ the statement says. Fordham says it told the students it will recognize the organization if they agree to change the name and modify the proposed club constitution ‘to more accurately reflect the lack of control by the national organization or chapters of SJP, which the students have already represented to be the case.’”)

April 26, 2017:
The Fire – Fordham University sued over rejection of Students for Justice in Palestine chapter

April 26, 2017:
NY Daily News – Fordham University blocked students from forming pro-Palestinian group: suit

April 5, 2017:
The Fordham Ram – Catholic Academics Condemn SJP Decision

March 29, 2017:
The Fordham Ram – SJP Hosts “BDS at Universities”

March 13, 2017:
Townhall –  Fordham’s Decision to Block Pro-Palestine Group Is an Attack on My Academic Freedom

February 24, 2017:
The Observer – Admin Firm on SJP After Disciplinary Charges Draw Ire 

February 22, 2017:
Indybay – Fordham Student Forced into Closed-door Hearing, Leaves in Protest

February 22, 2017:
The Fordham Ram – Faculty Sign Petition in Support of SJP Student

February 3, 2017:
The Algemeiner – Fordham University Facing Backlash for Rejecting SJP on Campus

January 31, 2017:
Socialist Worker – Solidarity can win an SJP chapter at Fordham

January 27, 2017:
Fire – Fordham Finds New, Equally Unacceptable Justification for Denying Recognition to Students for Justice in Palestine

January 23, 2017:
Fordham Observer – Students Protest SJP Veto

January 20, 2017:
The Observer – Fordham Vetoes Students for Justice in Palestine
(Description note, “The decision came three days after a sign featuring Uncle Sam with the caption “I’m Israel’s bitch. And so are you!” was found on the Middle East Studies Department’s bulletin board on the ninth floor of Lowenstein. SJP condemned the sign on their official Twitter account. On Dec. 22, Eldredge vetoed the USG Senate’s decision.”)

January 18, 2017:
Inside Higher Ed – Pro-Palestinian Group Banned on Political Grounds

January 17, 2017:
Mondoweiss – Fordham bans Students for Justice in Palestine

January 17, 2017:
Palestine Legal – Palestine Legal Letter Re: Ban on Students for Justice in Palestine at Fordham University

January 17, 2017:
Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Fordham U. denies students permission to form pro-Palestinian group

December 22, 2016:
Inside Higher Ed – Fordham SJP: Decision

March 9, 2016:
Fordham Observer – BREAKING: Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found in McMahon
(Description note, “A backwards swastika was drawn in the garbage room of 10th floor in McMahon Residential Hall. This is the third anti-semitic bias incident to occur on a Fordham campus this academic school year.”)
February 26, 2016:
Daily News – Scaredy cat bomb-thrower: Israel-basher Jasbir Puar hides from Fordham sunlight
(Description note, “On Thursday, Puar was scheduled to deliver a lecture at Fordham on “the biopolitics of debility in Gaza” under the sponsorship of the university’s Graduate English Association. Prompted by an inquiry by the Daily News Editorial Board, school administrators discovered that Puar had again set a no-recording condition. Although Fordham President Rev. Joseph McShane has made clear that, as an institution, the school condemns much of Puar’s outlook on Israel, the university had granted her a podium as a matter of free expression. Security was on hand for the talk. But, upholding “academic transparency,” McShane properly would not facilitate Puar’s attempt to limit the wide dissemination of her ideas. Noting that the lack of an official recording at Vassar opened Puar to mischaracterizations, he directed aides to inform Puar she could speak only if she was recorded and the recording was made public. Puar bagged it. What’s she afraid of?”)

November 14, 2014:
Terrorism Headlines – Israel Boycott Controversy Continues at Fordham University

November 13, 2015:
The Daily Beast – Fordham’s Fallout From a Swastika

November 12, 2015:
The Observer – Swastika Found in Bathroom at FCLC
(Description note, “Around noon today, President of the University Rev. Joseph McShane, S.J. sent a letter to the Fordham community stating that a “swastika and white supremacist reference were found on a bathroom dispenser in Lowenstein Center on the Lincoln Center campus.”)

September 15, 2015:
Fordham Observer – Second Bias Incident Takes Place at Rose Hill

November 4, 2014:
Providence Journal – Doron Ben-Atar: How standing up to anti-Semitism made me a target

October 16, 2014:
National Review Online – When Defending Israel Becomes ‘Religious Discrimination’ 

October 15, 2014:
Inside Higher Ed – Invoking Incivility

October 14, 2014:
The Algemeiner – Fordham Professor Lambasts ‘Shabby Treatment’ In Row Over Israel Boycott, Vows to Continue Fighting Anti-Semitism (INTERVIEW)

October 13, 2014:
Tablet – Kafka Was the Rage

December 27, 2013:
Legal Insurrection – University statements rejecting academic boycott of Israel


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