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  • March 28, 2017 – Florida State University Student (Emma) “When I got to class I actually kind of broke down – I thought I’d be able to hold it together. My friends brought me to the bathroom where I called FSUPD to report it [a swastika] and then FSU Hillel to report it.” Read more
  • November 2014, Jewish Florida State University Student (Tatiana) “Last week, among other things, I was told by a Palestinian student visiting FSU that the 67 innocent Jews murdered in Hebron in 1929 were actually not Jews, but Arabs. I was also told I am less of a person than Hitler because at least Hitler had the chutzpah to declare his genocide on the Jewish people and that I am masquerading as though I want peace. I was told I am a racist, and a Nazi, and an imperialist who needs to check my white privilege. I was told that Israel is not a state but an occupying force directly responsible for the plight of the Palestinian people. I was told that the Palestinians are not interested in peace and coexistence, but that they will take back the land that is rightfully theirs. I was told that Hamas and Fatah are in no way responsible for what is happening to the people in the Palestinian Authority and Gaza. I read a sign “Israel=terrorist.” And I think for the first time in my adult life, I truly understood what it means to stare racism straight in the face.” Read more


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10/26/17 – Members of SJP confronted members of Noles for Israel at a Noles for Israel booth asking about their shirts which somewhat resemble the IDF logo with “Noles for Israel” text above, saying, “Why do you guys have IDF shirts…It signifies the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.” SJP members further distributed a pamphlet that said, “Faces of Israeli Apartheid.”
10/19/17 – A swastika was on a t-shirt worn at a Richard Spencer event on campus. According to the Gainsville Sun, “[o]ne white nationalist…taunt[ed] the marchers, chanting ‘blood and soil’ — a Nazi slogan.”
3/28/17 – A swastika was spray-painted on the sidewalk near the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on Copeland Street, adjacent to Florida State’s campus.There was reportedly another drawn near the Fine Arts Building.
2/16/17 – SJP disrupted a Hillel-sponsored event. During the event, a protester unfurled a large Palestinian flag, stood up and stated,”There are not many opportunities for me to look my colonizers in the eyes with their hands bare of weaponry to tell them [that] what they are doing to Palestine and Palestinians is wrong…and so Palestine will never be taken away, it will never disappear and Palestinians all across the world are ready to return. They will return one day…Free Free Palestine (chant).”
2/26/16 – SJP posted a Facebook message that denigrated Hillel-sponsored groups on campus stating, “The Noles for Israel and Gators for Israel unite together to normalize ethnocracy within Israel, the occupation of the West Bank, Israeli-Western hegemonic military industry, and ethnic cleansing, historically and contemporarily.
11/16/17 – SJP held the event “Feminism, Internationalism, and Palestine,” with Nerdeen Kiswani, Noura Farouq and Dan Cione. During the event, panelists demonized and delegitimized Israel and denied Jews self-determination. Kiswani falsely accused Israel of committing “mass rapes” and “massacre[s] in Gaza,” and claimed that “to this day there is daily assault and sexual harassment of Palestinian women by Zionists.” She also stated that “if you’re a Zionist you can’t be a feminist,” and that “Zionism and imperialism go hand in hand on their attack on women’s rights.” Finally, Kiswani stated, “So when we talk about self-determination of Jewish people…I don’t see any right way that Zionism could be practiced. Furthermore, Zionism had started out as an Ashkenazi-like movement for white Jewish people but…it had to integrate other Jewish people into the settler colonial project of Israel.” Cione defined the “full national aspirations of Palestinian people” as “historically and to this day comprise[d] of historical Palestine from the river to the sea,” and he condemned USAID for including a “terror clause, which said that none of this money can go to anyone that aids a terrorist organization as defined by Israel or who does not recognize the right of Israel to exist.” Finally, he demonized Israelis generally and Ethiopian Israeli Jews in particular, stating, “We see in Israel when Ethiopian Jews are trying to integrate themselves into the white settler colonial project of Israel they put on the uniform and kill Palestinians and then their babies still get stabbed by Israelis and they still don’t see a day of justice in the court. So they hurt people.”
4/5/17 – SJP held the event, “Zionism and it’s logic.” During the event, a speaker demonized and delegitimized Israel and Zionism with false accusations of “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid” and claimed Zionism is a “colonialist, imperialist ideology.” A speaker further demonized Jewish Zionists, stating, “Zionist Jews… want to seize all means of production” and “the Zionist purpose” is “essential truth of Jewish mind over Palestinian matter. In a nutshell the real aim of the Zionist strategy is mastering the Palestinians.” Christian Zionists were demonized as well as Zionist Jews with statements such as: “Christian Zionists today see that the death and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians as a sacrifice coterminous with Jewish and therefore messianic conceptions of redemption… therefore Christian Imperialist and Zionist Imperialist today are one and the same.”
DEMONIZATION 3/29/17 – SJP tabled on campus with a sign that demonized Israeli leaders by taking their quotes out of context. SJP promoted the tabling, saying, “Did you know that Israel’s government harbors war criminals and genocidal politicians who are eugenically inclined? Come learn more at Market Wednesday every week at the FSU SJP table!”
DEMONIZATION 10/14/16 – SJP held the event “US-Israeli Imperialism: FSU SJP Lecture.” The advertisement for the event demonized Israel by falsely accusing the state of committing “ethnic cleansing.”
3/27/16 – SJP posted a photo on Facebook of a person holding a sign saying, “…I don’t support Israel…A state based on ethnic cleansing has no right to exist.”

2/13/15 – FSU SJP hosted an event honoring convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh. In the announcement for the event, Odeh was called “the Rosa Parks of the liberation of Palestine.”
BDS ACTIVITY: BDS EVENT 2/22/17 – SJP held the event, “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions: An Introduction.”


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November 12, 2015:
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(Description note, “On November 22 at 915 Railroad Avenue, Students for Justice in Palestine will host “(No Thanks) giving” which will represent saying “no” to the concept of colonialism in the past of the Americas and the present state of Palestine.”)

January 16, 2014:
Legal Insurrection – University statements rejecting academic boycott of Israel

December 27, 2013:
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December 26, 2013:
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Photo Album - Campus Antisemitism

October 26, 2017 – Source Credit: FSU SJP Facebook Page – Members of SJP confronted members of Noles for Israel at a Noles for Israel booth asking about their shirts which somewhat resemble the IDF logo with “Noles for Israel” text above saying, “Why do you guys have IDF shirts…It signifies the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.” SJP members further distributed a pamphlet that said, “Faces of Israeli Apartheid.”


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