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  • May 1, 2018 – Duke University Jewish Professor (Gavin) – “I was deeply disturbed and, to be honest, frightened. I’m Jewish and these vile anti-Semitic threats, including the image of a gun pointing to a Jew, really rattled me.” Read more
  • February 23, 2016 – Duke Student (Davis) – “I was shocked when a Jewish student challenged the protestors [comparing the U.S. prison system with the Holocaust] on this point and was met with, in a horribly mocking tone, “Oh, are you offended?” Read more
  • February 4, 2016 – Duke University Student (Tyler) – “When someone wrote “No n*****s, whites only” on a Black Lives Matter flyer, the Duke community held a march where over a hundred students marched and rallied in support. They did the same thing when someone wrote a homophobic slur in the dorms. When someone wrote anti-Semitic comments on a Duke Friends of Israel flyer, there was no march, rally, or campus outrage.” Read more


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Classification Date-Description
5/1/18 – Antisemitic posters were found by a Jewish professor near East Campus on a sidewalk and campus wall, as well as throughout a route near campus. One of the posters showed a silhouetted man pointing a gun at an image of a bearded man with a long nose wearing a kippah, with tentacles wrapped around the earth. The poster reads “Right of revolution. Your ancestors threw off foreign oppression, time for you as well.” Other posters had statistics and names of “wealthy Jews” and read “When accusing the greedy corporations, do not neglect to mention these greedy Jews” and “End Zionist Oppression.” The posters were from were from the neo-Nazi group National Socialist Legion, a spin-off from the group Vangaurd America. The professor who found them stated, “I was deeply disturbed and, to be honest, frightened. I’m Jewish and these vile anti-Semitic threats, including the image of a gun pointing to a Jew, really rattled me.”
DENIGRATION 5/14/17 – JVP organized a protest on Duke’s campus of Duke President Rubenstein’s use of tear gas on protesters. One of the signs read, “We reject Rubenstein’s profiteering..” and another said, “Tear Gassing Protesters is NOT a Jewish Value.”
10/16/16 – Antisemitic graffiti stating “Gas the Kikes” was painted on the East Campus bridge along with homophobic and racist expressions.
ANTISEMITIC EXPRESSION: DELEGITIMIZATION 10/22/15 – Duke University Middle East Studies Center and Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI) sponsored a talk by Rashid Khalidi entitled “The Hundred Year War in Palestine.” In his talk, Khalidi falsely called Zionism “a separatist project” and labeled Israel “a settler colonial regime” which “uses massive external support to oppress and try to supplant the other.”
DELEGITIMIZATION 3/4/15 – SJP hosted a screening of the movie “Roadmap to Apartheid,” which delegitimizes Israel by falsely accusing it of being an apartheid state.
2/4/15 – Steven Salaita delivered a talk entitled “Silent Dissent: Academic Freedom and Censorship,” that was part of a national speaking tour on more than 10 campuses. In his talk, Salaita demonized Israel, falsely accusing it of barbarity, brutality and depravity, and of perpetrating war crimes and mass slaughter. He also stated that he opposed Zionism and the notion of a Jewish state, and he falsely accused Zionists of making “phony acts of antisemitism” to mask Israel’s war crimes and shut down all criticism of Israel. In addition, Salaita touted his role as a founder of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel and a promoter of the academic boycott at the American Studies Association meeting at which the boycott was endorsed. Salaita’s talk was sponsored by: Duke Students for Justice in Palestine, AAAS, DISC, the Duke Romance Studies Department, and CGSH.


In the News ?

May 2, 2018:
Jewish Telegraphic Agency- Anti-Semitic and white supremacist posters hung near Duke campus

May 1, 2018:
Jewish Telegraphic Agency- Anti-Semitic posters found on East Campus wall, Main St. sidewalk

November 28, 2017:
The Tower – Bedeviled by Anti-Israel Boycotters at Duke

October 30, 2017:
The Washington Free Beacon – Duke University Press Under Fire Over Book Claiming Israel Has Policy of Maiming Palestinians to Dominate Them

October 18, 2016:
The Chronicle – Racial, anti-semitic and homophobic slurs painted under the East Campus bridge before NAACP event Sunday

February 21, 2016:
The Chronicle – Letter to the Editor
(Description note, “First, their comparison of the United States prison system with the Holocaust was absolutely appalling. I was shocked when a Jewish student challenged the protestors on this point and was met with, in a horribly mocking tone, “Oh, are you offended?” To me, this comment was hypocritical. These protestors claim to fight against racism yet mock a Jewish student expressing his concern over the Holocaust comparison.”)

November 2, 2015:
Workers World – North Carolina rally in solidarity with Black liberation, Palestine
(Description note, “The march gathered at a park near downtown, where solidarity statements were read by representatives of Black Workers for Justice, the Duke University chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, Workers World Party and the Green Party. A statement prepared by march organizers and read prior to the start of the march asserted: “We stand in solidarity with the #‎BlackLivesMatter Uprising. We want an end to occupation, racist violence and displacement, at home and abroad. …With chants of “Free, free Palestine!” and “From Durham to Gaza, globalize the Intifada!” the march stepped off and passed by crowded downtown bars and restaurants….The Durham JVP chapter announced the launch of a new campaign, as part of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, to demand that the city of Durham divest completely from Israel.”)

October 26, 2015:
The Chronicle – Debate about Israel-Palestine conflict reaches Duke

October 15, 2015:
Truth Revolt – Whose freedom of speech?
(Description note, “Indeed, if one were to take a look at the growth of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, which has achieved marked success in the University of California school system, one of the most significant threats to campus free speech has been emerging at the highest levels of the UC system. The system’s Board of Regents alongside President Janet Napolitano has been attempting to adopt “new speech” to ban anti-Semitism, cordoning off criticisms of Israel and rising anti-Israel activism across campuses.”)

October 14, 2015:
EVENT – Duke for Palestine will host an event at 3:00 pm for International Day of Action

February 15, 2015:
The Jerusalem Post – Shameful anti-Semitic posture of America’s Duke University

November 14, 2014:
Duke Chronicle – Student concerns lead to refined Shabbat theme

November 13, 2014:
Duke Chronicle – A response to ‘Israel Shabbat: Bedouin Style’

July 28, 2014:
National Review – Duke’s New Director of Islamic Studies Compares Israeli Crimes to the Holocaust

December 22, 2013:
Legal Insurrection List of Universities rejecting academic boycott of Israel


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Source Credit:Source Credit: (October 19, 2016)

“Gas the Kikes” graffiti on the East Campus Bridge. Source Credit: (October 19, 2016)

Source Credit:Protest in North Carolina joins anti-racists and those in solidarity with Palestine. (November 1, 2015)

Source Credit: Protest in North Carolina joins anti-racists and those in solidarity with Palestine. (November 1, 2015)

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